Chapter 507 Slap Yourself in the Face

Long Chen and the others were surprised to see that sixteen figures had appeared at once from the transportation formation. These sixteen people were all Meridian Opening experts, and four of them were currently holding a golden palanquin.

That scene caused them to be a bit stunned. What kind of nonsense were they doing? The new sect leader was sitting within the palanquin? That was being a bit too pretentious, wasn’t it?

Even the monastery head, Shui Wuhen, had always come directly on her own. Furthermore, cultivators would usually abstain from sitting in palanquins.

A palanquin and other similar vehicles inhibited a person’s movement. If they were ambushed, they wouldn’t even have a chance to run.

Now, two Meridian Opening experts quickly rolled open a red carpet. Only once the carpet was properly laid down did they set down the palanquin. The curtain was pushed open, and a man appearing to be in his twenties got out.

This man didn’t look that bad, with a very fair complexion. But he had an extremely feminine air to him.

As soon as this man walked out of the palanquin, he icily looked over everyone. That gaze caused Long Chen and the others to shiver, as that gaze was truly able to make their hair stand on end.

Long Chen immediately saw that there was a thin layer of powder over his face. His eyebrows had been drawn on, and most astonishing of all, he had even drawn red paint over his lips.

“Damn, Zhou Qingyi really gave birth to a peak grade product,” thought Long Chen.

It wasn’t just Long Chen. Guo Ran, Gu Yang, Tang Wan-er, and everyone else was also dumbfounded. They had never imagined that the legendary Xuantian Dao Sect would send down such a sect leader.

“Hmph, you don’t know how to kneel when seeing the sect leader?” That feminine man swung his sleeves, icily snorting at them.

“Greetings, sect leader!”

Being dumbfounded by this peak grade sect leader, they had forgotten their manners. They hastily bowed.

“Oh? You must be Long Chen. As a disciple, you won’t kneel when seeing the sect leader?” raged the feminine man.

But his fury made others feel even odder. He was pointing at Long Chen, but for some reason, his pinky finger was also pointed out.

Long Chen took a deep breath, cursing his bad luck inside. How had such a peak grade idiot come here?

“As the Enforcement Elder, I don’t need to kneel to you,” said Long Chen.

“How brazen Long Chen, to be so rude to the sect leader! Do you believe me when I say I’ll slap you in the mouth right now?” Before the feminine man could open his mouth, one of the Meridian Opening experts by his side shouted coldly, taking a posture that would allow him to strike at any moment.

“A person who dares slap my boss has not yet been born. Who do you think you are? Shut your mouth. Aren’t you still hoping for your mouth to give birth to a kid?” Guo Ran didn’t take that person’s insult lying down. He directly pointed at him and cursed.

That person became furious and roared at Guo Ran, “How could my mouth give birth to a kid?”

“Ah, so you know that that’s your mouth?! Then how come all that comes out of it is crap? My boss is the Enforcement Elder, so why would he have to kneel? Are your ears deaf? You can’t understand what my boss said?” sneered Guo Ran.

“You must want to die!” The person furiously released a powerful aura that locked down Guo Ran.

Guo Ran icily looked back without saying anything. His gaze was filled with disdain. He clearly didn’t believe this person dared attack here.

“Everyone, shut up.”

At this time, the new sect leader shouted. His voice truly was dignified, but it was sharp, like a duck whose throat was being stepped on. Even his voice caused a chill in people.

“You’re all too brazen. Who do you think I am? Do you not accept me as the new sect leader?” raged that man.

Ah, it seems we really don’t. Long Chen and the others looked oddly back at this new sect leader. They really didn’t have a way to accept this new half-woman man as their sect leader.

“Long Chen, from today onwards, you are removed from your post. You are now just an ordinary disciple,” he said.

“Alright.” Long Chen nodded without saying anything else.

“Why are you removing my boss from his Elder position? You have to at least give a reason, right?” Long Chen might not care, but Guo Ran wouldn’t let it go. This was absolute bullying.

Long Chen’s position in their hearts was unsurpassed. For others to remove him from office with just a word was a humiliation.

“A reason? Hmph, do I need one? As the sect leader, I have the right to decide the posts of the monastery. I feel that Long Chen is unsuitable, so he’s unsuitable,” sneered that man.

“Peng Xuequan, starting today, you’ll be the first monastery’s Enforcement Elder,” he said to the person Guo Ran had previously cursed.

