Chapter 505 Twenty-Temper

“Her son is going to come and be the sect leader? Our Xuantian Dao Sect really is interesting. After killing a mother-son pair, another mother-son pair arrives. Could it be that our Xuantian Dao Sect uses a matriarchal inheritance?” Long Chen’s words were filled with dense ridicule.

Shui Wuhen couldn’t help feeling a bit awkward. Although Long Chen’s words weren’t targeted towards her, this matter truly was bothersome.

This time, she had struck thunderously, killing Sha Qitian and having Zhou Qingyu sent to the executioner’s block.

But that didn’t mean her Shui family had won. They had just taken a slight advantage.

This time, the Zhou family had truly been slapped in the face by the Shui family, and this slap had been too resounding. Their covert struggle immediately became an open fight.

Through their connections, the Zhou family had managed to have Zhou Qingyi come here to target Shui Wuhen. Did the Shui family think themselves to be so amazing? Then what if they sent someone here just to keep an eye on her? Unless she never made a mistake, they would bite her to death in the end.

What Shui Wuhen felt most helpless about wasn’t just that others would take advantage of her mistakes, but that they would frame her for crimes she hadn’t committed. 

To have to be on guard like this every day was like walking on eggshells.

Furthermore, Zhou Qingyi’s methods were extremely vicious, and she had taken advantage of Shui Wuhen being at the Dao Sect to target Long Chen.

Long Chen was just an insignificant Bone Forging disciple. Even if he died, that wouldn’t cause any waves amongst the higher-ups.

Furthermore, even if he died, the Zhou family could easily make up some moral-sounding reason. His death would be nothing.

After suffering such a loss, the Zhou family was planning on using Long Chen to display their power. They had now made their initial display of strength for Shui Wuhen. What they didn’t know was that this display of strength had ended up inviting a Yama King to their Zhou family.

Shui Wuhen could also see that Long Chen had become Zhou Qingyi’s target, so for his safety, she wouldn’t stop him if he wanted to leave.

But after suffering such a loss, how could Long Chen leave like this? He had never suffered such a humiliation before.

“Sister, can you explain what the relationship between your two families is?” asked Long Chen. He needed to know some of the behind the scene secrets.

Shui Wuhen hesitated, pulling Long Chen to a more hidden place before telling him some of the secrets of the Xuantian Dao Sect.

Within the Xuantian Dao Sect, other than the old patriarch’s bloodline, there were also four great powers. Those were the Yan, Qu, Zhou, and Shui families.

Originally, the old patriarch had had four major disciples, and these four families were their progeny.

Their ancestral lines went back shockingly far, and their power definitely surpassed Long Chen’s imagination. However, the four families were not very harmonious. Fights and schemes could not be avoided.

The ones who were most at odds with each other were the Zhou and Shui families. As for what enmities the two families had, Shui Wuhen didn’t say. All she said was that their two families were like fire and water, and if it wasn’t for the patriarch’s bloodline suppressing them, they might have even started a full-scale war.

From her words, Long Chen learned just how terrifying the Xuantian Dao Sect was. That was because she had said that in her family, her power was ranked near the bottom amongst the higher levels. That was the only reason she had been sent outside and didn’t remain in the Dao Sect.

She didn’t tell him too much about her family’s internal structure. All she said was the Zhou and Shui families were using Zhou Qingyu’s death in order to turn their covert struggle into an open struggle. That was why Zhou Qingyi dared target Long Chen like this.

“She won’t attack me again, right?” asked Long Chen.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my eye on her. If she dares be so unbridled, I’ll cut down that mother and son personally. The worst case is that I have to leave the Dao Sect and go out to travel the world.

“But I trust she won’t attack you again. However, once her son comes as sect leader, he most likely will make things hard on you.

“They’re doing this deliberately to pressure you into leaving the monastery. Once you leave, you’ll be attacked on all sides, as both the Righteous and Corrupt paths want your life.

“Once you die, she’ll have essentially won this match. At the same time, she will have proven my own powerlessness at being unable to even protect my own chess piece.

“That’s why the competition between myself and Zhou Qingyi will very likely end up affecting the first monastery. If you want to leave, I can send you off safely. Going to Mo Gate would be a good choice,” said Shui Wuhen. She didn’t want Long Chen to be implicated.

After all, Zhou Qingyi was too despicable. For her to actually attack a child, Shui Wuhen had underestimated her shamelessness. If she hadn’t arrived on time, Long Chen would have had his memories examined, which was an absolute humiliation.

Even if she didn’t end up killing him, his Dao-heart would receive a powerful blow. Perhaps he might never be able to advance again.

“As long as she doesn’t attack, it’ll be fine. As for her son, he should be a Xiantian expert, correct?” asked Long Chen.

“Yes. He’s just in the mid Xiantian realm. In truth, he’s just a piece of trash. Even in an excellent place like the Dao Sect, it took him one hundred and thirty years to reach the mid Xiantian realm. He’s the weakest of the weak. His strength is exceedingly low for his level, and his combat experience is essentially zero.” A touch of disdain appeared on Shui Wuhen’s face as if she were describing a piece of crap.

