Chapter 540 Devouring the Lightning Rune

Long Chen and the lightning monster had fought for several hours. Occasionally, it would use its tail to attack. That attack was too terrifying, and if he was struck by it, he would definitely die.

The good thing was that the lightning monster’s body was too large, and each time it attacked with its tail, its body had to lean forward.

Once he noticed that rule, he could prepare himself in advance to dodge. But even so, the monster’s thunderforce was too terrifying, and Long Chen’s thunderforce was being exhausted too quickly. If this continued, he would definitely die.

But then Long Chen thought of a certain possibility and cursed himself for being stupid. What was the point of facing the lightning monster head-on like this?

Activating the Netherworld Ghost Steps, he attacked it from the side.

The lightning monster was huge like a small mountain and incomparably terrifying when attacking head-on. However, because of its size, it had difficulty with turning its own body and was actually sent spinning away by Long Chen’s attack.

Long Chen then jumped directly onto its back. The lightning monster actually instinctively stabbed its tail at him.

Just as the tail was about to strike Long Chen, he disappeared, and the tail pierced into the lightning rune mark that was on its back.

The lightning rune exploded, and along with it, the rest of the monster also dissipated.

After the death of the lightning monster, lightning runes filled the air.

The lightning serpent tattoo on Long Chen’s arm lit up, and it once more flew out to devour the runes.

These runes were the purest essence of the lightning monster. As the lightning serpent devoured those small runes, it rapidly grew, doubling in size in just a moment.

Unfortunately, there were too many lightning runes, and they already began to fade back into heaven and earth.

The lightning serpent suddenly opened its mouth and bit down on one immense lightning rune.

That lightning rune was larger than any of the others. It was over thirty meters long, and it emitted a powerful pressure. It was just about to dissipate when it was bitten by the lightning serpent, and it refused to let go.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. Wasn’t that the rune that had been on the lightning monster’s back? Didn’t it just explode? How did it appear again?

“I’ll help!” Long Chen knew the lightning serpent wanted to devour this powerful rune. But it didn’t have the ability on its own, so Long Chen poured his spiritual qi into the lightning serpent.

The lightning serpent rapidly shrank and then returned to the tattoo on his arm.

After it returned, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed, and he vomited a mouthful of blood. After that mouthful of blood, he vomited another mouthful.

A berserk energy was charging around his body, almost causing his body to explode.

That was naturally done by the lightning rune. It wanted to escape his body to merge back into heaven and earth.

But the lightning serpent had stubbornly locked it within his body. As a result, Long Chen’s body was a cage that was being struck over and over by it.

“Be still!” Long Chen roared furiously, and his two stars poured spiritual qi into him, suppressing the thunderforce. However, Long Chen was shocked to see that the lightning rune was too strong, and it seemed he was unable to keep it suppressed inside him.

Even though the lightning serpent was doing its best to suppress it, it was still going out of control. This battle was wreaking havoc inside his body, and his body might explode at any moment.

“Fuck, how is it this berserk?!” Long Chen couldn’t help but curse. He couldn’t continue like this. He was just about to give up and let this damnable thunderforce scram when the primal chaos space suddenly shook.

A terrifying pressure descended, and the lightning rune instantly became still as if it had become an imbecile. It was as if it had lost all of its own will.

Seeing that, Long Chen was absolutely delighted and poured in his spiritual qi to work with the lightning serpent. They tried to seal the lightning rune within the tattoo on his left arm.

The rune actually didn’t resist at all and allowed the lightning serpent to devour it.

It had simply turned into food. Two hours later, it was completely devoured by the lightning serpent. After doing that, the lightning serpent tattoo became dim, as it descended into slumber.

Long Chen thought about it and quickly realized that the lightning serpent had consumed too much thunderforce and needed some time to digest it. He would be unable to use it temporarily.

However, he was filled with anticipation towards the lightning serpent. Just what kind of existence would it become after it fully absorbed this thunderforce?

Whether it was the lightning serpent or the Earth Flame, they both needed to be slowly raised by him. He felt a trust for them that came from his innermost being.

Although thunderforce and Earth Flames were famed for being the most berserk things in this world, and thus the hardest things to control, Long Chen trusted his intuition. He trusted that whether it was the lightning serpent or the Earth Flame, no matter what level they grew to, they would never betray him.

