Chapter 528 Dragonblood Legion, Attack

“Enemy attack!”

A harsh shout resounded throughout the monastery. The silent night had become a prelude to a massacre.


A huge sword-image descended from the sky, breaking the first monastery’s transportation formations.

Following that, dozens of figures appeared like specters. Those people were all Xiantian experts. Behind them was another mass of people.


A chilling laugh resounded throughout the monastery, one that made their blood turn cold.

“Long Chen, you destroyed my disciple. Today, I’ll exterminate your entire monastery along with you!” An emaciated elder waved a black cane, and hundreds of Meridian Opening experts surged into the monastery.

“Experts from the Corrupt path!” 

Tu Fang’s expression changed completely. They had over twenty Xiantian experts and hundreds of Meridian Opening experts. They were clearly planning on completely razing the first monastery, not letting a single blade of grass survive.

“Prepare for battle!” shouted Tu Fang. He took out his sword and stood at the front of everyone. He knew this was a preplanned sneak attack. If they tried to flee, they would only be cut down from behind. They had to face them head-on.

“Hehe, old fogey, you can die,” sneered one of the Meridian Opening experts. He saw that they only had one Meridian Opening expert and no Xiantian experts.

They could all see Tu Fang was the cornerstone of their morale. Once he was killed, the entire monastery would collapse, each person turning into a departed spirit under their blades.

“Xiantian experts, don’t attack just yet. Keep watch over the monastery. Our target is Long Chen, and he can’t be allowed to escape,” shouted the emaciated man. He stood at the top of a pagoda, overlooking the entire monastery.


Suddenly, a woman’s cry rang out, and the Meridian Opening expert charging at Tu Fang suddenly stiffened, collapsing on the ground. All the Corrupt experts were startled and paused.

“Who’s there?!” shouted a Xiantian expert.

“The person you’re looking for.”

An icy voice caused all the despairing disciples to feel hope.

“It’s senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Heavens, Gu Yang and the others, their auras…!”

Long Chen appeared in front of them in black robes. Behind him were Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, Yue Zifeng, and all the Dragonblood Legion warriors. They had all advanced to Meridian Opening.

Since they had only just advanced, their auras were extremely unstable, and they were unable to keep them reserved. Their vast auras shocked everyone.

“Hahaha, good, so you’ve come, Long Chen! I won’t need to look for you. Since you destroyed my beloved disciple, today I’ll kill you all to accompany him!” The emaciated elder with the black cane clenched his teeth.

“Who was your disciple?” Long Chen frowned.

“Yin Luo!” was the icy reply.

“Ah, I think I’ve heard of him.” Long Chen nodded.

“Bastard, my disciple was killed by you. Today, I’ll definitely tear you apart!” raged the elder. “Kill! Kill them all!”


The Corrupt experts roared, all of them taking out their weapons, their auras erupting. A shocking killing intent caused the entire monastery to shiver.

“All disciples retreat further away. This is not your battlefield.”

The disciples all retreated. Even if Long Chen wanted them to disband, they would not hesitate.

“Brothers of the Dragonblood Legion, today is your first battle since advancing to Meridian Opening. It will also be your first battle as Dragonblood warriors. 

“What are you all waiting for? There are so many grindstones in front of you, waiting for you to temper yourselves on. Use your weapons to pierce through the armor of your enemies. Use their evil souls to bear witness to our hot blood.

“Starting today, the Dragonblood Legion is going to rise to the peak! No one can block our path! Brothers, kill them all!” Long Chen’s furious roar shook the land.




Gu Yang and the others had already turned red-eyed. They felt as if their blood was boiling. It was Long Chen who had let them step onto this path. It was Long Chen who had brought them to stand at the front-lines of cultivation. It was Long Chen who had changed their lives, letting them see a brand new future for themselves.

Roars shook the heavens, and a berserk will soared. Gu Yang was at the front with a golden spear.

“Hmph, do you think you can be arrogant when you’ve only just reached Meridian Opening? Just die!”

The Corrupt experts could all tell that they had only just advanced and had yet to even stabilize their realm. They couldn’t help but sneer.

However, that Corrupt expert only got out half his sneer before Gu Yang’s spear smashed him and his weapon into broken pieces.


The Corrupt experts were appalled. They were unaware that other than Long Chen and Wilde, he was the one with the greatest brute strength.

After undergoing complete tempering, his skeleton was like steel. Moreover, having trained in a high Heaven class cultivation technique, his strength had advanced to the point that even he felt himself to be terrifying.

