Chapter 521 Departed Ghost Devour Art

Sinister runes covered Han Tianyu’s face, and the whites of his eyes disappeared, causing him to look like a malevolent spirit. At the same time, a huge illusory image appeared behind him.

That illusory figure was thirty meters tall, and it possessed an immense pair of wings. It was impossible to see it clearly.

When it appeared, an incredibly evil aura filled the air, causing everyone’s hearts to turn cold.

“Netherworld Ghost Devour Art?!”

Shui Wuhen’s expression changed, and she looked towards the Yin family’s experts. “You really are brazen. How could you teach Han Tianyu a forbidden technique? Are you trying to be targeted by the entire Righteous path?”

The Corrupt path’s cultivation techniques and Battle Skills were all forbidden techniques to the Righteous path. Any disciple who obtained those techniques would have to hand it over to higher authorities, or they would be killed.

If a sect selfishly hid this fact or secretly taught these kinds of forbidden techniques, they would be treated as traitors of the entire Righteous path and attacked from all sides. Thus, no one dared do such a thing.

But now Han Tianyu had used a technique that released such an evil aura. It was clearly a secret technique from the Corrupt path. That was why Shui Wuhen was so furious.

“You’re wrong. No matter how brazen my Yin family is, we wouldn’t dare cultivate forbidden techniques. The secret technique you see right now isn’t the Netherworld Ghost Devour Art, but the Departed Ghost Devour Art.

“I trust that with experience, you should have heard of it. Although it was a secret technique created by the Corrupt path, cultivating it does not require killing or harming others, and so it is fair game.

“Even Righteous disciples can train in it. If a disciple trains in it and thus causes displeasure with the Righteous path, then their sect will have to bear the consequences. However, in my opinion, Han Tianyu’s conduct won’t bring about any bad consequences.” Yin Qing smiled slightly, clearly having already predicted all of this.

“You really were vicious.” Shui Wuhen took a deep breath.

“Hehe, what is viciousness in this world? This is just cultivation. Those who offend my Yin family can’t have a good ending, or how would my Yin family maintain the prestige of an ancient family?” laughed Yin Qing.

Shui Wuhen didn’t reply, turning to look at Long Chen. The only thing that comforted her slightly was that Long Chen’s expression had been completely calm this entire time.

But she was still worried, because according to her understanding of Long Chen’s temperament, even if he was facing death, he still would maintain the same calm expression. He definitely won’t show any expression of fear or panic.

However, she knew he was smart, and so she had no idea what assurance he had against Han Tianyu who had used the Departed Ghost Devour Art.

Everyone was looking at Han Tianyu with shock. That huge black figure behind him released an aura like the vengeful spirits from the depths of hell.

“Long Chen, I really want to know what emotion you’re feeling now. Terror? Unwillingness? Or is it something else?” Even Han Tianyu’s voice had changed after using this technique. It sounded like iron scraping iron, and it was not a sound that should come from a human. It was more like the cry of a bloodthirsty devil.

Long Chen smiled slightly and rested his saber on his shoulder. He finally understood why Han Tianyu dared to challenge him. This should be his strongest trump card.

He had no choice but to admit that Han Tianyu truly was powerful. However, there was still one thing he didn’t understand.

“I really want to know, now that you’ve used your secret technique, even if you can kill me, how long will you be able to live after?”

“One hour.” Han Tianyu icily glared at Long Chen with his devil-like eyes.

His words caused a wave of shock to ripple through the crowd. This terrifying secret technique was actually so self-destructive. Once it was used, even the user would die?

“Then why bother?” Long Chen shook his head.

“Why bother? Hahaha, why bother?!”

Han Tianyu suddenly laughed loudly, his voice filled with unwillingness and fury. His voice shook everyone’s eardrums and they turned pale.

“Isn’t this all because of you?! If it weren’t for you, I’d still be the number one disciple of the Xuantian Supermonastery! How free and happy would I have been?!

“It was you who destroyed everything I had! If you had just obediently been killed by me, how could so many things have popped up later?!

“You little bastard, you intentionally didn’t kill that Yin Wushuang to scheme against me! That slut tormented me with all her might until she died!

“Now she’s dead, but the bastards from the Yin family placed a soul larvae in my body. They’re raising a fiendish ghoul within me!

“I only had two options: to allow the devouring ghoul within me to grow stronger every day until it consumed me, or to use my Spiritual Strength to activate the ghoul’s strength to gain ten times the power.

“Now I’ve come here. They promised me that as long as I can kill you, they’ll suppress the ghoul’s growth and won’t let it continue growing.

“But.. you bastard, why are you so strong?! Why did you have to force me to this point? If I don’t kill you, I’ll still die! But now, I’ll definitely kill you first!”

