Chapter 560 Strange Woman

Long Chen turned back and saw a woman looking at him vigilantly.

She had a slender figure. Long eyebrows framed her phoenix eyes. She was extremely beautiful. But her hair was like a man’s, bound behind her head. She gave off a valiant feeling.

Her aura was formidable, and her eyes were like swords as she glared at Long Chen. Long Chen’s heart involuntarily trembled. This woman was extremely powerful.

Long Chen sensed an intense pressure from this woman. That kind of pressure was something even Mo Nian was unable to give him.

That made him a bit bewildered. How could there be an even more terrifying genius than Mo Nian in Mo Gate?

“I am Mo Nian’s friend.” Although he didn’t know who this woman was, he still answered. He thought that rather than reporting his own name, it would be better to say Mo Nian’s name.

“You… you are Long Chen?” she asked.

She knows me? Long Chen smiled slightly. “Yes.”

What he hadn’t expected was for her expression to immediately sink, and for her to rage, “So it was you! You bastard, you’re the one who led Mo Nian astray! Today, just watch as I teach a womanizer like you a lesson!”

After saying that, she pushed out a palm, and a fierce astral wind enveloped Long Chen. With just a single palm, she sealed off any of his retreat paths.

“Hey, has there been some sort of misunderstanding?! I don’t even know you!” Long Chen hastily fell back, feeling befuddled. How did this woman turn hostile so quickly? Furthermore, she was attacking within Mo Gate. Her guts were a bit too big.

“There’s no misunderstanding! Ever since Mo Nian got to know you, he began to stray! Today, if I don’t teach you a lesson, you’ll think all women are easy to bully!” The woman snorted upon seeing Long Chen fall back. She didn’t move her body, but somehow, her palm seemed to pierce through the restrictions of space to reach him.

Long Chen was completely baffled, and he raged, “The only reason I’m letting you be so willful is because you’re a woman. If you still don’t know how to appreciate kindness, don’t blame me for attacking.”

“Hmph, just you?! If you can even last ten exchanges with me, it will count as your win!” she snorted, her palm continuing forward.

Now, Long Chen had nowhere else to go. In front of this overbearing woman, he couldn’t help but feel some rage. That was especially so with how arrogant she was, saying that he couldn't even last ten exchanges. That was definitely bullying.

He knew she wasn’t a simple woman, and in the face of her valiant palm, he sent out his own fist.

A muffled bang rang out. Long Chen was startled. He had already used thirty percent of his strength, but she wasn’t shaken in the slightest. It had to be known that his power had already reached an abnormal level, but this woman was also still relying purely on her physical strength. Her power was definitely shocking.

“You still dare hold back? Are you looking down on me? Hmph, then just let me see what qualifications you have to make countless women favor you!”

The woman snorted, and suddenly, a vast power erupted from her. The ground beneath their feet became covered in cracks.

Long Chen had to hastily circulate his own energy to resist. Looking at that woman, he suddenly understood something.


With the two of them circulating their strength, the powerful force blew up Mo Nian’s courtyard.

“You must be Mo Nian’s fiancée, correct? Are you trying to destroy Mo Nian’s home? How about we just both stop here? It wouldn’t be good to alarm the Elders,” said Long Chen.

The way she was clenching her teeth along with the grievance in her words made Long Chen connect her to when Mo Nian had asked Long Chen to teach him his divine pick-up techniques.

Now that this heroic woman appeared in front of him, he suddenly understood. The bridge of her nose and her lips were thinner than average. Judging strictly by facial appearances, such women tended to be extremely powerful and tough. It was the typical model of a strong woman.

Such people all had stubborn temperaments. It was no wonder Mo Nian would be so vexed. Such a woman definitely wouldn’t share their man with someone else.

“Hmph, a pretentious coward without the slightest mettle of a man. Even you could manage to captivate a woman? Those women must really have problems with their eyes,” she sneered. She was increasing the strength of her palm more and more, without the slightest intent to retreat.

“The reason I’m still letting you off is because you are Mo Nian’s woman. I’m giving face to Mo Nian, so you can insult me. But don’t insult my women, because that will make me angry.” Long Chen’s expression sank and his eyes were like two icy blades.

Long Chen’s gaze made that woman’s heart pound. In that instant, she felt as if an ancient monster had awakened, and an intense sense of danger filled her.

“Hmph, so what if you’re angry? Did you think that just because you have some looks and a bit of power you can play with their emotions? Today, big sister will take this chance to teach you a lesson. Don’t think yourself to be infallible. Not all women are weak. Not all women need to rely on a man to live.”

Following her furious roar, her aura completely erupted, feeling like an ocean wave crashing onto the shore.

In that instant, she revealed her mid Meridian Opening cultivation base. But that vast power was practically irresistible.

