Chapter 537 Sharp Weapon

Over ten blue-robed experts were following a deep gorge in the sand. Right now, they were incredibly furious.

They were Xiantian experts from the Yin family. They had received orders from Yin Wushang to chase after Long Chen. After chasing him to this desert, they saw the gifts Long Chen had prepared for them.

After going down hundreds of different paths, they were fuming in anger, but they were also helpless. Each time they encountered those intersections, they could only split up and go to the end. One of the paths had to be the right one.

As for those on the right path, they had no choice but to slow down and wait for the others to loop back, or they would run out of people in just a few more intersections.

Amongst them were three late Xiantian experts, but all of their abilities were useless here. They could only obediently walk down each path, wasting their precious time.

When they finally arrived at the final intersection and saw that the path led them to a thick forest, they couldn’t help celebrating. They had finally escaped this damnable maze.

Without even thinking about it, they increased their speed to leave the gorge. The elder at the front slowed down to examine the distant terrain, wanting to figure out in which direction Long Chen had fled.


Continuous explosions rang out from beneath them. Arrows filled the air, and countless jagged pieces of metal flew, creating a net of death in the air.

Everything had happened too quickly, and they had been too close. By the time they reacted, those terrifying arrows and jagged pieces of metal had already reached them.

The sound of blades piercing through flesh rang out along with miserable screams. These Xiantian experts normally lived an easy, comfortable life, and they had long since lost their sense of danger.

Not one of them had been circulating their Xiantian power. Before they could do anything, merciless blades pierced through their bodies. Over ten Xiantian experts were instantly turned into mincemeat.

“Damn, Guo Ran’s invention is this vicious?”

Over a hundred miles away atop a high mountain, Long Chen stood on a large tree, peeking through the leaves. He managed to see everything clearly.

Long Chen had already sensed a strong hostility coming for him from a thousand miles away. He had long since found a good place to watch the show.

Seeing over ten Xiantian experts be completely exterminated, even he was dumbfounded.

“Fuck, if I had known it would be like this, I would have kept half.” Long Chen slapped himself on the leg, vexed.

Previously, he hadn’t thought this trap would have such a great effect. He had underestimated the power of Guo Ran’s invention.

At the same time, he had also overestimated his enemies’ intelligence. If a Xiantian expert didn’t circulate their Xiantian power, their physical bodies alone were unable to block such an attack.

Thinking of that, Long Chen felt great regret. He actually hadn’t calculated in his opponents’ intelligence, wasting such good things.

Looking at those broken corpses in the distance, Long Chen hesitated for a moment and then shook his head, deciding not to go pick up any spoils.

Although there were probably quite a few good things in their spatial rings, it wasn’t worth him taking the risk. Just like that, he sat on the large tree and began circulating the primal chaos bead to nourish the huge trees inside.

There were seven immense trees he had planted on the edge of the space, and then taking their size into account, Long Chen had also planted those trees’ seeds in the ground. Those seeds were already starting to germinate.

In addition to those seven original trees, the primal chaos space now had thirty-six trees that could grow to immense heights. These trees were not medicinal ingredients, and Long Chen didn’t even know what they were called.

Twenty-nine saplings were rapidly growing within the primal chaos space. Following the circulation of his two stars, the primal chaos space also circulated. After two hours, those seven original trees had already recovered from their slightly withered state.

As for the saplings, they had also grown to a height of several dozen meters. Each trunk would require three to four people to wrap around. This growth rate truly made a person speechless.

“Oh? There are more people already?”

Long Chen was in the midst of recovering his spiritual qi when he sensed something and hastily looked into the distance. He saw dozens of people had appeared around the trap he had set up.

Their robes were different from the people at the beginning. The elder at the front was gravely examining the scene, his expression completely shocked.

“Damn, they really are worthy of being an ancient family. For me, they actually sent out this many Xiantian experts.”

Long Chen sneered. It seemed Yin Wushang treated him as a must-have. He had actually sent out this many people.

Some of these people had truly powerful auras and killing intent. With a glance, it was obvious they were real experts who had experienced countless trials and bloody battles. They were completely different from those idiots from before.

What Long Chen didn’t know was that Yin Wushang had still not been at ease. Taking advantage of the spatial gate still being open, he had used his status as the junior master to set a portion of the Yin family’s elites into motion.

Those previous people had just been the Yin family’s ordinary guards. Yin Wushang didn’t have much confidence in them.

Taking advantage of those people being busy investigating the aftermath of his trap, Long Chen stealthily descended from the tree and slipped away.

