Chapter 530 Drawing Enemies Away On His Own

A figure appeared out of nowhere. However, that figure was cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Only now did people recover from their shock. The sudden changes just now had happened so quickly that none of them had even understood what had happened. By the time they did, it was already over.

After killing that person, Long Chen took a step forward and once more slashed with his saber.

Sparks flew as another figure appeared and was forced back a dozen steps. His appearance was incredibly ordinary, and if he was thrown into a crowd, it would be impossible to find him. 

Right now, he was completely shocked. “How did you notice me?!”

His response was a bloody blade. His figure suddenly twisted, and he strangely dodged Long Chen’s attack. 

Long Chen didn’t chase. He merely raised his left hand, and a bolt of lightning shot out from his finger.

At the same time as he attacked, that person’s body twisted again. It was unknown what movement technique he had used, but it was like he had teleported, appearing dozens of meters away in an instant.

But he had only just appeared there when another bolt of lightning struck him head-on, instantly blowing apart his body.

“I’ve already said, don’t use the same move twice in front of me.” Long Chen slowly lowered his hand.

Long Chen was sure these were assassins. But he was shocked to find that they were able to hide themselves in space. He had almost ended up suffering greatly.

Long Chen had never imagined that assassins would be so brazen as to hide themselves in the midst of such a huge battle.

If it hadn’t been for Meng Qi killing the Corrupt elder, then practically no one would have survived his attack. These assassins really were madmen. For their goals, they were even able to throw away their own lives.

However, when that assassin’s sword had silently pierced towards his chest, Long Chen had suddenly sensed the danger and retreated without even thinking about it.

Then, he had immediately activated his divine sense and finally saw some small clues.

These fellows had used some kind of secret art to cover themselves with a layer of mist, mist that duplicated whatever was behind them, making it seem like they had disappeared.

Relying only on eyesight, it was impossible to notice them. But in front of Long Chen’s divine sense, they could not hide. 

Furthermore, after seeing them use that mysterious footwork to dodge twice, he had already noticed that when they used it, their shoulders would lean in the direction they were going, revealing their next location.

So the second person didn’t end up as lucky as the first and was instantly killed by Long Chen. At the same time, the other battle had also ended.

Half the Dragonblood Legion was wounded, but their injuries weren’t heavy. Furthermore, they were all wearing excited expressions.

This battle had allowed them to experience just how powerful they currently were. At the same time, it made them even more grateful to Long Chen. All of this had been bestowed upon them by Long Chen.

“Meng Qi, come over here.” Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er put away the Violet Phoenix Sparrows and walked over.

Long Chen suddenly hugged Meng Qi. Everyone was stunned. This boss of theirs really was a bit too scamp-like. Meng Qi was also completely red, but her expression suddenly changed.

“Long Chen…!”

“Listen to me,” said Long Chen gravely.

Meng Qi wanted to say more, but seeing his expression, she didn’t say anything in the end and simply nodded.

“Right now, there are some matters I have to attend to. Goodbye.”

After saying that, Long Chen directly rushed away, disappearing from their sights, causing everyone to be dismayed. They all looked at Meng Qi.

“Long Chen wants us to quickly leave the monastery and rush to the thirty-seventh monastery, borrowing their transportation formation to reach the supermonastery,” said Meng Qi.

“Why?” asked Gu Yang.

“Are you a fool? You still can’t see something this obvious? Now that our monastery’s transportation formation is broken, who knows whether or not the Corrupt path will only send one wave of attacks?

“If we just wait here for assistance, then we’ll be placing our fates in other people’s hands. It’s better for us to take the initiative to help ourselves,” said Guo Ran.

“Isn’t the sixty-eighth monastery closer to us?” asked Gu Yang.

“Old Gu, you really worry me. How do you know the Corrupt path only attacked our first monastery? It’s not a bad idea for them to exterminate all the surrounding monasteries in passing. If we end up going there, we’ll just be throwing ourselves into their net.

“As for the thirty-seventh monastery, it’s the furthest one. Furthermore, there are no other monasteries on the way, so it’s the best option for us. …Wait, why didn’t boss come with us?” Guo Ran’s expression suddenly changed.

Everyone looked towards Meng Qi. Gu Yang asked, “Senior apprentice-sister Meng Qi, just what is boss doing?”

Meng Qi’s expression was somewhat pained, and she shook her head. “You’re all warriors of the Dragonblood Legion, while Long Chen is the highest commander of the Dragonblood Legion. You should understand what orders are.

“Right now, everyone just needs to focus on moving out to the thirty-seventh monastery. Remember, these are Long Chen’s orders, so don’t question them.”

