Chapter 513 Crap Pool

“Boss, are you sure about this? Don’t you think this is a bit too vicious?”

“Don’t spout such rubbish. If we just continue like this, we’ll be toyed with to death. Our time is our lives, and wasting our time is equivalent to killing us. This time, we must make a big move. So shut up and keep digging.”

Long Chen and Guo Ran were underground, wielding shovels and digging a tunnel with all their might. But they had to make sure to keep the noise to a minimum.

“Boss, this is a bit wicked. Why would you want to do it in the middle of the day?” Guo Ran asked while digging.

“Aren’t you still spouting nonsense? Haven’t you heard of a certain phrase, those who commit wicked deeds will be found out sooner or later? So I decided to just do this during the day.

“Don’t bother with those useless details. Don’t you realize Zhou Qifeng is up to something? There’s definitely a reason he declared there wouldn’t be any drilling today.

“Have you prepared everything I asked you to do? This is extremely important,” asked Long Chen gravely.

“Don’t worry boss, when have I ever let you down? The goods have all been prepared. Although it’s not completely full, it’s almost there. It can definitely drown a person.

“Boss, this time you really were a conner. The toxins from over three hundred people, the splashing liquid… that scent..” Guo Ran almost vomited.

“Ugh, don’t describe it so much. Are you trying to disgust me? Looks like you’ll need to train for a few more years!” Long Chen rolled his eyes.

He just knew Guo Ran felt a bit wronged and wanted to disgust him to even it out. 

After all, Long Chen had been the plotter, but Guo Ran had been the one to carry it out. To display his emotions to his brothers, he had no choice but to use himself as a demonstration. Despite knowing there was something in the wine, he had still drunk it.

“But boss, after this detox, I feel like my mind is much clearer, like I’ve completely transformed,” said Guo Ran.

“Of course. Because cultivators consume too many medicinal pills, a large amount of pill toxins accumulate in their bodies. That’s an even bigger problem for us since we come from more humble origins than those other geniuses. The medicinal pills we use are usually of lower quality, which increases the concentration of pill toxins. The amount of pill toxins we accumulated was too great, and if we still didn’t expel it, it would have sunk into our bones and then infected our souls, becoming completely unextractable,” said Long Chen.

During this time, they had been consuming medicinal pills as fast as they could. Long Chen had noticed the pill toxins in their bodies had begun to grow to threatening levels and needed to be expelled.

The two of them dug for over two hours, creating a huge, circular cave. Long Chen appraised it and said, “It’s about the right size. Go set up the mechanism above.”

When Long Chen and Guo Ran returned aboveground, the sky had already darkened. The work had taken several more hours, however, everything would definitely be very worth it.

Another tiring day came. The entire monastery was enveloped with a strange atmosphere.

Each day, they would have to constantly ‘train’ in order to establish a sturdy ‘foundation’. That exhausted everyone, and they had no energy to cultivate.

By now, everyone in the monastery was well aware that Zhou Qifeng was deliberately making things hard on them, making it impossible for them to cultivate.

Originally, he had planned on cutting off their monthly stipends to slow down their cultivation speed, but that plan had been ruined by a smash of Long Chen’s sledgehammer.

Now, his scheming became even worse, and he directly used the most despicable method to thwart their cultivation, causing all the disciples to hate him.

They also felt immense hate for his pawns. Those Meridian Opening experts were all a bunch of petty men, using their position to bully them. They didn’t have any of the style of experts.

They used all sorts of reasons to make things hard on them, almost making everyone explode in fury. But they still had to endure it.

Other than the drilling, they had added another aspect. When the drilling ended, the sect leader would personally come to see if anyone was absent.

This was clearly just rubbing it in. The first monastery only had so few disciples. It was obvious if anyone was absent.

Now, they would say names one by one, and each time, that name would have to be recorded, taking up another two hours of their time. Just seeing Zhou Qifeng sitting in front of them, smiling a smile that wasn’t a smile, they had an urge to bite him to death.

The drilling had just ended today. A Meridian Opening Elder took out a clean towel and wiped it over the ground dozens of times to make sure there was no dust.

Only then did Zhou Qifeng appear in front of everyone. When he looked at Long Chen, his expression became one of disdain.

Previously, he had summoned Long Chen, wanting to see if he could use some method to obtain Long Chen’s secrets. That was one of his missions in coming here.

Long Chen had ignored him, saying he was crapping and had no time to see him. If he wanted to see him, then that was fine, he could come to the lavatory.

