Chapter 508 Furiously Cursing a Sect Leader

“Me? Slap myself? But sect leader…” The person called Zhang Bao couldn’t help being dumbfounded.

Previously, Peng Xuequan had managed to stand out, becoming the Enforcement Elder in an instant. However, he had done the same thing as him and ended up being ordered to slap himself in the face? He was bewildered.

The sect leader furiously slapped Zhang Bao in the face and shouted, “Since you know I’m the sect leader, how dare you talk back?!”

The sect leader was also holding back a stomach full of fire. Long Chen was forcing Zhang Bao to slap himself in the face, causing him to also lower his head. That was equivalent to a slap in his face as well.

In the current situation, he couldn’t use martial strength to subdue everyone. He could only place this grievance on Zhang Bao, but Zhang Bao hadn’t realized that, causing him to find a target to release his stomach full of fire.

Zhang Bao became dizzy from being hit, but seeing the sect leader’s gloomy expression, he finally knelt on the ground.

He began to slap himself in the face.

Hearing those resounding slaps, the sect leader and the others were all filled with fury.

However, the monastery’s disciples were all incredibly refreshed. The sect leader and the others had already infuriated them with how unreasonable they were. Now, this was truly relaxing.

The final slap rang out and Zhang Bao stood up. His gaze was filled with hatred as he looked at Long Chen and Tu Fang. It was obvious he was cursing inside.

“Are you deaf? I said to slap yourself until all your teeth were gone, not that you could just randomly slap yourself a few times,” said Long Chen.

“That’s enough. Long Chen, don’t go too far,” shouted the sect leader.

He truly was furious now. He had already lowered his head to get Zhang Bao to slap himself in the face. But Long Chen still refused to let it go with just that.

“Brothers, kill!”

Long Chen was too lazy to waste words with him. He was the first to charge at Zhang Bao. Following him, all the disciples’ blood boiled, and they seemed to return to their memories when they fought shoulder to shoulder with him. With a roar, they all charged.

“Stop!” The sect leader shouted, his Xiantian power surging out, causing the world to freeze. A terrifying pressure fell on all of them.

The disciples involuntarily stopped, feeling as if a wall had blocked their path. A terrifying pressure was crashing on their bodies, causing them to turn pale.

Only Long Chen’s expression didn’t change. He icily stared at the sect leader. “Zhang Bao’s mouth was too rude, and he must pay the price. Right now, I’ll give you three choices: one, let Zhang Bao slap out all his teeth. Two, let us kill him. Three, you can kill us all.”

The sect leader glared at Long Chen, wanting to kill him. But he couldn’t.

He truly only had those three options, but he absolutely could not choose the third one. If he did, he and his mother would be killed. Furthermore, the Zhou family would once more receive a ruthless blow.

As for the second choice, that was also unacceptable. If Zhang Bao died, his other followers would be disillusioned. And what about his own prestige? How would he even be a sect leader?

“Zhang Bao, do as he says.”

“Sect leader…”

The sect leader once more gave him a slap in the face. He had an urge to slap this idiot to death. This bastard still hadn’t realized what was going on. The more he hesitated, the more face he would lose.

“Slap yourself in the face!” he ordered.

Under the sect leader’s harsh orders, the familiar sound of slapping once more rang out. However, this time, the sound was much more intense.

After Zhang Bao finished playing the music of his face, bubbles of blood foamed out of his mouth. All his teeth had fallen out now.

In truth, having one’s teeth knocked out was nothing to a Meridian Opening expert. Using medicines, they would quickly recover, growing new teeth.

However, compared to the physical body’s pain, the pain of the mind was much worse, capable of driving a person insane. Zhang Bao pointed at Long Chen, “Just wait, Long Chen!”

However, without his teeth, his words were very unclear. Only after a couple breaths did people realize what he was saying.

Long Chen didn’t look at him. Putting away his saber, he smiled as if nothing had happened. “Sect leader’s noble character and unquestionable integrity, especially his ability to be impartial, is admirable.”

The sect leader felt as if his lungs might burst. After finishing beating Zhang Bao’s face, he had begun slapping his face. His ‘ability to be impartial’ was an incredibly loud slap.

He took a deep breath to calm himself down before saying, “Let me introduce myself. I am Zhou Qifeng. I come from the Xuantian Dao Sect. Starting today, I will be your new sect leader.”

This was Zhou Qingyi’s son, while Zhou Qifeng’s father had been an expert that had married into the Zhou family.

Those who could marry into the Zhou family were all top geniuses. For the sake of their future progeny, the women of the Zhou family would only marry experts.

But Long Chen and the others wondered just what happened between Zhou Qifeng’s mother and father. Could it be that they ended up making some mistakes when researching how to have their next generation? They had actually ended up giving birth to an oddity like Zhou Qifeng.

