Chapter 534 Wind Flame Attack

Yin Wushang was wrapped around by countless runes, and his aura was boundless. With each one of his movements, the world echoed with him, increasing his power.

“Are Celestials so amazing?”

Long Chen sneered. At the same time, he was filled with fury. Anyone would be infuriated at being rejected by the world.

That was especially true when facing an enemy that would be aided by the world to kill him.

“If there comes a day when my cultivation base reaches that level, I will definitely overturn this idiot world!”

Long Chen clenched his teeth. The lightning serpent tattoo on his arm suddenly dimmed.

A violet lightning spear appeared in his hand. As soon as that spear appeared, a terrifying destructive aura spread.

This was a spirit weapon he had condensed from all his thunderforce. At this point, Long Chen could only go all-out.

Yin Wushang merely smiled slightly and punched out.


The instant his fist collided with Long Chen’s spear, his smile vanished, turning into shock. A terrifying energy directly forced him back.

“The power of the Heavenly Daos?! Impossible! How could you have Heavenly Dao energy?!” raged Yin Wushang.

Yin Wushang was being supported by the will of the world, and he had merged with some of the energy of the Heavenly Daos. Beneath the Xiantian realm, no one could block him.

Only Sea Expansion experts who were able to use magical arts were able to break through the support of the will of the heavens. That was also why Yin Wushang said that Xiantian experts were just ants in front of him.

Heavenly Dao energy was something that could only be resisted by Heavenly Dao energy. Other energies were just dregs in front of it.

That was also why, despite being the Yin family’s junior master, he dared to go out without any guards. He had that confidence.

“As expected, my thunderforce is also a kind of will of the heavens since it comes from heavenly punishment. Excellent,” thought Long Chen. His lightning spear was like a viper, piercing through the void to attack Yin Wushang.


The area around them was blown into ruins. The two were both blown back, and Yin Wushang was completely shocked.

His shock quickly disappeared to be replaced with disdain, and he shook his head. “Although I don’t know how you obtained that thunderforce, it seems your thunderforce has a limit to it. It isn’t able to threaten me at all. Death will still be your final ending.”

He had noticed that after two attacks, Long Chen’s lightning spear had dimmed slightly. Although it wasn’t very obvious, it wasn’t able to escape Yin Wushang’s sharp eyesight.

Long Chen couldn’t help grumbling inside. His thunderforce was comparable to this Heavenly Dao energy, but his thunderforce was limited, and there was no way for it to be replenished as quickly as his spiritual qi.

Although his spiritual qi could transform into thunderforce, that process was extremely slow, and it was unable to keep up with a battle on this level.

Having seen through his weak point, Yin Wushang sneered and attacked Long Chen. Long Chen could only passively defend, stalling for time as he frantically tried to think of something.

Shui Wuhen had been entirely correct. Battling across realms against Celestials was just looking to die. Furthermore, Long Chen could tell that even now, Yin Wushang had not used his full strength.

He was most likely not lying when he said he had many ways to kill him. But he wanted to suppress him with absolute power, so he didn’t use any of his ultimate moves.

His goal was very obvious. He was after Long Chen’s secrets, and he wanted to subdue him and then examine his memories.

Of course, after that, Long Chen would still definitely die. Right now, he had to think of a way to get out of this certain-death match.

“Skymoon Breaking Palm!”

Just as Long Chen was thinking while fighting, Yin Wushang suddenly shouted, and his palm was like a blade that slashed apart the void.

Long Chen was startled, as this was clearly a Heaven class Battle Skill. He raised his lightning spear to block it without hesitation.

“Crap!” However, he immediately realized his mistake. Yin Wushang’s palm landed right on the midpoint of the spear, its weakest point.

After fighting for this long, the lightning spear had already dimmed a great deal. It was now unable to endure such power, and it instantly exploded.

After destroying his spear, Yin Wushang’s palm didn’t stop, slamming into Long Chen’s chest.

Long Chen’s ribs broke, and he vomited blood as he flew back. 


