Chapter 562 Ancestral Inheritance

Within the pill furnace were nine six-ring Nine Revolution Dao-Heart Pills. When Mo Nian saw that, he practically couldn’t believe his eyes.

Long Chen refined a total of two furnaces of pills. The Mo family only had ten spots for this inheritance, and so his eighteen Nine-Revolution Dao-Heart Pills were enough.

After the refinement, the two began to meditate, allowing themselves to reach their peak states. Three days later, someone came to inform the two of them to start going to the inheritance land.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that the Mo family’s inheritance land was right below Mo Gate. They went through a winding channel underground.

They went deeper and deeper. Long Chen could sense an ancient aura filling the air.

There were a total of ten young disciples, while the person leading them was Mo Yunshan. It could be seen just how important this inheritance was.

Long Chen was surprised that they had to travel for a full six hours before they arrived in front of a huge stone gate.

This stone gate was three hundred meters tall, and ancient runes were carved into it. He felt extremely stifled here.

Atop the stone gate was a sparkling crystal. A white light shone from the crystal.

Mo Yunshan walked to the top of the stone gate and dripped a drop of his purest essence blood onto it. His essence blood formed a strange diagram on the crystal, looking similar to a rune.

The stone gate slowly opened. A heavy aura burst out, and Long Chen felt an ocean-like pressure crash down on him. It was like a mountain had suddenly appeared on top of him, and even space seemed to freeze.

Other than Long Chen and Mo Nian, the others all vomited a mouthful of blood. Under that terrifying pressure, they were all injured.

Long Chen hastily looked inside to see a wide hall. It was a square mile and was also three hundred meters high.

On the wall in front of them were ten immense statues that were as tall as the entire hall. Boundless pressure came from them.

“Go in. I’ll close the gate. The ancestral pressure inside will be very beneficial to your cultivation. Don’t waste this chance.” After sending them in, Mo Yunshan slowly closed the stone gate.

When the stone gate was closed, the pressure inside the hall grew even greater. It was like they were at the bottom of a reservoir that was currently storing more and more water.

“This is the ancestral bloodline pressure. Don’t resist it. Borrow the pressure to purify your bloodline energy,” said Mo Nian.

These people had all been told about this before entering, and so they all sat down, allowing the pressure to wash over them.

Long Chen knew this was the benevolence left behind by their ancestors. The Mo family’s ancestors had left behind their own bloodline qi here to help their descendants.

Only today did Long Chen understand what was called having a strong foundation. The Mo family had once been an ancient family. Even though they had withdrawn from the Ancient Family Alliance, their foundation was still present.

Let alone everything else, just the ten statues here were enough to benefit their descendants greatly. These statues were incredibly ancient. It was unknown just how many years they had survived.

Furthermore, for those ancestors to have been able to preserve their bloodline energy all the way until now, it was unknown just how strong they had to have been.

Thinking of that, Long Chen suddenly felt himself to be extremely miniscule. The Spirit World expert, the barbarian race skeleton in the Jiuli secret realm, and these statues in front of him made him feel like he still had a long, long path in front of him. His path stretched so far that he wasn’t even able to see the destination.

Compared to Mo Nian and the others, he had nothing to do right now. He wasn’t a disciple of the Mo family, and so he was unable to connect to their bloodline. In fact, Long Chen didn’t even know anything about his own bloodline.

Once his Spirit Blood had been taken, his bloodline energy had been snatched away as well. Right now, there were no bloodline runes in his blood, so there was no way for him to activate his bloodline energy.

However, he had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. When it was activated, he wouldn’t be suppressed by any bloodline.

Otherwise, under a bloodline pressure and the suppression of the Heavenly Daos, he really would be stifled to death. It could be said that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art was his strongest skill.

Only after more than two hours did Mo Nian slowly open his eyes. A new rune had appeared on his forehead, the same rune as the one outside the stone gate.

When that rune appeared, a light rumbling began to come from Mo Nian’s body, and a powerful bloodline pressure began to rise.

However, Mo Nian quickly reigned it in. The rune on his forehead also disappeared. 

“Congratulations on activating your bloodline pressure.” Long Chen smiled.

Mo Nian smiled. “In truth, it isn’t activating but undoing a seal. My Mo family’s disciples all have their bloodline energy sealed. This is just lifting the seal.”

