Chapter 522 Killing Han Tianyu

Long Chen lazily rested his saber on his shoulder. His gaze was like lightning, disdainfully looking down on all, and his voice resounded throughout the entire supermonastery.

The disciples looked at him with shock. It had been impossible for them to clearly see their previous exchange.

But they could all see that the martial stage had been destroyed, and that level of power terrified all of them. Long Chen was still completely fine in the face of that power.

Only Shui Wuhen, Zhou Qingyi, and a few Xiantian experts had been able to see the entire exchange. When Han Tianyu’s attack had been about to reach him, a divine ring had suddenly appeared behind Long Chen’s back.

As soon as that divine ring had appeared, it was as if a battle god had possessed his body, and with a swing of his saber, he broke apart Han Tianyu’s attack.

It was precisely because they had seen it clearly that they were even more shocked. That slash of his saber had seemed like a random blow, and yet it had possessed an incredibly destructive power.

Previously, rumors had spread that Long Chen had fought against the peak experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths, but many people found it impossible to believe such a thing.

Now that Long Chen had revealed his wild domineeringness, he shocked all of them. Even the Xiantian experts were shocked by Long Chen’s domineeringness.

It was as if Long Chen was a monster that had finally woken up, and his berserk will was incredibly imposing.

“Long Chen!” Han Tianyu clenched his teeth. Long Chen had once more become the undefeatable demon king he had been in the Jiuli secret realm. This image of Long Chen had already become his nightmare, one that was just waiting to kill him.

Han Tianyu roared and light erupted from his sword, attacking Long Chen.

Long Chen snorted and he leaned forward, tightly holding his saber with both hands. A harsh and cold aura gradually rose from him, like a devil leopard accumulating strength.

Suddenly, Long Chen roared thunderously, and his saber created a ray of blood-red light, appearing like a heavenly saber that could slash apart the river of stars.


Everyone was amazed to see that Han Tianyu was sent flying by a single slash of Long Chen’s saber. 

After sending him flying, he followed up on his saber strike, taking a single step to appear in front of Han Tianyu. His saber released a sea of red light as it slashed down on him again.

Han Tianyu was completely horrified, and he instantly recalled that Long Chen seemed to possess an extremely amazing saber technique that superimposed his strength. Each slash of his saber contained a portion of his previous slash’s power, and it was extremely terrifying.

He had no time to react after that thought flitted through his head though. Long Chen’s saber was already about to reach him, and he hastily raised his sword.


Han Tianyu vomited blood, and flew back. This time, he had taken extremely heavy injuries.

Furthermore, Long Chen’s third attack was coming for him, his saber cutting through the void, seemingly capable of cutting through anything.

Han Tianyu was completely appalled and resisted with his full strength. However, he was unable to block this saber. This saber seemed to be able to destroy the heavens, destroy the earth, destroy devils, and destroy gods.

After a heaven-shaking explosion, a figure shot out like a meteorite, digging a long ditch in the ground.

Han Tianyu ended up smashing through several miles of ground before smashing heavily into a large platform.

That platform was the Xiantian Supermonastery’s ancestral statue. This statue was extremely tall, so its base was dozens of meters tall, and it was covered in runes that made it extremely stable.

Han Tianyu’s bones broke and his muscles tore apart when he struck that platform. He no longer even appeared human anymore. The entire crowd was deathly silent.

Everyone looked at Long Chen with shock, reverence, and terror. Long Chen’s power had already surpassed their imaginations.

Using the Netherworld Ghost Steps, Long Chen appeared in front of Han Tianyu with a single step. He put away his saber and clasped his hands behind his back.

All of Han Tianyu’s bones had been crushed. He had almost turned into a lump, but this wasn’t his worst injury. The worst damage was to his Spiritual Strength. His soul was starting to grow unstable, like a candle in the wind.

That illusory figure behind him completely disappeared, while his Spiritual Strength was also burned to its limit. Even Long Chen would be unable to save him.

“Do you have any last words?” Long Chen looked at Han Tianyu. His words didn’t contain any ridicule, but they also didn’t contain any sympathy.

Han Tianyu coughed up several large mouthfuls of blood, and his gaze became a bit dim. However, his eyes were still filled with unwillingness. “You… chose… complete tempering…”

Long Chen nodded. “Yes, I’ve chosen complete tempering, and I’ve already tempered over half my bones.”

“Cough… it’s all because… of those bastards from the Yin family… They made me abandon my complete tempering… and they also placed… a spiritual larva inside me… Otherwise, the person dying today… would definitely have been you,” he said ruthlessly.

From their fight, Long Chen had also seen that Han Tianyu had given up on his complete tempering and had only tempered sixteen bones before attacking Meridian Opening. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been suppressed so much.

That was what Han Tianyu felt most unwilling about. If he had undergone complete tempering, then with his current realm, the results of their fight would most likely have been reversed.

“Perhaps,” said Long Chen indifferently. There was no point over arguing this point. “Who is that person?”

“Why… would I tell you?” sneered Han Tianyu.

“Perhaps there will come a day when I get revenge for you. If you don’t want to tell me, that’s also fine. I won’t hold up your death. You can do whatever you want. I’ll leave.” Long Chen turned to leave.

“Wait!” Han Tianyu reddened slightly. “Can you really get revenge for me?”

