Chapter 564 Shui Wuhen Arrives

Just as Long Chen and Mo Nian’s eyes were shining at the thought of going to the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion, a person Long Chen hadn’t expected appeared in front of him.

That person was the Xuantian Supermonastery’s monastery head, Shui Wuhen. Upon seeing her, Mo Nian immediately let out a cry, “Wow, what a beautiful woman! Long Chen, when did you seduce such a beauty?”

“Mo Nian, you bastard!”

Long Chen grabbed Mo Nian’s throat and raised him into the air. This bastard was definitely doing this on purpose. Last time, Shui Wuhen had already revealed herself to him in the first monastery. Even though she was in different clothes, there was no way he wouldn’t recognize her.

“To dare attack Mo Gate’s junior master inside my Mo Gate, you really are brazen Long Chen! Brat, just wait, once I get accustomed to my power, hehe…” Mo Nian vanished like a wisp of smoke.

Shui Wuhen shook her head somewhat helplessly. “The children these days really do dare do anything. It must be nice to be young!”

“Sister, why have you come here?” asked Long Chen. He knew how busy Shui Wuhen was. Considering that she was in the midst of a power struggle with Zhou Qingyi, how had she run all the way over to Qing Prefecture?

“Isn’t it all because of you?!” Shui Wuhen glared at him. “Only when your people arrived at the supermonastery did I learn what happened to you. I immediately wanted to chase after you.

“But that bitch Zhou Qingyi blocked me, saying she wanted to exchange pointers. Although I injured her in exchange, she ended up stalling me for quite a while.

“Later, I followed your tracks and caught up to an expert from the Yin family. I did a direct soulsearch, and only then did I learn you managed to escape and put myself at ease.”

“Many thanks for your concern, sister.” Long Chen was moved that Shui Wuhen would care this much for him.

“I really didn’t think your life was this hardy. That Yin Wushang actually personally chased after you, but you still managed to escape, and you had even yet to break through to Meridian Opening. You really are amazing,” praised Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen bitterly smiled. “Is being chased like a dog by someone so amazing? Are you trying to console me?”

“Foolish brat, with a Bone Forging cultivation base, you managed to escape from a Meridian Opening Celestial. That’s already extremely impressive. What exactly did you want to happen? To slaughter Yin Wushang?” said Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen realized that the person Shui Wuhen had caught was probably someone who was sent over later, and so they weren’t aware of the results of how miserable Yin Wushang’s condition had been. Otherwise, it was unknown just how shocked Shui Wuhen would be.

“Sister, are my brothers safe?” asked Long Chen.

“They’re all very well. I’ve already set them up in a secret room within the supermonastery, and they’re focusing on cultivating. Long Chen, ah, I really am becoming unable to see through you. You actually managed to allow over three hundred people to undergo complete tempering.” Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen with a complicated expression.

When the Dragonblood Legion had appeared in front of her, she had been completely shocked. Three hundred Meridian Opening experts who had undergone complete tempering. Just how much money had that cost?

Even with the supermonastery’s strength, grooming that many complete-tempering disciples would take up thousands of years of their savings. 

“Hehe, it was just a bit of money I got from my cooperation with the Huayun Sect. These brothers of mine are my life and death companions who will go through hell and high water with me. What’s mine is theirs. Doing at least this much is a must. Back in the first monastery, they were even willing to give up their lives to fight shoulder to shoulder with me. I want to raise them into this world’s most terrifying army,” said Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen. She was deeply moved, as well as filled with praise. Long Chen was a smart person, but he was also someone who cared deeply about relationships and emotion. Those who treated him well were all remembered by him.

“Originally, the monastery competition should be occurring next year. Back when Sha Qitian was the first monastery’s sect leader, there were still people who wanted to compete with him for the monastery rankings. But now that the Dragonblood Legion has revealed themselves, all the monasteries have despaired. They directly canceled this generation’s monastery competition.” Shui Wuhen smiled bitterly.

Long Chen’s appearance had thrown many of the supermonastery’s rules into chaos. Even if the first monastery didn’t have Long Chen present, just any random member from the Dragonblood Legion could sweep through all the geniuses within the 108 monasteries. The competition was completely unnecessary.

“Long Chen, I came here to bring you back. Being outside on your own is too dangerous. You’re currently being targeted by the Yin family. Furthermore, the Mo family’s situation is also unstable. Rather than staying here, it’s much safer for you to return with me and stay within the supermonastery. With me present, no one will be able to threaten you,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Sister, I don’t want to return yet. There are still many things for me to do. Furthermore, the Mo family’s current situation is at least slightly related to me. I can’t just watch from the sidelines. Don’t worry, I’m no longer a child. I have the strength to protect myself. It’s alright as long as you can help me protect the Dragonblood Legion and don’t let anyone place their sights on them,” said Long Chen.

