Chapter 563 Rather Die Than Submit

“Junior gate master!”

Mo Gate’s disciples all cried out in shock. At the same time, their hearts turned cold. If even Mo Nian failed, then there really was no hope.

“Don’t worry. He succeeded,” said Long Chen.

Although Mo Nian had vomited a mouthful of blood, his hand was still pressed against the statue. Long Chen could sense a strange energy crazily pouring into his body.

It was the first wave of the inheritance that was the most difficult to receive. But if you could endure it, then everything after that would be much easier.

Now Mo Gate’s disciples were filled with wild ecstasy. Mo Nian hadn’t been blown back! That signified that he had passed the test of the statue and could receive the inheritance.

“You guys should protect him. But don’t disturb him, because this process requires some time,” said Long Chen.

“Yes!” They hastily spread out around him, not daring to make any further noise. They were worried that even the sound of their breathing might impact Mo Nian.

Seeing that Mo Nian was still completely steady, Long Chen turned to the last statue. He couldn’t help feeling a bit helpless inside. After hesitating for a moment, he still decided to place his hand on the statue.


A fierce energy surged into him. His clothes and hair blew back, and his body shook slightly.

That made the others’ jaws drop. Long Chen resisted the impact just like that? That was a bit too terrifying, right?

That impact was extremely powerful. It possessed exceptionally harsh requirements for the physical body. But Mo Gate’s core technique focused on offense, not defense, so their weak point was their physical body.

These statues’ trial was to test the Mo family’s disciples’ weak point. If they were able to endure that impact, then that meant they were geniuses amongst geniuses. But if they were unable to endure it, then all that could be said was that they weren’t talented enough, and there was no need for them to waste their ancestors’ sweat and blood.

Long Chen felt a vast energy pouring into his body. It was like a bottomless ocean of energy.

He couldn’t help feeling apprehensive. This ancestor of the Mo family had left behind their Heavenly Dao seed here. The will of heaven and earth was contained within it. Even Long Chen didn’t know what would happen.

But now that things had reached this point, he could only take things step by step. If he could refine this Heavenly Dao seed, he would also become a Celestial. Then he would no longer be expelled by the heavens. That would be extremely beneficial to him.


An incense stick’s time later, all the energy within the statue had poured into his body, slowly condensing inside him.

The energy was continuously compressing, like an ocean trying to compress itself into a pool. As that energy compressed, countless runes began to appear.

Even after those runes appeared, the energy continued to compress. In the end, it condensed into a seed formed from countless, tiny runes.

The instant that seed condensed, boundless pressure erupted, and it began to attack Long Chen’s body.

Long Chen’s body also began to expel this seed. The FengFu and Alioth Stars began to automatically circulate to fight against it.

“Fuck, I just knew it wouldn’t go smoothly.”

Once that seed condensed, Long Chen saw that it simply refused to acknowledge him. It almost felt like a bride who had brushed away her veil to see that her groom was ugly and immediately turned hostile. It began to wreak havoc in his body.

“Since you’ve come, then don’t think about leaving!”

Long Chen clenched his teeth and circulated his spiritual qi in an attempt to refine this seed. He was intending on refining it the same way he had refined the thunderforce back then.

But he found that no matter how he tried, he was unable to erase its will. It was still crazily rebelling.


Just at this moment, the primal chaos bead trembled, and the seed immediately became calm.

Long Chen was delighted and was just about to try and refine it when the seed began to float towards the primal chaos space’s black soil.

“Fuck, don’t do this! Don’t devour the Heavenly Dao seed!” Long Chen hastily pulled it back. It would be far too wasteful for the black soil to devour this seed.

But as soon as he pulled the seed out of the primal chaos space, it once more began to crazily rebel, refusing to allow him to refine it.

With Long Chen’s strength, it was impossible to refine this seed. Right now, he had only two choices. One was to allow the primal chaos space to devour it, which would fill the space with a huge amount of life energy. But that was far too wasteful.

Long Chen was unwilling to do that. He hastily turned to look at Mo Nian. Runes were revolving around his body now. He had already received his seed’s approval. Without even thinking about, Long Chen placed his palm on Mo Nian’s back.

“Haha, I, Mo Nian, have finally managed to become a grand Celestial… pfft!” Mo Nian had only just opened his eyes, his expression one of wild delight, when a powerful energy poured into his body and he instantly vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Long Chen, what are you doing?!” The Mo family’s disciples were all furious that Long Chen would actually sneak attack Mo Nian, and they were just about to attack him.

“Everyone, fall back!” shouted Mo Nian. He then looked at Long Chen. “You…”

“Don’t waste time and just refine it.” Long Chen was inserting the seed into Mo Nian’s body.

Mo Nian instantly understood Long Chen’s meaning, and his eyes turned red. He was actually giving his Dao seed to him.

He wanted to refuse, but Long Chen didn’t give him any chance. Using the most straightforward method, he directly inserted the seed into his body.

