Chapter 544 Leading the Monster

Seeing that mountain-like figure, all their hearts pounded wildly, and they didn’t dare move.

Before them was a spider three hundred meters long and half as tall. Its eight legs were tightly contracted right now. Countless barbs shone on them with a metallic light. No one doubted their sharpness.

Its large stomach was covered with strange lines that made it look like it was made of rock. Its head was stuck within the ground so they couldn’t see it, but just the aura emitted from its body was enough to make them tremble.

“Long Chen, what’s your opinion?” Mu Xue was also nervous. This matter could cost them their lives.

“Let me tell you something very unfortunate: it’s advanced. Seems like it just advanced and hasn’t solidified its cultivation base yet,” said Long Chen helplessly.

Everyone’s expressions changed. An early Xiantian Magical Beast was their limit. It was impossible for them to defeat a mid Xiantian realm beast. Fighting would just be sending themselves to their deaths.

“How could this happen?!”

They were all filled with regret. It had taken them so much work and time just to get here, and luckily the Hidden Ground Spider was still present. But it was as if the heavens had just been playing a joke on them.

“Are we just supposed to give up like this?” They were all very unwilling.

Mu Xue took a deep breath and asked Long Chen, “According to your estimate, if we go all-out, what are the odds?”

Long Chen looked at Mu Xue and then the others, thinking for a moment. “If you face it head-on, you should have a fifty percent chance of killing the Hidden Ground Spider.”

That made all of them delighted, but his next words made their hearts sink.

“However, even if you can kill it, most likely over half of you will die. Furthermore, there is a fifty percent chance the Hidden Ground Spider will kill all of you. You should discuss amongst yourselves about what you should do,” said Long Chen.

Just facing an early sixth rank Magical Beast, in other words, an early Xiantian realm Magical Beast, was already extremely dangerous for them.

Now the situation had changed, and they couldn’t follow their previous plans. They were unable to deal with the Hidden Ground Spider now that it had advanced.

“Leader, we should fight!” said one of the mercenaries.

Although they usually called Mu Xue senior apprentice-sister, when they were carrying out a mission, they would all call her leader.

“Yes, I agree! We aren’t afraid of death, but we can’t owe others.”

It was up to Mu Xue to make this agonizing choice. However, it was too dangerous to face the Hidden Ground Spider. She was unwilling to see them all face such danger. She couldn’t bear to see them die.

“Leader, have you forgotten? We all came from our own powerful families and powers. We were considered their elites. Have you forgotten our goal when we formed the Muxue Mercenary Unit?

“Wasn’t it because we all were fed up with the deceptions and internal strife within those powers? We were tired of being pushed aside through other people’s sinister schemes and contemptible shamelessness.

“We formed the Muxue Mercenary Unit so we can be free, right? We want to live unconstrained, repaying gratitude and enmity, having our lives within our own control. Even if we can only control them for one day, we could still die content.

“These years, we escaped all other restrictions, living our lives for ourselves. We’ve already gained enough. Could it be that after experiencing peaceful time for too long, we’ve become so cowardly that we don’t dare to risk our lives?” asked a member of the unit, his eyes red.

“That’s right, leader! Right now, the only debt we owe anyone is the one to Mo Gate. Once we repay that favor, we’ll be completely free and won’t have any more pressure.

“Anyone who chooses the path of cultivation knows they can’t expect to have a good death. If we die, all it means is that our lives weren’t hardy enough. We won’t have any complaints. What we want is to be free.”

Hearing their passionate words, Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. This world was like a vat dye, but there were still some people that hadn’t been dyed by its contamination yet. They still possessed their original hearts.

“Fine, then today we’ll go all-out against this beast.” Mu Xue clenched her teeth and then turned to Long Chen. “You should leave for now. Your cultivation base is too low, and you won’t be able to help us.”

Long Chen shook his head. “Why do I feel like you guys are acting like martyrs? Isn’t it just killing a Magical Beast? There’s no need to make it seem like we’ll be separated by life and death.”

“Long Chen-”

Long Chen cut off Mu Xue. “I really didn’t expect that I would run into people like you all. If you guys trust me, then listen to my orders in a bit. Although I can’t guarantee every single one of you will survive, I can definitely increase your odds of survival.”

Mu Xue hesitated. She looked at Long Chen. “Alright. In a bit, everyone listen to brother Long!”


Long Chen was very pleased to see that the Muxue Mercenary Unit was very united. A single word from Mu Xue was able to make them all listen.

Mu Xue had essentially placed all their lives in his hands, while they all trusted Mu Xue enough to do that.

Mu Xue had only known him for a single day. That moved Long Chen emotionally. She was the same as him, someone who judges people based on their intuition. Since she had put her trust in him, he would have to show off his use.

“Everyone, retreat!”

