Chapter 556 Taking Action

“Today, the weather is excellent, perfect for killing people,” said Long Chen.

“Fuck, that’s a bit too implausible, isn’t it?” Mo Nian was dumbfounded. Because the weather was good, he would kill people?

“Do you care if it’s implausible? Ask those idiots down there, do the people secretly targeting your Mo family need to give a reason?” Long Chen pointed at Luo Yingxiong.

This time, Long Chen didn’t conceal his voice at all. Practically the entire street heard him clearly. Those countless spectators were dumbfounded.

“Hahaha, this Long Chen really is interesting.” Mo Yi couldn’t help laughing upon seeing Long Chen and Mo Nian flushed with excitement.

“This little fellow Long Chen really doesn’t know the meaning of fear. Back then, he was only at the Tendon Transformation realm and still dared to charge into the first monastery on his own, treating over a hundred Xiantian experts as nothing more than air,” praised Mo Yunshan.

That memory was still deeply imprinted in his mind. That kind of heroism was truly worthy of admiration.

That was something unrelated to cultivation base. Instead, it was the courage to be unafraid of death. Even if he had to die, he would pull all those people with him. That kind of ruthlessness was truly startling.

“Long Chen, you really must want to die! You killed my beloved son, so today, if I don’t turn your bones to ashes, I won’t be surnamed Luo!” shouted Luo Yingxiong.

Long Chen looked at him disdainfully. “What does your surname have to do with me? I’m not your dad.”

Luo Yingxiong almost exploded in fury. He roared, “Long Chen, if you have any courage, you’ll come down and fight!”

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. He asked Mo Nian, “Why do I have to go down? Can’t he come up?”

“This is one of my Mo Gate’s businesses. If he dares to intrude, that would be a public declaration of war against Mo Gate. So he doesn’t dare,” sneered Mo Nian.

“Alright, then just let him stand there stupidly. We can keep drinking.” Long Chen was somewhat speechless. What kind of broken rules were these? He really was unable to make sense of it all.

He decided to just directly ignore Luo Yingxiong. Didn’t he like to play games with these stupid rules? Then he could keep playing. Long Chen and Mo Nian once more began drinking.

Seeing them ignore him, Luo Yingxiong turned green with rage. He had an urge to charge straight into the restaurant and kill Long Chen, but he had too many misgivings. Now was still not the time for an all-out war against Mo Gate.

“You, go and curse that brat Long Chen out here!” Luo Yingxiong suddenly pointed to a Xiantian expert beside him. A total of thirty-seven people had come with Luo Yingxiong. They were all Xiantian experts.

“Long Chen, you coward, if you have any guts at all, you’ll get out here! As I see it, you’re just a tortoise…”

That person was helpless and could only thicken his face to curse. For a Xiantian expert to curse people like a shrew was humiliating, but he didn’t dare ignore Luo Yingxiong’s orders.

Those hidden experts all shook their heads at his actions. This was too embarrassing to watch.

“Long Chen, you son of a bitch, you-” As that person continued to curse, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. “Haha, you’ve finally come-!”

His delighted cry was interrupted. A blood-colored saber sliced off his head.

Mo Nian and the others were all startled. Long Chen had just been drinking with them when he had suddenly disappeared. When they hastily looked down, they just managed to catch Long Chen’s saber send that person’s head flying.

“Long Chen, hand back my son’s life!”

Luo Yingxiong was delighted, not giving a damn about the death of that Xiantian expert. He immediately sent a fist crashing at him.

That shocked everyone. Luo Yingxiong was wearing a steel glove that was covered with runes. The terrifying aura coming from it marked it as a powerful Xiantian weapon.

This fist caused the void to tremble. Luo Yingxiong was clearly planning on killing Long Chen in one strike.

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen’s saber slashed out. An immense explosion rang out when it struck Luo Yingxiong’s gloved fist. The bricks inlaid on this large road all crumbled, and Luo Yingxiong was actually sent flying.

“How powerful!” Even the hidden spectators were stunned. They all saw that Long Chen had attacked relying entirely on his physical strength.

Just the power of his physical body was enough to send a peak Xiantian expert flying. That kind of physical body was too terrifying. Even Mo Yi had never seen such a terrifying physical body before.

“Kill him!” The experts from the Giant Eagle Stronghold were startled, but they all took out their weapons and charged at him.


A huge arrow landed in front of them, causing an immense explosion that knocked them away. They looked up in shock.

Mo Nian was holding his bow, looking icily at them. His aura was gradually rising, giving them a powerful pressure. Even these Xiantian experts were suppressed by his aura.

“Nian-er has finally taken action,” sighed Mo Yunshan.

“If he still didn’t do anything, I’d have to expel him from Mo Gate. How did I, Mo Yi, end up having such a good-for-nothing grandson?” Mo Yi’s expression was slightly ugly.

He had greatly hoped for Mo Nian to be the one to take the initiative, not Long Chen. If it was Mo Nian who took the initiative, then it meant he had the heart to protect his friends. It would have been in the spirit of loyalty. But for him to only take action now, the significance was completely different.