That had made Zhou Qifeng furious, and he had even destroyed the decorations in his room again. However, he had no choice but to endure. He could only use this torment to make Long Chen submit.

It had already been half a month. Each day, he would come up with ways to torment these disciples, not letting them cultivate.

They had all reached the Bone Forging realm, which was the golden period to cultivate. Each hour was extremely precious. Now that half a month had passed, all the disciples’ expressions were extremely ugly.

But those expressions made Zhou Qifeng incredibly delighted. He felt his plans were already starting to bear fruit. Success was not far.

However, today he saw that Long Chen still didn’t have the slightest expression. In fact, there almost seemed to be a smile hiding within his eyes, causing his heart to involuntarily clench.

With a red carpet beneath his feet as usual, Zhou Qifeng walked over to his seat. A Meridian Opening expert hastily took out a new towel, and only after he rubbed the chair did Zhou Qifeng sit.

“Let’s start attend- AH!”

Zhou Qifeng didn’t even have a chance to finish his sentence when the ground beneath his feet suddenly caved in.

No one noticed that behind Long Chen, Guo Ran was stepping on a round thing on the ground.

Once the ground caved in, Zhou Qifeng and his Elders fell into the ground.

There was a loud splashing sound as if something had fallen into water. Before anyone could go see what was going on, an incomparably foul stench wafted over, one that could overturn seas and reverse rivers.


Long Chen had originally been thinking of getting a look, but he had underestimated that stench. Although it wasn’t as strong as that Stink Spider poison sack, it was only just slightly inferior. He hastily fled.

The others didn’t even know what was happening. But that stench was just too disgusting, and they all crazily ran while holding their breath.

“Save- arg!”

Zhou Qifeng didn’t know what was down below, but as a neat-freak, he couldn’t be touched by dust. He called out for someone to save him, but before he could, he fell into the ‘water’, gulping down a mouthful of it.

When he saw the yellow and green liquid around him and smelled the stench that could make a person go crazy, Zhou Qifeng’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he directly fainted.

He might be a Xiantian expert, but he had no fighting experience. Furthermore, he had extremely severe mysophobia. He was surrounded by his worst nightmare.

As for the other experts, they weren’t much better off than him. They were just servants, and their training had been severely lacking. They had never run into such a situation.

Falling into the crap pool, many of them ended up drinking a few mouthfuls in their panic before crawling out.

“Where’s the sect leader?!”

They had crawled out, their bodies covered with some sticky residue, and it was unclear who was who. But after a while, they finally realized the sect leader wasn’t amongst them.

“He’s still down below! We have to save him!”

It went without saying that although they didn’t meet the standard of experts, they were pretty good servants. They jumped their way into the crap pool to save their master. However, it took them an incense stick’s worth of time to dig him out.

“Long Chen, this wasn’t done by you, right?” Tu Fang looked at that scene from a distance, feeling numb.

The first thing they had seen once they had fled far enough was those Meridian Opening ‘experts’ crawling out of the crap pool and then jumping back in.

Even from a mile away, they could still smell that foul stench. That stench made them dizzy, and there seemed to be toxins within it.

How could there not be toxins in it? The Dragonblood Legion’s warriors had all expelled these toxins. When they saw their self-made products had actually been put to use, they almost cried out.

“Don’t falsely accuse a good person. Am I, Long Chen, such a person? Who knows, perhaps this is some new training method they came up with.” Long Chen decided not to admit it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Tu Fang, but that everyone within the monastery had been gathered here. Who knew whether there would be someone to inform on him? Safety should still be his first priority. It was fine as long as he just laughed inside. Sometimes feeling happy just inside was an extremely good feeling.

Tu Fang looked at Long Chen, and then to Zhou Qifeng, who was still unconscious. Looking at the Meridian Opening Elders’ panic, he couldn’t help sighing inside: they could have decided to target anyone, but they had decided to target Long Chen. They were definitely looking to die, to dye themselves with crap.

“Long Chen, this matter…” started Tu Fang worriedly.

“Does this matter have anything to do with me? We’ve only just taken over this monastery, and who knows what mechanisms are present here. If there’s a problem, they should go find the old owners of the first monastery. They can investigate them. In any case, I don’t know anything,” said Long Chen.

He had long since thought of this way out. Although the mechanism had been set up by him and Guo Ran, as long as he refused to admit anything, what could anyone do to him? Where was the proof?

“They’re leaving!” cried out some people. Everyone hastily looked to see the few of them carrying Zhou Qifeng and rushing toward a transportation formation.

Long Chen laughed. “Now we can finally get some peace.”

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