What dumbfounded everyone was that Long Chen’s first order was for them to retreat. Was he messing around?

“Long Chen, you’re…?” asked Mu Xue.

“Haha, looks like my orders aren’t very effective.” Long Chen shook his head.

“Don’t get angry. We just don’t understand,” said Mu Xue hastily.

“Then I’ll explain this one time. But this will be the last time. Next time I give an order, no matter what that order is, you have to follow it, because if you don’t, it may cost lives.” Long Chen was extremely solemn. “This terrain is mountainous, and it’s not suitable for us to fight. The Hidden Ground Spider can dig into the ground, and we’ll be unable to catch it. If we lure it into the grassland, with the wide field of view, our chances of success will greatly increase.”

Now that he explained it, they all understood. They all felt a bit more confidence in Long Chen. At least he had some ability.

“Alright, I have a question for you now. When you fight Magical Beasts, you probably split into squads, right? How many squads?” asked Long Chen.

“Four squads. Everyone, split up so Long Chen can see,” said Mu Xue. They split into four squads, each with six people.

Remembering each squad’s members and power, Long Chen then said, “You should retreat fifty miles into the grassland and prepare for battle.”


Now they no longer hesitated and they withdrew, leaving behind only Long Chen and Mu Xue.

“Long Chen, how about you go with them? I can lead it on my own,” said Mu Xue. She was worried it would be too dangerous for Long Chen. After all, he had clearly just advanced and was in the process of forming his new meridians. He couldn’t even count as a true Meridian Opening expert.

“Don’t be so nervous. Isn’t it just a mid Xiantian Magical Beast? That’s easy. Furthermore, I happen to be a specialist at running. You don’t need to be worried about me.” Long Chen smiled.

If it wasn’t suitable for him to fight now, he would be able to easily kill this Hidden Ground Spider. However, his new meridians weren’t complete yet, and he didn’t dare use his spiritual qi impetuously.

“Alright, I’ll begin leading the monster.”

Long Chen picked up a stone the size of a fist. He threw it at the Hidden Ground Spider, crying out, “Hey, bastard, wake up! The sun’s going to burn your butt!”

Hearing Long Chen’s curse, Mu Xue almost laughed. But when the stone left his hand, her smile disappeared.

That stone shot out at a terrifying speed, practically tearing through the air. It smacked right into the Hidden Ground Spider’s stomach, knocking it back several dozen meters.

“What terrifying strength!”

Mu Xue was awed. She had never imagined that Long Chen, who seemed like a frail scholar, would possess such strength.

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure descended upon the world. The Hidden Ground Spider spread its long legs, and its head, which was bigger than a house, was revealed. Two pitch-black fangs protruded out of its mouth, appearing incredibly sinister.

The Hidden Ground Spider suddenly let out a berserk roar and charged at Long Chen and Mu Xue. Although its body was huge, it was as quick as lightning.


Long Chen turned and fled. Mu Xue had long since been prepared, and the two of them crazily rushed away while the huge Hidden Ground Spider chased.

What startled Mu Xue was that the Hidden Ground Spider was actually extremely fast, much faster than she was.

As for Long Chen, he had already gotten ahead of her, causing her to feel ashamed. She had actually been worried about Long Chen, but the result was that she was the one thrown behind.

Furthermore, at this rate, it would catch up to her before she could reach the grassland. Then Long Chen’s plan would be ruined.

Unfortunately, she had already pushed her speed to her limit. Now she could only watch as the Hidden Ground Spider approached. Her only option would be to fight it.

Suddenly, Long Chen paused and grabbed her. Mu Xue cried out, “You go first, don’t-”

But she had already been pulled away by Long Chen. She was like Long Chen’s kite, and he pulled her so quickly that her feet didn’t even touch the ground.

He only slowed down slightly when they had gotten further away from the Hidden Ground Spider.

Mu Xue was truly amazed now. Long Chen’s speed just now had been too shocking. It had practically been like flying. She didn’t know what to say now.

With Long Chen’s support, the two of them maintained a distance of several thousand meters from the Hidden Ground Spider. The grassland quickly appeared.

At the same time, they also saw a few more figures. Zhang Wu and the others had long since made their preparations to fight. Mu Xue suddenly felt Long Chen’s arm wrap around her waist, and she almost cried out.

“Begin storing energy. When the time is ripe, I’ll throw you into the air, and you will use your strongest attack to give the Hidden Ground Spider a fatal blow. Victory or defeat lies in that one attack. Whether you can grasp that chance or not is up to you. Don’t be careless,” said Long Chen as he rushed forward.

Hearing that, Mu Xue’s heart turned cold, and ignoring the awkwardness of being carried by Long Chen, she began accumulating energy.

“Prepare yourselves!” shouted Long Chen.

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