Chapter 545 Obtaining a Corpse


Long Chen suddenly threw Mu Xue high into the air.

The sound of her sword leaving its sheath rang out like a dragon’s cry. A ray of Sword Qi slashed down on the Hidden Ground Spider.


The Hidden Ground Spider was struck head-on, and a huge hole was blown into the ground.

“Perfect!” cried Long Chen. The Hidden Ground Spider had been rushing as fast as it could, but it had been stopped dead in its tracks by Mu Xue. That meant her attack was extremely amazing.

Furthermore, he noticed that Mu Xue’s sword had also contained some Xiantian power. Otherwise, there was no way she could have caused a result this perfect.

“First squad, attack the left. Second squad, attack the right. Third squad, attack from the back. Fourth squad, stay back and wait for opportunities to attack its belly. Leave the head-on fight to the leader,” shouted Long Chen.

Mu Xue was stronger than Long Chen had expected. Now their odds of victory were slightly higher.

Hearing his orders, they began attacking the Hidden Ground Spider. Its body was too huge, and they had to use powerful long-range Battle Skills to attack.

But they were extremely sullen to find their attacks merely caused a few sparks when they struck its legs. They were unable to cause any injuries.

“Ignore the legs. Its belly is its weak spot. The squads on the sides, don’t bother attacking it. Just split its attention to create chances for others. Remember, focus on safety above all else,” said Long Chen.


The Hidden Ground Spider was also placing its focus on Mu Xue. Even though this kind of Magical Beast had lower intelligence, it was still able to sense that Mu Xue was the greatest threat to it.

Its sharp fangs and huge legs continuously attacked her. Mu Xue’s sword danced in the air, Sword Qi sweeping back and forth. But in front of a Xiantian Magical Beast, she was forced to fall back over and over again. She was unable to resist that level of power.

“Those friends standing at the back of the Hidden Ground Spider, what are you all doing? Are you waiting to wipe its butt? Do you not see the hole there?” shouted Long Chen to the squad attacking the Hidden Ground Spider from the back.

Those people were startled, and raising their heads, they did see a hole. But that hole was closed right now.

One of them had a spear in his hands, and he threw it as hard as he could at the hole.

In other places, such an attack would only cause a few sparks, but that place was surprisingly weak.

The Hidden Ground Spider suddenly let out a shriek and raised its body. It was obviously painful for it.

“Leader, don’t let it turn back! Otherwise, the others will definitely die!” warned Long Chen.

Previously, her movements had been a complete mess from being attacked by the Hidden Ground Spider. Now, Mu Xue finally had a chance to breathe. Hearing his warning, sword-images shot out of her sword, ruthlessly attacking the Hidden Ground Spider.

The Hidden Ground Spider tried turning several times to cut down those little fellows attacking its butt, but Mu Xue’s attacks were too vicious, making it so it couldn’t.

“Yes, just keep going like this! Pay attention to safety. Only come forward if the leader is in a dire state.

“Remember, don’t go too far in attacking it from the back, or the Hidden Ground Spider will go crazy and do everything it can to kill you,” warned Long Chen.

Seeing this huge monster truly being suppressed by them raised everyone’s confidence. They were managing to beat down a mid Xiantian Magical Beast!

Long Chen was staring at Mu Xue. Mu Xue was the only one capable of killing the Hidden Ground Spider. Without her, this mission would be impossible to complete.

Furthermore, this battle was clearly an opportunity for her. He felt that Mu Xue should have a high chance of fully advancing to the Xiantian realm during this battle. In fact, perhaps only once she broke through would they be able to kill the Hidden Ground Spider.

Although it seemed like they had taken the advantage right now, they didn’t have the slightest chance of killing the Hidden Ground Spider like this.

“Mu Xue, retreat!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. Mu Xue was in the midst of exchanging blows with the Hidden Ground Spider, but hearing his order, she retreated without even thinking about it.

Just at that moment, a large net shot out of its mouth, trying to envelop her.

That happened so suddenly that if Mu Xue hadn’t heard Long Chen’s warning, she definitely would have been caught.

However, now she had enough time to dodge. This net was covered with a blue liquid that emitted a foul stench. It was clearly poisonous. Being caught in the net was probably equal to death.

“Everyone, pay attention! When the Hidden Ground Spider is about to shoot out its net, its stomach will contract. That’s your sign,” said Long Chen.

Hearing that, they had an urge to prostrate themselves in admiration towards Long Chen. If he hadn’t been present, perhaps there would already have been deaths amongst them.

“This won’t do,” Long Chen muttered to himself. Mu Xue’s aura had fluctuated several times, but she hadn’t managed to make her breakthrough. If this continued, her chance of truly advancing to the Xiantian realm would become increasingly remote.

