Chapter 514 The Aftermath of the Vicious Move

When Zhou Qifeng and the others appeared in the Xuantian Supermonastery’s transportation formation, the Elders guarding the formation all jumped in fright, thinking it was an enemy attack.

That was because when they appeared, a terrifying stench attacked their heads, making them dizzy. Furthermore, there was some liquid stuck all over them, and it was impossible to see their faces.

Seeing a dozen unfamiliar faces who were all Meridian Opening experts, those Elders panicked and activated the alarm.

The alarm rang throughout the entire supermonastery, and countless experts rushed over.

Zhou Qifeng was still unconscious. As for his suck-ups, they only knew how to fawn over him. Now, they had no idea what to do.

Only once the Elders demanded to know who they were did they realize they should report their names and beg to see assistant monastery head Zhou. They said their sect leader had been gravely injured.

That person was comparatively smart and didn’t tell the entire story, as that would be extremely embarrassing.

Zhou Qingyi quickly arrived. After all, it was her son, and although he was a bit useless, she still cared for him.

When she saw her son was covered in a layer of grime that emitted a disgusting stench, Zhou Qingyi almost went crazy, and right there and then, she began to curse those Meridian Opening experts.

When she had selected these bodyguards for her son, she hadn’t cared about their cultivation base or combat abilities. After all, within the Xuantian Dao Sect, there was no need to worry about safety.

She had picked out these people because of their methods and loyalty. As a result, these people’s combat abilities were absolute garbage.

But even with over ten people guarding him, her son had still ended up in this state. If there weren’t so many people present, she would have immediately executed all of them.

“What happened?!” Zhou Qingyi walked up, wanting to see her son. But seeing that yellow-green liquid stuck to him, she almost vomited.

“We… we…”

“Don’t tell me now. Hurry up and wash yourselves.” Seeing that her son was fine and had merely fainted, she was very relieved. She had those people hurry up and take a bath, as they were really too disgusting.

They hastily ran to a pool near the supermonastery and washed.

As a result, all the water within several miles became incredibly foul, and all the fish in the water floated up, dead.

Although they had rubbed themselves until they had shed their old layer of skin, they were still unable to eliminate the stench. Even their skin had been dyed a brown color.

Because they had stayed in the crap pool for too long, the pill toxins inside it had permeated throughout their skin. Unless they tore off all their skin, that color would never fade. Furthermore, the stench would be permanent.

In the end, they returned to the supermonastery, their skin an odd shade that caused the disciples there to look strangely at them.

However, no one dared ask them any details, because the stench coming from them was still too strong for them to get close. They only watched from a distance.

When disciples in the lower ranking monasteries advanced to the Bone Forging realm, they would be sent to the supermonastery, as their own monastery did not possess the ability to raise them.

In the end, the struggle between monasteries could not be allowed to affect the development of geniuses, or that would be digging their own grave. 

Thus, Zhou Qifeng’s actions in targeting the first monastery had caused a stir in the entire supermonastery. Let alone the disciples, even the Elders were waiting to see what would happen.

So at this time, there were people who took a trip to the first monastery. They asked about what had happened and then returned, announcing that those people had ended up falling into a dung pit.

That news caused a clamor within the supermonastery, and they all understood why those people looked like they did.

Originally, Zhou Qingyi had been hoping to keep this matter private and to interrogate the guards on her own. But now, the entire supermonastery was aware of it, causing her expression to become exceedingly ugly. She knew there were people who were intentionally spreading the news.

Without even thinking about it, she knew it was Shui Wuhen who set that up. That was the reason this matter ended up causing such a huge commotion. When she saw the disciples looking oddly at her, she was so furious that she wanted to kill them.

“Long Chen, this time I’ll definitely kill you!”

After learning the whole story from Zhou Qifeng’s bodyguards, Zhou Qingyi’s killing intent surged. She knew this matter was definitely orchestrated by Long Chen.

Zhou Qifeng awoke several times, but each time he woke up, he would wildly vomit and then faint again.

He possessed an extremely severe mysophobia, and his mother knew that. Even a person without mysophobia would be unable to endure being dropped in a crap pool. Furthermore, Zhou Qifeng had even swallowed a few mouthfuls of it. That was something that would affect him for the rest of his life.

Zhou Qingyi’s expression was dark as she went directly to the transportation formation. However, she was blocked by a certain person.

“Assistant monastery head Zhou, where are you going in such a rush and with such a murderous aura?” Shui Wuhen smiled gracefully in white robes.

This was the best mood she had been in since Zhou Qingyi had arrived at the supermonastery. She almost felt as if she had returned to her youth, and her whole body was filled with energy.

