Chapter 515 Little Snow Undergoes Tribulation

A crisp sound rang out. Zhou Qingyi flew back and when she finally stabilized herself, everyone saw a very delicate handprint on her face.

“Zhou Qingyi, don’t be so shameless. This is the supermonastery, not your Zhou family. It’d be best for you to differentiate between the two,” warned Shui Wuhen.

Zhou Qingyi’s expression sank. This face-slap was practically the greatest humiliation. She unsheathed her sword, and a terrifying aura filled the air.

Everyone couldn’t help letting out startled cries and hastily retreating. If an expert on this level truly attacked, then that terrifying power could destroy the entire supermonastery.

“Zhou Qingyi, let me say it again: don’t be so shameless. Your miserable abilities are nothing in front of me.

“Don’t think that just because you’ve reached the Sea Expansion realm that you’re so amazing. Although we’re both in the Sea Expansion realm, if I wanted to kill you, you wouldn’t last even three exchanges.

“If you still want to stubbornly insist on doing things the wrong way, then even if I kill you, I will stand on the side of reason. At most, I will get a light punishment. But as for you, you’ll have lost your life,” said Shui Wuhen.

Zhou Qingyi’s chest heaved, her expression changing multiple times. Shui Wuhen was entirely correct. She was not her match.

Shui Wuhen had already participated in three Righteous and Corrupt battles, and she was a true expert. Not only was Zhou Qingyi’s cultivation base lower than hers, but her combat experience was also extremely lacking.

However, this face-slap was unendurable. She had never felt such grievance in her life.

“It’s just a slap in the face and not something so big. We’re all members of the same sect. Why quibble over such minor matters?

“Furthermore, your skin is so thick. As a grand Sea Expansion old demon that wasn’t embarrassed to attack a small Bone Forging disciple, I’m sure that a slap isn’t able to break through the defenses of your skin. It must not even hurt. Let’s just let this matter end here!” advised Long Chen.

That made Zhou Qingyi feel like her face was burning. That was another slap on her face. Long Chen’s mouth was too vicious.

As for Shui Wuhen, she was also refreshed by his words, but she also cut at him with her eyes, startling Long Chen.

Then, he quickly realized he had misspoken. By saying Sea Expansion old demon, he had ended up including Shui Wuhen in his cursing, and he couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward.

Seeing Zhou Qingyi glare at him, his fury ignited and he raged, “What? Did I say something wrong? You shameless old bitch, you repeatedly bullied me. Tell me, are you shameless or not?!”

If Long Chen was able to beat her, he would have long since tried to kill her. The humiliation of her trying to make him kneel had to be repaid. That enmity was enough for Long Chen to want to hack her to death a thousand times.

“Long Chen, I know this matter definitely has to do with you!” raged Zhou Qingyi.

“Are you a pig? I already said not to make up nonsense. If you want to accuse me, bring out your proof,” sneered Long Chen.

“The first monastery only has a few people. I don’t believe I won’t be able to find out who did this! Just wait, I’ll definitely kill the villain who did this!” Zhou Qingyi clenched her teeth.

“Idiot, you still spout such crap before investigating. Even if you find out who did it, it will be up to the law enforcement branch to decide their punishment, not you.

“Other than that, let me tell you that we’ve only just entered the first monastery for over a month. We still aren’t familiar with the monastery’s structure.

“Those crap pools must have existed for a while. The amount of toxins in there would require at least a decade to form.

“Furthermore look at the crap’s texture, color, smell, taste-”

The Meridian Opening experts that had been following Zhou Qingyi couldn’t help it anymore, and they began to crazily vomit.

Those were Zhou Qifeng’s bodyguards, and this time, Zhou Qingyi had been preparing to bring them with her to the first monastery. They were to say it was done by Long Chen, and whether or not he admitted to it, they could still bring him back here and then consider their next move.

Before they could do that, Long Chen had come of his own volition. Now that Long Chen had begun to describe the crap pool, their expressions darkened. When he mentioned the taste, they ended up recalling the sensation as it passed through their mouths, and so they began to retch.

“In any case, let me sum it up. If you want to punish me, then bring out your evidence. Goodbye.” Just like that, Long Chen activated the transportation formation and disappeared from everyone’s gazes.

He had come suddenly, and he had left suddenly. No one knew just what drug he had taken.

Only Shui Wuhen realized that he had come here to tell her that he hadn’t left any openings. He had long since erased any evidence that could point to him, and he wasn’t afraid of Zhou Qingyi’s investigation.

Even if she found something questionable, Long Chen had all kinds of methods to handle it. He had come here to put Shui Wuhen at ease.

If Zhou Qingyi wanted to investigate, she could investigate as much as she wanted to. He had already modified the evidence. The toxins within the crap pool had been changed to look like it had been there for many years. He had also made the tunnel and pool look old and broken down. No one would be able to tell they were newly excavated.

Thus, they wouldn’t be able to match it up to the right times. If they wanted to find the origin, they would have to investigate the people that had been led by Sha Qitian, the ones that had been there years ago.

