Chapter 497 Slapping a Sect Leader’s Face

Before Sha Tonghai could react, he was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap. Together with his chair, he tumbled into the distance.

Everyone was stunned. This development had come too suddenly. No one had expected Long Chen to take the initiative to strike and to use such a humiliating attack.

“Your answer was wrong. This is called a large slap in the face,” said Long Chen.

The Elders that had come with Long Chen were all dumbfounded. They were definitely screwed. Long Chen had provoked a disaster.

“Long Chen, go to hell!” Sha Tonghai crawled up from the ground. A large handprint was deeply imprinted in his face, and the stinging pain made him roar furiously as he charged at Long Chen.

“Idiot, do you want to try laying a finger on me?” Long Chen didn’t dodge, nor did he raise any defenses.

Sha Tonghai might be furious, but Long Chen’s words made him stop right in front of him, not daring to strike.

He didn’t touch Long Chen. But Long Chen didn’t stand on courtesy, and another large hand ruthlessly slapped across the other side of Sha Tonghai’s face.

A clear sound rang out, causing everyone to tremble. Although the person being slapped was Sha Tonghai, they all felt a sympathetic pain on their own faces.

Each of Long Chen’s slaps was more ruthless than the last. Sha Tonghai almost fainted from being struck.

Although Long Chen had yet to temper his bones, he had reached the Bone Forging realm now, and his strength had reached an abnormal level. If it was a Meridian Opening expert who was struck by him, a single slap might kill them.

But even as a Xiantian expert, Sha Tonghai’s skin didn’t have that much defensive ability. His head was buzzing, and it was only after a moment that he recovered.

“Fuck, how calamitous!” Long Chen suddenly cursed, looking at his palm with a disgusted expression.

Everyone saw there was a layer of something white on his palm. It looked very similar to lard used for stir-fry.

Looking from his palm to Sha Tonghai’s greasy face, their expressions became odd.

“A single slap ends up drawing out all this grease. Just how much grease did you wipe in the first monastery?[1]” Long Chen took out a handkerchief from his spatial ring and wiped his hand, cursing the entire time.

Even normal grease on a palm would make a person irritated. Now, Long Chen felt a bit nauseated, even beginning to regret slapping him.

Only at this time did Sha Tonghai crawl up from the ground again, tottering back and forth. Suddenly, killing intent erupted from him and he released his aura.

“Fat pig, I’d advise you not to do anything stupid. If you don’t activate your Xiantian power, I can slap you to death with ease.

“But if you do activate your Xiantian power, then that would destroy the Xuantian Pavilion, and it would be the monastery head who slaps you to death.” Long Chen didn’t even look at Sha Tonghai, simply continuing to clean his hand.

“You… pfft!” Sha Tonghai coughed up a mouthful of blood from fury. He had never felt this stifled in his life.

Long Chen’s physical body was incredibly powerful, and it was just like he said: if he didn’t use his Xiantian power, he was helpless to do anything to him.

But if he did use his Xiantian power, this entire palace hall would be instantly destroyed. This was the Xuantian Pavilion, a building that had been built at the very start of the Xuantian Supermonastery, and similar to the ancestral statue, it was a symbol of the supermonastery.

If he destroyed it, then the monastery head would definitely kill him. So he wanted to fight but couldn’t, and he wanted to endure but couldn’t. Perhaps the fact that he hadn’t fainted from fury was enough to show he had a powerful mental strength.

“You really aren’t educated. Looks like all your years were wasted. Don’t you know the Xuantian Pavilion is an important area and it is forbidden to crap here?” Looking at the blood on the ground, a disgusted expression appeared on Long Chen’s face, as if he was looking at a pile of dogshit.


Before he could say anything else, Sha Tonghai felt his qi and blood surging again, and he almost coughed up more blood. He hastily circulated his qi to suppress it.

“Alright, I’m glad we’ve settled this misunderstanding. After all, we’re all members of the supermonastery, and it’s best for us to be peaceful and not bicker over minor matters. My Xuantian Supermonastery is a prestigious sect, an example for the Righteous path. Sha Tonghai, I won’t bother with how rude you were to me.” Long Chen returned to his seat, acting extremely magnanimous.