“Thank you for this favor, sect leader. I definitely won’t disappoint you,” thanked Peng Xuequan.

For Peng Xuequan to instantly be elevated to Enforcement Elder caused all those other Meridian Opening experts to be filled with envy.

As for those on the first monastery’s side, they were completely indignant. This was going too far. How could the grand Enforcement Elder’s position just be randomly given away?

If this person was narrow-minded, he could intentionally make things hard on anyone. Then wouldn’t all of them have all their time wasted by his nonsense?

“Sect leader, this matter…” Tu Fang stood up. This new sect leader was truly going too far. Although Long Chen had told them to act as if nothing was happening, Tu Fang couldn’t hold back.

“Shut up!” The sect leader didn’t even need to say anything before another expert by his side immediately stood up, pointing at Tu Fang and cursing, “Who do you think you are to question the sect leader’s decisions? Even at your age, you’re still just at the peak of Meridian Opening. Even when you die, you probably won’t be able to reach the Xiantian realm. A useless fogey like you should just find somewhere to dig a hole for your burial. What are you even doing here?”

This person’s words had only just left his mouth when cold light shone. Every disciple had taken out their weapons now and glared at that person, causing him to jump in fright.

What he didn’t know was that although Tu Fang’s cultivation base wasn’t impressive, he was an unquestionably fair and straightforward person. He had won all these disciples’ respect. For this person to insult Tu Fang immediately provoked their fury.

“What? You… you’re looking to rebel?!” That person was startled. For over a thousand people’s weapons to be pointed at him caused his nerves to be stretched taut.

These people were those who had crawled out of mountains of corpses and seas of blood with Long Chen in the Righteous and Corrupt battle. Once their killing intent erupted, it could cause heaven and earth to change color.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen, as long as you say a single word, we’ll immediately cut this bastard down.”

“Cut this bastard down!”

“Kill him!”

All the first monastery’s disciples roared. From this posture, it was impossible to doubt their determination.

Tu Fang had also not expected everyone to defend him like this, and he couldn’t help being emotional. But now that they were so furious, he found he was unable to control the situation.

“What do you think you’re all doing?!” The new sect leader finally couldn’t hold back from roaring furiously. He hadn’t expected the first monastery’s people to be so united. Whether it was the disciples or the Elders, they were all furiously glaring back at him, their weapons ready to attack at any moment.

Long Chen’s expression was also dark. Tu Fang and Ling Yunzi were both seniors he greatly respected. His killing intent was also starting to surge.

Long Chen ignored the sect leader, and with his killing intent surging out, he said to the bewildered man who had just spoken, “Little fellow, I’ll give you two choices. Either be turned into mincemeat by our blades, or kneel down and slap yourself in the face until all your teeth are gone. You can choose for yourself.”

“You…!” That man was both startled and furious. Seeing those people releasing their killing intent, he felt a chill in his heart. Although he was a Meridian Opening expert, he was still afraid.

“Long Chen, don’t go too far!” raged the sect leader.

“Too far? Did we go as far as you? When Elder Tu Fang was the sect leader, he had both integrity and talent and was fair and open. He is a senior we all respect. For you to come here and immediately insult our old sect leader is something we can’t accept. Well, there’s no need to waste too many words. I’ll give you to the count of three. Life or death; you choose,” snorted Long Chen.

“You dare, Long Chen?! As the sect leader, let me see if you dare touch one of us!” raged the sect leader.


Long Chen didn’t even glance at him, looking at that person as if he was already dead.

“Long Chen, you-!” The sect leader’s whole body was trembling from rage.


Long Chen shouted coldly, cutting off the sect leader’s words. He raised his blood-colored saber, and a terrifying killing intent soared into the sky.

Following him, all the disciples and Elders released their auras, their killing intent shaking the dome of the sky.

The sect leader turned ashen with fury. He had never imagined the first monastery was such a cohesive force.

Although he was in the Xiantian realm and was the appointed sect leader, he was unable to punish this many people. He couldn’t make enemies out of all these people, or his later plans would be ruined.

They had their own goals in coming here. If they were unable to accomplish their missions, then the consequences would be extremely severe. So although they were furious, they decided to compromise in the end.

“Zhang Bao, you weren’t respectful to a senior. Slap yourself in the face eighty times.” The sect leader took a deep breath, clenching his teeth and spat out his orders to the person who had insulted Tu Fang.

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