Chapter 524 Fighting Across Realms


The stone tablet suddenly trembled, but then it quickly became silent.

“Is this really the case?” Shui Wuhen sighed disappointedly.

“Sister, did I not use enough force?” asked Long Chen.

“You can try circulating your full strength,” said Shui Wuhen.


Long Chen fully activated the FengFu Star and Alioth Star, and his spiritual qi surged out, but it didn’t cause any reaction with the stone tablet.

“It’s fine, there’s no need to keep trying. You aren’t a Celestial,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen pulled back his energy and asked, “What is a Celestial? What relationship does it have to the stone tablet?”

“Celestials are the true favorites of heaven and earth. The legends are that Celestials are heavenly geniuses born to deal with worldly calamities. The heavens pamper them, blessing them with karmic luck, and their combat strength is shocking.

“Within the supermonastery, there are countless Favored, but compared to Celestials, they aren’t even fit to wipe their shoes. If I were to make a comparison, Favored are blades of grass and flowers, while Celestials are towering trees.

“The grass is the cornerstone of the world, but then Celestials are this world’s towering pillars. They are the leading characters of this world.

“At the level of top geniuses, only Celestials are able to remain unrivaled within the same realm and can fight across realms. When they fight, karmic luck supports them, and that mysterious energy makes them unrivaled.

“It can be said that once a Celestial matures to their peak, they are the peak figures of the cultivation world, capable of looking down on anyone else.

“Other than that, they have another special point. If a Celestial has awoken, then when they advance to Bone Forging, the heavens will bring down heavenly tribulation on them, using thunderforce to temper their physical body and will, stabilizing their foundation. That is what it means to be the favored of the heavens,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

There’s such a good thing in this world? When I undergo tribulation, aren’t the heavens just purely trying to kill me? Why can’t I feel a trace of that kindheartedness? Long Chen was filled with a sensation of unfairness.

“This Celestial Tablet was formed with a Celestial Stone at the core. It is extremely sensitive to the Heavenly Daos, and it is used specifically to test Celestials.

“Celestials are split into their own levels. Do you see the nine flowers on the stele? If a Celestial circulates their spiritual qi, those flowers will light up.

“The more flowers that light up, the higher the rank of the Celestial, and the more blessed they are by the heavens. One flower makes you a rank one Celestial, while nine flowers make you a rank nine Celestial. Rank nine Celestials are known as true Celestials, and such figures only exist in legends. It’s unknown how many years have passed since one has appeared.

“As for rank one to rank eight, those are actually just quasi-Celestials. However, in the current cultivation world, they are still lumped together as Celestials.

“Since you underwent a tribulation at the Bone Forging realm, you should be a Celestial. At worst, you should at least be a rank one Celestial. It really is odd,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen bitterly smiled inside. He hadn’t just undergone tribulation at Bone Forging; he had started going through tribulation since Blood Condensation. If it hadn’t been for the Spirit World expert’s reminder, he’d have long since been dead.

Just thinking about how the heavens had made a Blood Condensation rookie undergo tribulation, Long Chen had an urge to curse the nonsensical heavens.

“Sister, even if I’m not a Celestial, it doesn’t matter. With my strength, I wouldn’t be inferior to anyone,” consoled Long Chen.

“Fool, you just don’t know how terrifying Celestials are. Let me tell you something, that Yin Wushang who you cursed is a rank one Celestial,” said Shui Wuhen.

“What? Even he’s a Celestial? The heavens will bless him? Then the heavens really are blind.” Long Chen shook his head, aggrieved at the unfairness.

“Ah, don’t feel so indignant. Although you aren’t a Celestial, your strength wouldn’t rank you beneath Celestials.

“Within the same realm, perhaps you can fight with one of them for a while. But remember, when facing Celestials, you cannot try fighting across realms, because that’s just suicide,” warned Shui Wuhen.

“I understand.” Long Chen nodded obediently. He knew she was worried he would be too obstinate.

It wasn’t as if he was an idiot. Of course, he wouldn’t just stubbornly clash with someone head-on when he would be the only one to suffer losses.

“If my guess is correct, Yin Wushang came today mostly to see whether or not you are a Celestial and also to test your strength,” said Shui Wuhen.

“I know. That’s why I didn’t expose my true strength when I fought just now. If it hadn’t been for the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit, I wouldn’t have even bothered to accept such a senseless challenge.” Long Chen smiled when he thought of the Meridian Opening Fruit.

He had already sent it into the primal chaos space, and the saplings had already grown over a foot tall. Just looking at that scene made him feel happy.

“For a single Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit to make you this happy, you really must not have any worries,” said Shui Wuhen helplessly.

To agree to a deathmatch with someone just because of a fruit… Sometimes she felt that when Long Chen was smart, he was frighteningly smart, but when he was foolish, he pushed the bounds of a person’s imagination.