Hearing that, their hearts sank. Even if Meng Qi didn’t say it directly, they could guess what was happening.

“Everyone from the Dragonblood Legion, gather up! What happened to that confidence you had back when you were cutting down your enemies? Who do you think our boss is? If you have time to be nervous for him, you should focus more on being nervous about yourselves and hurry up,” shouted Guo Ran.

That made all of them feel much more relieved. Who was Long Chen? He was someone who created miracles. Nothing would happen to him.

“Meng Qi, our storehouses…?” asked Tu Fang.

“Elder Tu Fang, as long as we have our lives, we can have anything. Don’t be so begrudging.” Guo Ran hastily pulled over Tu Fang to leave directly. There was no time to care about anything in the storehouses. They were fleeing from calamity, not moving houses.

Just a moment after all of them left, one man and one woman appeared in the monastery. They were Yin Wushang and Yin Qing.

“It ended this quickly?” Yin Qing was surprised. They had rushed over when they had sensed the disturbance. From that time, only an incense stick’s worth of time had passed, but the battle was already over. The ground was littered with the corpses of Corrupt experts.

“The majority of them went that way. Let’s chase.” Yin Qing pointed in the direction Tu Fang and the others had gone.

“Wait a moment.”

Yin Wushang closed his eyes and silently sensed for a while, and then he sneered.

“He actually intentionally set them up to go in that direction, while he fled in the other direction. Hehe, if I ended up falling for that, then I wouldn’t be Yin Wushang. He’s this way, let’s go!”

Yin Wushang directly rushed in the direction Long Chen had gone. He was incredibly fast, like a bolt of lightning, and even Yin Qing was unable to keep up.

Long Chen continued rushing the entire time, pushing the Netherworld Ghost Steps to the peak, the wind whistling around him.

“It was definitely Yin Wushang. Other than him, no one could give me that kind of feeling.”

Within the monastery, Long Chen had suddenly felt an intense sensation of danger. Ever since he had started cultivating the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, his spiritual perception had grown increasingly sharper.

If anyone felt killing intent for him, he would be able to sense it from a great distance. Back then, he had felt that the killing intent was a bit familiar, and he had immediately thought of Yin Wushang.

If it had just been Corrupt experts, Long Chen wouldn’t be afraid. The worst-case was an all-out fight. But the Righteous path’s experts were much more terrifying than the Corrupt path.

If he was entangled by Yin Wushang, it would be extremely troublesome. With Yin Wushang’s temperament, he would definitely not just kill him, but kill everyone around him to keep them silent.

That was also why Long Chen had chosen to split off from everyone. He trusted that with how sinister Yin Wushang was, he could easily sense he had gone in another direction. At that time, he would definitely choose to chase him down.

Long Chen recalled Shui Wuhen’s words that he shouldn’t fight Yin Wushang because he was a terrifying Celestial. Although he was only the weakest first rank, he definitely wasn’t someone he could handle.

Furthermore, the sensation of danger he had felt just now had made his scalp numb. That meant Yin Wushang definitely had the ability to kill him.

Long Chen pushed his speed to his peak, practically leaping from mountain peak to mountain peak. However, he felt the sensation of danger behind him growing increasingly intense.

After rushing for six hours, he didn’t even know how far he had fled. But now he finally saw Yin Wushang a thousand miles away from him.

Yin Wushang was smiling sinisterly, and his speed was shocking. No matter how Long Chen tried to flee, the distance between them only shrank.

“You can’t run!” sneered Yin Wushang.

Long Chen didn’t reply and simply continued running. Right now, Yin Wushang was on his own, but he knew it was likely that Yin Qing was behind him. It was just that she was too slow and hadn’t appeared yet.

He already had no assurance of being able to beat Yin Wushang. If Yin Qing suddenly joined in their fight midway, then he really would die for sure.

So right now, he fled as far as he could. The further he got, the more advantageous it would be for him.

Seeing that Long Chen still hadn’t given up and was still fleeing, Yin Wushang ridiculed, “Long Chen, back in the monastery, didn’t you say some grand words? Something about how if I dared target you, you would exterminate my entire Yin family?

“Now, I’m not only going to target you, but I’m also going to tear you apart piece by piece. If you have any courage, then don’t flee like a little rabbit.”

Yin Wushang’s speed didn’t drop at all as he spoke. Long Chen continued to flee as fast as he could, only stopping after two more hours.

The instant he paused, a saber appeared in his hands, releasing a bloody light as it slashed down on Yin Wushang.

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