Mo Nian took a deep breath. He knew now wasn’t the time to be argumentative. This seed was something his ancestor had left behind, and it had a kind of special familiarity to his blood. Even before he refined it, it began to merge into his body.

Seeing that, Long Chen felt a twinge of envy. This was definitely bullying. The difference between people was too great. In his hands, that Dao seed would rather die than submit. But in Mo Nian’s body, it seemed to be perfectly happy to be refined.

Suddenly, space trembled and Mo Nian’s aura explosively grew. Countless runes filled the air, forming a sea of runes.

Furthermore, there were two illusory figures within this sea of runes. They appeared behind Mo Nian’s body, emitting boundless pressure. The Mo family’s disciples all dropped to the floor and knelt.

They felt a bloodline suppression as well as a reverence from the depths of their souls. They looked up at Mo Nian with ecstasy.

Mo Nian’s ancestral mark had appeared on his forehead again. But now, that mark was no longer its original red color. A faint gold shade had appeared within it.

The sea of runes and the illusory figures faded. That terrifying pressure also dissipated. Only then could they sigh with relief.

Mo Nian slowly opened his eyes. In that instant, another kind of majesty appeared in them.

Feeling the boundless energy within his body as well as the favoritism the Heavenly Daos were giving him, Mo Nian was so excited that he felt an urge to cry.

“Long Chen…”

“No need for nonsense. The main point was that I couldn’t refine that Dao seed, or I wouldn’t have just given it to you. Let’s go and let your old man be happy for a bit.” Long Chen laughed.


Mo Nian nodded. He didn’t believe Long Chen, so he remembered this favor in his heart.

The huge stone door opened. What Long Chen and the others hadn’t expected was that all the higher-ups of the Mo family were standing outside.

These usually carefree experts were now nervously staring at them.

“Nian-er, you actually succeeded!” Mo Yi’s old face was filled with emotion. He could sense the will of the Heavenly Daos from Mo Nian. He crazily laughed, shaking everyone’s eardrums. “Hahaha, my Mo family finally has a qualified successor!”

Mo Yunshan was also immensely joyful. Although they had guessed Mo Nian would have a fifty percent chance of succeeding, no one could be sure about something like this.

So all of them had been nervously waiting here, waiting for the stone gate to open. And Mo Nian really hadn’t let them down.

“Good job Nian-er, hehe. Oh, Long Chen failed? How regretful. But child, you don’t need to be dejected…” Only now did Mo Yunshan realize there was no will of the Heavenly Daos on Long Chen’s body, so he hastily comforted him.

“Dad, Long Chen gave his Heavenly Dao seed to me,” said a red-eyed Mo Nian.


Mo Yi and the others were all shocked. So Long Chen had actually obtained the Heavenly Dao seed but hadn’t refined it for himself, instead giving it to Mo Nian.

It had to be known that Long Chen’s actions were equivalent to ruining his own future prospects to benefit Mo Nian.

“Long Chen… how could you be so foolish?” Mo Yi looked at Long Chen both emotionally as well as helplessly.

“Hehe, in truth, it wasn’t anything big. That Heavenly Dao seed was something I couldn’t refine. Rather than just wasting it, it was better for me to give it to Mo Nian. That way, Mo Nian can get stronger and get some more wives and concubines, allowing the Mo family to spread its branches. Wouldn’t that be better?” laughed Long Chen.

The Mo family experts all felt profound gratefulness towards Long Chen. To give up the chance to become a Celestial for someone else was something not just anyone could do.

“Old man, just wait. Once I refine two Heavenly Dao seeds, I’ll quickly be able to challenge you, hehe…” Mo Nian laughed sinisterly at his grandfather; his voice filled with pride.

“Hahaha, brat, you have guts. Don’t think that just because you’ve refined two… wait, what?!” Mo Yi’s expression suddenly changed.

“That’s right, two. Because other than the seed Long Chen gave me, I also obtained one of my own. Hehe, old man, now do you feel the pressure?” Mo Nian fiercely raised his eyebrows.

“Quick, bring out your Heavenly Dao manifestation for me to see.” Mo Yi immediately grabbed Mo Nian and urged him eagerly.

When everyone saw Mo Nian’s Cry of the Heavenly Daos that had two illusory figures within it, all of the Mo family’s experts knelt on the ground.

“The ancestors’ blessing! Our Mo family can finally soar!” Mo Yi couldn’t help but tear up; his voice filled with emotion.

“Grandfather, you…” This was Mo Nian’s first time seeing Mo Yi like this, and he almost jumped in shock.

“Your grandfather is just too excited today. Our Mo family will finally soar because of you. Good child, come, let’s have a proper celebration.”

The fact that Mo Nian had become a Celestial caused all of Mo Gate to become ecstatic. As for Long Chen, he became the closest person to Mo Gate.

They celebrated for a full three days and nights. Mo Gate’s men and women, young and old, went wild with joy without any regard to seniority. It was extremely lively.

On the fourth day, Long Chen and Mo Nian received an invitation from the Muxue Mercenary Unit, asking them to go drink at the Immortal Intoxication Pavilion. 

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