Chapter 550 Really, Why Bother

They couldn’t help being startled. The newcomers all had powerful auras, and there were over a hundred of them who had at least reached the Meridian Opening realm.

Furthermore, there were six elders who emitted a particularly powerful pressure, one that made it seem as if they had merged with heaven and earth. It was actually six Xiantian experts.

“Zhang Qingyun, what do you think you’re doing?!” Mu Xue shouted angrily. She had already unsheathed her sword.

These people were the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s sworn enemies. They were the oldest mercenary unit in Qing Prefecture: the Ironblood Mercenary Unit.

Zhang Qingyun was the Ironblood Mercenary Unit’s leader. He appeared to be in his thirties, and his build was stocky. There was a long scar on his face that made him give off a savage feeling.

Zhang Qingyun was a true Xiantian expert who had reached the mid Xiantian realm. When the Muxue Mercenary Unit had just been formed, he had intentionally suppressed them.

In truth, Zhang Qingyun looked favorably upon Mu Xue’s talent and beauty. He wanted to take her as his own, but that matter had been ruined by the experts from Mo Gate.

Although he was very famous in the mercenary world, within the eyes of sects, mercenaries were all just second-rate, not much better than beggars. He didn’t dare do anything to Mo Gate; otherwise, he would probably die without even realizing how it had happened.

Although he had given the Muxue Mercenary Unit quite a bit of trouble behind the scenes, he hadn’t been able to stop their growth. A month ago, the Muxue Mercenary Unit’s strength had placed them within the top ten of the mercenary world.

Furthermore, what shocked him even more was that Mu Xue had reached the Xiantian realm. That was a grave threat to his position.

Within Qing Prefecture’s mercenary world, only three units had Xiantian experts within them, and they took the top three spots. Now that Mu Xue had reached the Xiantian realm, her mercenary unit would have to rank at least fourth.

Furthermore, Mu Xue had only just reached her twenties. On the other hand, Zhao Qingyun appeared to be in his thirties, but he was actually over fifty years old. That made him feel intense envy.

“Mu Xue, I wasn’t the one looking for you today. It was someone else who wanted to see you.” Zhang Qingyun looked icily at Mu Xue with an expression that seemed to delight in her misfortune.

“I’ve long since heard of junior sister Mu Xue’s beauty and unsurpassed talent. Seeing you today is really my life’s greatest fortune.”

Suddenly, another group of people arrived. The person at the front was a young man, and there were five Xiantian experts standing behind him.

That young man appeared to have just reached his twenties. He wore long robes with a jade belt. Although he was only at the Meridian Opening realm, his aura was extremely condensed.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s Meridian Opening experts were all suppressed by that aura.

“Luo Zhongsheng!”

Mu Xue’s pupils shrank upon seeing this person, and she turned slightly pale. She immediately understood what was going on.

“Hahaha, I hadn’t expected junior sister Mu Xue to recognize me. It really is my blessing.” Luo Zhongsheng was smiling sinisterly. Examining Mu Xue, a perverted light appeared in his eyes.

Mu Xue’s hair stood on end, but she forced herself to ask, “It couldn’t be that the junior master of the Giant Eagle Stronghold has come to find trouble with me, right?”

The Giant Eagle Stronghold was one of Qing Prefecture’s three great powers. Other than Mo Gate, no one could suppress them. 

“How could I find trouble with you? It’s simply that I feel sad seeing you rushing around bitterly all day, so I came to accept you as a concubine. With my Giant Eagle Stronghold’s resources, I’m sure you’ll get much better treatment than staying with these idiots. How about it? Do you agree?” laughed Luo Zhongsheng.

“Fuck off!”

“You’re an idiot!”

“You really are garbage!”

“Fuck your grandmother, you really are looking to die!”

Luo Zhongsheng’s words caused the Muxue Mercenary Unit to erupt in a flurry of curses. They almost charged forward and attacked.

Luo Zhongsheng was clearly insulting them. They tightly clenched their weapons, prepared to fight at any moment.

“Luo Zhongsheng, for the grand junior master of the Giant Eagle Stronghold to bully us, do you even have any dignity?” raged Mu Xue, her body trembling with fury.

If it was just the Ironblood Mercenary Unit, she wouldn’t feel any fear. Although she hadn’t had time to refine the crystal bone, she wasn’t afraid of Zhao Qingyun.

Although they might be lacking numbers, the Muxue Mercenary Unit was only filled with elites unafraid of death. They wouldn’t lose in a fight.

The Giant Eagle Stronghold sticking their fingers into this matter was completely different. With their five Xiantian experts, the Muxue Mercenary Unit would definitely perish if they offended them.

“Hahaha, there’s no need to say any useless words. I heard that you accepted Mo Gate’s mission. I’ve been waiting for you this entire time.

“I don’t care whether or not you managed to obtain the darkness attribute core. Right now, I’ll give you two choices: return with me to the Giant Eagle Stronghold, or, hehe… die!” sneered Luo Zhongsheng.

“Your Giant Eagle Stronghold really is intolerable! We aren’t even a part of your struggle! Just what do you think you’re doing by targeting us?” raged Mu Xue.

