Chapter 535 Failure in the End

Blood splashed as the green dragon scale pierced through the barrier and cut Yin Wushang in two at the waist.

The ground split open, and Long Chen also dug his way out of the ground. His expression was extremely pale, and his aura was chaotic.

Because he had been too close, he had ended up being injured by his own attack. Although he had his Earth Flame armor to protect himself and had dug his way deep into the ground, he was still heavily injured.

That attack’s power was just too dreadful. Even with how powerful his physical body was, cracks had appeared on his body. He had to hastily use the primal chaos space’s life energy to heal.

But he was a bit depressed because as his cultivation base increased, the amount of life energy the trees in the space could provide him became increasingly smaller in comparison to how much he needed.

The whole forest of trees withered, but it only slightly suppressed his injuries. That didn’t mean that the life energy in the trees was weak, but simply that Long Chen’s physical body was too abnormally powerful. It required incredibly vast amounts of life energy for him to recover.

From underground, he had been paying attention to Yin Wushang’s condition, and seeing him vomit blood, he had hastily taken out the dragon scale, sending it to sneak attack him.

At first, he had been truly amazed by Yin Wushang’s senses and reaction speed, but then he was delighted to see the dragon scale ignore the talisman’s defenses and directly cut him in two.

“You didn’t die, Long Chen?!” Yin Wushang was shocked and infuriated to see Long Chen now.

“I’ve already said that the one to die today… will be you.”

Long Chen returned the dragon scale inside his body. His aura was chaotic, as his spiritual qi had been exhausted too quickly. Resisting the energy of the Heavenly Daos was too taxing.

Just now, he had used almost all his energy to defend against his own attack. Now seeing Yin Wushang’s bisected body lying on the ground, he took out his saber and rushed forward. Now was his best opportunity.

“Hmph, you want to kill me, Yin Wushang? Keep dreaming! Heavenly Dao Recovery!”

Suddenly, runes appeared around him again, and they stuck to his two body parts and surprisingly rejoined them.

“What?!” Long Chen couldn’t help being shocked.

After rejoining his body parts, those runes then merged into his injury. Yin Wushang actually managed to stand up.

“I admit I was careless. But if you think just this is enough to kill a Celestial, then you really must be dreaming!”

Yin Wushang icily glared at Long Chen. The Heavenly Dao Recovery was a secret art, and it exhausted a great deal of a Celestial’s core energy.

Although it had practically instantly rejoined his body, for a short time, he wouldn’t have the energy to activate the Cry of the Heavenly Daos again.

In his eyes, killing Long Chen had just been a game. But now that the game had been played to this point, the one to lose miserably had actually been him. His fury soared.

“You can just directly die!” Yin Wushang roared, and an ancient, brightly colored sword appeared in his hand. As soon as that sword appeared, the entire world became ice-cold.

“Aurora Slash!” A ray of light soared into the sky, and then terrifying sword-light slashed down on Long Chen.

“Another Heaven class Battle Skill!” Long Chen was shocked inside. Yin Wushang’s cultivation base was truly terrifying. He actually still had spiritual qi to use Heaven class Battle Skills.


Long Chen clasped his hands in front of him, and the dragon scale once more appeared, hastily growing larger to block his sword-light.

BOOM! The dragon scale was unable to endure Yin Wushang’s attack and was sent flying. That wasn’t because the dragon scale wasn’t strong enough, but because Long Chen didn’t have sufficient spiritual qi to use it. Furthermore, his goal wasn’t to attack with the dragon scale, but for it to block this one attack.

Although Yin Wushang managed to send the dragon scale flying, he was also knocked back several steps by the power behind the dragon scale. At the same time, he felt a burst of pain from his waist.

The injury that had just healed began to bleed. Although he had used a secret art to fuse back together, that kind of fusion was temporary and would require a while to completely heal. This knockback ended up causing the injury to split open again.

“Split the Heavens!”

Just at this moment, a blood-red saber slashed down from the sky. A saber-image hundreds of meters long slashed down like a divine blade cutting apart the river of stars.

“How is that possible?! How do you still have the energy to use a Heaven class Battle Skill?!” roared Yin Wushang.

He had the support of the Cry of the Heavenly Daos, and borrowing the power of the Heavenly Daos, he depleted his spiritual qi extremely slowly. Even after this immense battle, he still had ten percent of his spiritual qi left to fight.

But the fact that Long Chen could still use such a terrifying attack shocked him. This was simply impossible. How could someone at Bone Forging possess such vast spiritual qi?

But seeing this saber-qi crashing down on him, he also sensed an incredibly powerful aura shake the very world. That was something that was only possible if it was a Heaven class Battle Skill.

“Sword Rain Seals the Mountain!”

Yin Wushang roared furiously, pushing out his remaining spiritual qi. Sword-images filled the sky, superimposing upon each other to appear like a sword mountain.