Then turning his attention to the primal chaos bead, he was lost in thought again. Just what was the origin of this primal chaos bead? Whether it was the Earth Flame or the lightning rune, they had all been suppressed by it. Furthermore, it had seemed to be exceedingly easy.

The only regretful thing was that other than the fact that it could grow plants quickly, he had no idea how to use its abilities. Whether it was suppressing the Earth Flame or the lightning rune, it had all been done by the primal chaos bead on its own.

The primal chaos bead was definitely hiding many secrets. However, he had no idea what they were. He would have to investigate them slowly over time.

Just as he was about to sit, Long Chen suddenly felt intense pain coming from every part of his body. Looking inside himself, he couldn’t help but grumble. The lightning rune had almost completely destroyed his body. These injuries were too severe.

During the fight against the lightning rune just now, he had been constantly suffering injuries. Thus, he had long since used up all the life energy in the trees. 

With no other choice, he consumed a healing pill. Although healing pills had very little effect on him, it was better than nothing.

He summoned Little Snow and had him carry him away from here. Little Snow was his only support right now.

Little Snow brought him rushing through this grassland. Long Chen no longer knew which direction he was going or where he was. He just let Little Snow run as he pleased.

In any case, his goal was to leave the area of tribulation as fast as possible. He didn’t want anyone to know that he was the one who had undergone tribulation, as that might bring on endless trouble.

Little Snow traveled for half a day when a small lake appeared in front of him. The water was incredibly clear, and the sound of birds singing made the scenery extremely pleasing.

Furthermore, those birds didn’t feel any fear once Long Chen and Little Snow arrived. They didn’t fly away and simply watched from a distance.

“It seems this is a peaceful land without any fierce beasts. Otherwise, these birds wouldn’t be this daring.”

Long Chen had Little Snow rest here while he focused on circulating the primal chaos space to recover the life energy.

Injuries from heavenly tribulation were different from other injuries. If his injuries were done by another person, he wouldn’t even need to bother doing this, and his body would just recover naturally.

However, injuries from the Heavenly Daos were something he had to use the purest life energy to heal. If he didn’t have this primal chaos space, he really might have been doomed.

“Oh? The primal chaos space actually got bigger.” Long Chen suddenly noticed that the primal chaos space had grown to three hundred miles at some unknown time.

This discovery startled and delighted him. Ignoring his injuries, he began planting seeds of those huge trees everywhere.

Following the circulation of the primal chaos space, small saplings began to grow out of the ground. Long Chen had planted over a thousand trees in one go. Once those trees matured, he would practically have an undying body.

However, he now saw that the trees were growing slower and slower.

In two hours, those saplings only grew to a height of three meters. This speed was many times slower than before.

“Maybe I was a bit too greedy…” Long Chen bitterly smiled. Maybe it really had been too much to immediately plant a thousand trees.

However, these large trees were his greatest assurance, and he had to completely mature them.

“That’s right, it seems corpses can also make them grow faster.” Long Chen suddenly recalled his experiment with Luo Bing’s corpse. When he had thrown it into the black soil of the primal chaos space, her corpse had been devoured, and a powerful life energy had nourished the medicinal ingredients here.

“I don’t have any corpses on hand right now. Would Magical Beast cores work as well?” Long Chen took out a crystal core from a spatial ring. He had dozens of these cores in his spatial ring; the majority of which were from third or fourth rank Magical Beasts. He only had a few fifth rank crystal cores.

His spirit entered the primal chaos space. He saw that the black soil had also grown to the size of a mile with the growth of the space.

Throwing a crystal core inside it, he was startled to find that the core also dissolved. In just a few breaths’ time, the small saplings grew slightly larger.

“It really is effective!” Although it wasn’t very obvious, it was definitely at least slightly effective. He hastily brought over all the spatial rings in the primal chaos space.

Within the Jiuli secret realm, he had harvested plenty of battle spoils, and he had over a hundred spatial rings.

He took out all the crystal cores in those spatial rings. However, he was slightly disappointed that those crystal cores were too low in quality.

He ended up throwing in over ten thousand crystal cores, but those saplings only grew less than ten meters. Such saplings weren’t able to give him much life energy.

At the very least, those large trees had also recovered some of their vitality. Long Chen carefully extracted a portion of their life energy to nourish his body.

To subdue that final lightning rune, he had suffered incredibly heavy injuries. He would need a while to heal.

“That’s right, after passing the tribulation, another piece of information appeared in my head.”

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