The more times you attacked the wall between realms, the stronger that wall would become, and the harder it would be to advance later.

“I have to think of something.” Long Chen’s gaze swept over the battlefield, looking for some chance.


Suddenly, a warrior was sent flying by a spider leg. He vomited a mouthful of blood, and Long Chen hastily rushed over, holding that person in his arms.

“Brother, brother, you have to hold on! You’ll be fine! You can’t die!” Long Chen held this person as he cried out; his voice filled with sorrow.

“Brother, I’m fine- AH!”

Before he could continue, he felt a sharp pain on his leg and let out a miserable howl.

But that howl was cut off midway. He collapsed powerlessly. Long Chen had slapped him unconscious. He sighed inside, “Sorry brother.”

“Don’t die, don’t die!!!” Long Chen shook him over and over, trying to rouse him.

This scene was seen by everyone. But they were unable to see Long Chen’s hidden actions, and their eyes all turned red.


Seeing their brother die in front of them, all of their attacks became even more berserk.


Due to that, one of the mercenaries was struck by the Hidden Ground Spider and sent flying. He vomited a mouthful of blood and fell on the ground, unconscious. There was no need for Long Chen to do anything with this one.


Mu Xue let out a mournful cry, and her sword crazily attacked the Hidden Ground Spider. At the same time, her aura was beginning to silently attack her bottleneck.


A sound came from within Mu Xue’s body, and a powerful pressure rose. However, Mu Xue didn’t sense it at all.

She didn’t notice that while her previous attacks were unable to break through its defenses, now each of her attacks would leave a large cut on its body. A yellow-green liquid slowly leaked from those injuries.

“Leader has advanced!”

Some people finally noticed this. But Mu Xue was still crazily attacking the Hidden Ground Spider.

A ray of Sword qi landed on one of its fangs, and unable to bear being struck so many times, the fang broke and fell to the ground.

“Careful, it wants to run!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. As soon as he said this, the Hidden Ground Spider’s eight legs joined together, becoming like a drill that bore its way into the ground. The ground immediately became loose, and the Hidden Ground Spider disappeared underground.

This was where it got its name. Although its core was dark attribute, it also possessed a certain control over earth energy. Its most slippery point was that when it encountered danger, it would escape into the ground.

This was also why Long Chen felt that if Mu Xue didn’t fully advance to the Xiantian realm, killing this Hidden Ground Spider would just be a fool’s dream. It would simply run.

When the Hidden Ground Spider’s immense body disappeared in front of everyone, they were all dumbfounded. It was too shocking to see such a huge body disappear.

“Mu Xue, prepare your strongest attack. I’ll find its position.”

Long Chen spread his divine sense, quickly locking onto a certain spot. He smiled and took out an arrow, throwing it somewhere hundreds of meters away.

“Attack right there,” said Long Chen.

“Flying Frost Sword!”

Mu Xue’s sword ruthlessly stabbed down, terrifying Sword Qi cutting open a long ditch in the ground.

The dirt exploded, and an immense body flew out. There was a long cut on the Hidden Ground Spider’s back now. Its body had almost been cut in two.

Because it had been hiding below, it hadn’t had any defenses raised. And so one attack was able to heavily injure it.

When it appeared above ground again, Mu Xue didn’t need Long Chen to say anything. Another huge ray of Sword Qi slashed down on its head.

Its head was cut cleanly in two. It became still, dying just like that.

Long Chen couldn’t help feeling some admiration. Mu Xue truly was powerful. Each one of her attacks contained her Xiantian power, and each attack was stronger than the previous one. Her comprehension and control were truly not bad.

“Hahaha, victory, victory!”

At first, everyone was still silent, but then a burst of excited cheering rang out.

“Leader, we’ve got the core!”

Zhang Wu searched within the Hidden Ground Spider’s head for a long time before finally finding the core. He offered it to Mu Xue excitedly.

Receiving the core, Mu Xue’s hands were quivering slightly. She still felt as if she was dreaming. She had actually advanced! It had happened so suddenly that she felt it was just a misperception.

“Then, about that corpse. Do you guys want it? If you don’t, can you give it to me?” asked Long Chen.

“If you want it, then take it. But let me tell you, the Hidden Ground Spider’s corpse doesn’t have any value.” Mu Xue’s mood was extremely good now, and she smiled at Long Chen as she put away the core.

“Hehe, good.”

Long Chen was delighted and placed the Hidden Ground Spider’s corpse into the primal chaos space, throwing it into the black soil. But before he could examine any changes, a furious roar rang out.

“Ah! Long Chen, you bastard, how dare you plot against me!” The person who had been slapped unconscious by him had finally ‘revived from the dead’ and angrily cursed Long Chen.

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