But the sword mountain collapsed, and Yin Wushang flew back, vomiting blood. Long Chen’s saber had contained an undefeatable will that filled him with dread.

Suddenly, an earth-shaking roar rang out as Little Snow appeared by Long Chen’s side. Opening his mouth, a sphere of wind blades shot out, smashing into Yin Wushang.

That sphere contained countless tiny wind blades that were like revolving razors, cutting through Yin Wushang’s body. However, although Yin Wushang’s body was practically cut into mincemeat, it went without saying that Celestials were truly too powerful. Despite being so injured, it still wasn’t fatal.

Long Chen was just about to have Little Snow attack again when he felt the world spinning around him, and he almost instantly fainted.

At the same time, he felt a sense of danger in his heart, and he hastily jumped onto Little Snow’s back and grabbed onto his fur. “Quick, run!”

After saying that, he couldn’t hold on any longer and directly fainted. Little Snow quickly rushed away, disappearing in an instant.

Little Snow had only just left when a figure appeared like a bolt of lightning. It was Yin Qing, who had already reached the peak of the Xiantian realm.

Originally, Yin Qing had followed Yin Wushang as he had chased after Long Chen, but because Long Chen and Yin Wushang were too fast, she had ended up being thrown into the distance. After all, she wasn’t a Sea Expansion expert who could activate wings to fly.

Yin Wushang had left her marks as he had rushed along so that it was easier for her to chase after him. Then, after chasing for so long, she had suddenly felt the ground shaking and two terrifying auras surging.

What made her appalled was that while one aura was Yin Wushang’s, the other one was also incomparably dreadful, capable of even causing her to feel intimidated.

Since Yin Wushang had been chasing after Long Chen, it seemed obvious that it was Long Chen’s aura. But she couldn’t believe that Long Chen’s aura would be so terrifying.

Now that she had finally arrived at the battlefield, she was completely dumbfounded. Everything within hundreds of miles had been turned into a barren land, and a terrifying pressure still lingered.

Furthermore, she just managed to see Little Snow’s figure rushing away, but he was too fast, and he had disappeared before she could clearly see anything.

“Junior master…”

Yin Qing suddenly let out a startled cry as she finally saw Yin Wushang lying on the ground, seeming to be on his last breaths.

His entire figure had changed after being cut by countless wind blades. He was like a lump of meat now. If it wasn’t for his aura, she wouldn’t have been able to recognize him. 

Yin Qing was scared almost witless. It was only after a long moment of shock that she took out a quick-acting medicinal pill and searched for his mouth within the mass of his injuries.

“Quick… activate… the temporary transportation… formation… Summon… the family’s… experts… to chase Long Chen…” Yin Wushang recovered a slight amount of energy from the medicinal pill and hastily spoke.

Yin Qing was completely shocked. He was telling her that his injuries were because of Long Chen.

She hastily took out eight one-foot-long jade plates, setting them up in a specific formation. Using her Xiantian spiritual qi, she activated the runes on the jade.

The eight jade plates’ runes activated at the same time, shooting out eight rays of light that superimposed in the sky, forming a spatial gate.

Over ten figures instantly appeared from the spatial gate. They were all Xiantian experts wearing blue robes. When they saw Yin Wushang, who no longer even appeared human, they were all completely appalled.

“Junior master!”

Celestials were definitely monsters. After a short time, Yin Wushang recovered enough energy to say, “Long Chen ran in that direction. All of you go after him. He’s already heavily injured and on the verge of death. You must bring him back to me. It would be best for him to be alive, and if you manage to accomplish this, I will definitely give you all great rewards.”

“Yes!” Those Xiantian experts bowed to Yin Wushang and then rushed off in the direction he had indicated.

“Junior master, you…?”

Yin Wushang waved his hand and sighed, “I just underestimated him. If I had treated him like a real opponent from the start, do you think he could run?

“I didn’t expect him to have so many trump cards, and his strength far surpassed my expectations. This is my first time suffering such a loss.”

“Junior master, the transportation formation is still present. I can send you back to heal,” said Yin Qing worriedly.

“No, I’ll heal right here. My injuries aren’t actually severe. I can recover in just three days. 

“Right now, Long Chen already has such power at the Bone Forging realm. He definitely has some shocking secrets. If I can obtain them, I’ll definitely soar in an instant. When the time comes, I’ll be able to go to the Eastern Wasteland’s Immemorial Path to compete with the geniuses of a thousand prefectures.

“Just keep watch over me. I need to recover as fast as possible. I must capture Long Chen. His treasures can only belong to me!”

After saying that, Yin Wushang sat there and began to focus on healing. The battle today had caused him to start feeling uneasy and even a trace of fear.

Thinking back to what Long Chen had said, he felt a chill. If he allowed Long Chen to mature, the Yin family would be in danger. He had to quickly have him killed!

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