Chapter 538 Heavenly Tribulation Descends Again

“This is Yin Wushang’s aura!” Long Chen’s expression changed, as he sensed a powerful killing intent that was very familiar. “How did he find me so quickly?”

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. He had left behind countless misleading paths behind him. Even if there were people chasing after him, it should have taken them several days.

But in just one night, Yin Wushang was already close enough for him to sense. Based on his feeling of danger, the two of them were definitely not that far apart.

“I can’t fight him in my current state. Time to slip away.” Long Chen began rushing through the mountain forests. Although he had confidence in himself, in front of a Celestial, he could only run right now.

Unless he managed to advance to Meridian Opening, he didn’t have the ability to fight him. Furthermore, with Yin Wushang’s ridiculous Cry of the Heavenly Daos, he still wouldn’t have a chance of beating him.

Of course, if he could just condense the third star—the Life Fate Star—and bring out the Three Star Battle Armor, then he would be able to resist at least a portion of the Heavenly Daos’ energy.

When he had fought with Yin Wushang, he had noticed that the Two Star Battle Armor was able to resist the Heavenly Daos’ energy slightly.

He finally understood why the Heavenly Daos would reject him. The power of the Nine Stars clashed with this world’s Heavenly Daos. They were like water and fire.

However, his current Nine Stars’ energy was too weak and was not enough to resist the Heavenly Daos.

Unfortunately, right now, the only thing he knew about the third star was its name and that it would be located at the center of his right foot. The pill formula for it had yet to appear in his mind, and so he was unable to even refine the Life Fate Pills, let alone condense the star.

“Something’s wrong. I’m going in such a winding path, but they’re still getting closer?”

Long Chen’s expression turned slightly darker. After rushing as fast as he could, he realized the sensation of danger wasn’t fading but growing stronger instead. In other words, Yin Wushang was quickly approaching.

“I know, it has to be from the Heavenly Dao’s injuries!” Long Chen suddenly stopped. After recovering to eighty percent, he had focused completely on urging on the primal chaos bead so that the trees would grow. He hadn’t completely healed himself.

Thinking of a certain possibility, he hastily urged on the primal chaos space. Thirty-six immense trees had their life energy extracted for his use.

In just a few breaths’ time, the injuries on Long Chen’s body completely recovered as the remaining will of the Heavenly Daos on his body was erased.

Long Chen smiled mischievously and then disappeared from his current location.

Yin Wushang had been leading the Yin family’s elite experts through a thick forest. Every so often, he would pause and sense for something before continuing.

But this time when he stopped, his expression became shocked, as he realized he could no longer sense Long Chen’s position.

“Bastard, how is that possible?!” Yin Wushang couldn’t help raging. After being injured by the Heavenly Daos, their will had remained on Long Chen’s body. As a Celestial, Yin Wushang was capable of using his sharp senses to locate him.

That was also why Yin Wushang had refused to leave. After his injuries had recovered enough, he had immediately begun chasing.

Now that the sensation of the Heavenly Daos had disappeared out of nowhere, he was startled and infuriated. There were only two possibilities.

One was that Long Chen was dead, perhaps eaten by a Magical Beast. Then, with his soul dissipating, the will of the Heavenly Daos would have nothing to adhere to and would also fade.

The other possibility was that Long Chen had somehow managed to erase the will of the Heavenly Daos on his body and completely recover.

With Yin Wushang’s understanding of Long Chen, he didn’t believe Long Chen would die so easily. The odds of the second possibility were extremely high.

In his fury, Yin Wushang smashed apart a large tree in front of him, startling all those elites behind him. They didn’t dare utter a sound as they trembled. They knew that Yin Wushang was on the verge of going berserk.

Even in this kind of situation, Long Chen had still managed to escape. That made Yin Wushang feel like he might explode. This was the first time he felt so stifled.

However, even if he was unwilling, he wasn’t a fool. He knew that with Long Chen’s sly nature, catching up to him within this thick forest was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

“Junior master, what should we do now?” Seeing that no one else dared say anything, Yin Qing opened her mouth.

Yin Wushang’s expression was frighteningly dark, but as the Yin family’s junior master, he still had to be extremely steady. He quickly calmed himself down and thought about it.

“It’s indisputable that Long Chen has already managed to escape. We should go back. At the same time, alert the spies we have in the secular world. I want to find out everything about Long Chen, including his origin and what family he has!”

“Junior master, that’s a grave taboo!” cried a late Xiantian elder.

The cultivation world’s iron rule was that the path of cultivation was a struggle for experts. But this bloody struggle could not be permitted to reach the ordinary mortals.

If anyone decided to take out their anger on a cultivator’s family, that would be an immense taboo. If the expert’s family were also cultivators, then that would be alright. But if they weren’t, then whoever attacked them would become targeted by the entire cultivation world.

