Chapter 526 Assassins

“Who are you?”

Long Chen was startled. His residence was private, and there had never been anyone to disturb him. Why would a female disciple appear here suddenly?

“I am Xiao Cui. Could it be that you’ve forgotten? A few days ago, Elder Tu Fang had me deliver a message to you.” She laughed.

“Oh, I remember now. Later, I asked you how old you are, but you refused to tell me.” Long Chen also laughed.

“A girl’s age is a secret!” Xiao Cui blushed.

A blood-red saber silently stabbed through Xiao Cui’s chest.

Xiao Cui looked at Long Chen with terror. “Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…”

“Sorry, but I never asked Xiao Cui her age.” Long Chen shook his head apologetically.

When he had seen her, he really hadn’t realized she was Xiao Cui. Only once she told him did he recall that they had had such an interaction.

Although he had only interacted with Xiao Cui ever so slightly, he now felt something was off about her, but at the same time, he was unable to say what it was.

That was why he had tested her just now, and ‘Xiao Cui’ had ended up exposing herself.

“Now I know what’s wrong. The fragrance coming from you is strong, but you don’t have any of a girl’s body odor. For a man to dress himself up like a girl, it really must have been hard on you.” Long Chen shook his head.


“It’d be best for you to not make any sudden movements. My saber contains my spiritual qi. If you move, it will immediately cause your body to explode. If I haven’t guessed wrongly, you must be an assassin from the Bloodkill Hall, correct?” asked Long Chen.

“Hahahaha… To die to someone like you is acceptable.” Xiao Cui’s voice suddenly became that of a man’s. But it didn’t contain the slightest bit of fear.

“Long Chen, being targeted by my Bloodkill Hall is equivalent to having a Yama King stuck to you. Death will be your final end, haha… pfft!”

Unexpectedly, the assassin self-destructed, filling the sky with blood.

“What? Even his blood contains poison. What viciousness.” Long Chen suddenly felt the world spinning around him.

Just at this moment, another figure popped out of nowhere and stabbed a dagger towards Long Chen’s back.

He was another assassin who had been patiently waiting this entire time, not releasing the slightest aura or hostility. Even when his companion had been stabbed, he hadn’t released the slightest fluctuation. He only revealed himself when his companion had self-destructed and poisoned Long Chen, flashing into action to kill him with a single blow.

A blood-red saber seemed to inadvertently and yet also intentionally spin through the air, just happening to slash apart that assassin’s waist, cutting him in two.

The saber clanged onto the ground. At the same time, Long Chen also fell to the ground.

A black arrow suddenly shot out of the room at his heart.

Just as the arrow was about to reach him, Long Chen raised a hand covered in violet light and smashed apart the arrow. At the same time, he also pointed a finger.

“Lightning Finger.”

A bolt of lightning shot out of his finger and instantly pierced into the room. The sound of a body exploding rang out.

Only then did Long Chen crawl up from the ground and pat the dust off his body. Picking up his saber, he looked at the corpses, his expression a bit odd.

“Looks like I’ve been feeling too secure recently. I actually forgot to activate my divine sense immediately,” he muttered to himself.

Divine sense was something specific to Long Chen. He had once asked Meng Qi about it, but Meng Qi didn’t know anything about divine sense.

She could only use her Spiritual Strength to scan for spiritual fluctuations. But the divine sense Long Chen used had the ability to see everything with Spiritual Strength.

The former could only sense the fluctuations of life and find out their positions, but Long Chen could actually see them.

These assassins had been extremely skillful, especially the last two. They had completely hidden their spiritual fluctuations so that no one would be able to sense them.

Even Spiritual Strength wouldn’t be able to sense them. Ordinary experts would definitely have died. That was the most terrifying aspect of assassins.

But although they could conceal themselves from spiritual perception, they were unable to escape Long Chen’s divine sense. Under the observation of his divine sense, they had nowhere to hide.

However, he had been afraid of them getting away, so he had put on an act of almost dying. Assassins were only specialized in assassinations and fleeing. He had no assurance in being able to chase one of them down.

Only once all three were dead and there was no one else around did he get back up.

The corpse on the ground was the only one that was remotely intact. It had a bronze badge.

Picking up the badge, he saw a skull had been carved into it, and at the mouth of the skeleton was a bloody dagger.

The carving was extremely exquisite, almost lifelike. It was extremely bloody, and the carving of the blood dripping from the dagger was extremely chilling. On the other side of the badge was a strange mark, but he was unable to understand its meaning. Perhaps it was a code name, or perhaps it was their level.

