Chapter 512 Countering Every Move

Originally, Long Chen had thought that the first day’s results would make Zhou Qifeng tranquil for at least a few days. But Zhou Qifeng began to make things hard the very next day.

However, this time, Zhou Qifeng didn’t come out personally. Instead, he sent out two Meridian Opening experts whom he had appointed as Elders.

Those two were given the title of Training Elder. On the second day, they called out all the disciples, including Long Chen, and began to undergo ‘training’.

The goal of this training was to strengthen everyone’s physiques. Only with a powerful physique could you cultivate stronger cultivation techniques and Battle Skills.

It sounded good, but when the disciples saw what they were drilling, they almost coughed up blood. They were doing martial sequences such as the horse stance, the frog jump, etc.

Those movements were extremely commonly seen in the secular world. But in the cultivation world, no one would train in those, as they were essentially useless.

When people raised their doubts about this, the Training Elders had replied that the foundation was the most important thing, and so they needed to see what kind of foundation they currently had.

What made them the most speechless was that the Training Elders made it incredibly difficult, nitpicking every small detail. If they didn’t do it perfectly, they would be directly kicked out and cursed.

The disciples quickly realized this was no drilling but just making life hard on them. They could only obediently endure for now, trying to make their movements according to the standards set by the Elders so that there was nothing to nitpick.

These two Training Elders had learned from their predecessors, and they didn’t dare target Long Chen. Instead, they would pick out targets from the people beside him.

One time, one of them set his gaze on Meng Qi. But seeing Long Chen’s icy gaze, he hesitated and decided not to in the end.

After three days, Long Chen was finally unable to endure any longer. He could tell these bastards were just intentionally making things hard on them so that they had no time to cultivate.

That very night, Long Chen, Gu Yang, Guo Ran, Song Mingyuan, Yue Zifeng, and Li Qi covered up their faces and snuck their way into the residence of those two Elders.

As soon as they snuck in, without saying a word, Long Chen charged forward, knocking down one of them with a spear. The other one was knocked unconscious by Gu Yang and the others.

“What’s going on? How are they so weak?” Guo Ran was dumbfounded.

“Fool, they might have a high cultivation base, but their true combat experience is essentially zero. They’re just a bunch of servants amongst the workers. How strong did you think they would be?” said Long Chen disdainfully.

He had long since noticed that while they had reached the early Meridian Opening realm, they lacked any murderous aura at all. Most likely, they had never killed anyone ever.

Even when they had snuck in, the two of them had still been drinking. In fact, even once they had noticed several masked men enter, they had actually asked them what they were doing. Such idiots were truly the peak of all idiots.

They brought the two of them behind a mountain. Long Chen said, “Break all their limbs.”

The extremely inhumane massage that followed was accompanied by the sounds of bone breakings.

However, the two of them were still alive. They were unable to make a sound, not because they didn’t want to, but because Gu Yang’s socks were stuffed in their mouths.

Gu Yang’s socks were the worst smelling, and even he would feel dizzy when he smelled them. As a result, that grand mission had been given to him.

“Who let you show off, who let you bully others, just keep going…”

Thinking of how insufferably arrogant they had been during the drilling, they beat them black and blue. They only stopped once the two of them had fallen unconscious, and they couldn’t help feeling refreshed.

“Alright, let’s go.”

Long Chen felt that was good enough. If they continued beating them, they really might die. These injuries would probably require several months to heal.

Long Chen brought them to leave. But Guo Ran had only just taken a few steps when he suddenly thought of something. A naughty smile appeared on his face, and he ran back, taking off his pants. A stream of yellow liquid splashed on the two of them.

Gu Yang and the others also became excited and ran back, giving the two of them a free shower.

Long Chen was speechless and didn’t join them. He returned to his residence, and he found someone from the Huayun Sect waiting for him.

This person had brought him a spatial ring. Inside were ten million Bone Tempering Pills. That made Long Chen incredibly delighted. They had just run out of Bone Tempering Pills a few days ago, so Zheng Wenlong had sent them right on time.

That person told Long Chen that to refine these pills, the Huayun Sect had been recruiting alchemists from all directions. Now, their own alchemy team was extremely powerful.

Long Chen asked this person whether doing so was safe, as it might expose the secret, but that person merely smiled and told him to be at ease.

Of the Huayun Sect alchemists, some were their own disciples and thus extremely reliable, while some were alchemists they had recruited. Those alchemists had all had to sign contracts that none of them would dare break. Furthermore, they were all refining within the Huayun Sect’s secret rooms, and so there was no way for anything to leak.

After sending that person off, Long Chen decided not to distribute all the medicinal pills like he had the first time but to just distribute ten days’ worth.

