Chapter 520 The Difference is Too Great

“Long Chen, do you have any final words?”

Han Tianyu’s aura surged powerfully, shocking everyone. He was like a regent looking down upon Long Chen.

“Is this all?” Long Chen was a bit startled.

“What do you mean?” said Han Tianyu icily.

“I mean, is this your trump card?” asked Long Chen

“Correct. I’ve already stepped into the Meridian Opening realm and am at the third Heavenstage. I’ve already thrown you off far into the distance. Now I can crush you as easily as an ant,” sneered Han Tianyu.

“Why does that sound so familiar?” Long Chen frowned and then suddenly clapped his hands, exclaiming, “Ah, I remember! A while ago, there was an idiot who said something like that to me. As a result, I ended up slapping him in the face. Could it be that you’re related to that idiot?”

“Bastard!” Before Han Tianyu could reply, a fat man in the distance roared.

That person was the one who had been slapped in the face four times by Long Chen, Sha Tonghai. The opening of the supermonastery’s death-deciding stage had immediately alerted all the sect leaders, and they had all rushed over to watch.

However, Sha Tonghai had only just arrived when Long Chen helped spread his fame. His face twitched, and he saw quite a few people looking at him oddly.

“As always, you’re still so dislikable. But that’s fine. Today, I’ll end your life.” Han Tianyu sneered sinisterly.

“Ah, do you think that’s enough? I seem to recall when I was just in the Tendon Transformation realm, I was already able to beat you into a dog when you were at the Bone Forging realm. Now you’ve advanced to Meridian Opening, but I’ve also advanced to Bone Forging.

“I really don’t understand where your confidence comes from for you to dare challenge me to a life and death battle.” Long Chen shook his head.

The people outside now suddenly realized he was right. Within the secret realm, Long Chen had slaughtered the Righteous and Corrupt path’s experts. Many of them had already forgotten Long Chen had only been at the Tendon Transformation realm back then, while his enemies had been Chosen that had reached the Bone Forging realm.

Now their presumptions that he would be suppressed under an entire major realm’s difference and killed were blown away. Long Chen was a monster who could fight across realms against top Chosen.

“Hmph, idiot, the current me is no longer the old me. You can die now!” Han Tianyu roared and his aura exploded violently. A fist smashed toward Long Chen. This fist caused heaven and earth to tremble, and everyone’s expressions changed.

“What a terrifying fist! This is Han Tianyu’s power?!”

The Meridian Opening experts were all astonished. If they were the ones facing this fist, they would only be able to dodge. They wouldn’t dare take it head-on.

Not only did this fist contain boundless power, but it also contained an undefeatable will that made people involuntarily lower their heads.

“Han Tianyu truly is a genius.” Shui Wuhen couldn’t help nodding inside. This fist already contained the essence of going from something complicated to something simple. It was incredibly polished, and it also contained a locking force that would make it impossible to dodge.

BAM! A large hand caught Han Tianyu’s fist.


Everyone was astonished. Long Chen had randomly extended a hand and caught Han Tianyu’s incredibly powerful fist. 

“His strength is incredibly condensed. He used his own energy to scatter Han Tianyu’s power. Long Chen truly is a monster.” Seeing Long Chen easily block Han Tianyu’s punch, even Shui Wuhen couldn’t help being startled.

Perhaps others were unable to tell, but she clearly saw at least seven streams of energy within Long Chen’s palm at the moment of contact. They were what had erased the power behind Han Tianyu’s punch.

If she hadn’t interacted with Long Chen so much, she would definitely suspect he had been possessed by some old ghost.

That kind of control over power required incredible skill. This showed that Long Chen’s control over his own power had reached an incredibly delicate level.

If it was someone like Shui Wuhen, possessing that kind of control wouldn’t be so shocking. After all, she had lived for hundreds of years without her realm or power increasing. Her own control had already reached the pinnacle.

Long Chen wasn’t the same. He was in his golden cultivation period, and each day, his power increased rapidly. Before he could even adapt, his power would increase again.

That was why, according to reason, it should be extremely difficult for Long Chen to control his power this finely. However, he had managed to do it, which was what shocked Shui Wuhen the most.

The most shocked person was obviously Han Tianyu. He was no longer the old him, and it was unknown just how many times stronger he was now.

But just now, he had felt as if his punch had been a drop of water that had landed in a desert, and all its power had been instantly sucked away.

While he was still recovering from his shock, Long Chen had already raised a hand, and it swung in a beautiful yet bizarre angle.