No matter how brazen he was, he wouldn’t dare fight with so many people. Moreover, those people were true experts.

Practically, each one of them was holding a Xiantian weapon. Once they fought and activated those weapons with Xiantian power, he would be doomed.

Let alone Long Chen, even Yin Wushang, a Celestial, someone who could treat Xiantian experts as ants, would not dare do such a thing. However, that was under the precondition that Xiantian experts did not activate their Xiantian weapons. A Xiantian weapon was a Xiantian expert’s strongest killing tool, and they would not use it easily.

Activating a Xiantian weapon would immediately draw out all their Xiantian power. If they were unable to kill their opponent with that attack, then they would have no more energy to resist.

Now with this many opponents present, if any random one of them activated their Xiantian weapon, Long Chen would probably die. He wasn’t that stupid. Slipping away was the way of the king.

Within the forest, Long Chen became even more confident. Back when he had been chased down by Marquis Ying, he had also taken advantage of the forest to contend with him for a long time, so he actually liked thick forests very much.

Long Chen was extremely quick as he traveled through the forest. He made sure to leave behind as few tracks as possible, even closing his pores as to not leave behind any scent.

After half a day, he was no longer able to sense any danger. In other words, his enemies had been thrown off far into the distance.

With the day darkening, Long Chen jumped onto a large tree, creating a small nest in the crown for himself. Just like that, he began urging on the primal chaos bead again.

Furthermore, now he felt safer, and he even summoned the divine ring. Heaven and earth’s energy poured into him crazily, causing the primal chaos space to circulate even faster.

Those sprouts were growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. Long Chen found that the divine ring was extremely mysterious and that there were two ways of circulating it.

Circulating it one way was his battle state, allowing his strength to erupt and absorbing spiritual qi for him to use.

Circulating it the other way was a cultivation state. It absorbed spiritual qi to nourish the core of the two stars, pushing the stars towards perfection.

He also noticed that after obtaining the primal chaos bead, his FengFu Star and Alioth Star had changed slightly, but as for what that change exactly was, he was unable to say.

It was like the primal chaos bead was the central star, while the FengFu Star and Alioth Star were complimentary stars that revolved around it. It was extremely mysterious.

Long Chen was starting to understand the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art and the primal chaos bead less and less. Back in the Jiuli secret realm when he had merged with the primal chaos bead, he had clearly sensed a great deal of information flooding into his head.

But after that information had entered, it had been like snowflakes falling in an ocean, completely disappearing. No matter how he searched through his memories, he was unable to find that information.

There was only one thing he was sure of. The Nine Star Hegemon Body Art’s power surpassed his imagination. At the same time, he felt as if he had descended into some kind of huge game.

When he thought of those strange murals he had seen, as well as that mysterious voice, Long Chen felt a bit restless.

At the same time, he felt a kind of indescribable excitement. He knew the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art could lead him to an unimaginable world.

The goal of martial cultivation was to stand at the peak of the martial path. All cultivators longed to reach that point, and even if they weren’t able to stand there, they would still hope to see a vaster sky before them.

That was especially true once a person reached the Xiantian realm. Then, their longevity would grow to a thousand years—the higher the realm, the greater the longevity.

At the same time, those that managed to reach higher cultivation heights were also more captivated by cultivation, and they longed even more to see a vaster sky. For that dream, many people had fallen on the path of cultivation.

But each one of those fallen people’s dreams had been to take a look at that vaster sky. Even if that cost them their lives, they wouldn’t mind.

Long Chen also had the heart of an expert. Furthermore, he also longed to know the secrets of his origin. He needed to get stronger at all costs!

So no matter what secrets were hidden in the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he couldn’t stop cultivating it. It was his only path.

Without the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, he would have already died within the imperial capital. It could be said that the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art had given him his life, and he needed to have full confidence in it.

The divine ring behind him disappeared and he slowly opened his eyes. The day had just begun to lighten.

He smiled in satisfaction. After a night’s work, those sprouts had grown to a height of fifteen hundred meters, which was half the height of the fully matured trees.

These trees would become his greatest guarantee in the future. Furthermore, outside of these trees, he had also obtained over one hundred and seventy Qilin Fruits and four hundred Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits. That was because the other medicinal ingredients would also mature along with the primal chaos space’s circulation. This night’s work had been equivalent to centuries of growth.

Just as Long Chen was delighted by his harvests, his expression suddenly changed and he looked into the distance.

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