Chapter 506 Little Snow’s Terror

The first monastery’s transportation formations were located on the north side of the plaza. Only the first monastery possessed enough territory to place their transportation formations within the heart of their monastery.

Compared to the first monastery, the 108th monastery they had come from was wholly insignificant.

Currently, Tu Fang and the others had long since been waiting in front of the transportation formation. Yesterday, the supermonastery had sent down word that their new sect leader was coming today.

Although Tu Fang felt extremely unwell with that, he was powerless to do anything. He had long since predicted the first monastery would become the battlefield for two stronger powers. In the future, his sect leader title would be over.

He was powerless to change the competition between two immense powers. Right now, he could only brace himself and take things step by step.

When Long Chen arrived, Little Snow let out a roar from the distance and shot forward, knocking him down and rubbing his head intimately over Long Chen’s body.


“Hahaha, Little Snow, I missed you too!” Long Chen hugged Little Snow. Little Snow’s aura had grown even stronger. However, his body hadn’t grown larger. Instead, he had shrunk slightly.

“Wuwuwu…” Little Snow let out a worried growl.

“Oh, really?” Long Chen was pleasantly surprised. 

Little Snow said he would quickly advance. However, he was filled with terror towards this advancement. He sensed something bad would happen.

“Could it be…?” Long Chen’s expression changed. “Don’t worry, Little Snow. When you advance, I’ll protect you.”

Little Snow had now mutated and was no longer an ordinary Magical Beast. Currently, Little Snow’s intelligence was shocking.

This was Little Snow’s first time feeling so anxious, which made Long Chen think of certain legends. In those legends, it was said that mutated Magical Beasts were not supposed to exist in this world and would all be exterminated by heavenly tribulation.

Long Chen had once gone through ancient texts to investigate the legends pertaining to mutated Magical Beasts. Mutated Magical Beasts were supposedly terrifyingly strong, and once they matured, their power could theoretically devour the very heavens.

However, those mutated Magical Beasts were all killed by heavenly tribulation first, so they were unable to mature. So of those peak divine beasts that existed in legends, none of them were mutated Magical Beasts.

Mutated Magical beasts were like shooting stars within the river of time. They released a dazzling light, but only for a short time. Then they would disappear forever.

“Am I the same as Little Snow? A mutant? Tch, but I’m not a Magical Beast. Does my merger with the Pill Sovereign soul count as a spiritual mutation?

“Could it be because of this spiritual mutation that the heavens want to destroy me?”

He shivered. Back then, when he had undergone his first tribulation, the Spirit World expert had said that all existences that could threaten the Heavenly Daos were all exterminated by the Heavenly Daos.

Then presumably, if Little Snow could mature, he would be able to threaten the Heavenly Daos. His future combat ability would definitely be shocking.

“Long Chen, I heard you were injured yesterday.” Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi rushed over, deeply concerned about him.

The two of them had been in seclusion yesterday and had just learned what had happened. Furthermore, Long Chen had already told everyone not to tell the two of them so they wouldn’t worry. However, they had still found out today.

“I’m fine. It was just a minor injury that’s already healed.” Long Chen smiled.

“How can that new assistant monastery head be so shameless to even bully a disciple?” raged Tang Wan-er.

“Exactly, that’s far too shameless! She’s even more shameless than me. I’m completely bewildered as to how she managed to become so shameless,” agreed Long Chen.

The two women laughed and Meng Qi rebuked, “Really, it’s already this kind of time and you still want to make jokes?”

“Ah, originally I really was a bit depressed about being bullied. But after seeing two beauties show such concern for me, I feel like I’m being blessed by sunlight after the rain. That comfortable and refreshing feeling simply can’t be described.” Long Chen laughed.

Tang Wan-er and Meng Qi blushed, warm light flowing in their eyes, beautiful beyond compare. Despite having been with them day and night, Long Chen still felt his heart pounding from looking at that beauty.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Dislikable. Stop misbehaving.” Tang Wan-er reddened even more and viciously pinched Long Chen. He was intentionally making his heart pound louder for the two of them to hear.

“Long Chen, you… are too wicked.” Meng Qi was as red as an apple, bashful and angry.

Long Chen laughed inside. No matter what unpleasant emotion he was feeling inside, just seeing the two of them always made him feel much better.

To be able to tease beauties every day was an incredibly freeing delight. But then thinking of that group of idiots, his good mood faded.

There were always people trying to snatch away his happiness. That gave Long Chen even greater determination to get stronger. He had to grow up faster and trample these idiots to death sooner.

At this time, Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and the others also came up to him. He looked over their cultivation bases and saw that they hadn’t increased, which was a good thing. Furthermore, they had already tempered sixteen bones, which was already the peak of ordinary bone tempering.

