Chapter 532 Bloodline Suppression

Long Chen roared, and his saber began to release a tide of red light, the light crashing down upon Yin Wushang.

“Hmph, just an insignificant trick. It still won’t let you escape your fate of being killed by me.” Yin Wushang snorted, and his eyes suddenly began to glow. Countless runes lit up over his hands as he charged at Long Chen.


Long Chen’s saber was blown back by Yin Wushang, and taking advantage of the opening, he smashed his other hand at Long Chen.

But what was different from last time was that Yin Wushang was already prepared for Long Chen’s thunderforce.

Long Chen’s gaze was icy. Yin Wushang was clearly trying to force him into a head-on exchange. He was most likely dissatisfied with their previous exchange.

Thinking of that, he was filled with battle intent. Since he wanted to try him, then he might as well help him out. He wanted to see just who was stronger in terms of power.

When he reached that point in his thoughts, he decided to put away his saber. Because Yin Wushang was empty-handed and Long Chen was unable to increase the distance between them, his long weapon would only hinder him.

He fully activated his thunderforce, and lightning runes instantly covered his hands. A crackling sound filled the air.


Long Chen’s fist smashed onto Yin Wushang’s fist. This one collision caused an immense explosion, and light pierced through the void.

Both Long Chen and Yin Wushang shook. Neither of them had had any advantage in that exchange and they were both forced back several meters.

“Your thunderforce is strange. It’s not the power of ordinary lightning.”

Yin Wushang was surprised. Just now, he hadn’t held back. Although it had looked like they were even, he had had to circulate his spiritual qi to eradicate the thunderforce invading his body.

That thunderforce was too terrifying, and it was actually able to ignore the defenses of his physical body. If his spiritual qi wasn’t so strong, he wouldn’t be able to block it.

As the Yin family’s junior master, Yin Wushang had vast battle experience with countless geniuses. But he had never encountered such odd thunderforce.

“Does saying that have any meaning?” asked Long Chen icily. His expression was still flat, but inside, he was incredibly shocked.

From appearances, it seemed Yin Wushang was not a brute strength kind of cultivator. But his full strength attack had only resulted in a draw. Even in front of Xiantian powers, Long Chen had yet to release such power.

Just what on earth were Celestials? How could they be so terrifying? He finally understood why Shui Wuhen had repeatedly warned him not to vainly think of battling across realms with Celestials. That truly was simply looking to die.

But right now, the two of them were like water and fire, and there was no leeway. Only one of them could leave here alive.

“Hahaha, Long Chen, could it be that you think just this little bit of power is enough to defeat me? You’re too immature.

“Today, I’ll let you see just what it means to come from an ancient family. In front of I, Yin Wushang, your pathetic pride isn’t worth a damn.” Yin Wushang smiled with ridicule, and then an odd character suddenly appeared on his forehead.

When he saw that character, Long Chen cried out inside: immortal character?!

Although his understanding of immortal characters was limited to what Yue Xiaoqian had translated from the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record, this character had been included in it. 

That was the ‘Yin’ character.[1] Could it be that the ancient families had all descended from the immortal era? Otherwise, how could he condense an immortal character like this?

Furthermore, on his forehead, that immortal character was not just a character, but a powerful rune.

Long Chen could sense Yin Wushang’s blood beginning to rapidly circulate, and the sound of a river flowing filled the air.

He was shocked to see that without doing anything, the ground beneath Yin Wushang’s feet began to collapse. It was unable to even endure his terrifying aura.

That Yin character on Yin Wushang’s forehead gradually grew brighter, emitting an ancient aura.

Back in the Jiuli secret realm, Yin Wushuang had also activated her bloodline pressure to suppress him, but now that Yin Wushang had summoned out the immortal character, the pressure was over a thousand times greater than Yin Wushuang’s.

Long Chen felt his own blood was starting to still, as if it was freezing.

“This is the suppression of an ancient family bloodline?”

Long Chen was appalled. He thought back to how in the monastery, a gaze from Yin Wushang could make a person’s blood rapidly flow, so fast that there was danger of a body explosion.

Now he finally realized why the ancient families were so arrogant. Their bloodline suppression truly made them superior to others.

Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t even have the strength to resist in front of them. Ancient families members could crush their opponents by relying on just their bloodline suppression.

Light erupted from the character on Yin Wushang’s forehead, as well as the rest of his body. With the support of that character, he appeared like a grand emperor looking down on Long Chen.

“Now you should understand just how laughable your thinking was, right? In front of an ancient bloodline, you low-born cultivators are just leftovers.

“As leftovers, you should just listen to the arrangement of the heavens and not resist. You should never have resisted back when Yin Wushuang wanted to kill you. If you had died back then, it would have been a blessing for you.

“But now, you’ve insulted my ancient family, and your death will no longer be the end of it. Not only will you die, but everyone by your side will die as well.

“Any of those ants who helped you resist my ancient family will be torn apart piece by piece. That’s just the will of the heavens. The dignity of the strong cannot be touched by the weak. Now you should understand how foolish the mistake you made was.

“However, there’s one thing you should feel relieved about. I’ll definitely let off those girlfriends of yours. Once they reach the Xiantian realm, I’ll take them in as my concubines. You can die content.”

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly smiled oddly, his gaze icy.

“Are you sure you’ll kill me today? You won’t be killed by me instead?”

“I’m sure.” Yin Wushang laughed.

“Your confidence has no basis. I can tell you that not only will you not manage to kill me, but you will very likely be killed by me.

“Most importantly, you’ve made one huge mistake. Remember my words: your Yin family will be destroyed because of what you said today.”

Yin Wushang laughed, but his laugh was filled with killing intent. He really hadn’t expected Long Chen to still be able to say such brazen things at this time. It was completely different from the expression of terror and despair he had expected. That made him slightly angry.

He, a grand Celestial, should never have even come here, let alone attacked someone whose realm was lower than his own.

He had his own pride, but in front of Long Chen who was even more arrogant than he was, he raged, “Then there’s no need to waste any more words. I accept that you really are stupid. I’ll end your life for you.”

Yin Wushang began to slowly walk toward Long Chen, and with each step he took, the ground trembled and the void rumbled. A terrifying aura locked Long Chen down.

Long Chen felt as if his blood was about to solidify. An ancient bloodline was truly terrifying.

His intuition had definitely been correct. Compared to the Xiantian experts from the Corrupt path, Yin Wushang was much more terrifying.

If Long Chen hadn’t chosen to leave on his own to draw Yin Wushang away, then if Yin Wushang had activated his bloodline’s power amongst the monastery’s members, it was unknown just how many disciples would have instantly exploded. Even the Dragonblood warriors might not necessarily be able to resist it. That was a scene Long Chen didn’t want to see.

Rumbling came from his body as he activated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art. His blood returned to normal.

“Good, the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art really never disappoints me.” Long Chen smiled, and he was filled with confidence. His heaven-defying cultivation technique had always been his greatest support up until now.

Although his Spirit Blood had been stolen and he didn’t know what was with his bloodline exactly, it was still impossible for anyone to suppress him when he had the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

“Oh? You erased the bloodline suppression?”

Yin Wushang sensed the change instantly, and he was slightly startled. 

“Hehehe, as expected, you really do have many secrets. Excellent. Starting today, those secrets will be mine!” Greed filled Yin Wushang’s eyes.

The reason he had lowered his dignity to target Long Chen wasn’t at all because of Yin Wushuang. Reclaiming the dignity of his ancient family was just an excuse.

The Yin family had millions of disciples, and experts were commonplace. If they had really wanted to reclaim their prestige, they wouldn’t have sent their junior master.

After Long Chen had left the secret realm, his cultivation base and power had grown explosively, and many people connected that to the mysterious bead he had merged with. Yin Wushang had come here entirely for Long Chen’s secrets.

Now, Long Chen’s trump cards were appearing one after another, causing a burning passion to fill Yin Wushang. He hadn’t felt reassured enough to send anyone else to attack Long Chen, which was the only reason he had personally come.


Yin Wushang suddenly roared, and his aura erupted like a volcano. A palm shot forward, sealing any escape paths.

[1] To avoid confusion, the Yin here is his surname 殷, not the Yin from Yin and Yang. This is also a different surname than Yin Luo. 

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