Chapter 533 Cry of the Heavenly Daos

Yin Wushang’s palm was incredibly powerful, so powerful that space was unable to contain it and began to buzz, seeming on the verge of collapse.

Long Chen instantly sensed just how terrifying this palm was. This power was not the power that came directly from Yin Wushang. This power was similar to how Gu Yang could activate his ancestral blood to draw out a kind of sleeping energy within his blood. However, Yin Wushang’s power was far more terrifying.

Not only was his attack incredibly terrifying, but he was also incredibly sinister, using his higher realm to lock Long Chen in place and forcing him to face him head-on.

His goal was obvious. He wanted to cripple Long Chen and then interrogate him, or perhaps go through his memories. His goal was his secrets.

After thinking through all of that, Long Chen didn’t hesitate any longer. He closed his eyes, and his FengFu Star and Alioth Star both hastily circulated, pouring energy into the primal chaos bead.

His body shook slightly, and primal chaos aura surged out of him.

“Two Star Battle Armor!” When he once more opened his eyes, two stars were slowly revolving in his eyes.

After summoning the Two Star Battle Armor, he felt as if his entire body was filled with a violent energy. In fact, he felt as if that energy would cause him to explode if he didn’t quickly use it.

This was his first time entering his strongest combat state since reaching Bone Forging. In the face of Yin Wushang’s palm, he sent out a fist.

The instant that palm and fist collided, the void blew up and an immense qi wave roared. Runes erupted, thunder rumbled, and a terrifying power blew a hole in the ground a hundred miles long. Dust filled the air.

“Impossible!” Yin Wushang was finally truly startled. He didn’t dare believe Long Chen could receive his attacks once he had activated his ancient bloodline.

The most shocking thing to him was that Long Chen’s fist had shaken his insides, making him feel like a mountain had smashed him.

It had to be known that he was a Celestial, a peak heavenly genius. Battling across realms was effortless for him.

With his strength, under the precondition that no one activated a Xiantian weapon with Xiantian power, then he could sweep through the Xiantian realm. However, he had never imagined a Bone Forging brat would be able to block him.

Given that he was a Celestial, he had also been given the resources to undergo complete tempering. But even with his power, even with his activated ancient bloodline, he was only able to force a draw. That result was completely unacceptable to him.

As for Long Chen, he didn’t have it any better. His arm was slightly numb while his blood surged within him. He couldn’t help feeling horrified at how powerful Celestials were.

He had already summoned his Two Star Battle Armor, which caused his strength to erupt to a practically dreadful level. But he was still unable to suppress Yin Wushang in terms of physical strength. This was his first time encountering such a powerful opponent.

But from Yin Wushang’s startled expression, he knew that he didn’t have it any better.

When it came to not displaying his expressions all the time, Long Chen was very pleased with his abilities. But Yin Wushang didn’t have that ability, and his thoughts were seen through by Long Chen instantly.

On the other hand, Long Chen’s expression was calm and icy, and it was impossible to see through his thoughts just by looking at him. This was a mental kind of warfare. Sometimes psychological warfare was the grandest battle tactic.

If two people’s strengths were equal, then the person more likely to win was the one with a steadier heart.

Long Chen didn’t let Yin Wushang’s shock go to waste, and he silently kicked his foot at his crotch.

However, it went without saying that Yin Wushang was truly powerful, and he also had plentiful combat experience. He sensed Long Chen’s kick immediately, and he increased the power in his palm, forcing Long Chen back a step to make his kick miss, while his other hand reached for his ankle.

This change in moves happened incomparably quickly, and even Long Chen had no choice but to admit that Yin Wushang was not the same as those greenhouse flowers he had known. He was truly an expert who had killed his way to his current point.

Yin Wushang caught Long Chen’s ankle and was delighted; he was just about to increase his strength when Long Chen suddenly jumped from the ground like a frog. He heard the wind whistling in his ears as Long Chen’s other foot came crashing towards his head.

Yin Wushang was startled. Long Chen had intentionally let him catch his ankle so his other foot could injure him.

Furthermore, his control and timing were perfect. It was in the moment when Yin Wushang had started to gather power but had yet to release it 

If this kick landed on his head, then with Long Chen’s power, his head would definitely explode. Furthermore, he had no guarantee that a single hand would be able to block it.

So for safety, he had no choice but to let go of Long Chen’s ankle and raise both his hands to block.

BANG! Long Chen’s strike was surprisingly powerful, and although he managed to block it, he was sent flying, his legs digging a long ditch in the ground.

