Chapter 529 Bloody Battle Within the Monastery

“This is Xiantian power? It’s not that powerful.”

A metallic monstrosity blocked the mid Xiantian expert. Guo Ran’s hand tightly clenched his blade.

His golden armor was incomparably eye-catching. This was newly constructed, and it was over a hundred times stronger than his old suit. It was his best masterpiece.

Guo Ran turned his wrist, and that blade actually snapped, shocking everyone.


He threw the blade to the side and punched the Xiantian expert. It was unknown whether he was talking about the weapon or the wielder.

That Xiantian expert had never seen such a metal monstrosity, and he hastily raised his severed blade to block.


The ground beneath Guo Ran’s feet crumbled, but the Xiantian expert was blown back.

“Senior apprentice-brother Guo Ran is mighty!”

Seeing Guo Ran blow back a Xiantian expert raised the morale of all the Dragonblood warriors. In his golden armor, Guo Ran truly did appear impressive.

Before Guo Ran could do anything, another Xiantian expert charged at him with a battlehammer.

Guo Ran hastily raised his arms to block. The impact of the attacker’s blow caused a huge ripple which blew back all the surrounding people.

“Hmph, let me see how many of my attacks you can block!” The Corrupt elder was a brute strength fighter, and this one attack made Guo Ran’s body tingle all over. He didn’t dare to be careless, and a golden saber appeared in his hand as he fought. The two were evenly matched. 

All the other Xiantian experts also charged their way into the midst of the Dragonblood Legion. They had already realized that each of them had to have undergone complete tempering. They were far, far stronger than ordinary Meridian Opening experts. They definitely couldn’t allow them to grow, or the Corrupt path would never be able to rest peacefully.

Complete tempering required piling endless resources to create a genius. Having one person undergo complete tempering could bankrupt a medium-sized sect.

For over three hundred people to undergo it at the same time was unbelievable. Their best option was to take advantage of this time before they had matured to kill them all.

“Heaven’s Soul Annihilates the Void.”

Meng Qi hastily formed hand seals upon seeing several Xiantian experts charge at the Dragonblood Legion. A bright illusory figure charged at a dozen of them.

“Careful, it’s a soul cultivator!”

The emaciated elder standing on the pagoda let out a startled cry, but it was too late. Only two of Xiantian experts had a barrier of light appear over them to protect from Meng Qi’s attack.

As for the remaining ones, they silently fell to the ground. At the same time, their spiritual fluctuations disappeared.

“Fuck, kill that woman!”

That elder finally couldn’t endure it anymore and flashed into motion, charging at Meng Qi.

Previously, when Meng Qi had killed that Meridian Opening disciple at the beginning, he hadn’t been paying attention and hadn’t noticed how he had died.

Now that Meng Qi had shown her skills again, he was filled with panic, and his metal cane smashed down on her with endless Xiantian power.

Meng Qi felt an arm wrap around her, and she was suddenly flying through the air. It was Long Chen who had flung her up, and at the same time, his saber slashed down.


A terrifying qi wave exploded, and whether it was the Dragonblood warriors or the Corrupt experts, they were all blown away. The surrounding buildings completely crumbled.

“Everyone, form into your squads and split up. Don’t let a single one of our enemies escape!” ordered Long Chen.

Following his orders, other than a few who continued to cut down the remaining few Meridian Opening experts, the three hundred and sixty members of the Dragonblood Legion charged at the Xiantian experts.

The Dragonblood warriors had already turned red-eyed. Other than Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, Song Mingyuan, and Li Qi, they were all just ordinary disciples. They hadn’t even had the qualifications to enter the Jiuli secret realm.

They, who could only be considered absolutely ordinary within the monasteries and supermonastery, had their fates completely changed because of one choice. They had gone from ordinary disciples to geniuses capable of slaughtering anyone in the same realm as easily as cutting through melons. Now, they were capable of battling against Xiantian experts while in the Meridian Opening realm. What kind of glory and pride was that?

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er summoned their Violet Phoenix Sparrows, flying up into the sky, looking over the entire battlefield. Long Chen had handed them the task of protecting everyone.

Right now, the Dragonblood Legion could be considered a sharp blade, but they were still rough around the edges. They needed more training and sculpting. As they were only just starting out, they had to be protected so that there were no losses.

Meng Qi would occasionally use spiritual attacks, while Tang Wan-er had countless wind blades circulating around her, ready to take action at any moment.

Although the two of them hadn’t broken through to Meridian Opening, their attacks were both very special. As a soul cultivator, Meng Qi’s spiritual attacks were something that could kill even Xiantian experts if they didn’t have soul items to protect themselves.