By asking them, he learned they had consumed less than three thousand Bone Tempering Pills. That made him sigh.

He had already stuffed himself with a hundred thousand Bone Tempering Pills, only to temper twenty bones. His own consumption was equivalent to dozens of them. This Nine Star Hegemon Body truly could consume medicinal pills.

“Boss, this new sect leader will probably come and target us. What plan do you have against it?” asked Guo Ran.

Currently, Zhou Qingyi and the monastery head had already publicly torn off their masks. Their covert struggle had become an open struggle, and Long Chen was at the heart of their struggle. That caused them to be nervous.

“Do you still not understand your boss’s methods? You still need to ask such a question?” said Long Chen.

Guo Ran was startled and delighted. “Really? What brilliant plan did you come up with? Quick, tell us!”

Meng Qi and Tang Wan-er also perked up their ears. Long Chen was the one who came up with the craziest ideas. He definitely wouldn’t just wait while he suffered a loss.

“None.” Long Chen shook his head.

“What? Boss, now isn’t the time for jokes! If you don’t have any plan, then once they start targeting us, they’ll play us to death!” exclaimed Guo Ran.

“I’m just human, not a god. Before I see my opponent, I can’t come up with a plan. This is like playing chess. Don’t I still need to know what kind of person my opponent is?

“Most importantly, it’s not just that I don’t know who my opponent is, but that I don’t even know what game we’re playing. Chess? Go? How can I come up with a strategy like this?

“But you don’t need to be worried. Normally, I teach you not to use schemes to handle things, because in front of absolute power, all schemes are useless. Wasting time on scheming is just wasting your cultivation time.

“But this time, it won’t be the same. In this particular situation, we’ll definitely need some smarts to handle our problems.

“This time, I’ll let you learn that while your boss normally uses his fists to resolve problems, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any smarts. I’ll let you see how I play them to death with my head.” Long Chen clenched his fist confidently.

“Well, more accurately, you aren’t able to beat them with your fists…” muttered Guo Ran.

Long Chen clapped Guo Ran in the back of his head and cursed, “Brat, why do you have to expose me? You’re all grown up now and ready to spread your wings? You want to fight with your boss?”

Everyone laughed, and the tense atmosphere lessened a great deal.

Long Chen continued, “You don’t need to be nervous. Even if they want to target me, they’ll still have to do it within the scope of the rules. That’s also why I had you all become completely familiar with the rules yesterday. It’s to avoid falling into a trap.

“Today, just act according to my signals. As long as we work together, we’ll be fine. With me present, we definitely won’t suffer any loss.”

Right now, the person that intimidated Long Chen the most was Zhou Qingyi. That malicious woman’s cultivation base was too high, and so he could only endure for now. But since Shui Wuhen had promised to keep an eye on her, he was much more at ease.

The Dragonblood Legion had only just been formed. Now was the most critical time for them. Each breath of time was extremely precious.

He was unable to bring them to seek shelter at Mo Gate. That wasn’t because Mo Gate wasn’t reliable, but because once he left, he would just be sending himself straight into those people’s trap.

Once he lost the supermonastery’s protection, then let alone the Corrupt path, even those Righteous sects would attack him to get revenge for their disciples. Most importantly, there were many people who had placed their sights on his secrets.

The primal chaos bead from the secret realm had shaken everyone. It was unknown just how many people’s gazes were covertly focused on him right now.

It could be said that Long Chen was surrounded by enemies that were like tigers watching their prey. Only with the supermonastery’s intimidation was it possible to keep them back. But once he left, he would definitely be chased down by countless experts.

One option was to ask some experts from Mo Gate to come here. But having to wait for them to come and then going over there would be very time-consuming, and in the end, it wasn’t worth it. It was better to temporarily stay and grow within the monastery for now.

Right now, Long Chen didn’t want anyone to learn about the Dragonblood Legion. The outside world only knew that these people were those that he trusted. They had no idea that they were undergoing complete tempering. Within the entire monastery, the only one who saw some clues was Tu Fang, but Tu Fang definitely would not say anything.

Long Chen wanted to turn the Dragonblood Legion into the most terrifying army in the world. But right now, they were still only budding and extremely weak. He couldn’t allow anyone to place their sights on them, or that would be dangerous.

So right now, he had ordered each of them to keep this secret from everyone else. What they needed the most right now was time.

“Let’s go. Everyone, get into position. Let’s see just what abilities this new sect leader has.”

Long Chen told Gu Yang, Song Mingyuan, Li Qi, and Yue Zifeng a few more things to take note of and then had them look after the others.

Everyone had only just taken their positions, and Tu Fang had just been about to say something when the transportation formation lit up, and over ten figures appeared in front of them.

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