“Ah, there really is nothing that can be kept from you. Yes, that bitch Zhou Qingyi did report the matter of the Dragonblood Legion to the Xuantian Dao Sect. Her goal was to ‘bring them away for training’. However, by relying on the support of my family, I managed to stop this matter. That bitch actually wanted the Dragonblood Legion to go temper themselves on the battlefield. Her methods are extremely vicious,” said Shui Wuhen hatefully.

“What battlefield?” Long Chen was startled. Could it be that the huge existence known as the Xuantian Dao Sect also had enemies that it often fought?

“You don’t need to ask. Once you reach that level, you’ll naturally learn about it. Talking about it now has no meaning. Since you want to stay here, I won’t force you. The main reason I came was just because I was worried. But seeing you safe and sound, I’m relieved,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Sister, don’t you think the Corrupt path’s sneak attack on the monastery was a bit fishy? How do you see it?” asked Long Chen.

“It really was a bit fishy. At first, I suspected it was Zhou Qingyi’s plan, but it doesn’t seem to be like that. If she did that, she wouldn’t obtain that much. But if she were exposed, then that would be a huge disaster for her.

“Furthermore, the one to benefit the most from this matter was the Yin family, because their target is only you.

“However, the ancient families stand on the same side as the Righteous path. They shouldn’t dare to collude with the Corrupt path. If they ended up exposed, the Yin family would be doomed.

“So this matter really is extremely odd. There are too many coincidences for it to be natural. I’ll definitely investigate it further,” promised Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen nodded. He temporarily set this matter aside. After saying a few more words, Shui Wuhen left.

She still had to pay her respects to Mo Yi, or that would be too rude. Long Chen thought about it and decided to go find Mo Nian. In the end, he couldn’t find him, and so he asked for a map of Qingzhou City from a Mo family disciple.

Following the map, he found Qingzhou City’s Huayun auction house. When he arrived and saw the building in front of him, he halted in awe.

The grand and luxurious style was extremely shocking. It was a cylindrical building, one with a diameter of several miles. The entrance had Magical Beast cores embedded into it. Those special cores continuously flashed with different colors, dazzling passerby.

Just the Huayun Pavilion in the Phoenix Cry Empire had appeared incredibly lavish to Long Chen back then. But now compared to this auction house, it was absolutely nothing.

“Greetings, sir.”

Long Chen had only just walked into the entrance when two pretty maidens courteously bowed towards him.

“Does sir need anything?” asked one of the maidens.

Long Chen smiled slightly. “I want to see the person in charge of this place. I have some business to discuss with them.”

The two maidens were surprised. They didn’t expect this youngster to immediately ask to see their boss.

Those who could be placed in charge of an auction house of this scale were not ordinary figures. Not anyone could see them.

“Can I ask for sir’s name so I can report it to my superior? I don’t know if the boss is present,” asked one of them.

Her words were very calculated. She had him say his name first. Once she reported it, if the boss didn’t want to see him, she would just say the boss wasn’t present.

Long Chen laughed. “Just tell them that Long Chen has come. If they don’t know me, then say I am Zheng Wenlong’s friend.”

The two maidens didn’t react to Long Chen’s name, but when he reported Zheng Wenlong’s name, the two of their expressions finally changed. They hastily brought Long Chen into a large hall and found a place for him to sit. One of them poured tea for him while the other ran off to report his arrival.

The one pouring the tea stealthily appraised Long Chen with curiosity. But she also didn’t dare look at him directly.

Long Chen raised his teacup and lightly sipped it. It was surprisingly an extremely expensive tea. Just one cup of it would require several gold coins. That would be a year’s worth of expenses to a common family in the Phoenix Cry Empire.

“It seems Zheng Wenlong is quite famous in your Huayun Sect.” Long Chen was bored, so he spoke to the maiden.

For some unknown reason, that maiden lost her previous natural and refined mannerisms, her face becoming slightly red.

“Senior apprentice-brother Zheng is the idol of our Huayun Sect’s junior generation. He’s created many miracles on his journey before reaching his current position. This year, in just a few months’ time, senior apprentice-brother Zheng broke a dozen market sale records, becoming the Huayun Sect’s most famous junior member. We all worship him.” A trace of adoration appeared in her eyes.

Long Chen couldn’t help but smile. It seemed Zheng Wenlong was not just a martial genius but also a business genius. He had found his life’s arena to compete in.

Within an arena like the Huayun Sect, he could shine with his greatest light. The Business Dao was also a Grand Dao that was a never-ending path.

However, those records he broke should be because of the Bone Tempering Pill’s formula. The appearance of the Bone Tempering Pills had managed to increase the Huayun Sect’s reputation, and if Zheng Wenlong didn’t know how to take advantage of that, then he wouldn’t be Zheng Wenlong.

“Little sister, how old are you?” asked Long Chen suddenly.

The maiden blushed, lowering her head and whispering, “Fifteen.”

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling this was comical. He was about to continue asking her a few questions when a flirtatious voice rang out.

“Long Chen, I never thought that you liked playing around with women like this. However, she’s still too young. Why don’t you let this much, much more mature big sister take her place?”

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