Chapter 551 Blood Splashes Through the Air

The owner of that hand was Long Chen. He had a pitying expression as he looked at Luo Zhongsheng.

Luo Zhongsheng was first furious at having his wrist caught by someone. But then when we saw Long Chen’s face, his fury disappeared to be replaced with horror. His eyes practically popped out of his head, and it was like he had seen a ghost.

He struggled with all his might to retrieve his hand, but he was unable to pull it back in the slightest with it caught in Long Chen’s grasp.


Unable to pull his hand back, Luo Zhongsheng shrieked in terror, like a pig being slaughtered.

“Really, why bother?”

Bang! Long Chen’s foot slammed into Luo Zhongsheng’s chest, and his body was sent flying. However, his arm was still caught in Long Chen’s grasp, and it tore off his body.

This sudden change shocked everyone, especially those elders from the Giant Eagle Stronghold.

They hastily rushed over to Luo Zhongsheng’s side, supporting him up. They glared at Long Chen, filled with shock.

Their junior master already possessed the power to dominate anyone in the early Xiantian realm. How could this person injure him so easily?

Furthermore, from Luo Zhongsheng’s expression, it seemed he recognized this person and was also very terrified of him.

“Long… Long… Long....” Luo Zhongsheng didn’t even seem to notice his arm was severed. He pointed at Long Chen with his other hand, stammering, unable to say the last word.

“Long Chen!”

It was Mu Xue who finally cried out this name. She looked at this man in front of her, as well as Luo Zhongsheng who seemed to have seen a ghost. It appeared as if his soul might flee from his body.

Long Chen shook his head at Luo Zhongsheng. “They say if people manage to survive a calamity, they’re supposed to gain blessings later. But why are you such an exception?

“Back in the Jiuli secret realm, of the three of you, you were the only one to survive. Back then, I was busy chasing after Yin Luo and didn’t have time to deal with you.

“I didn’t expect you to be so lucky as to get away from Mo Nian. But why is it that you just can’t properly cherish this life of yours that you barely got to keep? You just had to send yourself in front of me. Now, I’d feel bad not killing you, as if not killing you is unworthy of you. So really, why bother?”

“You’re Long Chen?!” One of the elders from the Giant Eagle Stronghold pointed at Long Chen with horror.

It wasn’t just the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s people that were shocked. The Ironblood Mercenary Unit was also dumbfounded. Even the Muxue Mercenary Unit was dumbfounded.

Mu Xue and the others finally realized why Long Chen’s name had sounded so familiar.

What kind of joke was that? Within the secret realm, he had dominated the Righteous and Corrupt paths’ top geniuses, slaughtering Chosen like cutting apart melons. Where his saber pointed, corpses piled up. When he had dominated the Jiuli secret realm, the seven prefecture’s geniuses had been unable to receive even a single blow from him. He was practically a god-like existence.

Due to the final battle in the Jiuli secret realm, Long Chen’s name had already resounded loudly through the seven prefectures. He had become an idol for countless young experts.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members felt like they were dreaming. This god-like existence had eaten, drunk, and slept with them? That seemed unreal.

“Who cares if you’re Long Chen? This place is not the Jiuli secret realm!”

One of the Xiantian experts from the Giant Eagle Stronghold roared, and his saber slashed at Long Chen like lightning.

This saber cut straight through the space, and a terrifying Xiantian power followed it, causing the void to quiver. As soon as he started, this Xiantian expert used his full strength.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members were horrified. This saber’s power was unblockable by any of them. But as their hearts clenched, a blood-red saber appeared in Long Chen’s hand.

A light bang rang out. That terrifying attack merely caused a muffled sound upon slashing onto Long Chen’s blood-red saber. The ground around them didn’t even shake in the slightest. It was extremely odd to see.

According to that saber’s force, the whole ground should have been split apart. But now there was no reaction at all.

However, the attacker’s expression completely changed.

Mu Xue was also delighted upon seeing this. Long Chen could only do this if he was able to use his own power to suppress and dispel the force contained within the attack.

That meant that Long Chen’s power had already far surpassed this Xiantian expert’s. Otherwise, there was no way to receive this attack without causing the slightest disturbance. He had to be at least ten times stronger than his opponent.

“Even when you fart, you have to stick out your chest like this. You want to kill me with your infantile strength? Don’t make me laugh to death. I’ll let you see what true strength is.”

After saying that, his spiritual qi poured into his new meridians. He had just finished the final strengthening of his meridians two hours ago, allowing them to reach a perfect state. He had strengthened them a total of eighty-one times.

An unprecedentedly terrifying aura soared out of Long Chen, piercing straight through the clouds. A turbulent pressure spread from him.