“They were all at the mid Bone Forging realm, so their cultivation bases weren’t high, and their combat abilities weren’t outstanding. But they were specialized in assassinations. They are cold-hearted, emotionless, uncaring about their own lives…”

Long Chen was lost in thought. The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins had finally arrived. Their abilities truly were powerful.

Somehow, they had managed to sneak their way into the first monastery. That didn’t mean that the monastery’s defenses weren’t good enough, but that these people were too skillful and specialized.

That first assassin had managed to dress himself into appearing like a woman in such a perfect way that even Long Chen hadn’t seen any flaws.

If he hadn’t had an odd feeling inside, causing him to test her, he might have ended up being killed.

These assassins were all madmen, willing to go to any lengths necessary to achieve their goals. They were definitely difficult to handle.

If they only aimed to kill him, he wouldn’t feel afraid. Even if he was stabbed in his vitals, he had the primal chaos bead and could instantly heal. Unless they managed to instantly chop off his head, he could still recover. However, Long Chen didn’t believe they were capable of that.

What he was worried about was that these madmen would assassinate the people by his side. Then their chances of succeeding would be extremely high.

After cleaning up quickly, Long Chen called out Meng Qi, Tang Wan-er, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and all the other Dragonblood warriors, telling them that the assassins from the Bloodkill Hall had arrived.

“Fuck, it’s not like we ever provoked them. Why would they come target us?!” raged Gu Yang.

“They’re just a bunch of madmen who buy lives with money. There’s no need to get angry. Their target is me, and I can handle them.

“Today, I called you all out to tell you a few things. First, all of you enter seclusion.

“No matter what happens, don’t come out. Wait until you finish complete tempering and reach the peak of Bone Forging. At that time, advance to Meridian Opening in one go,” said Long Chen.

“Advance in one go? Is that going to be alright?” asked Meng Qi worriedly.

Their cultivation bases were all raised by medicinal pills. Advancing this quickly was a cultivation taboo.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine. The Dragonblood Legion’s power surpasses your imagination. They’re all true warriors who have killed their way out of a sea of blood. Their foundations will be fine.

“Other than that, although your cultivation bases were rapidly increased with medicinal pills, as long as you have an appropriate cultivation technique, you can still make your foundation even sturdier without battling.” Long Chen smiled.

“Boss, did you obtain another treasure again?” Guo Ran’s eyes brightened.

“Yes, I obtained quite a few techniques from the supermonastery this time. Let me tell you a piece of good news: starting today, each of you can start training in a high Heaven class cultivation technique,” said Long Chen.

“High Heaven class?!”

Heaven class cultivation techniques were even more precious than Heaven class Battle Skills, and for it to be the high Heaven class, everyone was filled with disbelief.

“I won’t waste any words, but I guarantee the cultivation technique will completely satisfy you. With this cultivation technique and the assistant of high grade Battle Skills, each of you will have the power to battle across realms.”

Long Chen transmitted the Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art to each person, causing each of them to be filled with wild joy.

Cultivation techniques were the foundation of a person’s cultivation, and the stronger that foundation, the more power they could release. A high Heaven class cultivation technique was something they didn’t even dare dream of obtaining.

“Sister Qing Yu, you and the other women can’t train in it for now due to your innate constitutions. But that’s fine, because in a bit, I’ll refine some body-strengthening pills for you, and then you can train in it.”

Within the Dragonblood Legion, there were five women. If their innate constitutions weren’t strong enough, they could make up for it with more work and resources.

“Other than that, I also have Heaven class Battle Skills, but I don’t want you guys to get distracted, so I won’t distribute them just yet. Everyone should just focus on cultivating. Go into seclusion, and don’t come out until you finish complete tempering. You don’t need to worry about the medicinal pills,” said Long Chen.

Hearing that he had Heaven class Battle Skills as well, everyone’s eyes shone, and they wished they could immediately reach complete tempering to cultivate those techniques.

After handling that, Long Chen returned to his own residence. After thinking for a while, he decided to go find Elder Tu Fang and tell him the news that he had been targeted by the Bloodkill Hall.

That made Tu Fang jump in fright. There were few who ever lived after being targeted by them. He urged Long Chen to go to the supermonastery.

He declined that suggestion, telling Tu Fang that it would be fine as long as every disciple returned to their own residences.

After that, Long Chen returned to his residence and quickly completed some work. Then, he simply waited while eating medicinal pills.

Three days later, a light sound interrupted Long Chen while he was refining pills.

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