Han Tianyu’s voice grew to become a heaven-shaking roar, one filled with unwillingness and hatred. His sword slashed forward.

When he moved, the figure behind him also moved, its actions the exact same as his. The illusory figure’s sword slashed down on Long Chen.

A true sword and a sword-image superimposed. Heaven and earth trembled, and even those Xiantian experts’ expressions changed. This level of power had already reached the pinnacle of the Houtian realm, and it was practically comparable to Xiantian power.


One sword slashed down. In front of everyone’s shocked gazes, the entire stage had been cut cleanly in two.

“Did he manage to dodge?”

Quite a few people thought Long Chen was dead now. That power was too great, and below the Xiantian realm, no one could block it.

“It’s still the same act, that familiar show-off sequence of yours. Han Tianyu, there really is no saving you.” Long Chen raised Blooddrinker, looking icily at Han Tianyu. “You intentionally missed your attack. Are you trying to make me feel despair? You want to see my expression of despair before you die yourself?”

Of everyone present, only Shui Wuhen and the others on her level had been able to see that exchange clearly. In truth, Long Chen hadn’t moved at all from his original location. He had simply allowed that sword to slash right by his body. It had given Shui Wuhen a fright.

“This little scoundrel really needs a beating,” Shui Wuhen muttered hatefully inside. If she hadn’t had such trust in Long Chen, she would have taken action just now to block it.

Long Chen was definitely too brazen. If that sword had landed on him while he hadn’t had any defenses at all, he would have been turned to two piles of pulp. Let alone Long Chen, even Xiantian experts, if they hadn’t activated their Xiantian power, would also have definitely died.

However, although Long Chen was young, his battle experience was greater than anyone else here. He had experienced more life and death fights than anyone else, and it could be said that he had walked to his current point across a path of corpses.

As soon as Han Tianyu had attacked, he had seen through his intentions. That sword hadn’t been aimed at him, and he was only displaying it to intimidate him, to use his powerful martial might to subdue him and make him feel despair.

That was the exact same thing he had done when displaying the crystal bone in the secret realm. That was why Long Chen had said there was no saving him. Using the same sequence over and over again, he really only had that little ability.

Everyone looked from Han Tianyu, to the stage that had been cleanly cut in two, to the expressionless Long Chen. They felt as if they had gone crazy. Just what were they doing? The instant that attack had fallen, they had all felt as if their hearts might leap out of their chests.

But from Long Chen’s words, it seemed that absolutely appalling attack had just been used to show off. If the circumstances weren’t inappropriate, many of them would have broken out into curses. How could he play around like this?!

“Hmph, even if I die, I’ll still kill you. I just want to appreciate your expression when you’re right in front of death, hahaha!” Han Tianyu pointed his sword at Long Chen and crazily laughed.

“Sorry, perhaps you won’t get to achieve that wish,” apologized Long Chen.

“I really dislike that mouth of yours. Just go and die for me.”

Han Tianyu roared and his sword pointed up to the sky. A ray of Sword Qi soared into the sky, and a mile-long sword-image slashed down on Long Chen.

Space seemed to freeze in the face of this sword’s immense power. This power had already reached a peak, and all sound had disappeared from the world.

The monastery disciples were all horrified. This attack was ten times stronger than his last attack. That previous attack really had just been a display. This was his true attack.

“All disciples, retreat!”

Shui Wuhen suddenly shouted, and only then did the disciples recover from their shock and flee.


They had only gone a few hundred meters when a powerful explosion rocked the land, and a boundless qi wave soared out.

That terrifying qi wave caused countless disciples to crazily vomit blood, feeling as if they had been smashed by a sledgehammer, their bodies going limp. The qi wave continued to spread, voraciously devouring everything in its path.

Everyone was horrified. Just what level of strength was this? Just the shockwave was so terrifying. If you were struck by it, then you wouldn’t even have a corpse left.

Only the Xiantian experts were able to resist the impact of this qi wave by circulating their Xiantian power. They managed to block some of the power from reaching the disciples.

Although they had all at least reached the Bone Forging realm, this shockwave was too powerful, surpassing all of their imaginations. If it weren’t for the Xiantian experts, then even if they weren’t killed, they would definitely be struck half-dead.

When their vision finally recovered, they hastily looked towards the stage.

The stage had already disappeared now. In front of Han Tianyu, Long Chen’s saber was still in a blocking position. Behind him was a three-hundred-meter divine ring. A powerful pressure soared into the sky.

Long Chen’s black robe and long hair danced in the wind, and his eyes shone like stars.

“I’ve already said I’m sorry, you’ll never be able to achieve your wish. Now you should understand, right?”

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