Chapter 555 The Weather’s Not Bad

This angry roar shook all their eardrums. Long Chen and Mo Nian put down their wine jugs. Looking out the window, they saw dozens of experts on the road outside, blocking the entrance to the restaurant.

The crowded street was silent as people fled into the distance, afraid of being implicated.

The bystanders all saw that these experts’ expressions were extremely gloomy. The person roaring was the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s master, a peak Xiantian expert, Luo Yingxiong.

“What’s going on? Was Luo Zhongsheng killed?”

“No way! Who would kill the future inheritor of the Giant Eagle Stronghold?”

“Long Chen? Why does that name sound familiar? What’s going on?”

Countless people were hiding in the distance, stealthily watching the aggressive Luo Yingxiong. They were filled with shock.

Many people had seen Mo Gate’s junior master enter this restaurant with a group of other people. Now that Luo Yingxiong was blocking the restaurant, it seemed today’s matter would be extremely big.

Right now, rumors were drifting about Qingzhou City that Mo Gate had offended some major figure and was declining. The three great powers of Qing Prefecture were being supported by someone and were beginning to devour Mo Gate’s territory.

Right now, Mo Gate and those three powers were filled with hostility towards each other. Now that Luo Yingxiong had come here with killing intent, it seemed great waves were about to arise within Qing Prefecture.

“Who is that person? It seems he’s calling me?” Long Chen was already slightly drunk now.

“He’s the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s master, Luo Zhongsheng’s father, Luo Yingxiong,” explained Mu Xue worriedly. It was obvious Luo Yingxiong had come to get revenge for his son.

“Luo Yingxiong? This name really is shameless[1]. No wonder he gave birth to such a shameless son. So it was hereditary.” Long Chen curled his lip, feeling this name to be extremely untrue.

“Luo Yingxiong, don’t make such a racket in front of my restaurant. You’ll affect my business!” shouted Mo Nian.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members’ expressions became odd. Did this restaurant have any business to affect?

However, they did have to admire their courage. That was a peak Xiantian expert, the level of Qing Prefecture’s top sect leaders. Yet, they managed to treat him like a disobedient dog.

“Mo Nian, this matter has nothing to do with you! It’d be best for you to not interfere, as your Mo Gate is no longer the old Mo Gate! Be careful of the day your Mo Gate collapses,” Luo Yingxiong shouted back at Mo Nian. “Today, I came to find Long Chen to get revenge for my son. This matter has nothing to do with your Mo Gate, so if you dare interfere, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

Mo Nian was furious. How was this matter unrelated to Mo Gate? They were the ones that had targeted Mo Gate, not wanting him to be able to obtain the Hidden Ground Spider’s core.

He was about to say something when Long Chen stopped him. “How come I feel like you like to fight with words all the time? If everything could be solved by talking reasonably, what would be the point of cultivating?”

Mo Nian agreed with him. Even if he said that this was all because the Giant Eagle Stronghold was targeting Mo Gate, there was no proof. What could he do?

“Sigh, this child. Mo Nian’s guts are still too small. He needs more tempering.”

In a private room within the restaurant across the street, a tall elder was sitting in his chair, sighing with disappointment.

This elder’s hair and beard were white as snow, and he had many deep wrinkles. He appeared so old that it was a bit frightening.

He was sitting with his back as straight as a mountain, and his gaze was incredibly sharp. He seemed like a blade that had been sheathed for countless years, his aura extremely intimidating.

“Father, perhaps I was too softhearted. I didn’t give Mo Nian enough instruction,” sighed a middle-aged man beside him.

That person was precisely Mo Nian’s father, Mo Yunshan. As for the elderly man, he was Qing Prefecture’s top expert, the previous master of Mo Gate, Mo Yi.

Mo Yi shook his head. “It’s not that you didn’t instruct your child enough, but perhaps our method was flawed.

“Mo Nian has experienced many dangers, more dangers than anyone else. We didn’t give him much assistance either. He reached his level by relying on his own strength.

“Now that there are people intentionally targeting Mo Gate, we intentionally haven’t made any moves, all to see what he would do in the face of these unforeseen events.

“Although this child Mo Nian is smart, he isn’t daring enough. All he knows how to do is strike back when struck. He doesn’t know how to take the initiative to attack.

“How could I possibly leave Mo Gate to him like this? With his indecisive temperament, he’ll cause Mo Gate to decline. If that happens, I’ll have no way to face the ancestors when I die.”

Mo Yunshan was silent to that. It was truly difficult to change a person’s temperament like Mo Nian.

“Our Mo family’s teachings preach that Mo Gate can be destroyed, but it can’t be allowed to decline. Even when the final person is facing death, he cannot bend his spine.

“Each time I curse him, saying a child who doesn’t know how to stir up any trouble can’t have any big accomplishments in the future, he doesn’t dare do anything. Even after such obvious instructions, the only big thing he’s ever done is piss in my wine pot,” sighed Mo Yi, shaking his head.