Mu Xue felt an irresistible power knock her back hundreds of meters. Only once she was far enough could she stabilize herself.

“This is Long Chen’s power? Too terrifying!”

Long Chen had been focused on creating his new meridians the entire time she had been with him. Now, all he had done was pour his spiritual qi into those new meridians, and that natural aura was something she could not resist. Long Chen’s true strength was too great.

She finally understood why Long Chen would repeatedly decline to join them. Thinking of that, she felt a trace of self-disdain and an urge to laugh at herself. She had wanted to entice a god-like figure into her mercenary unit? Perhaps in this world, only they had tried doing something so foolish.

Mu Xue was blown back, but the Meridian Opening experts were directly sent flying by the qi wave. This was just Long Chen’s natural release of aura and didn’t contain any real power, so they were only blown back, not injured.

As for the expert who had attacked him, he was also blown back dozens of meters, completely horrified. With the other Xiantian experts, he formed a shield in front of Luo Zhongsheng.

As his spiritual qi poured into his new meridians, Long Chen felt as if his body was completely transforming. It was like all his blood had been replaced, and his bones emitted crackling sounds like they were cheering in delight.

When his spiritual qi began to fully circulate throughout his new meridians, he felt he had boundless energy within him.

If his old meridians were small canals, his new meridians were like surging rivers. There was no comparison between the two.

Long Chen rested his saber on his shoulder, indifferently looking at the six of them. “Just now, you were all so imposing. How come you’re like this now?”

Previously, the six Xiantian experts had treated the Muxue Mercenary Unit as fish caught in a net, waiting to be slaughtered. But now, in front of Long Chen, they were filled with terror. When comparing the two, it was incredibly ironic.

“Attack together!”

The five of them looked at each other and suddenly roared, taking out their weapons and charging at Long Chen.

When five Xiantian experts attacked at the same time, Xiantian power raged, causing heaven and earth to rumble. Five weapons attacked Long Chen at the same time.

Long Chen smiled coldly. With a wave of his saber, blood-red light shot out.

BOOM! The five Xiantian experts were sent tumbling across the ground, all of them vomiting blood.

Even one against five, Meridian Opening against Xiantian, a single attack had defeated the five of them. Everyone’s hearts pounded. Just how powerful was he?

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s warriors felt their blood boiling inside. This was their first time seeing such a terrifying Meridian Opening expert.

They had heard the stories from the Jiuli secret realm. However, what had happened in those legends was far too distant from their level. Only today did they bear witness to what a true heavenly genius was.

After sending them tumbling back with a single attack, Long Chen smiled with satisfaction. His new meridians were really too powerful. When his spiritual qi circulated throughout them, he felt boundless energy within him. That kind of feeling was excellent.

He took a single step, and his saber slashed down.

The Xiantian expert who had taken the initiative to attack him at the beginning was in the midst of falling back while vomiting blood. He didn’t even have a chance to block before a saber cut off his head.

As his head was flying through the air, Long Chen reached the second person, and his saber once more slashed down.

This expert hastily raised a spear to block, but what horrified him was that the ancient runes on Long Chen’s blood-red saber lit up, and his spear was actually cut apart.


His scream of despair didn’t change anything. The saber fell, and he became motionless. A line of blood appeared from his forehead to his abdomen. Suddenly, his body split in two and collapsed on the ground.

Long Chen didn’t take a second glance. He was already on the third person, his saber releasing a sky-full of Saber Qi.

“Parting Wind Slash!”

This person tried to block, but he was cut into a bloody mist by the sky-full of Saber Qi, not even leaving a corpse.

“Bastard, go die!”

The remaining two suddenly roared, and countless runes lit up on their weapons. A terrifying pressure spread.

“Crap, they’re activating their Xiantian weapons!” cried out someone from the Muxue Mercenary Unit.

“I feel like it’s better if you die instead.”

Long Chen stuck his saber into the ground and then extended his left hand. An azure light shot out.

At first, that azure light was only the size of a palm. But it quickly grew, and by the time it reached the two of them, it was three hundred meters wide.

That was a huge scale. It was incredibly fast, reaching the two of them in the blink of an eye.

That scale cut straight through their bodies, and they were blown to bits by the scale’s powerful pressure.

What was left of the two Xiantian experts landed on the ground. That sound was like thunder in people’s hearts.

Suddenly, another light sound rang out. People turned to see a round thing rolling on the ground.

The head of the expert Long Chen had killed in the beginning had only just landed on the ground. The entire crowd was silent.

Long Chen swung the blood off his saber and then rested it on his shoulder. He walked towards a quivering Luo Zhongsheng.

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