“Lifting the seal?”

“Yes. This seal is something we placed on ourselves. There are two reasons to do this. One is that our Mo family’s bloodline is no longer pure, so doing this can minimize the amount of bloodline energy that dissipates over time. That way, we can keep our bloodline going for more generations without the quality dropping.

“The other reason is that my Mo family is trying to be low-key. There are enemies watching us. We’re just waiting for a chance to soar.

“Even though we’ve unsealed our bloodline, we’ll still keep it hidden, and we won’t reveal it easily. This is to mislead our opponents,” said Mo Nian.

“Won’t doing this cause the opposite of what you want? If you let your opponents consider you to be prey, they’ll just devour you in one gulp.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Hehe, did you think those jumping clowns out there are our match? They’re far too lacking. Let’s not talk about that right now. It seems like everyone’s done. Let’s go look at the statues.”

Just like that, Mo Nian brought everyone over to the first huge statue.

Once he got closer, Long Chen realized that these weren’t stone statues but wooden statues.

This wood was harder than iron, and countless lines covered it. Those natural lines seemed like a marvelous formation that was sending some kind of mysterious energy into the statue.

“These are the inheritance statues. According to father, we used to have many, but now we only have these ten.

“These wooden statues each have a Heavenly Dao seed of an almighty expert from our family. They sealed their own Dao seeds for their descendants.

“Each one of them was once an amazing figure. They were world-shaking Celestials. But after so many generations, us, their descendants, have been unable to even obtain the treasures that our ancestors left behind for us. Just thinking about it is depressing.” Mo Nian couldn’t help sighing regretfully.

The Mo family’s disciples were also ashamed. They were unable to even take the treasures that their ancestors had left for them. That was truly enough to make a person too ashamed to show their face.

“Junior gate master, you’ll definitely succeed!” said one of them. They were all confident in Mo Nian.

“You guys shouldn’t slack off either. This kind of thing doesn’t just rely on talent and strength, but it also requires a certain destiny. Do your best,” said Mo Nian.

Everyone hastily selected a statue for themselves. They were all extremely nervous, as well as excited and uneasy.


One disciple placed their hand on a statue’s foot. The statue lit up, and a powerful force came from it. The disciple immediately vomited blood and flew back.

After that, the statue returned to normal, the light fading.

Mo Nian couldn’t help sighing. Failure signified that this statue could not be activated again for the next decade. The statue would enter a sealed state that did not allow its Heavenly Dao seed to be touched.

That disciple crawled up, ashamed. “Junior gate master, I…”

“Don’t be discouraged. You’ve already done your best. Everyone, you don’t need to force it. Like I said, this doesn’t rely just on strength but also destiny. All you can do is try,” said Mo Nian.

Continuous bangs rang out one after another, as those disciples were blown back by a powerful force.

Mo Nian’s expression became a bit ugly. Mo Yunshan had told them that this group was the strongest one with the best talent within the last century. However, the results were merciless.

Another disciple vomited blood and actually directly fainted. Because he hadn’t been willing to just give up, he had gone all-out, resulting in him taking heavy injuries.

Now, other than Long Chen and Mo Nian, the other eight had failed. The two of them were their last hopes. But Long Chen wasn’t a member of the Mo family. Mo Nian immediately felt an immense pressure himself.

“The Heavenly Dao seed inside the statue will flood into your body like an open dam when you touch it. That terrifying impact is something the others were unable to bear, so they failed. But with your strength, you should be able to handle it,” said Long Chen.

“You can feel the energy?” asked Mo Nian. Many of them had been blown back by some force, but they were unable to even tell what that force was from. However, Long Chen was able to sense it slightly.

Isn’t that just a waste of breath? These things contain the will of the Heavenly Daos. How could I not sense them? These are the things I hate the most.

“Go on. Relax. It won’t be any problem for you. At worst, you’ll just spit out some saliva,” joked Long Chen.

“Don’t joke. Those statues have my ancestors’ energy within them. How could I spit on them? But no matter what, I have to try it.”

Mo Nian clenched his teeth. Taking a deep breath, he placed his hand on the statue’s foot.

What alarmed everyone was that Mo Nian immediately vomited a mouthful of blood!

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