Chapter 541 Life Fate Pill Formula

“It’s… it’s… the Life Fate pill formula!”

Long Chen almost jumped in joy, and even his voice trembled.

Examining his memories, he noticed the pill formula had appeared, and it was precisely the pill formula he needed the most.

He could only condense the Life Fate Star through Life Fate Pills. At that time, with three stars, he wouldn’t even need to be afraid of Celestials.

The Three Star Battle Armor combined with the divine ring would definitely be able to block a portion of the Heavenly Daos’ suppression.

He didn’t need it to completely resist them. If just a portion was blocked, then Long Chen had the confidence to kill Yin Wushang.

That was Long Chen’s confidence in himself. Within the same realm, no one could suppress him, not even Celestials.

Right now, he had already advanced to Meridian Opening, and so he was no longer so weak in terms of realm. Once he opened new meridians, his body would once more go through a complete transformation.

“Nine Netherworld Grass… Heavenly Star Nectar… Flowerless Azure Fruit…” Long Chen listed off a total of one hundred and eight precious medicinal ingredients. “Nice. There are no medicinal ingredients like the Qilin Fruit.” He felt a heavy burden being lifted from his shoulders.

Within the primal chaos space, he already had over half of those ingredients. As for the ones he didn’t have, there were only a few that were comparatively rare.

Furthermore, although those were very rare, they weren’t as abnormal as the Qilin Fruit, nor almost extinct.

He might not have them right now, but he wasn’t worried. With the Huayun Sect on his side, that wouldn’t even be a problem.

Long Chen was incomparably excited now. He had an urge to immediately return to the monastery and contact the Huayun Sect so he could refine the Life Fate Pills.

However, seeing the endless grassland around him, that thought died. He didn’t even know how far he had gone, and after so much fleeing, he didn’t even know which direction he was at in relation to the monastery. It wasn’t as if he could just return according to his old path. What if the Yin family was waiting for him?

He suppressed his excitement. Things had to be taken step by step, if you panicked, it would be all too easy for things to go wrong.

In the end, he decided to focus on healing here. While recovering, he would open his new meridians. Once he was recovered, he would see if he could find a city nearby.

Long Chen summoned his divine ring and urged on the plants in the primal chaos bead.

As he made them grow, he also extracted a portion of their life energy to help himself recover.

Ten days later, he had finally recovered by thirty percent. Although he still wasn’t capable of having an intense battle, he had already reached the goal he had set for himself.

The obvious and severe injuries were already recovered. It was simply the imprint of the Heavenly Daos that was still present.

If he fought with others, that imprint would immediately activate, worsening his injuries.

At least he didn’t need to fight right now. He just needed to urge on the primal chaos space and then begin to open his meridians.

This so-called Meridian Opening referred to creating new meridians once the physical body reached a strong enough level.

When cultivators started cultivating, their spiritual qi moved in their bodies through their meridians. But once they reached the Meridian Opening realm, they needed to abandon those old meridians and create a new set of meridians.

The Meridian Opening realm was the final realm in Houtian level, which also built the final foundation before stepping into the Xiantian realm. That was why it was necessary to create new meridians.

These new meridians required qi, blood, tendons, and bones to work together.

That was why Qi Condensation, Blood Condensation, Tendon Transformation, and Bone Forging were all in preparation for the Meridian Opening realm.

Using bones as the foundation, tendons as the channel, blood as the guide, and qi as the support, cultivators would create new channels for spiritual qi.

These channels were used for storing Xiantian qi, and so they needed to be sturdier and wider than ever. Otherwise, once you reached the Xiantian realm, when you used your Xiantian spiritual qi to attack, your meridians would explode before your attack could even come out.

Right now, Long Chen had to focus his spiritual qi into his meridians and create channels through his bones, connecting all his bones.

For an ordinary Meridian Opening expert, that was something impossible to do. They could only form their new channels outside of their bones.

Creating the channels within the bones was a right reserved for those who had undergone complete tempering. For Long Chen, who had used a Bone Connecting Pill at the very start to undergo complete tempering, this was as easy as turning a hand.

After creating this connection, the next step was to use qi to draw blood into the channels. Once the blood entered a channel, it would form a membrane over that channel. That would be the new meridian.

This process was very easy, but it was extremely slow. You had to be especially cautious at the beginning, as the newly formed meridians were unable to endure too much pressure.

Long Chen used a full day to complete this process. However, he still hadn’t truly entered the Meridian Opening realm.