“However, the fact that you didn’t expose the Split the Heavens Battle Skill is at least a bit smart. After this, bring my tablet to go select some Heaven class Battle Skills from the Battle Skill Pavilion. Try not to use Split the Heavens.

“Most likely, the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect is too far, and so the news of the Jiuli secret realm didn’t reach them. That matter will end there.

“But in the future, don’t use Split the Heavens. That is taboo. Just pick a few Heaven class Battle Skills you like. Although their power is inferior to Split the Heavens, they won’t be that much weaker. At the very least, it’s much safer,” said Shui Wuhen.

Shui Wuhen was also very worried about the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect. That was an existence on the same level as the Xuantian Dao Sect. Let alone her, even her Shui family would be unable to do anything to them.

Right now, the only good news was that there was no news from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect. Most likely, the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect had too many disciples, and they couldn’t pay attention to every disciple that explored the many secret realms.

Shui Wuhen asked Long Chen whether or not he wanted to just stay in the supermonastery now. That way, she could keep a constant guard over him, and it would be safer. She was worried about the Yin family’s schemes.

However, Long Chen declined. As a cultivator, how could a person live off another person’s charity just for safety?

Furthermore, he still was worried about the matter with the Dragonblood Legion. He had to keep watch over them personally.

This time, he hadn’t exposed the Dragonblood Legion, as none of them had come with him here. It was impossible for Shui Wuhen to not notice how powerful the Dragonblood warriors were.

For over three hundred people to undergo complete tempering would definitely astonish anyone. To avoid being exposed too early, the best method was to be more low-key.

Now, Long Chen left Shui Wuhen’s room, going directly to the supermonastery’s Battle Skill Pavilion with her tablet.

Long Chen found that he really never had enough time. The matter of training in more Battle Skills should have been something he brought up.

But he had been too busy. Ever since returning from the secret realm, he had only taken a single day’s break, and that had been when they had had their barbecue.

Other than that day, he had spent all day concocting pills and cultivating. He hadn’t even dared to take a fifteen-minute break. If Shui Wuhen hadn’t taken the initiative to urge him, he still wouldn’t have had time to go to the Battle Skill Pavilion.

Within the monastery, the only Battle Skills present were in the Earth class and below. If you wanted to learn Heaven class Battle Skills, you had to go to the supermonastery. Furthermore, you couldn’t bring the tomes outside of the Battle Skill Pavilion nor could you copy them. The rules were very strict.

“You… why have you come here?”

Just as Long Chen arrived, he heard a voice trembling with fear. When he saw the owner of the voice, he couldn’t help but laugh.

“Oh, how coincidental. Does your face not hurt? I came here to pick out some Battle Skills. I feel like I only use one skill when fighting, and I only have such limited abilities. There’s no beauty to it, no creativity. I’ve gotten tired of it.” Long Chen laughed.

That person was precisely the one who had come to receive Long Chen on the day of the sect leader meeting. He had intentionally provoked and insulted him, and then almost died from Long Chen’s slap in the face.

Back then, Long Chen had already deduced that this idiot was being used by someone. If it wasn’t Sha Tonghai, then it had to be Zhao Yongchang. Other people didn’t have that ability.

But to try and intimidate Long Chen like this really was too foolish. This person had ended up being slapped for nothing.

Originally, he had been planning on going to the law enforcement branch to report Long Chen. But then he had heard that Long Chen had slapped Sha Tonghai’s face four times in front of the monastery head, and so he had abandoned the thought.

Now, seeing Long Chen today, he began to tremble in terror, thinking Long Chen had come to target him.

“Let me warn you, don’t do anything stupid! I’m on my official shift, and if you strike, that will be a grave offense of the rules!” he stuttered.

Then he realized that Long Chen wasn’t even looking at him and had gone directly into the Battle Skill Pavilion. Only then did he sigh in relief.

Long Chen didn’t care about an ant. Cultivation was just like that. Some people were stupid and had no idea how to size up the situation. Just being face-slapped was already fortunate for him. At the very least, he was still alive. There were many people in this world who had ended up silently disappearing because they had stood on the wrong side.

“Stop! The Battle Skill Pavilion is an important location. Idlers can’t randomly enter.” Suddenly, two elders appeared in front of Long Chen.

“I’m not an idler. I came to select Battle Skills,” said Long Chen.

“Tablet?” The two elders were expressionless.

Seeing the tablet Long Chen handed over, the two of them were slightly startled and then nodded.

“The Heaven section is straight ahead, third path on the right.”

After saying that, the two of them pressed the stone wall, and a passage opened for him.

“Damn, did they need to make it so exaggerated?”

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. The stone wall had looked extremely ordinary, but it was actually dozens of meters thick.

“Hurry and enter,” urged one of the elders.

Only then did he realize that countless runes were shining on the stone door, and it seemed it used up a great deal of their energy to keep it open. He hastily walked in.

As soon as he entered, the stone door slammed back down. Long Chen now felt like he was isolated from the rest of the world. There was not the slightest sound.

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