His cultivation talent was extremely ordinary, and his bearing was extremely odd. He was also extremely mysophobic, a neat-freak. When he walked, he couldn’t let his feet be touched by mud, and when he sat, he couldn’t let his clothes be touched by dust.

Those Meridian Opening experts were his nannies in charge of his clothes, food, housing, and transport. Now that he had taken office, they had all come with him.

These Meridian Opening experts were all just a bunch of random workers within the Xuantian Dao Sect. But here, they had become the top experts, so naturally their egos had swelled.

“Long Chen, previously I hadn’t introduced myself and you had your Elder status, so you didn’t need to kneel to me. But now, you should know what to do.” Zhou Qifeng looked at Long Chen icily.

Guo Ran and the others’ expressions changed. How insidious, how despicable! He was forcing Long Chen to kneel to him as humiliation.

Long Chen sneered. He cupped his hands and said loudly, “Greetings, sect leader Zhou.”

“How brazen! As a disciple, how dare you not kowtow?” raged Zhou Qifeng.

“Sect leader, don’t be so angry. If you end up dying from rage, it really would be unfortunate. There are two reasons why I don’t need to kowtow.

“First, my cultivation base has reached the Bone Forging realm, and according to the monastery’s rules, there’s no need for me to kneel when seeing the sect leader.

“If I want to kneel, that would be depending on the sect leader’s character and morality. If it was someone like sect leader Tu Fang or sect leader Ling Yunzi, people of virtue and prestige, then I definitely would kowtow to them. But as for you… hehe, to tell the truth, you have no character and have no morals… ah, so sorry, sometimes I say too much.

“Second, according to the monastery’s rules, disciples only need to kowtow to the sect leader during the ancestral ceremony to express their gratefulness at being transmitted their masters’ favor. Today is not the day of the ceremony,” said Long Chen.

“You…! Even so, you should bow at least! Otherwise, how would you differentiate between seniors and juniors?!” shouted Zhou Qifeng.

“Cough, originally, I should have bowed. However, I’m injured, and I can’t bend my waist. Please forgive me, sect leader,” said Long Chen ‘apologetically’.

“What nonsense, you’re completely healthy! You’re clearly trying to evade. It seems I’ll need to punish your disrespect!” raged Zhou Qifeng.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to punish people. I truly am injured. Everyone present can testify that yesterday, there was some old bitch that must have taken the wrong drugs. She ended up coming here, acting like some unfilial daughter beating her father, attacking me.

“As a result, my residence was razed, and I ended up coughing up blood. Later, the monastery head had to come here to expel that old bitch. If you don’t believe me, you can ask any one of us. I definitely haven’t spoken any lies.”

“You bastard, that person was my mother! You dare be disrespectful to the assistant monastery head?!” Zhou Qifeng’s killing intent surged out.

“Oh? That old bi- cough, so she was your mother! I really had no idea. So sorry.”

Long Chen ‘awkwardly’ coughed a few times, suddenly grumbling, “I really had no idea that person was your mother. However, your mother really was heavy-handed.

“She beat me until my bones broke. Was it worth it for her to do such a thing to me, a Bone Forging disciple?

“I suppose you haven’t seen your mother when she goes crazy. Yesterday, it was like she had gone mad. I really can’t understand why she would come here to beat me. It’s not like I’m your father.”

Tu Fang’s face twitched. Wasn’t this openly cursing someone?

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er were covering their mouths. Seeing how black Zhou Qifeng’s face was, they were afraid they might end up laughing.

On the other hand, Guo Ran praised inside, “Boss really is boss. His cursing ability has practically reached the realm of perfection. He can curse someone in the face, but make it so they can’t display their anger.”

Zhou Qifeng was unable to find any way to retort. As long as Long Chen said he had no idea who that woman had been, he couldn’t say anything. More importantly, he wouldn’t be able to make Long Chen kneel now.

If Zhou Qifeng tried, Long Chen would just say he was injured. If he doubted him, he could call over his mother to ask her.

“Fine, you’re injured. But what about the others? They also haven’t knelt,” raged Zhou Qifeng.

“Sect leader, have you forgotten? Just how powerful is your mother’s cultivation base? Back then, everyone here was struck by your mother’s bastard qi and injured. I hope sect leader can forgive us.” Long Chen smiled apologetically.

Zhou Qifeng clenched his teeth so hard they creaked. Even the distant people were able to hear it. Perhaps he wasn’t very happy.

Originally, he had come here to display his prestige and completely suppress the first monastery. Then, later, he would proceed with the rest of the plan.

Now, he hadn’t managed to suppress the first monastery, but he had instead been forced to lower his own head. All his prestige had been lost. That made him incredibly depressed. This was completely different from his plans.

Zhou Qifeng hastily gave Peng Xuequan a glance, and he immediately understood. Taking a few steps forward, Peng Xuequan icily looked at everyone, a sinister smile appearing on his face.

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