Chapter 559 Mo Gate

Mo Gate was located on the north side of Qingzhou City. It wasn’t too large, only taking up an area of three hundred miles. All of Mo Gate was situated atop a large, stone mountain, looking just like an ancient city of stone.

Currently, the core experts of the Mo family were gathered within a large hall.

The only outsider present was Long Chen. Here, he saw a truly world-shaking figure: Mo Gate’s current master.

This tall, mountain-like elder made him feel an unprecedented pressure. He seemed like a massive volcano. Once he erupted, it could destroy the world.

In front of Mo Yi, Long Chen felt himself to be as miniscule as an ant. That aura from him was even more terrifying than Shui Wuhen’s.

“Little fellows, your display today was really not bad. You’ve gained some face for Mo Gate,” Mo Yi said to Long Chen and Mo Nian.

“You overpraise. All I know how to do is cause a bit of trouble,” said Long Chen.

As for Mo Nian, he had originally been standing side by side with Long Chen, but as soon as Mo Yi came over, he involuntarily shivered and took a step back.

“Little brat, what are you retreating for?!” Mo Yi’s expression sank and he glared at Mo Nian.

His tall stature and mountain-like imposingness made his glare so intimidating that even Long Chen jumped. Just now, he had been so amicable. How did he turn hostile in just an instant?

The Mo family’s experts were astonished not by this change, but by how pleased their old man had been acting. It had to be known that for as long as they had known him, they had rarely seen him speak so pleasantly.

His praise for Mo Nian and Long Chen was unprecedented, but seeing Mo Nian cowering, his fury immediately soared.

“I… I’m afraid you’ll hit me! I can’t beat you so… why can’t I retreat?!” raged Mo Nian.

“So, you’re saying if you could beat me, you’d fight me?” Mo Yi’s expression sank.

Who knew what was going on with Mo Nian today, but with Long Chen by his side, it seemed his guts had grown a great deal, and he shouted, “Even ten years aren’t too late for revenge! I remember every single beating you gave me. There will sooner or later come a day when I repay it all!”

The entire hall became silent as everyone looked at Mo Nian oddly.


Mo Yi suddenly laughed and appeared right in front of Mo Nian. Mo Nian reflexively raised his arms to protect his head.

Unexpectedly, Mo Yi just patted him on the shoulder and praised, “Good! I suppose you have at least a slight backbone! I’ll wait to see whether you can get your revenge within the next ten years.”

Mo Nian was stunned. It seemed that in all his living memory, he had never received such nice words from his grandfather.

“Don’t just stupidly stand there. Hurry up and eat! Today, Nian-er’s friend has come, and we’ll take Nian-er’s place to hold a welcoming celebration for Long Chen!” laughed Mo Yi.

He was extremely happy today. He was smiling more than he had in the past few decades.

Long Chen noticed that all those who could sit in this place were Mo Gate’s core experts. They were all Xiantian experts, and he was shocked to see there were over three hundred of them.

They really were worthy of being Qing Prefecture’s ruler. This was an overwhelming strength. However, Long Chen noticed that Mo Nian, their junior gate master, didn’t seem to have any special status here.

Only after he asked Mo Nian did he learn that these people were all Mo Nian’s seniors. The only reason he even had the qualifications to eat with them was because of his status.

Mo Gate cared a great deal about seniority and strength. Mo Nian’s title of junior gate master didn’t give them any special feeling. If he relied on his status to act arrogant in front of them, then these people would immediately give him a beating. Just mentioning that made Mo Nian furious.

Usually, a family’s junior master would be above the masses. But instead, he was often put in his place. It was truly stifling.

However, the leader of Mo Gate had already said that junior master was just a title. If he wanted to convince everyone, he needed enough strength.

Since these people here were all Xiantian experts, Mo Nian could only be suppressed. Mo Yi especially had already broken Mo Nian’s courage in that regard, and each time he saw his grandfather, he would cower.

“Dad, tell me, what drugs did those three idiots take today? Even after it reached that point, they still retreated.” Once everyone had eaten their fill, Mo Yunshan asked the question that had been on his mind.

Mo Yi smiled slightly. “According to their previous arrangements, they probably would have tried to have a large battle with us in the near future to test our power.

“However, Long Chen’s arrival skewed their plans. That Luo Yingxiong’s son ended up being killed, and so he went to go find Long Chen.

“The other two should have received the news and decided that they weren’t prepared enough. However, that shouldn’t be the main reason. Instead, it’s because the person behind them ordered them to retreat.”

“Do you know who that person targeting us is?” asked Mo Yunshan.

“There are quite a few people who have past grievances with our Mo Gate’s ancestors. Back then, when we withdrew from the Ancient Family Alliance, we offended many people.

“Now, tens of thousands of years have passed. Our Mo family has always been low-key, letting those powers believe that we’ve declined. Now they want to hit us while we’re down.

“Hehe, how laughable. Although I didn’t see who they were, I sensed their aura.

“You don’t need to worry. They probably won’t personally take action. It’s just a bunch of senseless tricks. All you have to remember is to act as you should act. There’s no need to have any misgivings. Even if the heavens collapse, I’ll be there to hold them up.” Mo Yi’s voice was full of unconcealable domineeringness.

