Chapter 539 Lightning Monster

When the nine three-hundred-meter lightning pythons bore their way out of the clouds, all of heaven and earth seemed to freeze.

The nine pythons were like living creatures, and they emitted a roar before charging at Long Chen.

The world rumbled and Long Chen felt all his hair stand on end. These nine pythons were too terrifying.

A lightning spear appeared in his hand, and he directly charged at the closest python.

BOOM! Lightning erupted, the light completely blinding. Long Chen was blown back, but the lightning python was also forced back.

However, the other lightning pythons now swarmed over him. Long Chen roared and began a fierce fight with them, repeatedly brandishing his lightning spear.

Explosions echoed out continuously, and lightning flashed in waves. The incredible rumbling sounded like the end of the world was coming.

Those lightning pythons were shockingly powerful; each one of their blows was capable of obliterating mountains. The only thing that gladdened Long Chen was that his own thunderforce wasn’t any weaker. They came from the same source, and so he was barely able to resist.

Being swarmed by nine lightning pythons, his lightning spear rapidly swung through the air, forcing them away.

Long Chen smashed two of them away when another one struck him in the back with its tail. His clothes immediately exploded and a bloody line appeared on his back.

He was alarmed to find that these lightning pythons almost seemed to be alive, and they were extremely difficult to deal with.

BOOM! Being surrounded by nine of them, he couldn’t avoid being struck again.

“Divine ring!” With a roar, a powerful aura soared out of Long Chen, an aura that pierced straight through the tribulation clouds.

With the support of his divine ring, his strength soared. He ruthlessly smashed his spear forward.


A lightning python was actually blown in two. After being destroyed, it actually transformed into a sky full of lightning runes.

Without waiting for Long Chen to do anything, the lightning serpent tattoo on his arm lit up and actually left his arm, charging at those runes.

The lightning serpent began to crazily devour those runes as if they were a feast.

In just a moment’s work, the half-a-foot-long serpent grew to double its size, and it was still devouring more.

Right now, Long Chen had no time to deal with what was happening with the lightning serpent. He had to focus completely on the lightning pythons.


Another lightning python was pierced apart, turning into lightning runes. With the support of his divine ring, Long Chen felt as if he was no longer being completely suppressed by the Heavenly Daos.

He finally had a slight amount of power to resist. It wasn’t like before when he was constantly beaten.

When he reached that point in his thoughts, Long Chen suddenly raised his head and roared at the heavens, fully releasing the fury in his heart.

The spear in his hand began to attack even more crazily. Those previously incomparably terrifying lightning pythons were now unable to pose any threat to him, and they were blown apart one by one.


Suddenly, Long Chen’s arm shook intensely, and his qi and blood surged within him, shocking him out of his fury.

He suddenly laughed involuntarily. The nine lightning pythons had already been destroyed. Just now, he had accidentally struck his own lightning serpent.

Right now, the lightning serpent had already grown to a length of thirty meters. He had accidentally assumed it was an enemy just now. That was equivalent to striking himself.

Right now, the lightning serpent was still frantically devouring all the lightning runes. When they were all consumed, it returned to Long Chen’s arm, becoming a simple tattoo again.

When it returned to his arm, Long Chen’s entire body trembled because he sensed the berserk thunderforce in his arm had multiplied by dozens of times.

The lightning spear in his hand suddenly blossomed with light as endless lightning runes poured into it.

“With the increase in thunderforce, even the lightning spears condensed from it are this terrifying.” Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted.


Suddenly, heaven and earth trembled. Long Chen staggered on the ground, hastily looking up.

The thousands of miles of clouds were suddenly rapidly compressing into a single point.

“Is this the final attack? Then let me see just how powerful you are.”

Long Chen pointed his lightning spear up at the sky. He knew that the final attack of the heavenly tribulation was always the most terrifying.

However, the lightning serpent on his arm seemed to understand his thoughts. It consumed those lightning runes to strengthen itself and give Long Chen even stronger thunderforce, increasing his confidence.


The void was trembling as the black clouds in the sky continuously compressed. In the end, it formed a three-hundred-meter black ball.

That black ball was pulsing like a heart, and with each contraction, the world quivered with it.

Long Chen’s heart sank because he sensed a terrifying aura growing within that black ball. That feeling made him numb.

Suddenly, the tribulation clouds in the sky disappeared, and the sky returned to a sunny state. That kind of weather was something that would normally make a person extremely content.

Within the cloudless sky, there was a black sphere that was still compressing. A powerful aura made it hard to even breathe.

Suddenly, a light cracking sound rang out. Long Chen tightened his grip on his spear.


The black sphere suddenly exploded, and a light more blinding than the sun lit up the world.

A bizarre monster had appeared. As soon as it appeared, it rushed straight at Long Chen, a large claw smashing into him.

Long Chen had long since been prepared, and he raised his spear to block.

However, the ground beneath his feet erupted, and he shot back like a cannonball, cutting a long ditch in the ground dozens of miles long.

He hastily stabilized himself and then vomited a mouthful of blood. There were broken bits of his organs inside it.

The berserk thunderforce had badly damaged his inner organs with just one attack.

Although he had the lightning serpent and it had instantly devoured the thunderforce attacking him, that power had already surpassed the limits of the lightning serpent.

Long Chen was horrified. Looking ahead, he saw some sort of lightning monster. It had a tail sticking up on its back that made it look like a scorpion. But instead of pincers, it had two huge claws.

He had never seen such a monster. Although its body was made of thunderforce, it looked just like a living creature other than the fact that it shone brightly. 

On its back was a large lightning image that emitted a terrifying pressure. It charged at Long Chen again, its speed shocking. It reached him in practically the blink of an eye.

“Two Star Battle Armor!” Two stars appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, and a powerful will soared out of him that made the sky shiver.

Not only did he summon the Two Star Battle Armor, but he also extracted the life energy from the trees in the primal chaos space, instantly healing his injuries.

“Die!” Long Chen’s roar rang out like thunder, and countless spear-images shot out from his spear to kill that lightning monster.


When his spear landed on the monster’s claw, Long Chen was blown back, his arms turning numb. He couldn’t help being horrified. This lightning monster was too terrifying.

However, Long Chen’s strength was also terrifying. That lightning beast was also blown back hundreds of meters.

That made Long Chen thank his luck inside. If it weren’t for the lightning serpent possessing its own spirit and going out to devour the lightning runes for him, strengthening his lightning spear, then perhaps this one attack from the lightning monster would have broken his spear. This lightning monster had to be dealt with using thunderforce. If he switched to a saber like Blooddrinker, he would definitely suffer.

Furthermore, the lightning tribulation possessed a destructive aura that would very likely damage Blooddrinker’s spirituality. This was just how abnormal heavenly tribulation was; there were few things that could be used to resist it.

The lightning monster didn’t seem injured at all, and it quickly charged back.

Long Chen blocked its claws with his lightning spear. But then he suddenly felt a chill run through him, and without hesitation, he used the Netherworld Ghost Steps to dodge.


A long tail pierced through the ground, causing the entire land to tremble.

Dark red lava exploded out from underground. The entire world was dyed red by its light.

Long Chen was shocked. Just how powerful was that attack for it to even pierce all the way to the underground magma layer?

The lightning monster ignored the lava and continued charging at Long Chen. He could only use his spear to resist as best as he could.

His heart turned cold as he realized that this lightning monster was too terrifying. Its thunderforce practically came in an unending stream. If this continued, there was no way he could exhaust it before his own thunderforce ran out.

“Wait, I really am stupid,” Long Chen suddenly cursed himself. Taking a step, he charged at the lightning beast from the side.

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