Chapter 519 Open the Death-Deciding Stage

“Now can we initiate the life and death battle?” The man looked at Long Chen with a bit of ridicule.

Even if you obtained a treasure, the more important thing was keeping yourself alive. That Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit was just bait.

They had heard Long Chen was an alchemist, and supposedly, his alchemy skills were quite impressive. This Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit possessed a fatal attraction to a Bone Forging alchemist.

Other than this Meridian Opening Fruit, he had also prepared a weapon as well as two secret tomes to bait Long Chen into fighting.

Who would have thought that as soon as he saw the Meridian Opening Fruit, he would immediately leap into the trap? That made him look down on him greatly. He was definitely a country bumpkin.

In truth, the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit was a treasure only the Yin family possessed. It was one of their most important treasures.

That was because the Yin family possessed quite a few Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees that they had inherited from ancient times.

Later, the world had changed. The Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruits had gone extinct from this world. Thus, the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees possessed by the Yin family became priceless treasures.

Although there were several Meridian Opening Pills, even the highest quality one of them could only increase the chance of breaking through by ten percent.

As for the Meridian Opening Pill refined from the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit, it increased the odds by over thirty percent. That was definitely a heaven-defying effect.

To complete-tempering Bone Forging experts, that was a treasure they would long for even in their dreams. For a complete-tempering Bone Forging expert, the chances of failing were too high.

So just relying on their Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees, they were able to support practically their entire family. Over half the Yin family’s income came from the Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Trees.

As an ancient family, they possessed a profound foundation and many experts. If it was an ordinary sect, possessing just one such tree would guarantee that countless people would go destroy them to steal it.

Seeing Long Chen smile so excitedly over just a fruit, that person felt a burst of disgust and urged him to hurry up.

“Long Chen, are you sure?” asked Shui Wuhen.

“Of course. I’ve already taken the gift, so I can’t renege,” said Long Chen indifferently.

“Alright then. The martial stage here isn’t sturdy enough, so we should go back to the supermonastery.” Shui Wuhen was quite relieved by Long Chen’s indifferent expression.

Everyone walked into the teleportation formation. Tu Fang hesitated for a moment and joined them. As for the other disciples, they could only watch them leave.

The transportation formation required quite a few spirit stones to activate. They didn’t have the resources to use the transportation formation, so they couldn’t help being disappointed.

“Long Chen, how come Guo Ran and the others didn’t come?” asked Tu Fang quietly.

“Why would they come for such a minor matter? If they have such time, they should spend it cultivating,” said Long Chen. Standing in the transportation formation, he was focused on the primal chaos space.

He was secretly circulating his FengFu Star and Alioth Star to urge on the primal chaos space. A dozen small sprouts were growing at a visible rate. Seeing that delighted Long Chen.

The scene before them changed, and they finally appeared in the Xuantian Supermonastery’s plaza.

“Open the death-deciding stage!”

Following Shui Wuhen’s shout, a bell rang in the distance. That resounding sound enveloped the entire supermonastery.

The supermonastery became chaotic as countless disciples and Elders surged over from everywhere.

What Long Chen hadn’t expected was that the supermonastery had tens of thousands of disciples, and they had all reached the Bone Forging realm. 

However, after a brief moment of shock, he quickly realized that these disciples must be from previous generations, and their talent must be rather lacking. They were relying on the supermonastery’s missions to gain cultivation resources. That was the only reason there were so many of them here. He saw that some of these disciples were already no longer young.

By the time Shui Wuhen brought them over to the ten-thousand-meter stage, countless disciples were already waiting to watch the excitement. 

The supermonastery’s death-deciding stage rarely opened, and it was usually only used by Meridian Opening experts.

Many of these disciples had only been here for a few years, and they hadn’t once had an opportunity to watch a battle to the death on this stage. 

“Who do you think is undergoing the life and death battle?”

“It was ordered by the monastery head, so it’s probably two amazing people!”

“Hehe, this time there’ll be something fun to watch. Before I leave, I’ll have a chance to watch a fight on this stage!” The person speaking was a man who was already twenty-nine years old. According to the supermonastery’s rules, if you were unable to advance to Meridian Opening within thirty years, then you must leave.

He could go to a monastery as an Elder, but he would not be allowed to remain in the supermonastery. If a disciple was unable to advance to Meridian Opening within thirty years, then the chances of them ever advancing in their lifetime was extremely remote. By going to a monastery, they were essentially just waiting for death.

To be able to see the death-deciding stage used before he left was an extremely fortunate thing to him.

“Heavens, isn’t that Han Tianyu?! He’s acclaimed as the number one genius of the supermonastery! I heard he left to join the Yin family!”