Now, Sha Qitian had already died, while most of the old first monastery’s members had already left.

From there, they could pick a few suspicious targets and investigate them for as long as they wished. In any case, they wouldn’t find any concrete evidence. It was unknown just how long this investigation would take, but in any case, Long Chen was fighting a long-term battle. This was just to gain himself some time.

Once Long Chen left, in order to appear impartial, Shui Wuhen formed an investigative team to find out what had happened.

For the sake of being fair, both Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi sent people. Right now, Shui Wuhen didn’t have to do anything except keep an eye on Zhou Qingyi. She didn’t let her leave her sight. This was for Long Chen’s safety.

Long Chen had truly given her a nice gift now. He had completed this matter beautifully. Not only had he essentially crippled Zhou Qingyi’s son, but she herself had even landed a slap on her face. That feeling really had been satisfying and addictive.

Whenever Zhou Qifeng woke up, he would constantly vomit. He seemed to have gone insane, making Zhou Qingyi frantic.

However, there was no way to fix this. Mysophobia was innate, and there was no medicine to heal it. There was also no pill to heal his current state. Seeing her son be turned into this crazy state, Zhou Qingyi was incredibly furious, and she secretly killed all his bodyguards.

She knew she had been played by Shui Wuhen and extremely viciously at that. The slap in the face had caused all her prestige to disappear.

Those fellows who had originally been indecisive about joining her side began to give her the cold shoulder. As for those who had agreed to support her, they began to ‘enter seclusion’, handing their matters to other people.

That surprised and infuriated her. Long Chen had now completely ruined all her previous work.

In comparison to Zhou Qingyi, Long Chen’s mood was excellent now. Once he returned to the monastery, he gathered the Dragonblood Legion and distributed the medicinal pills to them. They all went into seclusion, and they were not to leave until they finished all the medicinal pills.

He knew Zhou Qingyi had no way to counterattack for now. Their monastery would get a brief period of peace.

This period of peace was extremely precious. Long Chen refused to waste it. Everyone went into seclusion to temper bones.

As for Long Chen, he didn’t have time to cultivate. The first thing he did was bring Little Snow out of the monastery.

They traveled tens of thousands of miles, stopping within a desolate mountain range.

“Wuwu…” Little Snow rubbed Long Chen’s chest, his voice trembling slightly.

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll be here the entire time. In a bit, I’ll just watch from a distance as you attack your bottleneck. If there’s a problem, I’ll immediately come to help.” Long Chen patted Little Snow comfortingly.

Little Snow nodded and rushed a hundred miles away. His body shook slightly, and suddenly a powerful aura soared. Little Snow’s fur stood on end, looking like needles.


The ground beneath Little Snow collapsed. The air around him shuddered. But nothing else happened.


Just as Long Chen thought Little Snow had been worried for nothing, thunderclouds gathered up in the sky.

“As expected, it really did come.”

Long Chen’s expression was grave. That was tribulation lightning. There was no longer any doubt. Little Snow was undergoing tribulation.

That was practically inconceivable. Ordinary Magical Beasts wouldn’t have any tribulations. Only those Magical Beasts which possessed ancient bloodlines would have to undergo tribulations.

Furthermore, even if they had to undergo tribulation, they would only start tribulations upon reaching the sixth rank. Sixth rank Magical Beasts were equivalent to the Xiantian realm for cultivators. When cultivators reached the Xiantian realm, they would also begin undergoing tribulation, using thunderforce to temper themselves, transforming their Houtian spiritual qi to Xiantian power.

Rumbling shook the sky, and boundless pressure crashed down on Little Snow. Little Snow was filled with terror, and his body couldn’t help but tremble.

“Don’t be afraid, Little Snow! It’s just trying to scare you. If you end up being terrified, you’ll end up losing. Don’t worry, I’m here!” called out Long Chen.

Long Chen was all too familiar with this scene. It made him think of his own first tribulation. At that time, he had faced a terrifying will that had horrified and panicked him.

The Spirit World expert had told him that that had just been to test his will. As long as his will was strong enough, he could disregard it. Now, Little Snow was the same as him.

Suddenly, a thick bolt of lightning struck Little Snow. The ground exploded, dirt flying everywhere.

“What terrifying power. This isn’t lightning baptism, but pure annihilation!”

Little Snow was covered in blood now, but he listened to Long Chen, bitterly enduring. He roared up at the sky.


The second bolt of lightning ruthlessly crashed down on Little Snow, bringing with it a powerful pressure and a destructive aura.

Little Snow cried out miserably. That terrifying power almost blew his body apart. He was unable to hold on and lay on the ground, vomiting blood.

Just at that moment, the thunderclouds in the sky began to condense, and a waterfall of lightning crashed down on Little Snow, who was now on his last breaths.

“Fuck off!” An angry roar pierced through the clouds, and Long Chen appeared in front of Little Snow, a fist smashing toward the surging lightning.

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