“You want to help me put on my shoes? You’re not worthy.”

After taking the advantage, Long Chen didn’t give him any time to breathe, and he flashed into action, his fists pummelling down on him, lightning crackling over his hands.

Yin Wushang hadn’t steadied himself yet, and under Long Chen’s torrent of attacks, he was constantly forced back.

The thing that made him almost cough up blood was how Long Chen had said he was helping him put on his shoes because he had caught his ankle. Who on earth had the qualifications to have him, the grand junior master of an ancient family, help put on their shoes?


Yin Wushang roared, and after dozens of exchanges, he finally managed to get out of his inferior position, crazily attacking with his palms.

“You’re the one who will die, you broken-down… you broken-down shoe carrier!”

Long Chen almost slipped, narrowly avoiding saying that the shoes Yin Wushang was helping him put on were broken-down. That would have ended up including himself in the curse.

“Long Chen, you really piss me off!” Yin Wushang’s expression was incredibly dark, and icy killing intent overflowed from his eyes.

“You think I care?”

Long Chen’s reply was icy, but he was growing more and more wary. Yin Wushang was much stronger than he had expected, and one mistake could result in eternal death.

“Originally, I was unwilling to use this move to kill you, but as a prize for infuriating me, I’ve decided to use it.”

Yin Wushang suddenly pushed Long Chen back and an immense pillar of light soared into the sky.

RUMBLE… The world trembled as a terrifying heavenly might slowly rose.

Long Chen’s expression changed and he looked at the sky in bewilderment. Above Yin Wushang, countless runes were surging out of the void, bringing with them endless pressure.

Those runes were transparent and numbered in the tens of thousands. They filled the space around Yin Wushang for a mile.

It was like a sea made of runes, while Yin Wushang was the core of that sea. His black hair danced, and his eyes were electric. His aura was becoming more and more horrifying.

The greatest impact to Long Chen was that at this moment, it felt as if heaven and earth were showing concern for Yin Wushang, blessing him with some kind of energy.

Yin Wushang icily stared at Long Chen from within that sea of runes. “In truth, I had many different ways to kill you. But killing you like that is of no interest.

“So to congratulate you, I’ll display my greatest strength, letting you see what a true power difference is, and teaching you what despair is.

“Even Xiantian experts are just ants in front of the current me. This is what it means to be a Celestial, to be protected by heaven and earth.

“This phenomenon you see around me is called the Cry of the Heavenly Daos. The current me is a divine emissary of the Heavenly Daos. I represent the will of the world. Tell me, just how do you plan to fight with me?”

Yin Wushang’s words were like hammers striking into Long Chen’s heart. He could feel that this sea of runes truly possessed the will of the world.

That will was something Long Chen hated to the extreme. That will had tried to kill him, and not just once.

Now feeling that will again, Long Chen’s killing intent soared. “What will I use to fight you? Do I need anything to handle you?

“Is the will of the heavens so amazing? A divine emissary? More like a divine piece of crap.

“Don’t act so high and supreme in front of me. The Heavenly Daos are just farts, and I’ll beat that fart out of you right now.”

Long Chen had originally been very icy and calm, but for some unknown reason, when the will of the heavens appeared now, he became berserk as if he suddenly could not live under the same sky as Yin Wushang and his heavens, and he charged forward at Yin Wushang.

Yin Wushang sneered. That smile filled with disdain and ridicule, and he randomly waved his hand.


Long Chen’s body trembled, and he vomited a mouthful of blood, flying back.

“Hmph, now do you understand?” Yin Wushang sneered at a stunned Long Chen. “This is the energy of the Heavenly Daos. As a Celestial, I am a favorite of the heavens, and I am destined for greatness. 

“I can borrow the power of the Heavenly Daos to use for my own. Even Xiantian experts can be killed in an instant by the current me.

“In the future, when the top heavenly geniuses struggle for dominance, that stage will be reserved for Celestials, while you are just an ant who will never be able to step into that sacred land. Now you should understand the difference between us.”

Long Chen wiped off the blood from his mouth. That previous exchange had injured him. The Heavenly Dao energy contained in that attack had been unblockable.

Most hateful of all, the will of the heavens was constantly targeting him, and when his attacks landed on Yin Wushang, those runes would lessen his power by eighty percent.

On the other hand, Yin Wushang’s attacks had become several times stronger, and a random blow from him was able to injure him. This was definitely an unfair battle. Even the heavens were helping Yin Wushang to cheat.

“The nonsense ends here. Now, I’ll take your life!” Yin Wushang charged at Long Chen.

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