Chapter 504 Fury Soars


Long Chen immediately felt as if the space around him had frozen, and a terrifying natural energy was crushing him.


The ground beneath his feet collapsed, and a terrifying qi wave blew apart the residence behind him. He felt as if a mountain was crushing his body, but he still refused to kneel. He used his physical body to resist that terrifying pressure.

“Who do you think you are to make me kneel?!” Long Chen roared furiously, glaring at that woman. He couldn't understand what was going on. He had never even seen this woman before. Why would she come to humiliate him?

“Who is it?!”

This disturbance immediately drew the monastery’s attention, and countless people began to rush over here. Seeing that the woman was actually targeting Long Chen, they roared furiously.


The woman’s cry became a surging sound wave that blasted those charging disciples and Elders, causing them to faint.

Long Chen took advantage of that to take out Blooddrinker and attack the woman.

“Hmph, don’t bother showing your insignificant skills in front of me.”

That woman sneered and lightly slapped his blood-red saber. Long Chen felt an immense power transmit through it.

The sleeves of his robes burst apart, and he was unable to keep a grasp on his saber. Blooddrinker flew into the distance, destroying a small building a mile away.

“You’re so rude to a senior. It seems your family never taught you any manners. Then let me take the place of your parents to teach you how to respect your elders!”

Her hand struck like lightning, slamming onto Long Chen’s shoulder. A terrifying natural energy surged into his body, and he vomited a mouthful of blood.


She increased her force, wanting to force Long Chen to submit.

“Keep dreaming!” Long Chen’s eyes filled with flames of rage. This was his first time being humiliated like this by someone. He circulated his full power to resist that terrifying force.

“Tch, your bones really are hard. Let’s see just how long you can endure.” The woman was slightly amazed, but then she sneered and increased the force.


The ground beneath Long Chen’s feet crumbled. He felt as if his bones would be crushed to pieces.

This woman was too powerful, and Long Chen felt as if all of heaven and earth were crushing down on him. There was simply no way to resist.

Seeing that Long Chen was still able to hold on, the woman couldn’t help being shocked. But that shock was quickly replaced with icy killing intent.

“Your cultivation technique clearly has an evil air. You’re definitely a spy who snuck their way in here from the Corrupt path! Once I look into your mind-sea, everything will become clear!” She sneered and pointed a finger at Long Chen’s forehead.

Light shot out, runes shining brightly. Powerful Spiritual Strength surged out of her.

“Look into your fucking mother!” Long Chen roared and punched her finger.

The woman sneered in disdain upon being punched. Once his fist touched her finger, the force from her finger would obliterate his fist.


But her expression changed when Long Chen’s fist struck her finger. Violet lightning had surged out of his fist, and she was actually forced back a couple steps.

“Die!” Taking advantage of this opening, a lightning spear appeared in his hands, and he stabbed it at her chest.

The woman was startled upon being knocked back. But with a cold snort, light blossomed from her palm, and runes filled the air, colliding with his spear.

His lightning spear crumbled upon meeting her fist as if it had just been a toy. There had been no threat at all. A chill ran through Long Chen. He instantly understood this woman was not someone he could handle.

“Seal the Heavens, Lock the Earth!” Forming hand seals in front of her, countless runes flew out from the surrounding space, and Long Chen found he was unable to move at all.

“An evildoer from the Corrupt path dared barge into my Righteous path? Let me see just what origin you have!”

She pressed a finger onto his forehead, and powerful Spiritual Strength attempted to pierce through his mind-sea.

Long Chen knew this woman was extremely vicious and wanted to examine his mind-sea. That way, all his secrets would be exposed to her.

All his soul energy surged out, forming a spiritual wall, preventing her Spiritual Strength from invading.

“Oh? I wouldn’t have expected your Spiritual Strength to be so powerful. But in front of me, it’s still insufficient!”

With a snort, the runes on her finger enlarged.

A powerful buzzing erupted in his mind-sea. He felt as if a hammer was striking his head, and blood poured out from his seven apertures. She was using a powerful spiritual technique to destroy his defenses, causing him to be injured.

“Hmph, let me see just what secrets you’re hiding!” she snorted, just about to forcibly examine his memories.

Suddenly, a sharp attack shot at her back, and her heart turned cold. She felt the sensation of death from that attack. Ignoring Long Chen, she hastily dodged to the side.

She had just dodged when a palm struck her in the chest, seemingly having predicted how she would move. She coughed up a mouthful of blood and flew back.

Only now did Long Chen recover and see a beautiful woman in front of him.

“Monastery head!”

The one to save him was Shui Wuhen. Her expression was frosty. When she looked at the blood pouring out of Long Chen’s apertures, killing intent appeared in her eyes.

“Shui Wuhen, how dare you use such a heavy blow against me?!” After coughing up a mouthful of blood, the woman’s entire chest had sunk in slightly.

“Oh, so it was assistant monastery head Zhou. So sorry, I thought it was some expert from the Corrupt path who came to kill my disciples! What a misunderstanding.” Shui Wuhen ‘came to a sudden realization’.

