Chapter 503 Red-Robed Woman

Once he returned to the first monastery, Long Chen immediately entered seclusion. He sensed a crisis coming. He was surrounded by enemies, and he urgently needed to increase his strength.

He began to refine Bone Tempering Pills for himself. Currently, his body had already been tempered to the peak from his thunderforce.

He constantly refined the Bone Tempering Pills, as his body was too powerful, and the number of medicinal pills he needed was shockingly high.

Even after consuming dozens of ringed Bone Tempering Pills, Long Chen had only tempered a single bone.

Half a month later, he had tempered six bones. On this day, Long Chen received a nice surprise.

A middle-aged man from the Huayun Sect had come. He was a Xiantian expert that Long Chen had never seen before.

After seeing Long Chen, he didn’t say much. Handing a spatial ring to him, he said the second batch would come quickly and then left.

When Long Chen looked inside the spatial ring, he almost cried out. It was filled with barrels.

Each barrel was filled with pills. After a quick count, he found there were three hundred barrels, each one containing ten thousand medicinal pills.

“Zheng Wenlong really handles things perfectly.”

Long Chen was filled with ecstasy. After handing Zheng Wenlong the pill formula, he had also revealed that he needed an immense number of Bone Tempering Pills. He had even included his idea to create the Dragonblood Legion.

Back then, Zheng Wenlong couldn’t help being a bit moved. He promised to send medicinal pills to him as fast as possible.

Long Chen was unaware that as soon as Zheng Wenlong had returned to the Huayun Sect, he had gathered hundreds of alchemists to refine these pills day and night.

He had also sent letters reporting to his superiors, and they had attached great importance to this pill formula, sending over a thousand alchemists for Zheng Wenlong.

It went without saying that the Huayun Sect was simply enormous. After obtaining the pill formula and seeing the potential for immense profit, they began to crazily refine Bone Tempering Pills.

With that many alchemists refining day and night, the medicinal pills poured in.

However, Zheng Wenlong had long since told his elders that of the first batch, eighty percent of them had to be reserved for himself. Those were to be given to Long Chen.

The Huayun Sect’s higher-ups had already sent down orders giving that authority to Zheng Wenlong. So now, three million medicinal pills had been sent to Long Chen extremely quickly.

Long Chen had to prostrate himself in admiration towards Zheng Wenlong’s methods. He had truly helped him out greatly this time. Only someone like Zheng Wenlong possessed this kind of boldness.

Furthermore, Zheng Wenlong was also an astute businessman. The remaining twenty percent of the medicinal pills were rapidly being spread throughout the world.

It had to be known that the Bone Tempering Pills had been monopolized by Pill Valley for countless years. Their price had always been extremely high.

This time, Zheng Wenlong wanted to use a large scale method to show the entire world that the Huayun Sect also possessed the Bone Tempering Pill, and its effect was even twice as great as the Pill Tower’s.

The Huayun Sect put out word that they had managed to research the pill formula on their own. That idea had been proposed by Long Chen. Not only would that show the Huayun Sect’s power, but it would also protect him.

Although the pills looked the same on the outside, their pill was twice as effective. That was a vicious slap in the face for the Pill Tower.

Furthermore, the Pill Tower had to endure it, as they couldn’t say it was their own pill formula. Otherwise, how could the same pill formula end up with different medicinal effects?

It wasn’t as if they could admit they had done something to the pills to cut their medicinal effect by half just to make more money.

Right now, Zheng Wenlong wasn’t selling them all. He first sent them throughout the world, storing them for a suitable time to give Pill Valley another slap in the face. A businessman was extremely patient.

As for Long Chen, after obtaining three million Bone Tempering Pills, he directly distributed them amongst the Dragonblood Legion.

When they saw the barrels of medicinal pills, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Medicinal pills were always stored in bottles, not barrels.

Long Chen sent down orders to consume them quickly and temper their bones as fast as possible. This was just the start. In the future, there would be even more medicinal pills for them.

Although they had no idea how Long Chen had done this, the Dragonblood warriors were all incomparably moved. They saw a new path for themselves.

Long Chen had already upgraded their Spirit Roots. Right now, they all possessed at least silver grade Spirit Roots. Their cultivation speed was ten times as fast as before.

Now, they had already reached the four-temper realm. In the past, the four-temper realm was the final goal of these ordinary disciples.

But in the Dragonblood Legion, that was only the start. Thinking of how they would follow Long Chen to stand at the peak of the martial path, fighting against this world’s top heavenly geniuses, they were all filled with excitement and began to devour the Bone Tempering Pills, refining their energy.

After setting that up, Long Chen began to consume them like snacks, ferociously gobbling them.

Although those were only ordinary high grade Bone Tempering Pills and not as good as the ringed pills he refined himself, they had the advantage in terms of quantity. Long Chen saved an immense amount of time now. If the quality wasn’t up to par, then it could be made up with quantity. Each time he opened his mouth, he stuffed himself with them until he couldn’t fit any more in before refining their energy to temper his bones.

