Chapter 510 Smashing a Sledgehammer on the Crotch

A miserable scream resounded throughout the entire monastery. That heart-rending shriek was like needles stabbing into people’s ears.

Everyone saw that Long Chen had smashed the sledgehammer right between Gu Feng’s legs. Long Chen’s immense power had directly caused his crotch to sink in.

Seeing this shocking scene with their eyes, hearing that heart-rending cry with their ears, all the men involuntarily trembled, pressing their legs together. They felt an icy chill in a certain part of their bodies.

“It’s definitely broken…”

Many of the men had the same thought. As men, they all felt sympathy. At the same time, they clamped their legs together, trying not to distress their own crotches.

“AHHH!” Gu Feng was clenching his crotch, rolling on the ground back and forth, his veins bulging. Even his eyes looked like they might pop out.

“How dare you, Long Chen?! You did that on purpose!” Zhou Qifeng finally couldn’t hold back and cursed at Long Chen.

“No… no… it wasn’t at all on purpose. I was just too nervous.” Long Chen spread his arms innocently.

However, he had ‘forgotten’ that he was holding a sledgehammer. Spreading his arms, the sledgehammer dropped to the ground.

Who knew whether or not it was a coincidence, but the sledgehammer just happened to once more smash onto Gu Feng’s crotch.

The muffled bang that came from that caused everyone to twitch. Gu Feng curled up like a shrimp, and then his eyes rolled into his head and he fainted.

In an instant, his mournful shriek ended. The world returned to silence. The monastery disciples were oddly looking at Gu Feng, not saying a single word.

Only Guo Ran had a worshipful expression, his eyes like two shining stars. If the circumstances weren’t inappropriate, he might have immediately knelt down and begged Long Chen to take him as a disciple. His conning arts had reached the realm where even ghosts and gods would be shocked. Perhaps only Long Chen had such abilities.

“Aiya, so sorry! I just wanted to demonstrate my innocence!” Long Chen, who seemed to have ‘never expected’ the situation to reach this point, apologized extremely awkwardly.

“Long Chen, today you intentionally used a sinister scheme to injure others! Today, I’ll-” Zhou Qifeng shouted, just about to punish Long Chen.

“Wait a moment, don’t mislabel others. I said I was nervous. It wasn’t intentional.” Long Chen waved his hand.

“What nonsense! It was clearly intentional!” raged Peng Xuequan.

“Really? What part of it was intentional? Don’t slander others. In the beginning, I was too nervous and didn’t smash the hammer, all because I was afraid I would miss!

“But this fellow encouraged me, practically forcing me, which is the only reason I finally smashed it down. Previously, he clearly said that if there were any problems, it would be his responsibility. Everyone here heard that. Are you deaf?

“If you didn’t hear it, then go ask your sect leader if he heard it. You can also ask each and every disciple and Elder if they heard it,” said Long Chen disdainfully.

Zhou Qifeng and the others clenched their teeth furiously. This Long Chen was too wicked, to intentionally bait Gu Feng into saying such a thing. Now, he wouldn’t have to bear any of the responsibility. Gu Feng had suffered for nothing.

“I feel like the test should just end here today. Sect leader came from so far, he should rest for a few days. Let’s scatter.” Long Chen laughed at the gloomy-faced Zhou Qifeng.

That smash of the hammer had truly been addicting. No matter what realm you reached, as long as you were a man, that place was always a vital point. The place of the lifeline could not be isolated from pain. Even a Meridian Opening expert was in enough pain as to die.

Long Chen’s sneering made Zhou Qifeng and the others feel like they might explode from rage. But they were powerless to do anything to him.

If they ended things like this, then they wouldn’t have established their prestige. Instead, they would have lost all their face.

“No! This test is not a game. This is for us to get a clear understanding of the disciples’ power. Those who do well will get better resources, while the trash shouldn’t waste any of our resources.

“The earlier we set up our foundation, the more beneficial it will be in the long run. We won’t end just because of a small mishap.” Peng Xuequan saw Zhou Qifeng give him a special gaze, and he hurriedly opened his mouth.

The earlier we set up our foundation, the more beneficial it will be in the long run? Long Chen really was impressed. They really were shameless enough. They could even utter such pompous reasoning for their schemes.

A touch of ridicule appeared in Long Chen’s eyes as he said, “Then you want the test to continue right now?”

“Of course, we have to continue. Since you suspect something’s wrong with the stone slab, then I’ll let you test it on me this time.” Then, Peng Xuequan added, “Last time, you might have managed to pull off a little trick, but let me see what you dare try this time. If you dare try it again, the sect leader will definitely cut off your head.”

Peng Xuequan lay on the ground, placing the stone slab on his chest.

“Go ahead. Go as hard as you like.”

“Fuck off. Can you not say something so disgusting? I don’t have that kind of interest in men,” cursed Long Chen.

Everyone looked oddly at Peng Xuequan, who was lying on the ground. That posture… it truly could be misconstrued.