“I just can’t understand. Han Tianyu is a genius of our supermonastery, so why did the monastery head allow him to be snatched by the Yin family?” There were quite a few disciples who wondered this.

That was basically raising a child for it to be snatched by someone else. They didn’t understand what the monastery head’s reasoning was.

“If you don’t understand, then don’t randomly guess. Do you think the monastery head’s intentions can be understood by you disciples?!” shouted a Xiantian Elder.

Those disciples immediately went silent. They didn’t know that at that time, Shui Wuhen had been acting as a bystander, waiting for Zhou Qingyu to make a fatal mistake.

Other than that, she also didn’t look favorably on Han Tianyu. Although he was extremely talented and tough, he lacked the determination to focus completely on the martial path. He only worked hard so others would worship and envy him. To put it frankly, he was simply too vain. Such a person was extremely difficult to raise properly.

A person’s nature was extremely difficult to change. A person like him might be able to quickly advance in the beginning, but once he met a setback, that might lead to a total collapse. In comparison, those people with ordinary talent worked harder the more they were challenged, and they could walk further on the martial path.

“What, how did he come?! That demon king has appeared!” Several people covered their mouths, filled with disbelief as they looked at a black-robed figure that stood out amongst the crowd.

“Long Chen?! Why has he come again?! Last time, he ended up beating up several Meridian Opening experts, and then during the sect leader meeting, he slapped a sect leader in the face four times!”

“It couldn’t be… it couldn’t be that…” muttered one person.

“Yes, you should be right. He’s already walked onto the stage!” cried out a person beside him.

“Han Tianyu against Long Chen?! What’s going on?!”

People couldn’t help wondering. Han Tianyu was acclaimed as a once-in-a-thousand-year genius of the supermonastery, while Long Chen was more like a marvel that appeared once every ten thousand years. Within the Xuantian Supermonastery or its 108 monasteries, there was no one who didn’t know him.

The fact that the two of them were now standing on the death-deciding stage stunned all of them, but it also filled them with excitement. The two of them were peak geniuses, and this battle should be splendid to watch.

The supermonastery’s death-deciding stage was no different from other martial stages. There was nothing like a fancy countdown system. Instead, it was simply extremely sturdy, and even Meridian Opening experts would find it difficult to break.

Standing on the stage, Han Tianyu smiled sinisterly. “Long Chen, you’ve been duped. Today, you’ll definitely die.”

“I believe you when you say I’ve been duped. I freely admit to it. But I need that Meridian Opening Spirit Cliff Fruit.

“As for a definite death, I believe that too, because this time, I won’t be letting you escape. I don’t make the same mistake twice,” said Long Chen.

“Hahahahaha…!” Han Tianyu raised his head and laughed, his voice filled with a deranged will. A vast aura slowly surged out of him.

BOOM! Space raged as Han Tianyu’s aura erupted beyond the peak of Bone Forging.

“The Meridian Opening realm’s aura! He actually used some secret technique to conceal it!”

“What a terrifying aura! Although it’s clearly only in the early Meridian Opening realm, why can it make me afraid too?!” wondered a shocked, late Meridian Opening realm Elder.

“This fellow actually concealed his cultivation base until now. What a sinister plan. Long Chen will definitely die.”

“I heard Long Chen managed to defeat Han Tianyu in the secret realm, almost managing to kill him. Now that he’s advanced to Meridian Opening, he wants revenge.”

“Fuck, isn’t that too sinister? To conceal his aura until they were both on the stage, Han Tianyu’s character is definitely trash. He’s not worthy of being the supermonastery’s top genius,” cursed someone.

The Yin family’s two experts sneered. They had obviously already known this would happen. As for Zhou Qingyi, she felt delight upon getting revenge and icily said, “Shui Wuhen, no matter how powerful you are, there’s no way you can protect Long Chen now. He’ll die, and this competition’s winner will still be me in the end!”

“You really did collude.” Shui Wuhen didn’t display any emotion.

“Hmph, so what?!” Zhou Qingyi didn’t deny it.

Han Tianyu hadn’t formally left the monastery, and the Yin family hadn’t changed his surname. That meant he hadn’t married into the Yin family. In other words, his challenge to Long Chen was completely within the rules. This extremely obvious scheme was something impossible to block.

“Why bother? Suddenly, I feel extremely tired. For a simple competition, is there really any meaning in treating a disciple’s life as nothing, using them as just chess pieces?” sighed Shui Wuhen.

“Shui Wuhen, don’t bother with that hypocritical act. Today, I’ll let you watch helplessly as Long Chen is killed. What can you do to me then? Hahaha!” sneered Zhou Qingyi.

Shui Wuhen merely smiled indifferently. She just watched that expressionless man on the stage. She very much wanted to know just how strong Long Chen was.

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