Chapter 50 Busy as a Marketplace

Turning the corner, Long Chen stopped, stunned at what he was seeing.

The entrance to his noble estate, which used to be always deserted, now had a long queue in front of it; all of them were married women in their forties or fifties.

He looked around and had to confirm again that this was his house. Only then did he walk over.

At this time, Bao-er was laughing happily as she received them. “Don’t worry everyone, take it slow. Register the name, status, measurements, a picture, and any other particulars clearly for me.”

“Miss, can you tell us what the Madam likes in a daughter-in-law?” one of the wives smiled charmingly.

“Hehe, as long as they conduct themselves properly and aren’t ugly, then anything is fine. But the Madam did say she liked those with big hips the best. She said that the wider the hips, the easier she’ll give birth. Let me tell you, my Madam has actually long since desired to hold a grandson… Haha, young master, you’ve returned.” Bao-er was enthusiastically talking to them when she suddenly saw the gloomy Long Chen.

“Greetings young master.” Those wives all quickly greeted him.

Long Chen nodded to them and then pulled Bao-er into the courtyard. Pointing to the wives, he angrily whispered, “What are you doing?”

“Young master, yesterday you boldly defeated an opponent from the Grand Xia and basically obtained the title of number one junior warrior in the Phoenix Cry capital. You’ve become an idol for countless maidens, and they’re all here to make familial ties.” Bao-er covered up her smile.

“I knew you would make trouble. Where’s mom?”

“Madam is inside. Aiya, I actually forgot, she told me she wanted to see you as soon as you came home.” Bao-er clapped her forehead.

“Good, I’ll go right now. You, hurry up and find a way to get rid of them. What kind of place is this? This isn’t a marketplace.” Long Chen wasn’t in a good mood.

“Hehe, I can’t do that. Madam sent me to receive all of them. I better go.”

Who would have thought that the always cute and obedient Bao-er would actually not listen to Long Chen and run back to those wives with delight?

Long Chen rolled his eyes and went to see his mother. His mind was constantly spinning along the way, trying to find a way to describe the events that had occurred yesterday without making his mother worried.

But as soon as he entered her room, before he could even say anything, his mother angrily said, “This annoying kid, hurry up and enter.”

Ah, perhaps there was no way for him to explain himself. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t come up with a good excuse.

But what he had not expected was for his mother to pull him over to a table covered in pictures of beautiful women.

“Chen-er, look, these nineteen ladies were carefully selected by me out of over a hundred. Whether it is in terms of beauty, etiquette, or status, they are all very suitable for you. Quickly look, do any attract your interest?”

Seeing that Long Chen was in a daze, Mrs. Long urged, “What are you waiting for? Hurry up and check them out.”

“Uh… ok, I’ll look.”

Only now did Long Chen realize that his mother had already completely forgotten the danger he had been in yesterday.

But when he looked at those portraits, Long Chen’s expression became a bit strange.

Mrs. Long said complacently, “Look at how beautiful they are Chen-er. Especially their waists and hips; they definitely are suited for birthing. If you marry a couple of them, I’m sure there’ll definitely be some babies growing in just a few months.”

Mrs. Long was unable to contain her own joy. It seemed as if she could already see the scene of herself holding a bunch of her grandchildren.

A bead of sweat rolled down Long Chen’s face, dripping onto the portraits. It ended up landing on a girls’ buttocks, following along the ink and making that part seem even larger…

“Mom, I feel like this should-” Long Chen started to make an excuse.

“Stop delaying. Before, your mom thought you wouldn’t be able to find a suitable wife, and now that so many candidates have come today, don’t you dare waste this chance. I won’t make it hard for you. Pick out three for me today and later on, you can pick some more. In any case, if you don’t choose at least ten of them, don’t even think of going away.” 

Long Chen’s face turned green. Was this supposed to be like breeding livestock? But looking at how strict she was, it seemed she was extremely serious about this matter.

Just as he was at a loss on how to reply, a rough voice rang out. “Brother Long.”

A huge figure rushed in and embraced Long Chen. “Brother Long, I heard you fought with someone yesterday. Why didn’t you bring me?”

Long Chen saw that it was Wilde who had rushed in. Inside, he cheered; this brother of his had truly come at the perfect time.

“Mom, I still have some stuff to do and have to talk to Wilde. You just slowly do some selections. Once you finish those, I’ll come to look again.”

“Kid, you-”

Just as she was beginning to speak, Long Chen had already quickly pulled Wilde far away.

“That rascal.”

She quietly scolded, but when she turned back to look at the portraits of those ample girls, she quickly became gratified.

“Brother Long, did you get injured yesterday?” Wilde asked Long Chen in concern.

“No, I’m fine. Your brother Long will now have to fight more and more. Speaking of which, have you learned how to use that technique of using spiritual qi that I taught you?” asked Long Chen.

He had taught Wilde how to circulate his spiritual qi throughout his meridians. But his comprehension skills were extremely low.