“Right now, you’re on your final surge before death. If you want revenge, then say what you want to say before you breathe your last breath.”

“Fine, I’ll tell you. He is the Yin family’s future junior master. He is their strongest junior generation. His name is…” Han Tianyu’s voice suddenly stopped.

Long Chen couldn’t help but sigh. Han Tianyu’s body still contained a trace of life force, but his soul had already been exterminated.

“Let me take his place to tell you. My name is Yin Wushang[1]. Remember this name, because the person possessing this name will one day cut off your head.”

The person talking was precisely the mysterious man from the Yin family. He was looking at Long Chen lightly without the slightest surprise.

“Yin Wushang? What a trash name. One day, I’ll definitely cover your entire body with injuries.” Long Chen shook his head disdainfully. “However, there’s one aspect of you that’s not bad. Thank you for that Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit. Although that thing’s not worth much, it’s so rare for you to be filial, so I won’t quibble with you about it. When you go home, say hi to your mother for me.”

Yin Qing and Yin Wushang’s expressions sank. Yin Wushang was their Yin family’s peak genius, the future inheritor of the Yin family. His status was incredibly high, so Long Chen’s words were practically the greatest possible insult to him.

“Long Chen, if I killed you now, that would just be bullying. I’ll wait until you’ve finished your complete tempering and reach the Meridian Opening to cut off your head,” said Yin Wushang icily.

That startled everyone. Yin Wushang was truly confident, saying he would kill Long Chen once he reached the Meridian Opening realm. However, there was one thing slightly odd that they had noticed. Many people had been glanced at by him when he had first come, and that gaze had felt like the gaze of a death god. Even the Xiantian experts had that feeling.

“I’d advise you not to think that way because it is very dangerous. With the death of Han Tianyu, the enmities between your Yin family and myself have basically ended.

“If you continue to target me, then I, Long Chen, swear to erase your Yin family’s name from this world. I, Long Chen, never make empty promises, and if you want to try me, you can come at me any time,” said Long Chen icily.

These words were too ruthless, and even Shui Wuhen felt they were too much.

“Hahahaha, good, good! Then let me see just how a Bone Forging amateur can eradicate my Yin family!

“Let me make it clear to you: now that you’ve killed someone from my Yin family, even if you ascend to the heavens or bore your way into the earth, you won’t be able to escape my Yin family’s reach.

“In this world, no one can step on the ancient families’ prestige. Unless you plan on spending the rest of your life in the Xuantian Supermonastery, take care until the day I cut off your head,” sneered Yin Wushang.

“Good, then saying anything more is meaningless. Now, that person is already dead, and you’ve also shown your filial respect, so just scram. My Xuantian Supermonastery truly can’t compare with your ancient family, so don’t stay for food! Just fuck off however far you can!” Long Chen waved his hand, almost as if he was waving off a beggar.

Yin Wushang was very aware that he couldn’t get angry right now, or that would just be elevating Long Chen’s status.

Although he kept his expression calm, his hair was standing on end. In all his years, he had never been as infuriated as today. If Shui Wuhen wasn’t present, he would very likely have immediately attacked.

“What are you just staring at? Glaring doesn’t have any use. There are no leftovers, so scram,” pushed Long Chen.

The veins on Yin Wushang’s forehead bulged, and a cold light shone in his eyes. A formless energy enveloped Long Chen, and he felt his heart jump. He was just about to take action when Shui Wuhen waved her hand, and that sensation disappeared.

“This is the Xuantian Supermonastery. Junior master from the Yin family, are you saying you don’t place me in your eyes?” Shui Wuhen stood in front of Long Chen.

Yin Wushang took a deep breath, forcing himself to stay calm. “Monastery head Shui, my Yin family and your Shui family don’t have any enmity. Are you not afraid of the consequences of your actions?”

“Junior master, are you trying to threaten me? My Shui family is backed by the Xuantian Dao Sect. If you think your Yin family can handle the Xuantian Dao Sect, then just come. It seems the Righteous path hasn’t gotten excited in a long time,” retorted Shui Wuhen.

“Fine. Then we’re leaving.”

Yin Wushang clenched his teeth and stepped on the teleportation formation with Yin Qing, disappearing from their sight.

“Sorry, I’ve caused some people to be disappointed. I hope those people don’t end up dying from rage; otherwise, for two pieces of garbage to die in the supermonastery in one day would be quite embarrassing. Plus, we’d have to waste a coffin,” sighed Long Chen.

“Long Chen…!” Zhou Qingyi was completely infuriated. He was clearly indirectly cursing her. Furthermore, it was in front of everyone.

“Long Chen, come with me. I have something to discuss with you.” Shui Wuhen didn’t even glance at Zhou Qingyi and pulled Long Chen away.

But after taking a few steps, she suddenly turned back. “Assistant monastery head Zhou, the death-deciding stage has disappeared. I’ll leave the reconstruction to you. Consider it a formal mission.”

“Excuse me?!”

[1] 殷无殇 Yin Wushang. The character for Yin is a common surname. Wu meaning none, and shang meaning die. Shang is the same pronunciation as 伤 for injuries. Long Chen makes a pun on this; instead of no injuries, he will make him covered with injuries. Recall that the Wushuang in Yin Wushuang meant no equal.

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