Mo Yunshan looked at the distant Long Chen and Mo Nian. He also couldn’t help but sigh. Mo Nian’s style of handling things truly was slightly different from the Mo family’s style. He was lacking a kind of domineeringness.

If a leader didn’t have any daring, always acting careful and overcautious, then no matter how strong a sect was, it would still begin to decline.

Being wrong wasn’t something to be afraid of. Only once you were wrong would you know what was right. Only then would you know what growth was. Paying a price for making a mistake was fine.

The more frightening thing to be afraid of was not even having the courage to make a mistake. Then you would truly be done for. That was also what Mo Nian’s grandfather was most worried about.

“This Long Chen is pretty good. He possesses a kind of wild nature, one that desires to struggle free of all restrictions. Anything that tries to block him has to be eliminated without hesitation.

“This kind of character is very good and filled with a desire to advance courageously no matter what. If he has the intelligence to match his strength, he’ll grow up to a level that even we have to look up to.” Looking at Long Chen, a flash of praise appeared in Mo Yi’s eyes.

“Then what should we do now? It’s very obvious Luo Yingxiong is trying to show off his strength to Mo Gate. If we still don’t counterattack, we really will lose all our face.

“Now, more and more powers are starting to maintain a distance from us. In fact, some of them even dare challenge us now.

“The Pill Tower has cut us off from medicinal pills, and they’ve also begun encroaching upon our businesses. We have to strike back,” said Mo Yunshan.

“Ah, Yunshan, do you know why I still refuse to hand over the gate master position to you?” Mo Yi looked at Mo Yunshan profoundly.

“I don’t. Perhaps I’m not strong enough?” said Mo Yunshan.

“You’re wrong. In your generation, your strength is the greatest in the family. In terms of qualifications, you are only second to me. That’s enough to convince everyone.

“There are two reasons I can’t hand Mo Gate to you. You are strong, and you’ve already touched the Sea Expansion barrier in just forty-seven years. You might reach half-step Sea Expansion at any moment. That’s enough to count you as a peak genius.

“The main reason is because you still are not domineering enough. Domineeringness isn’t something you display on the outside, but something you keep in your heart. It refers to how you handle things.

“The other reason is that you aren’t smart enough. Do you know why I let Mo Gate just endure all this silently?” asked Mo Yi.

“To give pressure to Mo Nian so he can rise?” asked Mo Yunshan.

“That’s why I said you aren’t smart enough. People who are unable to see an opportunity within danger are unsuitable to be a leader.

“Our current situation is an opportunity for Mo Gate. After countless years, most people have already forgotten that the Mo family was once an ancient family.

“After being away from the Ancient Family Alliance for so long, people assume we’ve already completely declined and have placed their intentions on our Mo Gate.

“Hmph, this time I’m intentionally acting weak so that those idiots start to get confident. When the opportunity comes, we’ll completely eradicate all of those people targeting us, using the most direct method to tell those idiots that it hasn’t reached the point where they can target us.

“Even in the ancient era, when there were tens of thousands of noble families, our Mo Gate was still always in the top hundred. We weren’t an existence others could place their intentions on.

“The reason the Pill Tower is giving a blow to us isn’t because of the conflict in the Jiuli secret realm. That is just their pretense. The Pill Tower has definitely received some kind of benefit from someone for them to act this way,” said Mo Yi.

“You’re saying there’s an ancient family targeting us? Who? Tell me and I’ll kill them.” Mo Yunshan clenched his teeth. So this had actually been part of a huge scheme.

“This is another reason I can’t hand Mo Gate to you. It’s because you can’t control your temper, so it’s difficult for you to accomplish anything big.” Mo Yi looked at Mo Yunshan with a bit of disappointment.

“You’re right. Child admits his failings.” Mo Yunshan’s heart trembled.

“There are still many things for you to learn. Just take it one step at a time. Let’s just watch and see how these two children handle this scene,” said Mo Yi.

Right now, Mo Nian was still choking on what Long Chen had just said. But the reality was just like that. If talking reason could solve everything, everyone would just sit down and talk. How could there still be so many conflicts? How could there be a Righteous and Corrupt path?

“Then what should we do?” asked Mo Nian.

“Really? You, the grand junior master of Mo Gate, have people come to your front door hurling abuse, and you’re asking me what to do?

“Just who is the boss of Qing Prefecture? It’s your Mo Gate. Your position already determines what you have to do. If your opponent wants to force you, then just kill them with a single slap.

“Have you ever seen an elephant trample an ant and then apologize to it, saying it wasn’t on purpose?

“Have you ever seen a dragon pierce through the clouds and then ask some small birds if it could borrow their space?

“Just how much have you drunk for you to become this stupid? When people want to target you, you’re just going to endure it because you have no evidence?” raged Long Chen.

“Even if we were to fight, don’t we need a reason first?” asked Mo Nian.

“Fine, you want a reason? Let me give you one.”

Long Chen pointed at the sky. “Today, the weather’s not bad.”

[1] Yingxiong meaning Hero.

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