There were countless records of this happening, and those violators had all been exterminated. Immense existences like the Yin family were also amongst them.

“Idiot, I just said investigate, not target them. I just want to know Long Chen’s origins, understand?!” raged Yin Wushang.

“Yes, this subordinate knows his mistake!” The elder hastily bowed.

“Let’s go.” Yin Wushang brought them all out of the forest.

After a full three days, Long Chen managed to get out of the forest. He had no idea just how far he had gone, but a grassland now appeared before him.

The forest had been very oppressive, as there was no sunlight. In fact, he couldn’t even see the sky. Now that he suddenly saw the vast sky again, he couldn’t help but sigh, his mood immediately elevating.

He finally felt that the sensation of danger had completely disappeared. He had finally regained his freedom.

“Hehe, Yin family, right? Let me just investigate where your old rat’s nest is.”

Long Chen laughed sinisterly. He was prepared to undergo the same scene as what had happened in the Wind Spirit Pavilion.

“Fuck, what’s going on?!” 

Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed. Just now, the sky had been completely empty with nary a cloud. The blue sky had been incredibly refreshing. But without realizing it, the entire sky had darkened.

“Damnit, you just couldn’t wait a while?!” Long Chen suddenly stood up and cursed at the sky.

He now realized he was unable to accomplish his plan. The heavenly tribulation was about to descend right now, and it was even more terrifying than last time.

Back when he had been in the monastery, after he had finished undergoing complete tempering, his spiritual qi had almost reached a certain limit.

Now, the continuous battles, especially the battle with Yin Wushang, had silently pushed him through an opening in the next barrier.

At this time, before Long Chen even went to attack the barrier, the barrier had already become weak. Unconsciously, he had pierced through it, drawing down heavenly tribulation.

That startled and infuriated Long Chen. This was definitely bullying. He had just been thinking of using this heavenly tribulation to get revenge on the Yin family. Were the heavens protecting their Celestial?

Thunder clouds condensed up in the sky. The entire world darkened as endless lightning appeared in the boundless clouds. A terrifying pressure descended.

The entire sky seemed to become an inverted vortex, while Long Chen was like an ant on the bottom.

When those surging thunder clouds suddenly stopped moving, the entire world trembled and rain of lightning descended.

Wherever the lightning touched the ground, the ground would crumble. Under the bath of lightning, Long Chen’s eyes shone like the stars, and his black hair flew in the wind. A berserk aura soared out of him to face the heavenly tribulation. He didn’t seem the slightest bit afraid.

“Come. Let me see how you try and exterminate me!”

The response to Long Chen’s goading was an even stronger tempest of lightning. But Long Chen simply allowed that lightning to land on his body.

The lightning snake tattoo on his left arm lit up and began to crazily devour the thunderforce invading his body. It was like a starving Magical Beast that finally saw food.

Long Chen knew that each time, the first wave of lightning was the weakest. He had to take advantage of that chance to absorb more thunderforce. Later when the lightning grew stronger and more berserk, it would be impossible to absorb, and he could only resist it.

Even this gentlest lightning was enough to easily exterminate Xiantian experts.

That was because for ordinary cultivators, their first lightning tribulation would come when they advanced to the Xiantian realm. They would use the heavenly tribulation as a baptism to expel impurities from their body and then transform their Houtian qi to Xiantian qi.

For those ordinary cultivators, their Xiantian heavenly tribulation would only be ten percent destructive. The other ninety percent of it was life energy used to cleanse them. If you were unable to even withstand that ten percent of destructive will, then that meant you were truly trash and you were just a waste of this world’s energy.

Long Chen’s tribulations were completely destructive in nature without the slightest bit of life energy. That was why those Xiantian experts from the Wind Spirit Pavilion were only able to endure for a few breaths’ time.

Standing on the ground, Long Chen was doing his best to absorb as much thunderforce as he could. His entire skeleton was currently shining, emitting a powerful pressure.

He was borrowing this thunderforce to once more temper his bones, allowing his skeleton to reach a flawless level.

After all, just using medicinal pills to temper the bones was unable to make them reach the level of perfection. Medicinal pills contained quite a bit of pill toxin which would hide within the bones.

Long Chen was borrowing the heavenly tribulation’s berserk energy to expel that pill toxin.

If it wasn’t for this heavenly tribulation, Long Chen would require a long time to expel that pill toxin. This saved him at least several months of work.

As time passed, the lightning became thicker, stronger, and more terrifying. However, Long Chen was still focused on absorbing it. Now that he had undergone complete tempering, he didn’t fear this level of lightning. On the other hand, the lightning serpent tattoo on his arm was growing increasingly bright.


Suddenly, the void shook intensely, and the rain of lightning disappeared. The thunder clouds parted and nine three-hundred-meter lightning serpents appeared.

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