Chapter 509 Breaking Stones on Abdomens

“Your constitutions are too weak, and within the same level, you’re unable to compare to the other monasteries’ disciples. One is in the heavens while one is still on the ground.

“So starting today, we’ll be undergoing drilling to strengthen your constitutions and physiques,” shouted Peng Xuequan.

Those who followed Zhou Qifeng were all very sturdy men, and Peng Xuequan was the one with the strongest physique.

But what was different from ordinary experts was that Peng Xuequan had grown extremely unevenly. His build was like a butcher’s, and it was lacking the aesthetic of well-built men.

As soon as he said this, Long Chen and the others understood this idiot was beginning to play his tricks.

As expected, he continued, “Within the other monasteries, the disciples’ physiques are at least twice as strong as yours.

“Furthermore, you’re disciples of the first monastery. If your physiques are too weak, how will you compete with the other monastery disciples? Do you want to be laughed at by others?”

After saying it, he saw that Long Chen and the others were just expressionlessly looking at him, as if they were just watching a monkey put on a show.

He was startled. This situation seemed to be a bit different than the situation he had expected. He had been hoping for everyone to become impassioned. Only then could he start with the next step.

However, he thickened his skin and took out a stone slab. It was a square, two-foot slab that was half a foot thick.

Peng Xuequan continued, “Starting today, if you want to obtain the monastery’s rewards, you must reach the standards of the stone-crushing abdomen test. Otherwise, you’ll be cut off.”

After saying this, he saw that Long Chen and the others were still expressionlessly looking at him, provoking his fury.

“Fuck, is there no one who wants to try it? You want to be cut off?!”

According to his plan, at this time, there should be countless hot-blooded disciples trying to challenge the stone-crushing test. But for them to just stare at him icily, he felt he was being played.

“You, get out here. If you pass, you’ll continue getting your rewards. Otherwise, you’ll be cut off until you do pass. And if you can’t pass after three tries, you’ll be expelled from the monastery.” Peng Xuequan pointed toward Yue Zifeng.

Long Chen’s eyes narrowed slightly. This bastard truly knew how to pick people. Yue Zifeng had the weakest physical body of them because he was a sword cultivator, not a body cultivator.

However, Long Chen wasn’t worried about him. Even if his physique was weaker than them, he had already reached the ten-temper realm, and his body was much stronger than average Bone Forging experts.

Yue Zifeng walked up and looked icily at Peng Xuequan. “What do you want me to do?”

His gaze was extremely irritating to Peng Xuequan, and he said, “Lie on the ground and I will place the slab on your abdomen. Then, using the sledgehammer, I will smash it. If it breaks and you don’t suffer any injury, your physical body will have reached the standard.

“You don’t need to doubt this. This slab has the specific marking of the Xuantian Dao Sect and is specifically used to test the strength of its disciples’ physical bodies. There’s no way to fake it.”

Flipping over the slab, he revealed an extremely special mark at the center of it.

If Long Chen hadn’t met Yue Xiaoqian, he might not be able to recognize it, but after she had helped him translate the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record, he could read that character.

That was the ‘Xuan’ immortal character. Perhaps of everyone present, only Long Chen could recognize it, as that was a rune that appeared in the Ethereal Crafting Secret Record.

From that appearance, it seemed it really wasn’t fake. Could it be that they hadn’t done anything to it? Did they really think everyone would fail to pass this simple test?

Although he didn’t know how strong the disciples from the other supermonasteries were, he was sure that even if their monasteries’ disciples were strong, they definitely wouldn’t be stronger than them.

Long Chen had already had everyone undergo complete tempering. The strength of their ten-temper realm was far stronger than other disciples’ ten-temper realm. Passing this test would be absolutely no problem.

Yue Zifeng lay on the ground. But what made Yue Zifeng frown slightly was that this stone slab might not be that large, but it was extremely heavy. It had to be over ten thousand pounds.

“Prepare yourself!”

A large sledgehammer appeared in Peng Xuequan’s hands, and he ruthlessly smashed it down onto the slab. The slab instantly shattered.

Beneath the slab, Yue Zifeng coughed up a mouthful of blood, causing everyone to let out started cries. He had actually been injured.

“Hmph, you don’t meet the standards,” sneered Peng Xuequan. He disdainfully said, “Starting today, you are cut off from your monastery rewards! You’ll only get them once you manage to pass.”

Yue Zifeng wiped off his blood, an icy light shining in his eyes, seeming like two sharp blades stabbing into Peng Xuequan’s eyes. The latter felt pain in his eyes, and he involuntarily took a step back.

After glancing at Peng Xuequan, Yue Zifeng didn’t say anything and returned to Long Chen’s side. But everyone could see the killing intent in his eyes.

Long Chen’s expression became a bit gloomy. The stone slab was definitely fine. Yue Zifeng was also not the problem. The problem lay in the person smashing the sledgehammer. That bastard had intentionally injured Yue Zifeng.

Others might not be able to see through the clues, as his movements really hadn’t had anything suspicious to them. But that was the most despicable part.