During this time, Zhou Qingyi had used various methods to purchase quite a few of the supermonastery’s Elders in order to publicly oppose Shui Wuhen.

It went without saying that Zhou Qingyi’s methods were extremely brilliant. Furthermore, she was willing to spend an immense sum of money. Most likely, the Zhou family had given her quite a bit of privilege. She had quickly pulled in almost half of the Elders with authority in the supermonastery, making Shui Wuhen extremely furious.

Zhou Qingyi was practically absolutely shameless. Her brazen actions lacked the elegance of a great expert. Instead, her conduct was similar to the hoodlums on the streets.

Such a move was something Shui Wuhen could not defend against. If she wanted to contend against it, she would also have to give up her dignity to pull back those Elders. But Shui Wuhen had her pride, and she disdained to do such a thing.

While she might disdain to do such a thing, her opponent was in full swing. If this continued, it would just take a few years before all her authority within the supermonastery was essentially gone, and she would be the monastery head in title only.

Just as she was hesitating over what to do, over whether or not she should also thicken her skin, Long Chen had sent her this great gift. Long Chen’s actions were undoubtedly a vicious blow to Zhou Qingyi, and also a fierce warning to those Elders collaborating with her.

“Long Chen brazenly injured a sect leader, and his crimes cannot be pardoned! So what if I want to kill him? You want to harbor a criminal?!” raged Zhou Qingyi.

Currently, all the supermonastery’s disciples and Elders were watching from a distance. They all knew the two of them were like water and fire. They would fight until one of them was dead.

However, their struggle represented two enormous entities, and from the outside, it was impossible to tell just who was stronger.

The supermonastery’s Elders were all restless. Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi had torn off their pretenses and were publicly going against each other. They had to choose which side to join.

According to reason, Shui Wuhen was the monastery head, and they should join her. But Zhou Qingyi’s momentum was torrential, and she rivaled Shui Wuhen, claiming herself to be an equal. She was clearly trying to suppress her.

Furthermore, Zhou Qingyi’s methods were extremely straightforward. She secretly offered them extremely generous conditions, even saying that she could bring them into her Zhou family to grow. It was very enticing.

However, which one of the Elders with actual authority in the supermonastery wasn’t an old fox? Although a portion of them had agreed to join Zhou Qingyi, that was just a verbal agreement. In truth, they were still just spectators.

Looking at the current situation, it seemed the two of them really were about to throwdown. Their fight was about to reach a new intensity because of Long Chen’s actions.

“You say Long Chen did it, but where is the proof? If you don’t have any, then don’t randomly bite people like a wild dog,” said Shui Wuhen.

“You…!” Zhou Qingyi was incredibly furious. She even suspected this had all been set up by Shui Wuhen. “Even if it wasn’t done personally by Long Chen, he is definitely related to this matter! Once he’s captured and interrogated, the truth will naturally come out.”

“Oh, is that so? Then there’s no need to capture me. I, Long Chen, have already come.”

Suddenly, a voice came from the transportation formation. At some unknown time, Long Chen had already appeared.

“Long Chen!” Zhou Qingyi gnashed her teeth. Even after turning her son into his current state, he still was brazen enough to appear here.

“Assistant monastery head Zhou, why do you want to capture me? There’s no need to go to that much trouble. I’m already here, so if you have anything to say, you can say it here.” Seeing Zhou Qingyi had turned ashen from rage, Long Chen couldn’t help feeling refreshed inside. This could count as getting some interest for his previous humiliation.

“Long Chen, you really are brazen to harm a sect leader like this!” shouted Zhou Qingyi.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t make up so much nonsense. It’s not like you were the one who fell into a crap pool, so how did you learn to spout such crap? Did you personally see me do anything? Aren’t you just wrongly accusing a good person?” said Long Chen with great grievance.

When Long Chen called himself a good person, Shui Wuhen almost laughed. If he was considered a good person, then were there any bad people in this world?

Even Shui Wuhen had never imagined Long Chen would be this vicious, dropping a mysophobic person into a crap pool. That was even worse than killing him. But then thinking of how Zhou Qingyi had attacked Long Chen at the beginning, she had a certain thought: wicked people were best handled by wicked people.

“You dare quibble?! Once I capture you, we’ll see if you dare lie again!” Zhou Qingyi roared and a powerful aura locked Long Chen in place. The entire world seemed to have frozen, startling everyone.

She shot forward like a bolt of lightning, a large palm aiming for Long Chen’s throat.

Long Chen was locked down by a terrifying pressure and unable to move. But he was sneering with ridicule.

A figure appeared in front of him, and a snow-white palm slapped across Zhou Qingyi’s face.

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