“Then that’s fine. As long as that vicious woman doesn’t attack me, there’s nothing to be afraid of. She wants to set herself against you? Then good, I’ll help you accompany this mother-son duo.” Long Chen smiled, but that smile was extremely chilly.

“But…” Shui Wuhen was not completely at ease.

“There’s no buts. As long as you can hold that woman back, I guarantee I can play her son to death without batting an eye,” said Long Chen.

“Fine, we’ll do as you say this time. I’ll keep my eye on her, but you should focus on safety,” warned Shui Wuhen.

Once Shui Wuhen left, Long Chen viciously kicked a boulder beside him. The boulder instantly burst into broken pieces.

“They think I’m an ant they can crush at any moment? Fine, I’ll go all-out against you!”

Now that he was alone, he finally released his fury; his eyes filled with icy killing intent.

In front of that woman, Long Chen had felt himself to be a tiny ant, one that could only accept humiliation and be controlled by others. He felt himself to be so incredibly useless.

Looking around, he saw this residence had already been destroyed. Everything within a few miles had been razed, and so he couldn’t live here anymore.

After thinking for a moment, Long Chen gathered up Guo Ran and the others. They went through the monastery’s rules in depth, as they couldn’t allow anyone to find evidence of any of their possible wrongdoings.

Even if Long Chen used the back of his foot to think, he would still realize the new sect leader would nitpick at whatever they did. He would come up with anything to put them in their place.

In order to avoid being caught breaking the rules, they had to be careful. For now, Long Chen simply told them not to say anything tomorrow and to only take actions according to his signals.

After setting that up, Long Chen found a new residence and began cramming medicinal pills down his throat. He couldn’t waste a single moment right now. He had to quickly temper his bones.

Long Chen had already had everyone stop cultivating their realm. Bone tempering would passively increase their cultivation base, and he was worried people would advance to Meridian Opening before tempering all their bones. Then they would be doomed.

Once you reached Meridian Opening, it was impossible to temper more bones. In other words, how many bones you had tempered before that point was set in stone. Your foundation could not be changed.

As for Guo Ran, Gu Yang, and the others who had been in the secret realm, there had been no way around increasing their cultivation base back then, as that had been to preserve their lives. 

Once they had returned, Long Chen had given them medicinal pills to temporarily lock their cultivation base in place so they could still undergo complete tempering.

Boom! An explosive sound rang out from Long Chen’s body suddenly, and his aura surged.

“I’ve reached the first Heavenstage of Bone Forging.” Just now, he had tempered two more bones, allowing him to advance.

“My bone tempering speed is slow, but my advancement speed is fast. Now it’ll be troublesome. I should think of a way to suppress my advancement.” Long Chen also had to finish tempering all his bones before advancing to the Meridian Opening realm, or his foundation would forever be flawed.

At just eighteen tempered bones, he had advanced to the first Heavenstage. If it continued according to that speed, he would end up advancing at just 180 bones.

But the human body had 206 bones, so he would have to suppress his advancement.

“Oh, wait. There’s no need. I don’t have ten levels to advance, but thirteen. Then it’s exactly perfect.” Long Chen suddenly recalled that he was different from others. Others had ten levels to advance, but he cultivated the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art, so he had thirteen levels.

Now Long Chen was at ease and began to crazily devour more pills. He was a typical case of a person who couldn’t stop consuming medicine.

That made him understand that his Pill Sovereign memories were practically a perfect set with the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

If it weren’t for the Pill Sovereign memories, there would be no way for him to keep up with the immense demands of the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art.

Furthermore, he had noticed that his body had no rejection to medicinal pills at all. No matter how many of one pill he consumed, he still absorbed one hundred percent of its energy.

That was different from a regular person. After three of the same pill, the body would form a resistance to it, and the medicinal pill would have no effect. Of course, this excluded certain pills that could be consumed almost limitlessly, like the Bone Tempering Pill.

Not only could he absorb all of a pill’s energy, but the impurities within the medicinal pills, in other words, the pill toxins, were all expelled through his pores.

Originally, he had prepared some spirit medicines used for expelling pill toxins, but he had given those away to others as he didn’t need them.

When the rising sun finally pierced through his window and lit up his body, he slowly opened his eyes, smiling contentedly.

“I’ve finally reached the twenty-temper realm.” By tempering twenty bones, he had far surpassed those top disciples of large sects. Furthermore, this was something he had achieved because of himself.

Within the entire Xuantian Supermonastery, only Long Chen was able to allow someone to temper this many bones. Even people like Shui Wuhen and Zhou Qingyi, people with powerful backgrounds, were unable to reach the twenty-temper realm.

No matter how powerful their backgrounds were, they weren’t heavily favored by their sects, and so it was impossible for them to receive such luxurious treatment.

Each Bone Tempering Pill was expensive, and to undergo complete tempering required over a hundred thousand of them. Unless you were the most favored figure in your sect, no one would spend such an immense amount of wealth on you.

To let over three hundred people undergo complete tempering, perhaps Long Chen was the only one in this world who possessed that qualification.

The reason Long Chen had this qualification was mostly because of his cooperation with the Huayun Sect. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have enough time to refine that many pills.

He pushed open his door. It was about time for the new sect leader to arrive. Long Chen wanted to see what kind of bastard son a malicious woman like Zhou Qingyi could have.

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