So Mo Yi was actually extremely angry. If you were to just tolerate anything that happened to you, why would you even bother cultivating? What would be the point of having a higher cultivation base?

Take the big picture into consideration? That was just nonsense. If you couldn’t even handle yourself, how could you handle the big picture? Mo Yi’s expression was as black as the bottom of a pot.

Mo Yunshan didn’t dare say a single word upon seeing his father’s expression. Once Mo Nian returned home, he would probably be given another beating.

“What do you think you’re doing, Mo Nian?” Long Chen roared furiously at Mo Nian. “Are you just playing around?

“Even at this time, you’ll still follow the rules of their stupid game? Do you know how many of your allies will die while you waste your time following their rules?

“Do you know how many sinister blades are pointed at your Mo Gate? Do you know that if I hadn’t been there, every single member of the Muxue Mercenary Unit would have been killed?

“Do you know just how many people will lose their lives while you hesitate?

“If you have this kind of character, then don’t bother calling yourself my brother. I don’t have cowards like you as my brothers.”

Suddenly, Luo Yingxiong leaped forward again, no longer holding anything back, sending a fist smashing towards Long Chen. “Die! Mountain Breaking Fist!”

An ear-piercing sound rang out. This fist’s power seemed to be about to shatter the void.

“You should die instead!” Long Chen roared, and he swung his saber at Luo Yingxiong with fury.

He was extremely dissatisfied with Mo Nian. Just now, he could have easily killed a few of these Xiantian experts. But he hadn’t, instead just knocking them back.

What was he trying to do? Warn them? When enemies bullied their way to your home, would they care about your warning? Was he playing around?

There were times to be a badass. But if your timing was off, then you would be a dumbass instead. Now was clearly not the right time, so Long Chen was furious with Mo Nian, but he also couldn’t release it on him. With nowhere else to release it, Luo Yingxiong had become the target for his anger.


The ground erupted, and Luo Yingxiong was like a shooting star as he flew back.

Explosions echoed continuously as Luo Yingxiong carved a large path into the road. Boundless broken bits of rock flew out, turning the surrounding buildings into a mess.

“Piercing Cloud Arrow!”

Suddenly, a cold shout rang out following Long Chen’s saber, and a large arrow flew out. This arrow enveloped all those Xiantian experts from the Giant Eagle Stronghold.

Miserable screams rang out. Those people had all been focused on Long Chen’s saber. Several of them directly exploded upon being struck by the arrow.

As for the others, they were all sent flying, wildly vomiting blood. Those distant spectators were all startled. Mo Nian was finally truly attacking. This was a real declaration of war.

“Hmph, this arrow is at least slightly acceptable.”

Mo Yi snorted, but he couldn’t conceal his pride. The power of the arrow wasn’t what he cared about. Instead, it was the fact that Mo Nian had finally thrown off the shackles in his heart and taken his first step.

Mo Nian appeared beside Long Chen. “Thank you, Long Chen. I know what to do now.”

“Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed and hit Mo Nian in the chest. “This is how my brother should be. Pay back debts of gratitude and enmity no matter who tries to stop you. What’s the point of having so many misgivings?

“If you weren’t the junior master of Mo Gate, would you choose not to cultivate? Stop caring so much about your status and definitely stop being afraid of bringing trouble to your sect. If a sect is afraid of any trouble, then it means their destiny has long since run out.”

Long Chen’s words made Mo Yi and Mo Yunshan nod inside. Long Chen’s character was something they admired. But his next words made them speechless.

“Even if the heavens collapse, won’t you have your uncle to help you? If your uncle isn’t strong enough, won’t you have your father? If your father and uncle aren’t enough, won’t you still have your family’s patriarch?

“Furthermore, before your uncle left, didn’t he secretly tell us that we could do whatever we want without any misgivings?” said Long Chen.

“Did my uncle ever say something like that?” asked Mo Nian.[1]

“Didn’t your uncle say that with the two of us together, we can dominate the Qing Prefecture?

“We haven’t dominated anything yet, but our enemies have already come to find us. Then us two brothers should really see whether or not we can dominate the Qing Prefecture,” said Long Chen.

Mo Nian’s eyes brightened as he recalled that matter. “Good, then today we’ll throw caution to the wind and kill these bastards.”

“Long Chen, Mo Nian, you can both die!”

Suddenly, a heaven-shaking roar rang out and a terrifying pressure descended. An immense fist-image smashed towards the two of them. Mo Nian’s expression changed.

[1] There’s an interaction here I didn’t include because it doesn’t translate. Long Chen is calling Mo Nian’s uncle 大爷, and Mo Nian says to call his uncle 大伯, which is a nicer way to say uncle and can’t be used as an insult.

So the interaction went like this: 

“Did my uncle ever say something like that?”

“Your uncle-”

“Call him uncle.”

“Didn’t your uncle say…”

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