“You…! Shut up and smash it!” Peng Xuequan turned purple and roared furiously.

Only then did Long Chen raise the sledgehammer. He took aim on the slab, testing it out several times with a ‘nervous’ expression.

“I’m nervous again.”

Peng Xuequan turned green, and he crossed his legs tightly, afraid Long Chen would also smash his crotch.

Although that wouldn’t kill him, that kind of pain was something men could not endure. Looking at Long Chen’s wicked gaze, it seemed he was thinking of once more doing something sinister.

“Long Chen, don’t vainly think about using the same trick twice. If you intentionally miss again, I’ll immediately have you killed!” shouted Zhou Qifeng.

Only then did Peng Xuequan relax. He sneered, “Brat, now you can’t run. Once this is finished, you’ll have to be more well-behaved.”

His voice was extremely quiet so only Long Chen could hear. It was an obvious threat.

“Was this worth the trouble?” Long Chen shook his head helplessly.

“Shut up and swing the hammer!” shouted Zhou Qifeng.

Long Chen smashed the hammer down. But all that happened was the stone slab shook ever so slightly. Everyone was puzzled.

Smash after smash went down, but his blows were so weak. All that happened was some loud banging. The stone slab wasn’t damaged at all.

“Long Chen, are you playing the drums?!” Zhou Qifeng raged.

Long Chen was just lightly tapping the slab. If he continued like that, not even a year would be enough to break the slab. He was clearly stalling for time.

“Isn’t this because I’m nervous? This way, if I miss, at least I won’t injure anyone,” said Long Chen.

“You…! What nonsense! This is a test, not a game! If you can’t destroy the slab, I will punish you for neglecting your duty!” roared Zhou Qifeng.

“I’m no longer the Enforcement Elder, so how could I neglect my duties??” said Long Chen disdainfully. Even when he tried to accuse him, it seemed he still didn’t have a brain.

“You…! Even if you're not the Enforcement Elder, you are still a disciple. I use my status as sect leader to order you to smash apart that slab! Otherwise, I will punish you severely!” quibbled Zhou Qifeng.

Although he was twisting the logic, it was at least slightly reasonable. If someone didn’t listen to the sect leader’s orders, there really was a need to punish them.

“Alright then. Prepare yourself. Don’t get killed as soon as I smash it down. Otherwise, your father would have worked so hard for nothing all those years,” said Long Chen, hesitating.

“Hurry up!” roared Peng Xuequan. If Long Chen didn’t hurry up, he was afraid he might die from rage.

Long Chen spat on his hands, rubbing them like a stonemason about to get to work.

“Are you prepared?” he asked again.

“I’m prepared!” Peng Xuequan was practically roaring. He had an urge to throttle Long Chen. This posture was extremely embarrassing for him to stay in.

“Alright then.”

The instant he said that, the sledgehammer in his hand ruthlessly smashed down.


The ground rocked intensely. But everyone was startled to see that the slab hadn’t even cracked.

As for the one beneath the slab, his face went from red to white, and then white to purple, his eyes bulging.

Shockingly, the stone slab hadn’t broken, but Peng Xuequan, a Meridian Opening expert, vomited a mouthful of blood.

Long Chen had condensed his power so that it wouldn’t scatter, and when he had struck the stone slab, the force had gone straight through the stone slab to strike Peng Xuequan. As a result, the stone slab hadn’t broken, but Peng Xuequan wildly vomited blood.

Originally, breaking stones over abdomens, using heads to break bricks, and similar tricks were just circus acts found amongst the secular world’s commoners. In truth, those performers weren’t powerful cultivators. They were just ordinary people.

However, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to endure that kind of powerful force. According to reason, they should be injured. However, those performers always managed to break the stones without the slightest injury, causing people to click their tongues in wonder.

In truth, there was a certain trick to it. The trick didn’t lay in the person lying on the ground nor did it lay in the stone. Instead, it was in the hand of the smasher.

As long as the person using the hammer controlled their strength properly, scattering the power when the hammer hit the slab, the slab would break apart, while the person at the bottom would receive extremely little force.

Those performers would often use children to lay under the stones in order to impassion the crowd. Then they might earn a bit more money. But the people smashing the hammer were always old masters who had trained in doing this for many years. Otherwise, there really was a danger of smashing someone to death.

As for Long Chen, he was doing the opposite. He sent the force directly through the slab so that the person below would endure it all.

Previously, that was also why Yue Zifeng had been injured. Long Chen’s cultivation base might not be high, but his control over his power had reached the point of perfection, and his control was at least a hundred times better than Peng Xuequan.

Peng Xuequan had used this trick to injure Yue Zifeng. Now, the wheel had turned. Long Chen’s control was even more exquisite, and he used even greater strength. Even a Meridian Opening expert was unable to endure it.

Everyone was still shocked by how Peng Xuequan had vomited blood when Long Chen ruthlessly swung the hammer a second time.

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