“Perhaps it is destined for Long Chen to have come here at this time. In a few days, when it’s time for the ancestral inheritance, Long Chen can enter with the others,” said Mo Yi.

His words surprised everyone, and one person said, “But the quota to enter is only ten, and they’ve long since been taken…”

“Give Mo Xi’s spot to Long Chen. His qualifications are the most lacking, and even if he entered, there’d be no hope for him. Even Nian-er only has a fifty percent chance of succeeding, let alone him. It’s better to let Long Chen test his luck,” said Mo Yi.

“But Long Chen isn’t a member of the Mo family. Isn’t this inappropriate?”

“There’s nothing inappropriate about it. I’ve already said my wish, so just obediently shut up,” said Mo Yi.

Long Chen was confused, and he asked Mo Nian, “What is this ancestral inheritance?”

Mo Nian whispered, “Brat, you’re very lucky. This ancestral inheritance is something left behind by the top experts our Mo family has produced. Before they died, they sealed their Heavenly Dao seed within them so that they could be absorbed by their descendants.

“Those mighty experts were all Celestials. As for Celestials… well, forget about it. Even if I explained it, you wouldn’t understand. In any case, they are rivalless masters of being badass. If you can obtain that inheritance, your badassedness will shake the heavens.”

“Celestials?” Long Chen was startled. Had Yin Wushang also gained such an inheritance?

“Our Mo family was once glorious to the peak. Regrettably, I don’t know why, but we later declined. We only managed to retain ten statues of our ancestors. Unfortunately, even after all these years, no one has been able to inherit the Heavenly Dao seeds inside them.

“To inherit a Heavenly Dao seed requires you to have a strong affinity with it as well as a shocking talent. I feel like you have a high chance,” said Mo Nian.

“I feel like you should give the opportunity to someone else. I most likely won’t be up to it.” Long Chen shook his head.

What kind of joke was that? He was someone expelled by the Heavenly Daos. How could that Heavenly Dao seed allow itself to be inherited by him?

“You should tell your old man. I really won’t be capable, and it’s a shame to waste it,” advised Long Chen.

“Tch, are you trying to get me beaten? You know how tyrannical that man is. The things he decides, no one can change. Even if you don’t want to go, you have to go,” whispered Mo Nian.

Tch, now he had to go even if he didn’t want to go? Long Chen bitterly smiled inside.

“You don’t need to worry. This time, we have the Hidden Ground Spider’s core. That’ll let our Mo family’s alchemists refine the Nine Revolution Dao-Heart Pill. It’ll greatly increase our chances of succeeding,” said Mo Nian.

“Your Mo family’s alchemists? What quality of Nine Revolution Dao-Heart Pill can they refine?” asked Long Chen.

“It seems that if their luck is good, they can refine a one-ring high grade medicinal pill,” said Mo Nian, unsure.

“One-ring? Then you should just give the core to me. I’ll refine it in a way that’s not so wasteful,” said Long Chen.

“You?” Mo Nian was doubtful, but he still gave the core to him.

“You can be at ease,” said Long Chen, patting his own chest.

The Nine Revolution Dao-Heart Pill was a fifth tier medicinal pill. However, now that Long Chen had reached Meridian Opening, his Spiritual Strength had become even stronger, so it wasn’t a problem.

After finishing their meal, Mo Yi held a meeting with everyone. That had nothing to do with Long Chen and Mo Nian, so the two slipped away.

“Mo Nian, I still feel like this matter is a bit inappropriate,” said Long Chen with hesitation.

“When did you become like this? This matter was decided by the old man, and no one can change it,” said Mo Nian.

“This probably won’t be good for your family’s internal harmony. After all, anyone would be mad that their spot was taken,” said Long Chen.

“You’re overthinking it. This inheritance isn’t so easy to obtain. Not one person has obtained it in tens of thousands of years.

“My father said that even with my talent, I only have a fifty percent chance, and that’s already incredibly high amongst all our past generations. Other people are basically just extras, and they all know that. It’s just a formality. Don’t worry, our Mo family’s people are all magnanimous men.” Mo Nian laughed.

“How come these words sound completely different from your mouth than from uncle Mo?” Long Chen also laughed.

“Tch, what are you implying? Are you trying to say I’m not manly enough? Then should we find somewhere to have a little competition?” raged Mo Nian.

“Tch, if you have that much energy, then you should go kill some more enemies. What competition are you planning to have with me?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Long Chen, today, you’ve given me a wake-up call. I really did have too many misgivings. Starting today, I’ll return to my true self.

“Wait here. I’ll go to my grandfather’s private room and steal some jugs of good wine. Let me say, those are the true fine wines. They’ve all been stored in cellars for over a thousand years, hehe…” Mo Nian actually involuntarily began to salivate.

“Alright, then go. But make sure not to take the one you pissed in back then,” reminded Long Chen.


Once Mo Nian left, Long Chen just strolled around Mo Nian’s small courtyard. The walls of his room had been carved into statues. He was in the midst of examining them when an icy voice rang out.

“Who are you?”

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