Chapter 500 News

Long Chen’s eyes brightened. Previously, he had caused such a huge disturbance in the Jiuli secret realm. The top experts of the Righteous and Corrupt paths had been cut down like weeds in front of him.

It was precisely because the ones attacking Long Chen had been the ones who thought themselves mighty and supreme that he had killed so many top experts.

Now, quite a while had passed. Long Chen really did want to know how those fellows were doing. Unfortunately, Long Chen didn’t have any way of getting news about them.

Shui Wuhen looked at Long Chen and sighed. “Little fellow, you really are ruthless enough. Currently, my Xuantian Supermonastery is being targeted from all sides.

“Countless sects are criticizing me for harboring a murderer. There are even sects who have secretly brought your matter up to the Xuantian Dao Sect.”

Long Chen had killed too many Righteous experts. Just the Chosen had to be counted in the hundreds. As for the peak experts, not many had been left.

It could be said the sects of the seven prefectures had been gravely wounded this time. If that had happened because of the Corrupt path, then they wouldn’t have anything to complain about. But they had died to Long Chen, which was something they were unable to accept.

“They actually have the face to criticize others? So only they can kill me, but I can’t kill them?” sneered Long Chen.

“But you were too ruthless. In the end, they were already defeated and fleeing, but you still chased them down. That’s why they’re dissatisfied,” said Shui Wuhen.

“Dissatisfied? Do I care about their dissatisfaction? Tch, they were lucky. In order to kill Yin Luo and chase down Yin Wushuang, I let so many of them escape.

“If the exit had opened just an hour later, I would have made all of them forever rest in the secret realm. Each of them has to face the consequences of their own actions.

“They feel wronged, but then when Lu Fang-er and Ye Zhiqiu died, who was I supposed to complain to?

“What about the disciples who died from the Huayun Sect and Mo Gate? What about their grievance? Tch, those people are all idiots. Not killing them would be unworthy of their idiotic intelligence.” Long Chen became more and more furious as he thought of that battle. His killing intent instantly soared, and he wished he could revive those idiots just so he could kill them again.

Long Chen had never gone to provoke anyone. But because of a single oral promise, those idiots had been blinded by greed, selling out their conscience to raise the butcher’s knife against members of the same path.

Now that most of them were killed, they actually wanted to complain? They went to report it to the higher-ups? Long Chen’s rage soared.

“It’s fine. Don’t have such a fiery temperament at such a young age. Currently, the Righteous path is already like this, and nobody can change it. If you continue like this, you’ll end up suffering greatly,” consoled Shui Wuhen.

She couldn’t help but sigh. Long Chen truly was foolish sometimes. Once someone touched one of the people by his side, he would forget all about his intelligence and do foolish things no one could understand.

Currently, they had just said a few sentences, but his temper had already erupted. That made Shui Wuhen bitterly smile. This child’s temperament was too fierce.

“I don’t mind suffering, but I won’t let the people by my side suffer. If anyone dares touch them, I’ll kill. I’ll kill until those idiots learn what pain is, learn what fear is. Then they wouldn’t use their idiot intelligence to challenge my patience,” said Long Chen viciously.

Compared to the Corrupt path, Long Chen felt much more hate towards the Righteous path’s contemptible shamelessness. They were completely lacking any sense of justice, and their smiles hid their daggers.

The pain they had brought Long Chen was much greater than the Corrupt path, and it was much more difficult to guard against them.

“But the entire Righteous path is now like that. How many can you kill?” said Shui Wuhen helplessly.

“I’ll kill as many as I kill. In any case, since we’ve stepped onto the cultivation path, we’ve long since thrown caution to the wind. Just how many kindhearted cultivators are there?

“Since no one can know their future, why not live as you please, repaying gratitude and enmity? Why must you wrong yourself?

“If someone has the ability, then they can step over my corpse and I won’t mind. But as long as I still have breath in me, I won’t allow anyone to harm the people by my side,” said Long Chen.

Shui Wuhen was silent for a while, seeming to think of something. In the end, she sighed, “Alright, let’s not continue on this topic. We’ve become a bit sidetracked. Let me just tell you about the news I’ve obtained.

“First, let’s talk about Huo Wufang. I don’t know what medicine you fed him, but it ended up sinking into his bones, making him feel so much pain as to not want to live. Each day, he continuously consumes spirit medicines.

“But most terrifying of all, the poison in his bones cannot be removed and will absorb the spirit medicines to increase its own power and make Huo Wufang feel even more pain.

“Currently, his bones are still completely crushed, and they cannot be healed. Each day, he lies in bed like a pile of mush, constantly wailing. Just what poison did you feed him? How could even the Pill Tower’s alchemists be so powerless?”

Shui Wuhen couldn’t help being astonished. Long Chen’s methods must truly be bizarre for even the Pill Tower to not know how to relieve the poison. It had to be known that the Pill Tower represented those who had achieved the greatest level in the Pill Dao.

