Chapter 502 Bloodkill Hall

“The girl from the Yin family? In the end, she couldn’t bear the torment and ended up killing herself. Long Chen, you should be careful of the Yin family. They definitely won’t let this matter end just like this,” warned Shui Wuhen.

“So what? Will they come to kill me in the first monastery?” asked Long Chen.

“They wouldn’t dare do something like that. But with the Yin family’s temperament, it would be better for you to be careful. Do your best not to go out.”

“I won’t be going anywhere outside the monastery for a while. They won’t get any chances,” nodded Long Chen.

In this world, there were always some people stealthily spying on you. As soon as you slipped-up, they would be like a poisonous viper, delivering a fatal blow with one attack.

Long Chen had not gotten so arrogant as to ignore other people’s schemes, especially not the schemes of an ancient family.

Long Chen didn’t have much of an understanding about ancient families, but from their disciples’ arrogance, he could tell they had to have shocking foundations. What had been revealed to him was just the tip of the iceberg.

“Then has Han Tianyu died?” asked Long Chen.

“No. I heard he was put in an important position within the Yin family and has obtained their best grooming,” answered Shui Wuhen.

“What? Yin Wushuang didn’t bring him along with her?” Long Chen couldn’t help being startled. That wasn’t what he had predicted.

According to Yin Wushuang’s character, before she killed herself, she would definitely have Han Tianyu killed. They should have departed this world together.

“I’m not clear on the exact details. As for the Corrupt path, I have good news and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” laughed Shui Wuhen.

“Let’s hear the good news first,” said Long Chen without hesitation.

“The good news is that Yin Luo died. You have one less opponent.”

“He died? No way. How did he die?”

“When he attempted to break through to the Meridian Opening realm, he was attacked by his heart-devil, and his entire body exploded. A generation’s genius died just like that,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

Yin Luo was a genius on the same level as Han Tianyu, someone praised as a once-in-a-thousand-year genius. The Corrupt path had spent endless effort raising him, even sacrificing a Xiantian expert to implant Xiantian blood in him.

But after encountering Long Chen, he had run into setback after setback. When he had advanced realms the last time, he had almost died to his heart-devil.

This time, when he had returned, he had only had half his body. Long Chen had become his nightmare.

The Corrupt path’s experts had wanted to seal him for a hundred years, and once those hundred years were over, the memories of his heart-devil would be washed away. Currently, his mental state had become chaotic and was not suited towards cultivation.

He had refused, swearing to personally cut off Long Chen’s head in order to wash away the humiliation. He had forcibly attacked the Meridian Opening realm and thus died. Even as a member of the Righteous path, Shui Wuhen sighed emotionally.

“That’s not good news. His life or death has no meaning to me.” Long Chen shook his head.

The two were enemies only because of their different positions. Long Chen didn’t really feel much hate toward him. On the contrary, Yin Luo’s death made him feel a slight sense of loss. Cultivation was just that cruel. The defeated would only be mercilessly eliminated.

However, Long Chen wouldn’t foolishly sympathize with him. If he had been the one to be defeated, then Yin Luo wouldn’t feel the slightest shred of sympathy toward him. Instead, he would probably flaunt his decapitated head.

“That’s also true. The two of you are no longer on the same level. Chosen are nothing in the face of Celestials.” Shui Wuhen smiled slightly.

“What are Celestials?” Long Chen couldn’t help being startled.

“It’s nothing.” Realizing she had made a slip of the tongue, Shui Wuhen hastily said, “As for the bad news, you’ve ended up on the Corrupt path’s must-kill list. In other words, the Corrupt path will do anything they can to kill you. In truth, the reason I wanted to pull you into my Shui family is mostly because of this must-kill list.”

“Is the must-kill list so amazing?” asked Long Chen.

“The only ones added to that list are the geniuses who the entire Corrupt path thinks can threaten them. They will do anything in order to kill those people. Furthermore, they won’t just attack you on their own. If they have to, they will also hire assassins to kill you,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Assassins? Isn’t that just a profession in the secular world?” This was Long Chen’s first time hearing something like this.

“The cultivation world also has assassins, and they are extremely mysterious. Their cultivation techniques and Battle Skills are all extremely bizarre, and used to assassinate others.

“Perhaps their true combat abilities are low, but assassinating across realms is something simple for them.

“In fact, there are records of some of their geniuses succeeding in assassinating targets two realms above them. They are all a bunch of devils that hide in the darkness and specialize in taking lives.

“The Bloodkill Hall is the organization of assassins. Just their name is enough to cause the entire world to shiver.” Shui Wuhen’s expression turned a bit grave.

A head-on fight was not something to be afraid of. The most terrifying thing was those bizarre assassination techniques. Before you could even react, you would already be dead.

Those who had been targeted by the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins were mostly killed without the slightest ability to resist.