Bone tempering was using the medicinal pills’ energy to completely purify the bones. The impurities in bones were the hardest to remove, so tempering bones was extremely important.

Only when the skeleton was sturdy enough could a body bring out its full power. With each bone he tempered, Long Chen felt his body strengthening.

That wasn’t his power that was increasing. It was his physical body becoming stronger, allowing him to bring out more of his power. Only with a powerful body could a person bring out one hundred percent of their power.

Before bone tempering, if Long Chen had used too much of his power, then his own skeleton wouldn’t have been able to endure it and would have broken apart.

When he fought, although he might feel like he was releasing his greatest power, in truth, that wasn’t his greatest power.

His body would instinctively hold his own power back so as to not injure himself when fighting explosively.

That kind of instinct could not be changed as it was simply self-protection. Even if Long Chen was willing to throw caution to the wind and use his full strength, willing to destroy his own bones, that still wouldn’t work. Instinct was instinct, and it was extremely difficult to control.

But now that he had begun bone tempering, it was no longer so awkward. As long as the skeleton was able to endure it, the body’s instincts would allow a person to automatically bring out their greatest strength and would no longer hold back their power.

Long Chen was in that kind of situation. Previously, he had been like a beggar sitting on a treasury. Now, he was slowly unlocking the treasure, finally able to spend his own wealth.

In just six hours, Long Chen consumed a whole barrel of pills. In other words, ten thousand Bone Tempering Pills.

He could feel his body faintly rumbling and energy overflowing from within him.

“I’ve finally reached the ten-temper realm.” Long Chen clenched his fist excitedly, feeling the surging energy within his body.

For Long Chen, tempering his bones required far, far more Bone Tempering Pills than others. However, that wasn’t able to hold him back when he consumed them this quickly.

For others, eating three pills at once would already be a great deal. If they consumed any more, their bodies would not be able to bear the medicinal energy, and that would waste some of it.

Long Chen’s physical body was stronger than a Magical Beast’s, and the impact of the medicinal energy could be completely ignored. Although this wasted a portion of the medicinal energy, he cared more about time. Wasting a few medicinal pills was fine.

After eating a full barrel of Bone Tempering Pills, Long Chen adjusted himself slightly and began to consume the second barrel. He thought of Wilde. If it was Wilde, perhaps he would swallow ten barrels in a single go.

However, his body didn’t need any medicinal pills. All he needed was flesh. He could extract the purest essence from Magical Beast flesh to nourish his own body.

Right now, Wilde was with Cang Ming, and considering Cang Ming’s love for him, he was definitely spending his entire time hunting Magical Beasts for Wilde. It was likely that Wilde’s cultivation speed was at least as fast as his own.

Last time, in the secret realm, the mysterious mark on his forehead had lit up, and his qi and blood had explosively grown. On his own, he had held back Yin Luo, Han Tianyu, and the other peak experts’ attacks. At that time, it had felt as if Wilde already had some of the aura of the barbarian race expert.

“This still isn’t fast enough. I’ll have to go faster.”

Thinking of Wilde, Long Chen began to consume them even faster, crazily refining the medicinal energy to nourish his bones.

When he finished with the seventh barrel, he had already tempered sixteen bones. Standing up, he felt his body was filled with limitless energy.

Bang! He smashed his own chest with his fist, causing the air to buzz around him. But Long Chen didn’t feel any pain.

“Nice, this kind of physical body really is refreshing.”

Long Chen could feel that this fist could easily crush boulders, but when it smashed into him, it just made some noise.

This was his first time experiencing the terror of bone tempering. That made Long Chen incredibly ecstatic, but it also made him feel a bit pained.

Long Chen had consumed seventy thousand Bone Tempering Pills to temper only sixteen bones. For others, eating seventy thousand Bone Tempering Pills would be enough for them to temper over half their bones.

According to Long Chen’s previous estimations, for a single person to undergo complete tempering, it would require around one hundred thousand high grade Bone Tempering Pills. But now he found that this estimate wasn’t very accurate.

It seemed the stronger a person’s physical body was, the more difficult it was to temper their bones, and the more pills they would require. Due to that, he would probably require more than the original thirty-six million pills he had estimated.

But as long as he could allow everyone to undergo complete tempering, he didn’t care about that. He wanted to create a loyal and hot-blooded army of his own.

“Scram! Call out, Long Chen!”

Suddenly, a woman’s voice rang out from outside accompanied by the sound of the perimeter defenses collapsing.

Long Chen couldn’t help being startled and hastily rushed out to take a look. He saw that the two disciples guarding the gate had already collapsed on the ground, unconscious. The walls constructed around his seclusion area had also been destroyed.

He saw there was a red-robed woman standing there. She looked to be around thirty-five years old with a mole on her chin. That woman icily looked at Long Chen.

“You are Long Chen?”

“Who are you?” Long Chen’s heart shivered slightly. He sensed a terrifying pressure from this woman.

“Kneel when you speak to me!”

A sneer suddenly appeared on her face, and a terrifying natural energy crashed down upon Long Chen.

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