“You…! You clearly did this intentionally! That attack contained just enough power to injure me! I’ll report this to the Dao Sect, saying you used your position selfishly!” she raged.

“Zhou Qingyi, don’t randomly slander people. It was you who used such vicious methods against my disciple. That’s what made me mistake you for a Corrupt expert, and that’s the only reason I had to attack you. It can only count as a misunderstanding,” said Shui Wuhen lightly.

After saying that, she grabbed Long Chen’s hand, and he felt a strange fluctuation surge into his head. Unlike that woman, Shui Wuhen’s energy was nourishing and healing, and the intense pain of his soul quickly faded.

“I just thought his cultivation technique was odd and wanted to test him a bit. But for you to use such a heavy blow against me, you clearly tried to injure me intentionally!” raged the woman who had been called Zhou Qingyi.

“Whether or not you were just testing him out and whether or not I did it intentionally is something we’re all clear on. There’s no need to debate it. Remember, although you might have reached the Sea Expansion realm, this place is not the Xuantian Dao Sect. This is the supermonastery.

“And I am the monastery head, while you are just the assistant monastery head. You had best reserve yourself a bit and not run amok. If you irritate me, I don’t mind paying a price to kill you,” said Shui Wuhen icily.

“You dare?! If you kill me, a disaster will befall your entire Shui family! I don’t believe you have that ability,” sneered Zhou Qingyi.

“Whether or not you believe it is up to you. I can first kill you then slaughter your son, and the worst case is that I’ll have to leave the Xuantian Dao Sect and take the world as my home. In any case, I have no sons or daughters and can do whatever I want. What do you think?” said Shui Wuhen.

“You…!” Zhou Qingyi’s expression changed.

“I don’t like wasting words. You can scram now. Don’t think that just because you’ve managed to get the assistant monastery head position that you can reverse this game. If you provoke me, I’ll kill you two chess pieces all the same,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Good, then we’ll see what happens in the end! Don’t think your Shui family will be able to keep the advantage forever!” Zhou Qingyi snorted, viciously glaring at Long Chen before a pair of wings appeared on her back. She flew into the air and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“Boss, what happened?” Guo Ran and the others now ran up.

The first monastery was too large, and Long Chen’s residence was very isolated, which had been what he had wanted. By the time the others arrived, everything was over.

Seeing that Long Chen was covered in dust, his clothes ruined, and his face still covered in bloodstains, they were all alarmed.

“It was nothing. You can go back to cultivating. I have some words to say to the monastery head,” said Long Chen.

Although everyone had countless questions, they could only leave since Long Chen refused to answer. Especially with the monastery head present, it was extremely inconvenient to press him. They all left.

“I’m sorry, Long Chen. I’ve implicated you,” apologized Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen smiled slightly and cleaned himself up a bit. “This can’t be blamed on you. This is just life. Conflicts never stop, unless you manage to completely kill your opponents. You don’t need to feel guilty, big sister. I’ve already remembered this Zhou Qingyi, and I’ll repay this humiliation she gave me today a thousand times.” A touch of killing intent appeared in Long Chen’s eyes, as this Zhou Qingyi was completely intolerable.

Seeing that Long Chen still called her big sister just caused Shui Wuhen to feel guiltier. “In truth, she did this as a display to me. You were just an innocent victim.

“This time, the Zhou family ended up losing a half-step Sea Expansion expert, and so they immediately struck back, sending in applications to the higher-ups.

“In order to express their apologies, they sent a true Sea Expansion expert to take Zhou Qingyu’s place.

“But in truth, they are unwilling to accept defeat and want to use this chance to knock me down. So if you want to leave the monastery, I won’t stop you.”

“If I left the monastery now, that would be too stupid. Furthermore, how could I leave my big sister to fight on her own?” said Long Chen.

“I’m afraid she’ll target you and will make things as hard as possible for you in order to affect your cultivation. Furthermore, the Zhou family is extremely interested in your secrets. Also…” Shui Wuhen sighed.

“Your Shui family is also interested in my secrets, right?” Long Chen took her place to finish her sentence.

Shui Wuhen bitterly smiled and didn’t reply. Within the secret realm, many people had seen Long Chen merge with a mysterious bead. Everyone was curious about it, and the Shui family was no exception.

“But you don’t need to worry. Since you’ve called me sister, I will protect you,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Good, then us brother and sister can fight together. To tell the truth, I really do want to kill that woman right now,” said Long Chen, clenching his teeth. That woman was too hateful.

“Crushing her right now isn’t an option. She’s the same as me, a Sea Expansion expert. I’m just higher within the realm.

“Furthermore, I have some bad news for you. Your first monastery is about to get a new sect leader. That’s something arranged by the higher-ups, and he’ll be arriving tomorrow,” said Shui Wuhen.

“A new sect leader?

“Yes. It’s Zhou Qingyi’s son.”

Hearing that, Long Chen’s eyes brightened slightly, and a sinister smile appeared on his face. Good, very good!

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