Chapter 557 Blooddrinker Revives

“He has activated his Xiantian weapon!”

That fist-image was three hundred meters wide, shocking everyone. Had Luo Yingxiong gone crazy? He wanted to kill Mo Nian?

Mo Nian was the successor of Mo Gate. If he was killed, then Qingzhou City would be turned into a complete mess.

When Luo Yingxiong had begun secretly accumulating his energy, Mo Yunshan had already noticed and had been preparing to block him.

“You don’t need to do anything,” said Mo Yi.

“That’s an attack from a Xiantian weapon. Nian-er can’t block it.” Mo Yunshan was stunned. Mo Gate’s core technique focused on offense, not defense. Mo Nian didn’t possess such great defensive abilities.

“So what if he can’t block it? It’ll only cause some injuries. When did my Mo family’s men become so fragile?” asked Mo Yi. “I know you love your son, but a tree needs to be able to survive storms on its own, and an eagle needs to rely on its own power to spread its wings and fly. Can you protect him for a lifetime?”

When Mo Yunshan didn’t reply, Mo Yi continued, “Just watch. I won’t let anything happen to Nian-er or Long Chen. But now is still not the time for us to appear.”

As they finished speaking, Luo Yingxiong finished storing up energy, and his immense fist-image tightly locked Long Chen and Mo Nian down.

Mo Nian’s expression changed. An attack from a Xiantian weapon was something even he couldn’t block. But now that he was locked down, he could only face it head-on.

“Don’t move. Let me try something.” Long Chen pushed Mo Nian behind him. “Divine ring!”

A three-hundred-meter divine ring appeared behind Long Chen. It was like a red and orange rainbow behind him, and in that instant, a berserk aura soared into the sky.

At the same time, a will to break free from the restrictions of the world and look down on all spread. A terrifying pressure grew.

Long Chen slowly raised his blood-colored saber. He was just about to use Split the Heavens when a cry came from the saber, and its blood-red runes lit up. A sharp aura soared from it as if it had received some kind of energy that was reviving it.

Long Chen was delighted, as he sensed a spiritual message come from Blooddrinker. In that instant, a resonance formed between their souls.

“So that’s what it was. Before, I wasn’t strong enough to activate your power. Then today, let’s see what your true power is. You can take as much of my spiritual qi as you want.”

Long Chen didn’t use any techniques. He simply randomly slashed his saber at the oncoming fist-image.


Blooddrinker’s blood-red runes lit up, and in front of everyone’s horrified expressions, that fist-image, which was formed from countless runes, was cut in two.

Not only that, but that blood-red Saber Qi also continued forward, mercilessly landing on Luo Yingxiong.

“That’s…?” Mo Yi stood up in shock, looking at Long Chen’s saber.

Luo Yingxiong’s expression completely changed. He had never imagined Long Chen’s saber would possess such terrifying power. 

Seeing this immense saber-image slashing down on him, he knew that if it hit him, even a hundred lives wouldn’t be enough.

He suddenly formed a hand seal, and a bronze statue appeared in front of him. The statue was of a dark blue eagle spreading its wings.

The statue was only the size of a fist at first, but it instantly grew to a size of three hundred meters.

The Saber Qi crashed heavily onto the huge statue. All of Qingzhou City rocked from the impact.

However, that eagle statue was still able to block that seemingly unblockable attack. But Luo Yingxiong continuously vomited blood, and his forehead split open, appearing incredibly frightening.

The statue quickly shrank back down and was taken back by Luo Yingxiong.

“Cloud Piercing Arrow!”

In that instant when Luo Yingxiong took back his statue and was vomiting blood, a huge arrow arrived in front of him. That was Mo Nian’s attack.

Mo Nian had been cursed awake by Long Chen, and he no longer had any misgivings. Since he had taken action, he definitely wouldn’t hold back, not giving up any chance to kill his opponent.

What Mo Nian didn’t know was that this action of his had saved him from a beating. He had won his grandfather’s praise.

Luo Yingxiong had already activated his Xiantian weapon, which had used up over half his Xiantian power. Later, he had then summoned out his family’s treasure. Although it had managed to block Long Chen’s attack, that had basically used up all his remaining energy.

The thing that horrified him the most was that blocking Long Chen’s attack with the statue had greatly shaken his soul, and he had almost been killed from the impact. His soul had felt like it was about to be torn apart.

Now that Mo Nian’s attack arrived, he found himself powerless to dodge. He could only watch with terror as that arrow approached him.


A large hand smashed apart the arrow, and a white-robed elder appeared in front of Luo Yingxiong. He was the one who had saved his life.

“It’s the Pure River Valley’s master, Sun Changshou!” The hidden spectators all let out startled cries upon recognizing this person.

The Pure River Valley, the Sky Cry Mansion, and the Giant Eagle Stronghold were known as Qing Prefecture’s three great powers. They were the strongest sects other than Mo Gate.