If it weren’t for how powerful Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength was and that he could teach him by actually guiding him from within, it would have been impossible for anyone to teach him.

When Long Chen brought up cultivation, Wilde became extremely proud. “Brother Long, I can already use that technique you taught me.”

“Really?” Long Chen was delighted.

Long Chen brought Wilde to an empty area behind the estate. Pointing towards a stone the rough size of a human, he said, “Crush this just with the wind generated from your fist.”

“Yes.” Wilde agreed and punched out a single fist.

Wind rushed over the stone, causing it to tremble slightly.

“I didn’t do it right this time. Again.” Wilde was a bit embarrassed.

Another fist shot out, and the wind still only caused the stone to tremble slightly.

“Strange. Again!”

He tried three more times, but the stone remained the same as ever. Long Chen’s face darkened.

“Wilde, this is what you’ve learned?”

“Yes. Normally, I can succeed in three out of ten punches. It’s just not working today…” Wilde was distressed.

Hearing that, Long Chen almost stumbled. When fighting with others, could you really rely on chance?

Long Chen felt a headache. Wilde was basically a treasure trove, but the difficulty in unlocking that treasure trove was incredibly great.

Placing a hand on Wilde’s back, Long Chen said, “Try again.”


Wilde once more punched out, but this time, there was not the least bit of energy behind it.

“Before you punch, you have to prepare! First, urge your Dantian into motion, and then punch out. Remember that it is the Dantian that drives the fist, and not the fist that urges the Dantian.”

While he was in contact with Wilde’s body, he could sense that Wilde was first punching out and then using his meridians in an attempt to spur the Dantian. 

That kind of technique could work, but when it came to Wilde, it would be a matter of luck. Experienced cultivators would have no problem doing it like that, but it would be too difficult for Wilde to do it.

“Try again. Don’t rush your punch. Circulate your Dantian. Ok, your Dantian is operating. Punch.”


A huge boom rang out and that man-sized stone was crushed into complete rubble.

“Brother Long, I succeeded!” shouted Wilde happily.

Long Chen nodded. He appeared calm on the outside, but inside, he was filled with endless shock. Wilde had once more become much stronger.

That last punch had had enough power to crush the late stage Blood Condensation Huang Chang. 

Although he wouldn’t be able to compare to Huang Chang once he used his beast transformation, Wilde was probably even better than him in terms of power. However, his movements had far too many flaws.

But at this point, he had only managed to use a strand of energy from his Dantian and wasn’t able to use his full power. That meant Wilde’s potential was truly frightening.

“Good, now do it again,” encouraged Long Chen.

Wilde once more punched out, but this fist was empty like his previous ones.

For a moment, it was just Long Chen looking at Wilde, and Wilde looking at Long Chen. Long Chen was completely silent for over ten minutes.

Finally, Wilde patted his head. “Brother Long, is it that I’m too dumb?”

“I really want to tell you that you’re not dumb, but since I hear liars will be struck by lightning, I don’t dare say it.” Long Chen looked at the sky worriedly. 

“Then, what should I do?” Wilde was completely dejected.

“From tomorrow onwards, you won’t stay at the estate. Go back to the pasture.”

“Brother Long… do you not want me anymore?” Wilde was completely startled and filled with fright.

Long Chen laughed involuntarily, patting Wilde’s thick shoulder. “Don’t joke around. We’re life and death brothers.”

“Then, why do you want me to go to the pasture?”

“From tomorrow onwards, all your food will have to be handled by yourself. If you want beef, then you have to kill the cow yourself. However, the condition is that you must use your attack containing spiritual qi to kill the cow. Otherwise, you’ll just have to live with an empty stomach. Go.” 

Wilde promised him and walked away. Watching Wilde’s back as he left, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit helpless.

Wilde’s comprehension skill was too worrying. Sometimes, he worried about whether he should keep Wilde by his side. With his intelligence, he really was a bit too dangerous.

He was an honest person, honest to the point where his head couldn’t even comprehend tricks. That was also why he would never goof off on what Long Chen told him to do.

Long Chen’s instructions were to make him accustomed to using spiritual qi. Otherwise, when he fought with others, each of his attacks would only have a chance of working. That was no different than sending him to his death.

In any case, Wilde’s appetite was growing every day, and each day, he ate over a hundred cows. That was enough for him to train.

If he unlocked his full power and became accustomed to using his spiritual qi, Wilde’s strength would reach a level that would terrify even Long Chen himself. 

After properly arranging Wilde’s matters, Long Chen returned to his own room. On the way, he saw that line of wives and the happily busy Bao-er. Sweat once more began to roll off his forehead.

He sent instructions that he was entering seclusion and not to bother him unless something huge happened.

He was at the eighth Heavenstage of Qi Condensation. One more advancement would let him reach the ninth Heavenstage, and from there, he could directly step into Blood Condensation.

Only once he reached the Blood Condensation realm could he truly be able to guarantee his survival. He was extremely irritated that nothing was under his control.

“Just wait. Time for me to see the true faces of the people who have constantly been scheming against me.”

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