Chapter 525 Lightning Rushing Hand

“Fuck, how frightening.”

The sensation of suddenly being cut off from all his senses truly was a frightening one. It felt as if a boulder was crushing him.

But then thinking about it, he was also relieved. The supermonastery’s Battle Skill Pavilion was an important location, and having such defenses was normal.

He quickly advanced, choosing the third pathway. On either side of the passage were many stone doors. Each stone door had some words on it, and when he looked at them, he saw that they marked the classification and grades of the Battle Skills.

He ignored those doors and went directly as deep as possible. At the end of the passage, a large door appeared.

“What is this supposed to be?” Long Chen was dumbfounded upon seeing this door. There was no opening mechanism. Was he supposed to smash it open?

Suddenly, a light sound came from the stone door, and a notch appeared. Long Chen hastily tried placing the tablet Shui Wuhen had given him into it.

The stone door slowly pulled into the wall, revealing a room.

This room was around three hundred meters wide. There were no decorations within the room, only many foot-long jade tablets embedded in the walls.

Arriving at the first tablet, he saw a line of characters on it: Middle grade Heaven class Battle Skill: Lightning Rushing Hand. Requirements: lightning attribute spiritual qi.

“Nice, this is just what I need!” Long Chen was delighted. Now that the lightning serpent tattoo had appeared on his arm, he found that his thunderforce no longer had any rejection for him, and he could easily control it.

But the Thunderization Art he had learned was of too low quality and unsuitable for controlling such powerful thunderforce. Now he practically went crazy with delight.

Pressing a finger on the jade tablet, he inserted his Spiritual Strength. That was what Shui Wuhen had taught him.

As expected, the jade tablet immediately lit up, and a vast amount of information poured into Long Chen’s head. He hastily opened up his soul, allowing the information to enter.

These were extremely convenient spiritual jade tablets that recorded the contents of Battle Skills, and the information within them would be copied once a person activated them with their Spiritual Strength.

“What an exquisite circulation method!”

Long Chen couldn’t help exclaiming, and with a thought, his lightning python quivered and his hand was covered in a layer of violet light.

“What a terrifying condensing ability. With the thunderforce on my hand, I can even grab Xiantian weapons.” Long Chen couldn’t help being astonished and delighted.

This Lightning Rushing Hand was an extremely exquisite lightning Battle Skill, and through its special circulation method, it could compress his thunderforce.

That thunderforce would condense over his hand without the slightest bit of it scattering. But once it touched something, then with a thought from its master, it would erupt with irresistible force.

“Within the Battle Skill Pavilion, it is forbidden to activate Battle Skills.” A roar resounded throughout the pavilion.

Long Chen jumped, hastily putting away the lightning on his hand and apologizing, “Sorry, really sorry!”

After putting away the lightning, the voice also faded. Long Chen wasn’t even clear on where the voice had come from.

“It seems there are people watching here?” Long Chen was slightly startled, and he didn’t waste any more time.

He hurried over to the second jade tablet, seeing a line of words: Middle grade Heaven class Battle Skill: Wind Moon Engulfs Stars. Requirements: wind attribute spiritual qi.

“Not bad, not bad, this is good for Wan-er, and it’s even a group slaughter technique. Hehe, I really have struck gold.”

Tang Wan-er was currently comprehending the wind mysteries within the Wind Spirit Crystal, and her comprehension and control over her wind energy was advancing at a shocking pace.

This Wind Moon Engulfs Stars was definitely a treasure for her. Once he brought it back, perhaps he would get an opportunity to obtain a beauty’s kiss.

Long Chen didn’t look into the Wind Moon Engulfs Stars in detail. After everything within had been transferred into his mind, he sealed it within his soul. Later, he could directly transmit it to Tang Wan-er. In any case, going through it in detail was useless to him, as this Battle Skill was not his style. He hastily moved on to his next target.

High Grade Heaven Class: Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art. Requirements: Only those with powerful physical bodies can train in this. Otherwise, it will cause your body to explode. Be warned.

“High grade cultivation technique? It seems very strong.” Long Chen was surprised to find something like this here, and he hastily investigated it. As expected, it truly was an extremely powerful cultivation technique.

However, the body tempering arts recorded inside had extremely high requirements. If your body couldn’t endure three catties of force, it was forbidden to train in it.

A catty was a unit of measurement from ancient times. One catty was equivalent to three hundred thousand pounds. Three catties was already almost a million pounds. 

Furthermore, that requirement was based purely on physical strength and could not be dependent on activating any Battle Skills or cultivation techniques. It was an extremely harsh demand, and beneath the Xiantian realm, there were few people who could train in it.

