Chapter 536 Frantically Rushing the Whole Way

Long Chen didn’t know how long he had been unconscious for. He felt like he was floating in the clouds, and the only thing he could do was stubbornly keep hold of Little Snow’s fur. When he finally opened his eyes, he saw a barren desert before him.

His whole body ached, and his bones felt like they might fall apart. He hastily consumed a healing pill.

As the medicinal energy gradually spread, the pain faded, but his physical body had reached a monstrous level now and healing pills were having less and less effect on him.

“Little Snow, how long have we been running?”


“A day and a night?!” Long Chen was startled, not expecting that he had been unconscious for so long. After thinking about it for a minute, he supposed that it had to do with that damnable Cry of the Heavenly Daos.

It had been especially taxing to fight Yin Wushang when he had activated that ability. Furthermore, with his current physical body’s natural recovery abilities, a day and a night was enough for him to heal slightly even without medicinal pills. 

However, it was as if some mysterious energy was inhibiting his recovery, which made him furious.

“These damnable Heavenly Daos, they always have to target me. Just wait!”

Just thinking of his fight with Yin Wushang made him furious. That Cry of the Heavenly Daos was definitely bullying. No, it was practically cheating!

Eighty percent of the power in his attacks was blocked by the Heavenly Dao runes, but Yin Wushang’s attacks multiplied in power. This was his first time experiencing such a sullen fight.

“What a freak!” Long Chen spat in hate.

If others were to hear that, they would definitely curse him to death. Just who was the freak?

Celestials were termed the favorites of heaven and earth, the heavenly geniuses of the world. Karmic luck blessed them, and fighting across realms was as easy as having a meal for them.

In this world, it was practically unheard of for someone to fight across realms against a Celestial. If Long Chen’s battle accomplishments ended up becoming public, they would definitely shake the entire cultivation world.

Not only was Long Chen able to battle across realms against a Celestial, but he had almost killed one. If a Celestial was a freak, then Long Chen was a freak amongst freaks.

It could be said that this battle counted as a victory, but he knew that his win was only because of luck. Yin Wushang was definitely feeling irritated now.

His defeat had been entirely because of his conceit. Long Chen was sure he had even more powerful techniques, but he hadn’t used them.

In the beginning, when Yin Wushang had been shocked by his abilities, he mostly felt that it was a blow to his dignity and had wanted to use the grandest method to crush him to regain his honor. That was a Celestial’s pride and arrogance.

But for that pride, Yin Wushang had ended up paying a harsh price. If he had treated Long Chen seriously, then Long Chen would never have had a chance to release his combination wind flame attack with Little Snow.

That attack’s power had already surpassed the level of a Heaven class Battle Skill, as the flame energy did not come from a beast flame, but an Earth Flame.

If Long Chen had not held back a portion of its energy, Yin Wushang would have been turned to ash by the attack.

In that scenario, he himself wouldn’t have been able to block it either, and he would also have been incinerated.

The fact that Yin Wushang had spent an ocean’s worth of spiritual qi to activate his Ancient Blood Divine Shield and still almost been killed was enough to prove how terrifying that attack was.

It was only because of this that Yin Wushang had run out of spiritual qi and been injured. After that, he was unable to use any of his more powerful techniques and thus was almost killed.

It could be said that Long Chen’s victory had been extremely lucky. That allowed him to see just how terrifying Celestials were.

“Little Snow, spit out a wind blade to cut a ditch in the ground.”

Opening his mouth, a wind blade shot out of it, creating a hundred-mile gorge that was several meters deep and wide. 

Long Chen then had Little Snow run within that gorge. The terrain here was a desert, and the ground was very soft. But there was very little wind here to cover up tracks. By cutting open this gorge, his footprints would be hidden as the sand flowed back in.

The next thing he had Little Snow do was spit out multiple wind blades from one location, creating multiple paths that would mislead any trackers.

Furthermore, within the desert, everything blended together. They would only be able to tell the path was wrong when it was just a few dozen miles from ending.

Now, any trackers would have to split up and wait to reconvene before they could continue chasing.

There was no solution to this game. They would have to split up, leaving behind perhaps one person to wait for them back at the center. That one person wouldn’t have to play the game.