Now, he needed to spend each day pouring his Blood Qi into the new meridians. Furthermore, he couldn’t pour in too much at a time. He had to keep it just beneath the limit of what the meridians could endure.

He could only increase the strength as the meridians adapted. It was like blowing up a balloon; he had to push it to its max but not let it explode.

Furthermore, his Blood Qi would not just widen the meridians; it would also nourish them, making them tougher.

For ordinary Meridian Opening experts, they were only able to enlarge their meridians three times. After undergoing complete tempering, the limit was usually eight times. But Long Chen had already completed that process ten times now, and he still hadn’t reached the limit.

This was a good thing, as his meridians were only growing stronger, capable of enduring more of his power.

When the new meridians were complete, cultivators would abandon their old meridians, transferring all their spiritual qi to the new meridians. At the same time, they would also pour in a portion of their essence blood into the meridians. Only then would the meridian opening process be complete.

When the spiritual qi fully entered the meridians, a person’s aura would rapidly grow, like a small creek that suddenly became a vast river. 

Within the new meridians, as the spiritual qi and essence blood merged, they would form a bloodline energy. That kind of bloodline energy didn’t have any use when cultivators fought.

However, it had an even more important use than fighting—their ancestral line. The children of those who had reached the Meridian Opening realm would inherit a portion of their bloodline energy. Thus, in the cultivation world, excellent people gave birth to excellent children.

As a person’s cultivation base grew higher and beyond the Meridian Opening realm, the bloodline energy their descendants would receive would become stronger. If it was a bloodline of a supreme expert, then their descendants would be able to activate a bloodline pressure.

That was the same as what Yin Wushang had done. But while both Yin Wushang and Yin Wushuang possessed the same ancestor, the purity of their bloodlines was different.

When Yin Wushuang used her bloodline suppression, it was unable to do anything to Long Chen. But Yin Wushang was able to make him feel like his blood would freeze. That was the difference.

“Oh, there are people here?”

Long Chen suddenly looked in a certain direction. Although no one was visible yet, Long Chen’s divine sense could sense a group of people rapidly approaching.

“Little Snow, you should rest in the spiritual space for now.” After putting Little Snow away, Long Chen waited for a moment, and then dozens of figures appeared in the distance. It seemed they were rushing towards this particular lake.

Long Chen looked around carefully, and only then did he notice there were quite a few marks in the distance, and he immediately realized something.

“Hm? There’s someone here?” They finally noticed Long Chen.

When they got closer, Long Chen saw they were a group of youngsters who had just reached their twenties. The person at the front was a lively and pretty woman.

However, he was a bit surprised to see they were all Meridian Opening experts. It was truly rare to see such young Meridian Opening experts.

As for the woman at the front, her bloodline energy had been condensed to an extremely high level. That was a sign her cultivation base had already reached the peak of Meridian Opening, and her spiritual qi was starting to transform into Xiantian power. In other words, this woman might break through to the Xiantian realm at any moment.

“I didn’t expect to run into a group of young experts here. Looks like I really am a frog in a well.” Long Chen couldn’t help but mock himself.

He had always thought his own cultivation speed was already fast enough. He hadn’t expected to run into a young half-step Xiantian expert here.

“Hey, brat, how are you here all by yourself?” asked a man with an arrogant air. Most likely, seeing Long Chen on his own and with such a weak aura, he looked down on him.

“Well said, well said. It seems I really am all by myself.” Long Chen laughed.

That person was first startled, but then seeing Long Chen’s wicked smile, he immediately understood he was cursing them as not being human.

“Brat, looks like you need a beating!” That person was infuriated and was just about to charge forward.

“Zhang Wu, don’t be rude,” shouted the woman leading them.

That woman took a few steps forward and carefully examined Long Chen. She saw he was covered in dirt as well as some blood. Overall, he appeared extremely wretched.

And yet, his eyes were still completely calm, almost unfathomably so. Long Chen gave her a very odd feeling, but as for what specifically was odd, she was unable to say.

“Did you run into some troubles?” she asked.

“Yes. I came out to hunt, but a group of bastards attacked me. As a result, I had to flee, separating from my companions and ending up lost. I really was incredibly unlucky,” sighed Long Chen. Making up nonsense was definitely one of his specialties.

He also felt that this woman might be able to bring him out of this place to a city.

“Senior apprentice-sister, don’t listen to this brat’s rubbish. He’s lying!” Zhang Wu hastily cried out.

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