However, Long Chen wasn’t afraid of them. His intuition was far beyond ordinary. Anyone who had hostility towards him would be sensed immediately. It was very difficult for them to get close to him.

“I’ll pay more attention,” nodded Long Chen.

“Good. This is just my guess, but since you are only at the Bone Forging realm, they probably won’t hire the Bloodkill Hall’s assassins yet.

“But it’s still best to be careful. All you need to do is pay more attention. The Bloodkill Hall’s assassins also won’t easily attack.

“As long as you are within the monastery, you should be safe. But if you go out, you should first tell me, understand?” said Shui Wuhen.


“Other than Huo Wufang, Yin Luo, and Yin Wushuang, I’ve also made some inquiries about Hua Biluo. That girl only woke up once she was stealthily sent home by Sha Qitian.

“The Hua family is extremely pleased with this matter, and I heard they ended up bestowing quite a few rewards on that girl. She’s currently cultivating hard.

“But there is one matter that is a bit thorny. I heard you ended up killing a disciple from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect?” Shui Wuhen frowned.

“Correct. He wanted to kill me, but I killed him in the end,” said Long Chen.

“Where did you learn the first style of Split the Heavens?” asked Shui Wuhen.

Long Chen explained how he had obtained it within the imperial capital in detail. He didn’t hide anything.

“Do you know why the disciple from the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect would attack you?” asked Shui Wuhen.

“To take my treasures?”

“Yes, taking your treasures is one aspect. But the real reason is he suspected there was an even greater secret on your body. That was why he attacked you.

“You probably don’t know, but the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect has two powerful techniques they rely on. One is the nine styles of Split the Heavens, while the other is the Battle God Sacred Canon.

“Their Battle God Sacred Canon is a cultivation technique that is as famous as the Xuantian Dao Sect’s Xuantian Record. Those are priceless treasures that were passed down from the immortal era.

“However, our Xuantian Record only contains Dao mysteries, and it is incredibly profound. It is all-encompassing and yet incredibly deep. It is not a cultivation technique or a Battle Skill. It is something that can only be comprehended by those with great wisdom.

“As for the Battle God Sacred Canon and Split the Heavens, they complement each other. They are a set, and without studying the Battle God Sacred Canon, it is impossible to use Split the Heavens.

“That is why he suspected you were lying. Even if you hadn’t had any treasures, he still would have killed you. I’m telling you these secrets only for you to know. You can’t tell anyone else.

“The Battle God Sacred Canon is complete, while Split the Heavens has become damaged. The first six styles still exist, but the final three have disappeared from this world.

“That’s why the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s disciples will go to all the various secret realms to test their luck, to see if they can find the portion that has disappeared.

“That disciple suspected you had the complete nine styles of Split the Heavens, which is why he wanted to kill you. That misunderstanding really was large,” sighed Shui Wuhen.

“Then what will they do?” asked Long Chen.

“The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect is a bunch of domineering madmen who don’t talk reason. If they knew that you had learned the first style of Split the Heavens and could even use it, they would definitely have you hand over your cultivation technique,” said Shui Wuhen.

“They shouldn’t even think of such a thing. If they dared, then unless they kill me, I will plague them for an eternity,” said Long Chen icily.

They weren’t even able to protect their own Battle Skill, causing it to spread, and now they wanted someone else to hand over their cultivation technique? Were they dropped on their heads as children?

They wanted the Nine Star Hegemon Body Art? Keep dreaming. If they really dared try something like this, Long Chen wouldn’t mind undergoing his tribulation at their home every time he advanced.

“You don’t need to worry too much about this either. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect isn’t located in this region, and they won’t necessarily learn about this. I’m just telling you this so you’re prepared on the off-chance they appear,” consoled Shui Wuhen.

Although that was what she said, she was extremely worried inside. The Heaven Splitting Divine Sect was an enormous sect on the same level as the Xuantian Dao Sect. Their inheritance stretched back countless years.

Furthermore, they were extremely domineering and hard to talk with. The Xuantian Dao Sect definitely wouldn’t face off against the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect for just one disciple. 

But the one thing that comforted her was that those disciples in the secret realm were unaware of the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s existence.

Those smaller sects wouldn’t know about the Heaven Splitting Divine Sect’s matters, so she could only pray this news wouldn’t reach them. Otherwise, a great catastrophe would befall Long Chen.

“During this time, you should just peacefully cultivate in the first monastery. If you have any problems, you can find the assistant monastery head. Tomorrow, I’ll leave for the Xuantian Dao Sect to handle some things. Remember to be more well-behaved for me. Don’t cause any trouble.”

After Shui Wuhen’s repeated warnings, Long Chen left her room, his mood a bit heavy and also a bit angry. Fuck, why are there so many spears pointed at me?

“I’ll just focus on cultivation right now. Whoever wants to die can come!” Long Chen clenched his teeth and stepped onto the transportation formation that would send him back to the first monastery.

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