Chapter 511 A Human Fountain


The sledgehammer smashed onto the stone slab. The slab trembled, but it still didn’t break.

Peng Xuequan once more vomited a mouthful of blood. Long Chen was too strong, and the force that transmitted through the slab shook his internal organs.

He was both startled and furious, not understanding how a Bone Forging brat could possess such immense power.

Furthermore, his strength was controlled exquisitely. Over ninety percent of his force transmitted straight through the slab to strike him.

Even he was only able to allow twenty percent of his power to transmit through the stone slab. The majority of his force would be absorbed by the slab.

“Eh? This tortoise shell really is hard. Elder Peng, please endure it. I will definitely smash apart your tortoise shell and save you.”

Not waiting for Peng Xuequan to reply, Long Chen raised the sledgehammer and once more ruthlessly smashed it down.




Pfft, pfft!


Pfft, pfft, pfft!!

Each time he smashed the sledgehammer down, it would be accompanied by a loud bang. Then Peng Xuequan would vomit a mouthful of blood. Furthermore, each time, the blood would spurt out of his mouth and reach the exact same height of just over three meters. After reaching their peak, the droplets of blood splashed down to the ground, appearing strangely beautiful.

“What’s going on? Is he a fountain?”

“He seems like a fountain… a human fountain.”

“What a rhythmic fountain. It’s too mystical! Each time, the angle, the arc, the strength, everything is the same! Even the range of his blood spatters are identical! Just how did he manage to do this?”

Peng Xuequan’s amazing blood-spurting divine ability immediately stunned everyone. When the monastery disciples saw this divine sight, they couldn’t help feeling a trace of admiration for Peng Xuequan. He truly was worthy of being a Meridian Opening expert. Even the scene of him vomiting blood was so magnificent.

“I understand! Wow, Peng Xuequan’s parents really were amazing!”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because his parents would predict the future!”


“Think about it! Peng Xuequan! Pen! Xue! Quan![1] He’s exactly suited for spurting blood[2]! Look, his blood-spurting divine ability practically makes him into a human blood-spurting fountain!”

Amazing, truly amazing. A true genius had arisen within the monastery now. This explanation truly was too wonderful.

“Stop!” Zhou Qifeng finally recovered from the shock of watching ‘Pen Xuequan’ vomit blood.

“I can’t! If I don’t smash apart this stone, I’ll end up being gravely punished! Unfortunately, I have no choice!”


Long Chen went all-out smashing the stone slab, appearing like he wouldn’t stop until the stone slab was smashed to bits. Peng Xuequan was so terrified, his soul almost fled from his body.

He wanted to get away, but now it was too late. He had already received continuous attacks. His body had been gravely injured, and his spiritual qi had been scattered. He was powerless to resist.

“Save- pfft!” Before Peng Xuequan could ask to be saved, he once more vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Uncle? Not even saying father would help you![3] Weren’t you acting very badass just now? You want to secretly injure my brother? Was that very addicting for you?”


Peng Xuequan let out a miserable cry and vomited another mouthful of blood. This time, Long Chen had used an even greater force, and he was unable to bear it.

As for the stone slab, it cracked from his force, startling Long Chen. Just now, he hadn’t controlled his power well enough, shortening the lifespan of the slab.

“Oh, big brother, hang on! Your day of salvation is coming soon! This stone slab is just about to break!” Long Chen cried out with ‘delight’, and once more smashed down the sledgehammer.


The ground shook intensely. A large crater formed on the stone ground. Peng Xuequan was smashed into the ground, and the stone slab finally reached the end of its lifespan and broke apart.

“Long Chen!” Zhou Qifeng roared furiously, glaring at Long Chen. He looked like he wished to bite Long Chen to death.

“Sect leader, why are you looking at me like that?” Long Chen asked curiously.

The disciples’ expressions turned odd. Looking at Peng Xuequan, who almost looked to be on his final breaths, they wondered, did he really have to ask?

You ended up smashing one of his subordinates almost into a flat painting. If they had nails, they could directly hang him on a wall. That was a vicious slap in his face, and yet you still have to ask why he would look at you like that?

Zhou Qifeng was fuming, wishing to immediately kill Long Chen. But Long Chen had been too sly, and there was no opportunity for him to do so.

Long Chen had purposely angered him, making him say that if he didn’t smash apart the stone slab, he would be gravely punished. As a result, he had ended up giving Long Chen an honorable reason for his actions.

If he had smashed Peng Xuequan to death, then Zhou Qifeng would be able to punish Long Chen for negligence. However, he had left Peng Xuequan just barely alive.

Peng Xuequan’s current appearance was extremely frightening. But in truth, his vitals hadn’t been seriously injured. That had been done intentionally by Long Chen.

That made Zhou Qifeng furious and surprised. His mother had told him about Long Chen, saying he wasn’t a pushover and that he had to be careful.

But when he had then learned that Long Chen was merely a brat who had just turned seventeen years old, his mother’s words ended up being ignored.

He had thought that with his strength, he could arbitrarily manipulate Long Chen as easily as turning over a hand. Now he realized what it felt like to be manipulated by Long Chen.