Once you reached the Xiantian realm, you would have even better things to train in. Who would bother with this?

“Hehe, this is practically perfect for the Dragonblood Legion. Once they’ve tempered more than one hundred bones, then it’ll be no problem for them to have three catties of strength.”

Right now, the majority of the Dragonblood Legion had tempered at least one hundred bones. As for the remaining members, they would also reach that point quickly. After all, their talents weren’t the same, and it was impossible for them to advance at exactly the same rate.

However, even those who cultivated slower would reach the hundred-temper realm within ten days, and then they could train in the Mountain Crushing Body Tempering Art.

After learning these three techniques, Long Chen had just been about to select a fourth technique when a voice resounded within the Battle Skill Pavilion.

“You may only choose three Battle Skills to learn each time you enter the Heaven class portion of the Battle Skill Pavilion.”

Now Long Chen was paying attention and heard that this voice came from one of the two Xiantian elders guarding the door. The voice was distorted from echoing in the pavilion, but now he could tell that this was the same speaker as the one who had roared at him previously.

“How come I’ve never heard of that rule? The monastery head gave me her tablet, allowing me to learn any of the techniques here,” raged Long Chen.

In truth, Shui Wuhen hadn’t said that, but he knew she wouldn’t care. If Long Chen didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, then that would be too much of a loss.

“These are the rules,” was the icy reply.

Suddenly, the jade tablet receded into the stone walls, disappearing completely.

“Fuck, are you hurrying me out? Fine, count yourselves as vicious.”

Long Chen furiously left the Battle Skill Pavilion. When he reached the exit, the passage automatically opened for him.

When he walked out, the passageway closed again. Long Chen glared at the two elders, but they didn’t even glance at him, acting as if this was just as the rules dictated.

Long Chen didn’t say anything. He walked away. But just a dozen steps later, he turned back and arrived in front of the two of them.

“Oh, how coincidental, to run into the two of you again! The revered monastery head has ordered me to come learn some Battle Skills.” Long Chen laughed.

“Didn’t you just learn them?” asked one elder.

“If you already ate once, would you never eat again?” said Long Chen lightly.

“According to the rules-”

“I’ve already acted according to the rules. Each time, I can only look through three techniques, right? Well, now I’ve come again.

“This is my second time coming here, so thank you for your trouble, but I want to look through another three techniques. Then I’ll come out and come again a third time,” said Long Chen.

What kind of garbage rules were these? This was clearly just making things hard on him intentionally. If they wanted to play, then he would accompany them. Although he didn’t know what exactly their intentions were, it still made him furious.

With the monastery head’s tablet, you still want to make things hard on me? You must have a mental illness. Furthermore, it’s not like me training in Battle Skills makes things hard on you.

The two Elders looked at each other, each seeing the other’s helplessness. They could only open the door for Long Chen again.

When the door closed again, one of them shook his head and said, “This Long Chen really is a ruthless character. You should tell Zhao Yongchang not to target him anymore; otherwise, the ones to suffer will definitely be you guys.”

Long Chen didn’t know about that, but he also didn’t care. He was planning on going through every single technique within the Battle Skill Pavilion, as those were things the Dragonblood Legion required.

Six hours later, Long Chen finally left, perfectly content. Dozens of high grade Battle Skills had been sealed within his mind.

That was only possible due to how vast his Spiritual Strength was. For an ordinary Bone Forging expert, memorizing two Heaven class Battle Skills would already be not bad.

Sealing such a technique within the mind required a vast amount of energy. Just relying on memory wasn’t enough. There was simply too much information within those high-class techniques.

Not only did Battle Skills contain a circulation method, but there were also taboos as well as many principles and theories, and even some experience from seniors.

It could be said that if a thousand people used the same Battle Skill, it would cause a thousand different effects. A person needed to go through drilling and experience to find out the best way to use a technique.

Once he left the Battle Skill Pavilion, Long Chen returned the tablet to Shui Wuhen. On his way back, he saw Zhou Qingyi furiously directing people to rebuild the new death-deciding stage.

Long Chen walked by her grandly and openly, making her even more furious.

After doing that, seeing how furious Zhou Qingyi was, Long Chen’s mood became much more pleased, and only then did he step into the transportation formation and return to the first monastery.

The monastery erupted into a clamor because the news that he had killed Han Tianyu had long since arrived.

It was not easy to calm everyone down and get them to calmly cultivate, but he finally managed to return to his own residence.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, you’ve returned!” He had only just arrived at his yard when a young woman in disciple robes bowed in greeting.

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