Long Chen was also furious with her. Her words had ended up touching Meng Qi and the others, and that was something no one could touch. With a snort, his spiritual qi began to rapidly circulate within his meridians.


Once again, a powerful explosion rocked Mo Nian’s courtyard. Now, nothing remained of it.

Long Chen no longer cared. If Mo Nian’s girlfriend didn’t care, then he shouldn’t blame his brother for this. If Mo Nian wanted someone to blame, he could only blame this girlfriend of his.

Now, all of Mo Gate was startled. But unexpectedly, when they saw this woman, their expressions became odd and they simply watched from a distance.

The higher levels of the Mo family also arrived. When Mo Yi saw the two of them, he just found a place to sit and watch the show.

The thing that depressed Long Chen the most was that at some unknown point, Mo Nian had also appeared in the crowd. However, he didn’t help, instead finding a good place to watch.

“Mo Nian, you little coward, hurry up and handle your girlfriend!” raged Long Chen.

Mo Nian curled his lips, thinking to himself. Brother, if I could handle her, I would have done it ages ago. Good brothers should share fortune and disaster together, so don’t blame me for not standing by you.

“Hmph, even if you shout until your throat’s sore, no one will help you. The Mo family’s rules are just like that, and only strength is respected.

“Ever since that brat Mo Nian met you, he started to go astray. He’s always trying to chase other girls’ skirts. I don’t even know how many times I’ve had to sort him out.

“Still, that brat still refuses to repent, saying unless I can sort you out too, making you also not fickle in love, he won’t live peacefully with just me.

“Today, I’ll make you fully submit so that urge of Mo Nian’s completely dies. However, as long as you swear to be faithful to one woman until the day you die, I can let you off right now,” she said icily.

Long Chen countered, “What do your matters have to do with me?! Look after your own man!”

“Mo Nian said you’re brothers with him, and that brothers are like hands and feet, while women are like clothes. Apparently, you are more important to him than me! If I can’t change you, I don’t have the qualifications to change him. If you have any complaints, go complain to Mo Nian!”

“Fuck, Mo Nian, you little bastard, you really are trying to con me!” Long Chen roared furiously.

What kind of logic was this? They definitely had to be mentally ill. That bastard Mo Nian had actually used such nonsense reasoning to drag him down.

As for Mo Nian’s uncle[1], he just laughingly stood by Mo Nian’s grandfather. He didn’t get angry, instead just watching Long Chen.

Long Chen’s fist was still blocking that woman’s palm. The two of them were increasing their power more and more, and the ground was covered in growing spider web-like cracks. However, once those cracks spread several hundred meters, they stopped and actually began to fuse back together.

“Long Chen, you aren’t my match. As long you promise to be a faithful man in the future, I won’t make it hard on you anymore. But if you refuse, each time I see you and Mo Nian, I’ll have to give you a beating,” she said.

Long Chen looked at Mo Nian and saw his delighted expression as if dragging a person down was a delightful thing.

He raged, “Mo Nian, you bastard, how dare you abuse me like this?! I suppose there’s no need for me to keep that matter from the Jiuli secret realm secret anymore! You know, I never told anyone about how you and that woman from the Unfettered Sect flirted back and forth. For you to treat me like this, are you even a real brother?”

As soon as Long Chen’s voice rang out, Mo Nian’s expression completely changed and he raged, “When did I ever flirt with a woman from the Unfettered Sect?! Don’t spout nonsense, Long Chen!”

Mo Nian had never imagined Long Chen would be this vicious, lying through his teeth without batting an eye. That faked furious expression of his had almost managed to dupe even him.

As for his fiancée, her expression became icy and she glared at Mo Nian. Mo Nian felt his hair stand on end.

“Zongying, don’t listen to his lies! He’s intentionally trying to frame me. That matter is completely fabricated!” he explained hastily.

“Mo Nian, are you even a man? That woman promised you that once you both reached the Xiantian realm, she would give you a bunch of babies. Have you forgotten? For you to say such pitiless words, how are you worthy of her love?” cried Long Chen righteously, barely keeping his delight inside.

Mo Nian’s face turned green. Long Chen was definitely trying to get him killed! Seeing his fiancée’s ashen expression, he knew explaining would be useless. His heart became icy-cold.

“Miss, you should forgive Mo Nian. Think about how much that woman loves Mo Nian. How can you have the heart to separate them? If everyone was together, having babies together, spreading the Mo family’s branches, how great would that be?” Long Chen struck while the iron was still hot.

“Shut up! You think I would fall for your scheme?! You and Mo Nian are both rotten things, and today, I’ll first subdue you and then handle Mo Nian!”


Suddenly, heaven and earth rumbled, and countless runes filled the air, revolving around her. Long Chen’s pupils shrank.

“Cry of the Heavenly Daos?!”

[1] This is the pun from the chapters before. Long Chen calls Mo Nian 你大爷, meaning bastard and uncle.

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