After fleeing for half a day, Long Chen didn’t even know how many of those split up points he had set up. But he estimated it would have to be numbered in the hundreds.

Little Snow’s wind blades were perfect weapons for cutting open gorges, and it basically cost him no time to set them up. 

He was very worried about pursuers. Although he hadn’t interacted with Yin Wushang much, he knew Yin Wushang was actually quite capable and sinister. He was also smart and wouldn’t give up such a good chance to kill him.

After having Little Snow set up another branching point, Long Chen took out over ten spheres from the primal chaos space. Those spheres were all around a foot in diameter, and there were dozens of small openings on them, each hole revealing a sharp arrow that gave off a chilling light.

These were Guo Ran’s inventions. He remembered that Guo Ran had given them some sort of name, but by now he had forgotten.

When he had first seen these things, he had jumped in fright. These were basically bombs. Not only were the arrows backed by extremely powerful springs that gave them a shocking penetrative power, but when they were activated, it would also cause the energy at the core of the bomb to explode. The metal casing would transform into jagged pieces that would fly out in every direction, a second wave of destruction.

Even with Long Chen’s daring, he still had to handle these things carefully, afraid of triggering them accidentally.

Burying them in the ground just deep enough to not be noticed but not deep enough to weaken them, he took out several thin strands of black silk and connected all their trigger mechanisms together. Anyone who walked within this three-meter area would end up activating the triggers.

He had already calculated the position. This place was just outside the gorge, so that when any pursuers left the gorge, they would unconsciously slow down to take a look around, and a single step in this place would trigger the bombs.

Long Chen gave the trap a quick once-over and confirmed there were no mistakes. Then, jumping over the ‘minefield’, Long Chen continued fleeing. There was a large mountain range ahead.

After traveling another two hours in the mountains, Long Chen swung his saber, and Saber Qi directly cut off a mountain several miles high.

“Get in here!” Long Chen waved his hand, directly absorbing the mountain into the primal chaos space. As soon as it entered, the countless trees and vegetation on it withered, and a vast amount of life energy poured into him.

With that nourishment, he felt his wounds slowly healing.

This time, his injuries were not the same as before. There was a suppression caused by the laws of the Heavenly Daos which made his injuries much harder to heal. That was also why Long Chen hated the Heavenly Daos so much.

Throwing out the withered mountain, Long Chen continued onward, absorbing more mountains in the primal chaos space.

Right now, the primal chaos space was only thirty miles wide and couldn’t store mountains that were any bigger. He could only go slowly.

He was like a thirsty person who had to drink his water drop by drop. But although each drop was small, it could still accumulate to a shocking amount.

“Nice, these trees are bigger!” As he rushed forward, he saw that the trees were getting even taller, and the largest tree he saw was at least a mile high. The crown of the tree was enormous, covering several miles, looking like a giant standing amongst men.

Those ordinary trees were less than half its height. Long Chen was delighted to find this tree, as larger trees were able to supply him with more life energy. He hastily began to excavate it.

It took him an incense stick’s worth of time to dig the tree out and transplant it into the primal chaos space.

“What vast life energy!”

Circulating the primal chaos bead, the life energy within the trees spread throughout his body, causing his injuries to heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Excellent, even the wounds of the Heavenly Daos can be healed with enough life energy. As long as I find some more trees as big as this one, I won’t need to fear Celestials.”

Long Chen noticed that this particular huge tree was able to supply him with as much energy as all the other trees combined. However, this time, he didn’t absorb all its life energy. Once the tree leaves began to show signs of withering, he stopped. He needed to keep such huge trees.

What pleasantly surprised him was that after this absorption, his injuries had at least healed by twenty percent, and he had recovered some ability to fight.

“Oh? There’s another one here!” Long Chen couldn’t help being delighted. After a while, he found seven huge trees, and after absorbing their energy, his injuries had almost healed to eighty percent. That made him much more at ease. Strength was always the greatest guarantee of life.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s heart shook, and he looked behind and smiled. He sensed a sensation of danger that was slowly approaching. As expected, Yin Wushang really was unwilling to give up!

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