Their actions could not possibly escape the senses of Long Chen’s powerful Spiritual Strength. Other than Yue Zifeng, he was the only one who knew this bastard had used a sinister trick.

In truth, if Yue Zifeng had used his full power to defend, he wouldn’t have been injured. Or even if he was injured, he definitely wouldn’t cough up blood.

Long Chen had already warned Yue Zifeng and the others not to reveal their full strength. At any time, they were only to reveal the power of the four-temper realm. That was why Yue Zifeng had held back and thus been injured.

That made Yue Zifeng extremely furious, and he had an urge to immediately unsheathe his sword and cut down this bastard. But now wasn’t the time.

“Truly useless. You can be the next one.”

Peng Xuequan icily pointed toward a person behind Long Chen. But his actions caused an icy light to shine in Long Chen’s eyes. He was actually pointing at Tang Wan-er.

To make a woman place a stone slab on the abdomen was already a humiliation. Long Chen suddenly smiled and said, “Elder Peng, right? There’s one thing I don’t understand. Are you sure this slab is used for testing the physiques of Bone Forging disciples?”

“But of course? What? Do you doubt us?” raged Peng Xuequan.

“I truly do doubt you. I suspect this stone slab’s hardness has already surpassed the limits of what the Bone Forging realm should be able to endure. In fact, I believe that even you Meridian Opening experts would not be able to handle it,” said Long Chen icily.

“What nonsense. This is just because you’re all too weak. This is specifically the slab used for testing Bone Forging disciples,” said Peng Xuequan.

However, he couldn't help feeling a bit guilty. It was true this slab was used for testing Bone Forging disciples, however, it was the one used for Bone Forging disciples who were about to advance to Meridian Opening.

Before smashing the slab, he had lightly tapped it with his sledgehammer a few times. In truth, he had been testing out how strong Yue Zifeng’s body was.

He was startled to find that Yue Zifeng’s body was even comparable to eight-temper Bone Forging experts, and so he had to stealthily use a trick.

“That’s bullshit. I know just how strong my brother’s body is. You definitely secretly switched out the slabs to trick us. How about we let one of you test it out for us as proof?” raged Long Chen.

“Hmph, fine.” Originally, Peng Xuequan had been worried about having his scheme seen through, but seeing Long Chen wanted one of his own people to test it, he was delighted inside.

Once he used one of his own people to test it, that would prove there was no problem, and he could openly trick them.

“Gu Feng, you come over and show them. This thing is as weak as tofu. Only good-for-nothings would be injured.” Peng Xuequan beckoned to another Meridian Opening expert.

Although they were in the early Meridian Opening realm, the Meridian Opening was the last of the Houtian realms, and they had already started on the way to the Xiantian realm. Their physical bodies were much stronger. These stone slabs were truly like tofu to them.

Gu Feng walked over, sneering at Long Chen, “Brat, look closely. In our eyes, these terrifying slabs are just trash.” He lay down and placed a stone slab on his abdomen. But from how easily he placed it, it was as if he was lifting a pillow.

That startled all the disciples. Although they were extremely disgusted with these fellows, they had no choice but to admit they were truly powerful.

“Brat, look closely. I’ll use twice as much strength to smash it so you can accept it wholeheartedly,” sneered Peng Xuequan. He raised the sledgehammer.

“Wait a moment!” Long Chen suddenly thought of something and cried out.

Peng Xuequan jumped in surprise, and he hastily put down the sledgehammer. He had almost ended up hitting his own head with it.

“What do you want?” he raged.

“Who knows whether or not you two are colluding? You might act like you’re using a great deal of power, but just be tapping it. Then wouldn’t we be scammed?” said Long Chen.

“Why would we scam a bunch of weak Bone Forging disciples?” raged Peng Xuequan.

“Why do you think?”

Long Chen icily looked back at him. Peng Xuequan shifted guiltily. Long Chen’s gaze seemed to pierce through to the bottom of his heart, exposing all his secrets.

“Then… what do you want to do?” he asked.

“Let me do it,” said Long Chen.


“Yes, me. I can represent all of our monastery’s disciples. If this stone slab truly has no problem, then each one of us will accept your test without the slightest complaint,” said Long Chen.

His words made Peng Xuequan’s hearts burst with joy. There was nothing better than this to them.

“Alright, here you go.”

Long Chen received the sledgehammer. The hammer’s head was the size of a plate and extremely heavy, at least a hundred thousand pounds. Long Chen tested it out on the slab, hesitating for a long time with a nervous expression.

“Can you smash it or not?” Beneath the slab, Gu Feng rushed him impatiently.

“I’m a bit nervous,” said Long Chen.

“What are you nervous about?”

“I’m afraid of missing.”

“Fuck, how could you miss such a large target? You must be an idiot. Hurry up. If there’s a problem, I’ll take responsibility for it,” rushed Gu Feng.

Long Chen’s eyes brightened, and without saying another word, the sledgehammer in his hands began to whistle as it smashed down.

“AHH!” A miserable scream resounded throughout the entire monastery.

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