At the same time as Long Chen was blown back, a huge flame sphere shot out from his hand and smashed onto Yin Wushang.

Before Yin Wushang could react, the flame sphere exploded, devouring him.

Space trembled as the flames were isolated by some kind of energy and then dissipated, revealing Yin Wushang who was surrounded by runes.

“Hmph, I’ve long since heard you’ve subdued an Earth Flame. Do you think I wouldn’t be on guard? However, this Earth Flame really is weak. It’s quite disappointing,” said Yin Wushang.

The flames Long Chen had condensed had been easily isolated by his runes. It was much weaker than he had expected, and it was unable to injure him. The Earth Flame was something he had been on guard against this entire time, or he would have long since captured Long Chen.

BANG! Long Chen smashed onto the ground, forming a large hole in the ground. Long Chen lay there motionlessly.

Looking at him, Yin Wushang sneered. “You want to play dead? Just now, I didn’t use enough power to take your life.”

But Long Chen still didn’t move. He just lay there.

After waiting for several breaths, Yin Wushang finally became impatient and icily said, “Since you like playing dead, then I’ll help you out!”

He started walking over, but he had only taken two steps when Long Chen stood up, and his pupils shrank

Long Chen was smiling coldly. Within his hands was a foot-long sphere of blue flames.

That flame sphere twisted the space around it, and there was a berserk flame energy within it.

“You acted dead to condense this flame sphere?” Yin Wushang’s expression was dark. Previously, Long Chen’s hands had been stuck in the ground. He had actually been duped. “Hmph, so what? It’s just a final death struggle.”

“I want to try it.” Long Chen smiled coldly and flew the flame sphere forward. It instantly grew, reaching a size of three hundred meters. However, Yin Wushang found it curious why the flame sphere wasn’t moving very fast.

He didn’t immediately do anything because he wanted to see what Long Chen was planning. He had already examined this flame, and he could tell it was unable to do anything to him.

As that flame sphere advanced, Yin Wushang suddenly noticed a Scarlet Flame Snow Wolf had appeared beside Long Chen, and it opened its mouth and shot out a sphere of wind blades.

That sphere was like a shooting star charging towards the flame sphere. When the two collided, the wind sphere devoured the flame sphere, and then like a volcano exploding, like a monster awakening, like a shooting star, it crashed ferociously at Yin Wushang.

“What kind of technique is this?!” Even Yin Wushang now felt slightly numb, his hair was standing on end. A sensation of death filled him.

That was something he had never felt before. Seeing this huge meteorite-like attack shooting at him, he knew he had no time to dodge.

“Ancient Bloodline Divine Shield!”

Countless blood-colored runes appeared in front of Yin Wushang, forming layers of defenses.


The instant the sphere collided with those defenses, an immense explosion of wind blades and raging flames rocked the world.

“Little Snow, return to the spiritual space!” Long Chen immediately recalled Little Snow and summoned out an Earth Flame armor. He had only just finished this when a terrifying wave of wind and flames devoured him.

With wind and flame superimposed, everything within hundreds of miles was blown apart. The ground around them was instantly turned to charcoal.

At the center of an immense pit, Yin Wushang stood up and coughed up blood. His entire body was charred black, and his Cry of the Heavenly Daos’ manifestation had disappeared.

If he hadn’t been cautious and used his greatest defensive ability, he would have been instantly killed by that attack.

Suddenly, the ground split open, and an azure scale shot out.

A terrifying pressure descended upon the world, one that would make all lifeforms quiver.


Yin Wushang was appalled. The pressure from that scale actually gave him an urge to kneel in reverence. The will coming from it was one that looked down on all things, one that people couldn’t block.

Without even thinking about it, Yin Wushang hastily crushed a talisman, and a barrier of light covered him. That barrier was incredibly bright and twisted the space around it.

But that barrier hadn’t been of any use in front of the scale, and it was directly pierced through. The incomparably sharp scale directly severed Yin Wushang at the waist.

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