Furthermore, having absorbed Long Chen’s spiritual seed, her Spiritual Strength had grown a hundred times stronger than before. Her attacks were incredibly powerful.

As for Tang Wan-er, with the assistance of the Wind Spirit Crystal, her comprehension over wind energy had undergone a heaven-toppling transformation. Her attacks were incredibly sharp, so sharp that they even shocked Long Chen.

It was only because of their protection that Long Chen dared allow the Dragonblood warriors to go all-out.

“Go die, Long Chen!” The Corrupt elder roared furiously, his aura erupting and causing heaven and earth to tremble. He had reached the late Xiantian realm.

He was finally completely infuriated. The Meridian Opening disciples he had brought had been completely exterminated, and even half of the Xiantian experts had died. But Long Chen was still alive and well. That result was unacceptable.

The cane in his hand suddenly blossomed with light, and countless runes appeared. A garish light lit up the void.

“Fuck, this old bastard is using Xiantian power to activate his Xiantian weapon!” Long Chen’s expression completely changed.

Long Chen had also finished complete tempering, and his cultivation base had reached the twelfth Heavenstage of Bone Forging. He was just a single step from Meridian Opening.

This was the fastest he had advanced since he had started cultivating. With his current strength, he had no fear toward Xiantian experts when it came to physical strength.

But if they used Xiantian power to activate a Xiantian weapon, then that power was practically apocalyptic. That power would destroy the entire monastery, and he had no confidence in being able to block it. Even if he could receive it, the others would still be blown to bits.

“Idiot, you don’t care about the others’ lives?” raged Long Chen.

“Hehe, as long as you die, it’s fine. For that many complete-tempering disciples to accompany you, you’ll definitely be happy within the nine springs.” The elder laughed sinisterly.

“Hey, wait a sec. In truth, the only thing between us is some misunderstandings. There’s no need to fight and kill.” Long Chen suddenly forced a smile.

“Tch, don’t bother trying to stall for time. Just die!”

The runes on his cane lit up even more intensely, and a terrifying pressure shot out. A scarlet light formed a resonance with heaven and earth.

The Corrupt elder had already locked Long Chen firmly in place. When the light on his cane reached a peak, he smashed it on Long Chen.


“The one to die is you!” exclaimed Long Chen.

Suddenly, a golden petal pierced through his back and came out of his forehead, bringing with it a splash of blood.

“What’s going on?”

The Corrupt elder’s cane gradually dimmed. At the same time, his Spiritual Strength faded.

He fell to the ground, his eyes unfocused. Even in his death, he still didn’t understand how he had died.

“I really have to thank you, Meng Qi,” Long Chen couldn’t help muttering as he glanced up at Meng Qi who was up in the sky forming hand seals.

Just now, Long Chen had really begun to sweat. His power increase had clouded his mind. He might not be afraid of Xiantian power, and he also didn’t need to be afraid of just Xiantian weapons.

He had forgotten one important detail though: Xiantian weapons could only fully release their power with Xiantian power.

If he had really allowed his attack to go through, then perhaps he could have kept himself alive, but everyone else here would have been killed.

Thankfully Meng Qi had noticed he was in danger. She had stealthily sent out one of the jade petals of the soul item Guo Ran had made for her. That petal was incomparably sharp, capable of cutting through metal like tofu.

Long Chen had noticed it, and he had hastily drawn the Corrupt elder’s attention. As a result, he had been completely focused on activating his Xiantian weapon and hadn’t noticed the fatal danger silently approaching him.

For a late Xiantian expert to die without even knowing how was truly sad, but Long Chen wouldn’t bother giving him an explanation.

“Brothers, put in some more effort. Once you finish killing them, we can continue drinking!” Long Chen walked to the front with his saber on his shoulder.

Now, whether it was the disciples or Elders, they were all dumbfounded. A late Xiantian expert had been killed just like that?

Suddenly, Long Chen’s expression changed and he stamped on the ground, jumping backward.

A sword appeared out of nowhere and cut through the robes on his chest. If he had been a hair slower, that sword would have pierced his heart.

After the sword appeared, a figure showed up. That figure then twisted and suddenly fled into the distance.

“Since you’ve come, don’t leave.”

Long Chen snorted and pointed out a finger. A bolt of lightning shot out.

He was surprised to see that the figure suddenly twisted when he attacked, appearing dozens of meters away. Before Long Chen could attack again, he had already disappeared.

That speed was so fast that it outraged people. Long Chen glanced towards his chest and his broken robes when his saber suddenly slashed to the side.

“Don’t use the same move against me twice.”

Blood splashed, and a figure appeared out of nowhere, one that was cut in two by Long Chen’s saber.

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