“I don’t have the energy to argue with you. The cultivation world is just like this. In front of the strong, the weak don’t have any power to quibble. I’ve already asked you the question. So tell me, do you want to die or live?” sneered Luo Zhongsheng.

“Leader, you should run for now. We’ll block them. Once your cultivation base advances, you can get revenge for us.”

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members all fully released their auras, ready to charge forward at any moment.

“What ants are these? Scram!”

Suddenly, a powerful fluctuation spread. The pressure of Xiantian powers crashed down on the Muxue Mercenary Unit, and all of them felt as if the space around them had frozen. They were all unable to move.

It was the Giant Eagle Stronghold’s Xiantian experts that had taken action. These were all old ghosts that had lived for centuries. Their control over their Xiantian power was something a rookie like Mu Xue could not compare to. 

The Muxue Mercenary Unit immediately fell into desperate straits. All their paths had been sealed now, and they were being watched by six Xiantian experts. Even a fly wouldn’t be able to escape from here.

“I knew you would refuse to accept until you were faced with reality. How about this? I’ll give you a chance. Mu Xue, I’ll challenge you with my late Meridian Opening strength.

“If you win, I’ll release all of you. If you lose, hehe, then just obediently become my concubine.

“Of course, you can refuse this challenge. But the consequence will make the Muxue Mercenary Unit cease to exist within Qing Prefecture’s mercenary world.” Luo Zhongsheng had clearly come prepared.

“Don’t agree with him, leader. Isn’t the worst case just death? We’ll go all-out against them!” cried one of them.

“Alright, I agree.” Mu Xue icily glared at Luo Zhongsheng.


“Don’t say any more. I’ve decided I wanted to experience the power of Giant Eagle Stronghold’s junior master.” Mu Xue waved her hand, cutting off their objections.

Although she knew this person very likely possessed the power to fight across realms, the situation was forcing her. She had to try. Wasn’t the worst case just dying in battle? That was better than just helplessly waiting for death to come.

“Hahaha, good. That’s exactly what I was waiting for. Everyone, fall back! Keep watch over the Muxue Mercenary Unit. Don’t let a single one of them escape!” ordered Luo Zhongsheng.

Everyone backed up, leaving an open space for Mu Xue and Luo Zhongsheng. The Giant Eagle Stronghold’s elders didn’t seem the slightest bit worried about their junior master. They surrounded Long Chen and the others, not giving them a chance to escape.

Once it was just Mu Xue and Luo Zhongsheng, Mu Xue raised her sword, her aura gradually condensing and her Xiantian power gradually rising.

“Long Chen, it seems Luo Zhongsheng isn’t the slightest bit worried. What should we do? You’re so smart, you can definitely think of something!” urged one of the women.

“Sigh, really, why bother?” Looking at Luo Zhongsheng, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh.

“Long Chen, don’t just sigh! Think of some way to save sister Mu Xue!” she cried urgently.

“Don’t worry. I’m not sighing because of leader.” Long Chen shook his head, quietly consoling her.

Suddenly, an explosive sound rang out as Mu Xue attacked. Her sword slashed down upon Luo Zhongsheng’s arm, causing a metallic ringing.

“What? Could it be that Luo Zhongsheng has an unbreaking vajra body?!” 

“It’s an arm guard,” said Long Chen indifferently. An unbreaking vajra body? Him? Please!

“Mountain Crushing Attack!”

Luo Zhongsheng suddenly shouted and golden light shone from his hand. A fist smashed towards Mu Xue.


When Luo Zhongsheng’s fist landed on Mu Xue’s sword, she was blown back, an unhealthy red light appearing on her face. She was actually injured by this one attack.

“What? How is that possible? How can he be so strong?” 

“Complete tempering.” A touch of disdain appeared on Long Chen’s face. This was the thing that gave him the confidence to fight across realms, as well as the golden arm guard and a set of martial techniques that allowed him to fight barehanded against weapons.

More importantly, Mu Xue’s weapon wasn’t a Xiantian weapon. That made Long Chen look down on this junior master even more. This fellow had to have grown up eating chicken guts. He had even less guts than a chicken.

“Take another fist!”

Luo Zhongsheng shouted, and the power of complete tempering erupted from him. Fist-images filled the sky.

Once a cultivator underwent complete tempering, the new meridians they could form were shockingly durable. Their power couldn’t be calculated according to common sense. The power of complete tempering forced Mu Xue back over and over again.

Mu Xue was pale now. She knew she had been played. Luo Zhongsheng had deliberately led her to this path to trap her.


Luo Zhongsheng’s fist once more smashed upon her, and Mu Xue almost coughed up blood. She barely managed to block it, but her sword shattered and she was blown back.

The Muxue Mercenary Unit’s members were all horrified. They tried to charge forward, but they were held back by the Xiantian pressure.

“Haha, obediently become my concubine.”

Luo Zhongsheng sneered. He shot forward, catching up to Mu Xue who had yet to stabilize, and reached for her throat.

Suddenly, a large hand appeared out of nowhere and caught his wrist. At the same time, a sigh rang out.

“Really, why bother?”

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