His hand ruthlessly slapped across Han Tianyu’s face. In front of everyone’s dumbfounded gazes, Han Tianyu was sent flying.

“What kind of technique is this?!” Shui Wuhen was even more shocked. From the time he raised his hand to after it struck, it had seemed like one perfect movement. That smooth and perfect movement warmed the heart and delighted the eye. It had seemed like one indivisible whole.

During his slap, it had felt as if time had stopped. The only thing moving in heaven and earth was his hand, as it swung in that graceful arc. It was so beautiful that it would almost feel blasphemous to interrupt it.

Previously, when Long Chen had slapped Sha Tonghai, his back had been facing her, and so she hadn’t noticed this. Now that she saw it clearly, she was completely stunned by how strange this slap was.

“AHH!” Suddenly, a furious, almost bestial roar rang out, causing everyone to recover from their shock. They saw Han Tianyu glaring at Long Chen, his eyes practically spitting flames.

“Why do you have such a violent temper? Wasn’t it just a slap in the face? Don’t be so petty. Look, you wanted to kill me, but did I fly into such a tantrum?” advised Long Chen.

“Die!” Han Tianyu roared and nine runes appeared on his face. “Nine Line Qi Explosion Art!”


Space violently shook and twisted around him. A terrifying aura soared out.

Those disciples who were too close to the stage hastily retreated. Even Meridian Opening experts were unable to endure that pressure and retreated.

The sound of his sword unsheathing was like a dragon’s cry. Han Tianyu’s sword was covered with runes that emitted an ancient aura.

“A Xiantian weapon!” Someone let out a startled cry. Considering the terrifying pressure from it, there was no doubt that Han Tianyu was wielding a Xiantian weapon.

“Die!” Han Tianyu roared, charging at Long Chen. His sword cut through space as it slashed down.

Long Chen also roared. Now that Han Tianyu had activated his Nine Line Qi Explosion Art, he didn’t dare look down on him. A blood-colored saber appeared in his hands, and he slashed it at Han Tianyu.

BOOM! The saber and sword collided, causing an immense explosion.

Suddenly, an odd noise came from the stage beneath their feet.

“Heavens, the martial stage is cracking!” 

Their saber and sword were still tightly pressed against each other. That terrifying force was destroying the martial stage beneath their feet. 

“Impossible, absolutely impossible!” Han Tianyu let out a furious roar and crazily attacked Long Chen with his sword.

Long Chen repeatedly blocked with his saber, releasing terrifying qi waves that spread in every direction. The spectators had now fled hundreds of meters away.

“What terrifying power! Han Tianyu can definitely dominate anyone within the same realm. But…” A Meridian Opening expert couldn’t help sighing inside.

After sighing that Han Tianyu could dominate his realm, he felt he was a bit wrong. If Han Tianyu could dominate his realm, then how should Long Chen be described?

“What’s going on with Han Tianyu? He clearly has the advantage, so why is he acting so crazy?”

Several experts saw through some clues. Han Tianyu was attacking all-out, while Long Chen was only passively defending. However, Han Tianyu was the one clenching his teeth furiously, his eyes filled with hate.

“There’s nothing impossible about it. This is just the difference between us. You might have advanced to Meridian Opening, but the difference between us is just growing greater.” Long Chen swung his saber into Han Tianyu’s sword, and a powerful force erupted, blowing him back dozens of meters.

“Back in the Jiuli secret realm, perhaps you had the ability to threaten me slightly. But now, you don’t have that ability.

“Originally, we didn’t have any enmity between us. We could have walked our own paths. Unfortunately, you made a mistake. You wanted to trample on my corpse to advance.

“It’s very regretful. That desire of yours will never be achieved. Not only will you never achieve it, but anyone with that desire will find themselves dying beneath my saber.

“Saying those things now is already meaningless. Han Tianyu, since you are a generation’s genius, I’ll give you a chance to kill yourself!” said Long Chen indifferently.

The crowd was deathly silent. Many people finally realized why Han Tianyu seemed to have gone crazy.

He had already been fighting all-out, but Long Chen was just fighting half-heartedly. The difference between the two of them was truly too great.

That scene shook all of them. Even someone as powerful as Han Tianyu could be ignored by Long Chen. Long Chen was definitely a monster.

“Long Chen, don’t think you’ve won just like this. Even if I have to die, you’ll accompany me as well!”

Han Tianyu suddenly roared, and his expression became even more malevolent. His eyes lost their whites, making them look like the eyes of a devil.

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