Having smashed apart a Meridian Opening expert with a single attack, his blood grew even hotter, and his spear swung through the air repeatedly.

Suddenly, a ray of Sword Qi slashed down from the heavens, landing amongst the Corrupt experts. Four of them were turned to bloody mist.

Yue Zifeng’s comprehension of the Sword Dao was growing more and more terrifying. His sword-intent could shake the heavens. This was his first time using his full strength since advancing to Meridian Opening.

Although sword cultivators were widely known to be icily arrogant, that attack had felt incredibly refreshing to him, and he began to crazily kill.


Following Gu Yang and Yue Zifeng, Li Qi and Song Mingyuan also roared, charging forward with the other Dragonblood warriors behind them.

Even against enemies of over twice their number, the Dragonblood Legion were like tigers amongst a flock of sheep. Blood and limbs flew through the air, bloody to the pinnacle.

As soon as the two sides met, over a hundred of the Corrupt experts were killed. It was completely one-sided.

“What power! The senior apprentices really are terrifying!” The monastery disciples were completely shocked. This was a scene they wouldn’t be able to forget in their lifetimes.

Let alone those disciples, even Tu Fang was dumbfounded. He didn’t even know when they had advanced to Meridian Opening.

“Boss, why won’t you let me go up too? I want to show off,” implored Guo Ran.

Currently, all of the Dragonblood Legion had gone forward. Only Tang Wan-er, Meng Qi, and Guo Ran were hanging back.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi were still at the peak of Bone Forging. Long Chen hadn’t given them the Meridian Opening Pills because he wanted them to stabilize their cultivation bases first.

As for Guo Ran, he had long since reached the Meridian Opening realm, but Long Chen still kept him behind, causing him to be dissatisfied. He felt unbearably itchy.

“This is for them to temper themselves. But you can already just barely count as an expert, so why must you fight over meat with them? Can’t you just grow up a bit?

“Back in the Jiuli secret realm, you were already quite the badass. On your own, you faced thousands of enemies. What more do you want?” asked Long Chen.

“In the beginning I was a badass, but then later you showed off too much! You were like the rising sun, while I was turned into just a firefly. All my work was obliterated,” complained Guo Ran bitterly.

“Fine. Those old ghosts are starting to get agitated. You can go out.”

Long Chen saw that some of those Xiantian experts were already starting to charge towards Gu Yang and the others. He hastily pushed Guo Ran forward.

The battlefield was extremely chaotic. Gu Yang, Yue Zifeng, and the others were all incomparably valiant, cutting down their enemies.

In just a few breaths’ time, more and more corpses littered the ground, all of them from the Corrupt path. If this continued, it wouldn’t be long before their Meridian Opening experts were completely slaughtered.

Gu Yang and the others were just too ruthless. Blood and flesh flew everywhere, but there wasn’t the slightest hint of fear in their eyes. In fact, they became more and more excited, and along with that excitement, they grew even fiercer. Each of them was like a bloodthirsty fiend that had crawled out of hell.

In front of them, the Corrupt experts, widely known to be cruel and merciless, were practically tender sheep.

Now, one of the Xiantian experts charged in and reached Gu Yang.


“You should die instead, you old ghost! Ancestral mark!”

Gu Yang roared furiously, and countless runes covered his body. He fully activated the Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art and smashed his spear at him.


Gu Yang flew back, but that Xiantian expert’s arm trembled intensely and his staff almost blew out of his hand. He was also blown back.

“How is that possible?”

The Corrupt experts were all dumbfounded. Gu Yang had clearly only just reached the early Meridian Opening realm. No, he couldn’t even count as having reached the early stage. He had only just broken through, but he was able to fight on the same level as an early Xiantian expert.

“Bastard, could it be that they all underwent complete tempering?!” Finally, there was a Corrupt expert who cursed as he thought of a possibility.

If they hadn’t undergone complete tempering, then it was impossible for them to possess such strength. But how was it possible for over three hundred people to undergo complete tempering?

“Everyone, kill them all!”

The emaciated elder’s expression finally changed. He finally realized he had been duped. But having only realized this now, almost all his disciples had been killed.

“You can all die. I’ll let you experience just what Xiantian power is!”

A mid Xiantian expert roared, taking out a jagged sword. Using his Xiantian power, he slashed it down on the Dragonblood warriors.

This blade caused heaven and earth to change color, and Tu Fang’s heart shook. But he saw Long Chen’s expression was still calm as if everything was still within his control.

Sparks flew as a metallic hand tightly caught the blade.

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