“In truth, this poison isn’t that hard to remove. As long as they use a sixth tier antitoxin medicinal pill, the poison will disappear.

“However, that will bring about two consequences: one is that Huo Wufang will be in so much pain that he will hover between life and death, and he will very likely go insane. That kind of pain is not something ordinary people can endure.

“The second is that even if Huo Wufang manages to endure it, the poison in his bones has already completely coiled around his soul. Once the poison is forcibly removed, the poison that has coiled around his soul will wither.

“Once it withers, it will release a special toxin called soul contamination star. That toxin will instantly invade his mind-sea, and that would be even worse than destroying his soul root. It will make him completely unable to use his Spiritual Strength.

“If he tried to use his Spiritual Strength at that time, he would feel a needle-like pain in his head. That toxin cannot be removed, but it also isn’t fatal.

“However, being unable to use Spiritual Strength, he will no longer be able to refine pills. In the future, he would have to give up being a pill cultivator and focus on being a martial cultivator,” explained Long Chen.

Hearing this explanation, Shui Wuhen felt a chill. Long Chen really had been too vicious. This was crippling Huo Wufang’s pill cultivation career, something even more terrifying than just killing him.

“Perhaps you might feel like that was too much, but I feel like this was simply right. When a woman I cared about used her body to block an attack for me, when she gave me that smile just before her death, I felt a thousand times the pain he’s feeling.

“Unfortunately, my cultivation base back then wasn’t high enough, or I would have used methods that would make him feel ten times the pain. Otherwise, wouldn’t that be treating myself unfairly?” said Long Chen, clenching his teeth.

“I’ve lived too long and seen too many things. I already don’t know how to love, and I don’t know how to hate.

“It’s precisely because I don’t have love that I don’t feel any hate. So I have no way to understand your emotions. I don’t have the right to criticize your actions.

“Let’s return to the main point. Currently, Huo Wufang is half-dead, infuriating the Huo family. However, because Huo Wufang ended up participating in the Righteous and Corrupt battle, a grave violation of the Pill Tower’s neutral oath, they can only accept this loss.

“However, the Huo family aren’t the kind of people to just accept this. After all, the Huo family cares deeply about a person’s talent.

“They also care deeply about the favorite of the family head, and this time you really were a bit excessive… Don’t look at me like that, I’m just objectively commenting.

“Your conduct is a humiliation in the eyes of the Huo family, and a provocation. Although the Pill Tower has three families supporting it, the Huo family definitely has a large say.

“They’ve secretly gone to the Xuantian Dao Sect to display their dissatisfaction. As for the Dao Sect, they sent people over to ask me about what happened. They asked me to hand you over. They didn’t want to cause the Pill Tower displeasure just because of one disciple.”

Hearing that, Long Chen’s eyes narrowed and his fury soared. Fuck, who do they think they are? They think they can just toss me out?

“You don’t need to be mad. That’s just what a sect is. Everything is for the sect’s growth. As for things that will hinder the sect’s development or impair their profit, they must be mercilessly removed.

“Perhaps that is a bit unreasonable, but all sects are like that at the core. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to survive for countless years.

“Of course, my reply was that you’re my disciple, and unless my disciple does something wrong, no one can punish my disciple,” said Shui Wuhen. Although her words were light, they were also filled with resolve and an unswerving determination.

Seeing Long Chen was about to say something, Shui Wuhen waved her hand. “You don’t need to thank me. I used you as a chess piece before to handle Zhou Qingyu. Now that she’s been executed, you ended up helping me win this match. I naturally have to protect you, or wouldn’t I become a petty person who forgets favors and gratitude?”

“Zhou Qingyu died?”

“Hmph, I gathered proof on all those things she did over the years. This time, she ended up making an immense mistake, causing so many disciples to die.

“Even the Zhou family was not able to protect her. The Zhou family is often at odds with my Shui family, and this perfect victory even got me praise from the family head.” Shui Wuhen smiled excitedly.

On the other hand, Long Chen’s heart turned a bit cold. Weak people had their small struggles, while strong people had their large struggles. No matter what realm you reached, no matter what power you had, you were always on a bloody battlefield. That was life. That was the cultivation world.

No matter what level you reached, you would always be surrounded by complicated relationships and have to constantly fight. Was that humanity’s nature?

Could it be that cultivation was just for fighting? To trample your opponents under your feet? But once you trampled one opponent, so what? You would go to the next level and face even more opponents. Were you supposed to continuously trample them?

In the end, Long Chen smiled icily inside. I don’t care about that much. If you want to fight, then go fight. Just don’t provoke me.

“That’s Huo Wufang’s current state. With me protecting you here, no one would dare do anything to you. Let me ask you, Long Chen, are you willing to join my Shui family?” asked Shui Wuhen.

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