He was like a loach in the mud, completely uncatchable. He hadn’t given Zhou Qifeng any opportunity to punish him.

Two Meridian Opening experts pulled Peng Xuequan out of the ground. Currently, Peng Xuequan didn’t even look human anymore.

“Sect leader, you have to get justice for me and kill that bastard Long Chen!” begged Peng Xuequan tearfully.


Suddenly, blood splashed. A sword flew over and directly pierced Peng Xuequan’s chest, startling everyone.

Most shocking of all was that the owner of that sword was Zhou Qifeng. Killing intent surged on his face, and he raged, “You bastard, how dare you take advantage of my trust to play such despicable schemes against my disciples! You’re unworthy of my patronage!”

Peng Xuequan was startled and then furious. He instantly realized that Zhou Qifeng was planning on using his death to reverse the tables of this match.

The stone slab had clearly been completely fine, and he had only acted as Zhou Qifeng had told him to. But Long Chen had ruined Zhou Qifeng’s plan, causing him to lose all his prestige and placing him on the spot.

Unable to kill Long Chen, Zhou Qifeng was using Peng Xuequan’s execution to display his prestige. He would use his death to warn them all that he was the sect leader.

“You… you little slut… yesterday in bed-”


A powerful force erupted, and Xiantian power blew Peng Xuequan into a rain of blood, cutting off his words.

Zhou Qifeng’s followers were spattered with blood because they had been the closest.

Only Long Chen had seemingly long since been prepared, and when Zhou Qifeng had increased his power, he had unhurriedly taken out an umbrella from his spatial ring.

The exact moment when the rain of blood erupted, he opened the umbrella in front of him. There wasn’t a speck of blood on him.

Long Chen threw the umbrella to the side, his expression disdainful. After Zhou Qifeng lost his face, he had actually killed his own subordinate in an attempt to display his prestige. Was that the style of these high cadre disciples?

However, it went without saying that Zhou Qifeng’s actions were truly shocking. No one had imagined he would be ruthless enough to kill a Meridian Opening expert.

Within the first monastery, the only Meridian Opening expert had been Tu Fang. But now, a Meridian Opening expert had been killed right in front of them.

However, Long Chen felt it was a bit odd. Before Peng Xuequan had died, he had cursed Zhou Qifeng as being a slut, as well as something about a bed.

“Peng Xuequan was a two-faced man, taking advantage of my trust to switch out the stone slabs, disappointing me. This matter will end here. I’m weary from travel and need to rest. You can all scatter.”

After Zhou Qifeng said this, someone went to gather Peng Xuequan’s corpse, while two others hastily ran forward to set down more of the red carpet. Zhou Qifeng had to have this red carpet wherever he walked, as he refused to get dust on his feet.

The red carpet continued all the way to the sect leader’s cultivation location. Everyone was dumbfounded by the sight of the red carpet stretching into the distance.

“This is a bit too pretentious, don’t you think?” Guo Ran spat on the carpet.

This carpet was created from the pelts of Magical Beasts. If it was in the secular world, only a monarch’s residence would have such a luxurious commodity.

But to Zhou Qifeng, that luxurious carpet was a one-use item. That was truly wasteful.

“He’s so feminine, he’s almost a woman. He also seems to have very severe mysophobia. His clothes are all exceedingly clean, without a single wrinkle or loose thread. Furthermore, he can’t even be touched by dust,” said Meng Qi.

“I’ve never seen a guy with painted lips, drawn on eyebrows, and so much white powder on his face. And even his voice is like that. I think I have goosebumps,” said Tang Wan-er.

“Hehe, our new sect leader really is peak grade. Didn’t that Peng Xuequan mention the bed…? Hehe…” laughed Guo Ran.

“What about the bed?” asked Tang Wan-er.

“Guo Ran meant that this half-man, half-woman is an extreme neat-freak, and so he probably is always in his room, lying on his bed to avoid getting dust on himself.” Long Chen glared at Guo Ran before explaining. It was best for pure fairies like Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi to not learn about this matter.

“Alright, everyone can scatter. Remember the monastery rules and pay attention to your conduct. Don’t let anyone find any evidence of any wrongdoing, or we’ll be the ones to lose out. Now, the situation is extremely clear. They’ve come here to nitpick everything we do. Although their main target might be me, they won’t let you guys off either. Be careful,” said Long Chen.

Everyone returned to their residences, their moods slightly grave. Peng Xuequan’s death had cast a shadow over their hearts.

While their moods might be a bit heavy, Zhou Qifeng’s mood was even heavier. When he arrived at his new residence, he directly smashed apart all the decorations in his room.

“Long Chen, just wait! I’ll definitely make you live a life worse than death!” Killing intent surfaced from Zhou Qifeng’s eyes.

[1] 彭雪泉 Peng Xue Quan: Peng is a common surname, Xue meaning snow, and Quan meaning a spring of water.

[2] 喷血泉 Pen Xue Quan: Pen meaning spurt, Xue meaning blood, Quan meaning spring. As in a blood-spurting fountain.

[3] Peng Xuequan says 救 Jiu, meaning save, as in ‘save me’. Here, Long Chen misconstrues it to be 舅 Jiu, meaning uncle. 

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