Now that the Pure River Valley’s master had saved Luo Yingxiong, it made many people guess that this was premeditated.

“At such a young age, you’re already so vicious. Let me take the place of your family to teach you a lesson!”

The Pure River Valley’s master snorted, and his palm slammed forward. Countless runes revolved around this palm, and a fierce astral wind attacked Long Chen and Mo Nian.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s hearts sank. They could both see that this old fellow was most likely a half-step Sea Expansion expert for him to be able to keep his runes in the air.

Suddenly, a golden arrow shot out like a bolt of lightning, arriving right in front of Sun Changshou in an instant.

Sun Changshou’s expression changed, and he had no choice but to give up his attack, dodging to the side.

The arrow shot right past his body, piercing into the ground and disappearing. It merely left behind a small hole in the ground.

What shocked everyone was that whether it was when the arrow was first shot or when it pierced into the ground, there was no sound at all. It was so bizarre that it made their hair stand on end.

“It seems that you, Sun Changshou, are not qualified to teach my child a lesson, right?”

Mo Yunshan appeared beside Long Chen and Mo Nian. After saying one icy sentence, he didn’t even look at the stunned Sun Changshou.

He patted Long Chen and Mo Nian on the shoulders. “Good brats, you’ve grown up.”

“Greetings, Uncle Mo.” Long Chen hastily bowed.

“It’s alright, our Mo Gate doesn’t have so many repulsive rules, so there’s no need to be so polite. Once this matter here ends, your uncle Mo will hold a welcoming dinner for you.” Mo Yunshan smiled.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s display today had greatly satisfied Mo Yi. Mo Yunshan rarely saw his father so excited.

“Mo Yunshan, you… you’ve actually touched the barrier?” Sun Changshou was stunned.

“Do you think I’m trash like you and would only touch that barrier after eight hundred years? Do you think I’d be as stupid as you and proudly announce it to everyone?” sneered Mo Yunshan. “You even want to teach my child a lesson? With your kind of conduct, do you really think you’re capable? Do you believe me when I say I can make it impossible for you to leave here alive?”

“Mo Yunshan, don’t you think you’re a bit too wild to say such big words when you’ve only just touched the barrier?” Suddenly, a sinister voice rang out and a withered old man carrying a cane walked over.

“It’s the Sky Cry Mansion’s master, Wang Yishan! It seems he has also long since arrived and is only revealing himself now. Are they planning to start a war with Mo Gate?” Those distant spectators were all astonished.

Ever since the Jiuli secret realm closed, Qing Prefecture had begun to change. The three great powers, which had previously constantly been suppressed by Mo Gate, had begun to target Mo Gate in secret.

Not only had they begun secretly ruining their businesses, but they had also gradually begun to compete with them openly for their resources. Furthermore, the previously incomparably domineering Mo Gate had just endured it the whole time, puzzling everyone.

At this time, there were rumors that Mo Gate might appear powerful, but they were actually very weak and had already declined, which was why they were unable to compete with the three great powers.

There were also some rumors that the Pill Tower had cut the Mo family off from medicinal pills, which made those people feel like Mo Gate was doomed. Once you were enemies with the Pill Tower, the only path left for you was death.

But now, their struggle had exploded in scale because of a single outsider. Their behind-the-scenes struggle was about to turn into an all-out war. The leaders of the three great powers had all appeared, shocking everyone.

“I can be wild because I’m young. But you are halfway into your grave already. Even if you wanted to be wild, you wouldn’t have the energy.” Mo Yunshan wasn’t the slightest bit surprised by Wang Yishan’s arrival. 

Wang Yishan was even older than Sun Changshou. It seemed he had lived over fifteen hundred years and could truly be considered an old monster.

However, he had only touched the barrier after a thousand years, reaching half-step Sea Expansion. It was essentially an impossibility for him to reach the Sea Expansion realm.

Currently, his lifespan had already mostly run out; he only had a few years left in him. All his energy was focused on extending his life, which was why he seemed like a living skeleton.

“Uncle Mo, if you didn’t say he was halfway into his grave, I would have thought he was a zombie that had crawled out of his tomb. My eyes really have been opened to a greater world.” Long Chen curiously looked at Wang Yishan as if he were a monster.

“Brat, you must want to die. Don’t land in my hands, or I’ll definitely make you live a life worse than death.” Wang Yishan glared hatefully at Long Chen.

“You want to absorb my essence blood? Hehe, I see, so that must be how you extend your lifespan. Otherwise, considering your basically exhausted spiritual fluctuations, you should have long since become unable to move. There’s no need for you to refuse to admit it, because other than this method, there’s no way you would still be standing there,” said Long Chen.

Long Chen’s words caused huge waves amongst the spectators, and many of their expressions changed.

“Wang Yishan, you bastard, hand back my son’s life!” A furious shout rang out.

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