With Zhou Qifeng here, it was best to be cautious. If they noticed people had tens of thousands of Bone Tempering Pills in their spatial rings, that would raise his suspicions. 

In the entire first monastery, after countless years of saving up, there had only been just over a hundred thousand Bone Tempering PIlls.

That was only enough to raise a single complete-tempering Bone Forging expert. Now, if each person was given that many Bone Tempering Pills, that would bring trouble if it was noticed. Now was the most critical moment of their development, and Long Chen had no choice but to be careful.

The next day, the training stopped because the two Training Elders had disappeared. Even the sect leader ended up being disturbed by the resulting commotion, and he ordered all the disciples to search.

As a result, they found the two of them had been beaten up badly and were lying in a ditch behind a mountain. Furthermore, a disgusting stench was coming from their bodies.

Seeing that, Zhou Qifeng was enraged. After waking the two of them, he pressed them for answers about who had done it, but the two of them had no idea who those people had been. All they knew was that it had been a bunch of black-robed people.

But after Zhou Qifeng guided them a bit, they both spoke out at the same time to say it was Long Chen. But how could Long Chen admit to that? Wasn’t this ‘wrongly’ accusing him?

As a result, all the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples stood up to testify that Long Chen had been with them drinking wine at that time. He had never gone out, so there was no way he had committed this crime.

Although Zhou Qifeng was ninety percent confident it was done by Long Chen, there was no proof. In the end, he could only drop the subject.

From that day onwards, Long Chen and the others’ days became even worse, because two more Training Elders came to do ‘drilling’ with them.

Furthermore, they had grown smarter, and all the Meridian Opening experts stayed together at night. Unless all the Dragonblood Legion moved out, it was impossible to capture them all.

Most importantly, they were living not far from the sect leader’s residence, and the smallest disturbance would alarm him.

But they had to think of something, as continuing like this was not a solution. Long Chen wanted to raise everyone’s strength, he had no time for this. And so, Long Chen was preparing to make a large move. That night, he called Guo Ran over and the two of them discussed the plan all through the night.

The next day, Guo Ran gathered all the Dragonblood Legion’s disciples. This was an important matter, and all of them had to participate.

“Guo Ran, is boss preparing to publicly cut down the sect leader?” asked Gu Yang excitedly.

“I don’t know. But boss did assign everyone a very difficult mission.” After saying that, Guo Ran took out piles of delicacies, filling up a large table.

“This is…?” Everyone was dumbfounded. Was this a celebration?

“This is the mission boss assigned us. You have to finish all this food, and each person must drink at least two jugs of wine.” Guo Ran laughed.

People were unable to comprehend. What kind of mission was this? But Guo Ran refused to answer, and so they could only drop it and begin to crazily devour the food.

It went without saying that cultivators had strong stomachs. Each person ate hundreds of pounds of food, and some drank five or six jugs of wine.

“Guo Ran, boss really is nice! He knew we were suffering from the bullying, and he wanted to make it up to us!” Gu Yang hiccuped and laughed. He was the one who ate the most and drank the most.

“Make it up[1]? Hehe.” Guo Ran laughed.

“Good word. All this food has had some supplements added to it so that when they enter the stomach, they will rapidly expand.

“As for the wine you are drinking, boss sprinkled in some five-flavor tofu. At this time, you should be beginning to feel the effects in your stomach.”

Everyone’s expressions changed. As Guo Ran had said, their stomachs were starting to ache slightly, and they also felt a certain valve was in danger of being breached.

“What’s going on, Guo Ran?!”

“Hehe, you’ve all eaten too many medicinal pills, and the toxins in your bodies need to be expelled. Otherwise, if the toxin reaches your souls, it will become impossible to remove. So, boss is helping you all undergo a detox,” explained Guo Ran with a sinister laugh.

“You five sisters should hurry and leave. If you don’t find a toilet soon, it might be too late.”

Qing Yu and the others blushed and hastily ran off. They could already feel it coming.

“Hey, you guys, don’t rush off. You still have some work to do.”

Once the five women left, the others also felt something coming and wanted to slip away. Otherwise, it really might be too late. The danger of being breached was rising.

“The chamberpot has already been prepared for everyone.”

With a thud, a large barrel over thirty meters in circumference and fifteen meters tall appeared in front of everyone.

This chamberpot was more like a swimming pool. It was made entirely of steel, and it appeared to have just been made.

“Previously, your mission was to eat all that food. Now your mission is to work together to fill up the dung pool.”

After saying that, Guo Ran’s expression suddenly changed, and he hastily took off his pants and began undergoing his arduous mission.

[1] 补 Bu, as in supplement.

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