But everyone was looking at him oddly. After slapping someone in the face, he then said he forgave them and acted so highly principled? As if he was so magnanimous even after suffering wrongs? Was there really someone so shameless in this world?

Even so, the imposingness Long Chen had displayed had completely intimidated them. They were all Xiantian experts, and they could tell his physical body was too terrifying.

That made many of them feel a chill inside. They had noticed Long Chen had already advanced to the Bone Forging realm, but he was far stronger than any of them would have expected. The power of his physical body had already surpassed their understanding. Adding on an Earth Flame to protect himself, there really was no one who could threaten him in the same realm.

Quite a few of them had already given up any hopes of defeating him. Wasn’t being enemies with a monster with limitless potential like Long Chen simply foolish?

“Long Chen, just wait!” Sha Tonghai’s eyes were practically spitting flames as he clenched his teeth and pointed at Long Chen.

Suddenly, Long Chen stood up, causing everyone to jump in fright, thinking that Long Chen was about to attack again. Sha Tonghai’s expression changed and he retreated a few steps, taking a defensive posture.

But then Long Chen just stretched his waist and sat back down without glancing at Sha Tonghai. He even took a napping posture.

“Too evil! No one would play people like this!”

Everyone couldn’t help but sigh. Looking at Sha Tonghai, whose face had turned the same color as a pig, they involuntarily felt sympathy for him.

If anyone else had been in his position, the result would probably have been the same. Without using Xiantian power, they were unable to defeat Long Chen. But if they did use Xiantian power, that would be throwing their lives away.

At this time, Zhao Yongchang also didn’t say anything. He had now experienced just how difficult Long Chen was to handle. He was practically completely unrestrained and out of control.

For the next while, the atmosphere was exceedingly odd. Originally, everyone had already agreed to suppress the first monastery and erase any of their prestige.

But Tu Fang hadn’t come. Instead, it was Long Chen, and the ones to lose face were them. That result was not something in their calculations.

“The monastery head has arrived!”

Suddenly, a cry rang out and everyone stood up. Atop the platform in front of them, the curtains were pulled apart, and Shui Wuhen appeared in front of them.

Behind Shui Wuhen was a white-haired elder. Long Chen recognized him as the other assistant monastery head who had opened the Jiuli secret realm.

However, he had heard that this elder had entered seclusion after opening the secret realm. For him to appear here was a bit puzzling.

Shui Wuhen’s gaze swept over everyone. When it landed on Long Chen, an unnoticeable humor appeared in her eyes, but she quickly suppressed it. 

Shui Wuhen’s position was like the imperial throne of a palace. The only difference was that here, everyone else had chairs as well.

“Everyone can sit. We’ll be doing the same thing as always. Report your gains and anything you’ve learned in the past year for everyone,” said Shui Wuhen, sitting down.

“Monastery head, please help me get justice!” Suddenly, Sha Tonghai let out a mournful cry.

“Oh? Aren’t you sect leader Sha? Your face…?” Shui Wuhen looked at the deep handprints on his face with confusion.

But Long Chen could see a touch of ridicule deep within Shui Wuhen’s eyes. At the same time, he noticed the muscles under her ears twitched a few times.

Others might not have noticed the change in Shui Wuhen, but it was unable to escape Long Chen, who possessed a perfect understanding of the human body.

Those muscles under the ear followed the cheeks and would activate when a person smiled. When someone forcibly held back a smile, it would cause those muscles to shake ever so slightly.

Because that was the physiological reaction, similar to a conditioned reflex, it didn’t matter how high Shui Wuhen’s cultivation base was. Long Chen had still managed to see through that small action.

“Most likely, the monastery head already arrived a while ago. She only revealed herself when the play was over.” Long Chen couldn’t help smiling. Was this what it meant for an old person to still possess a child’s heart?

But that couldn’t be blamed on Shui Wuhen. Those two handprints that were deeply imprinted on Sha Tonghai’s face truly were comical.

For Shui Wuhen to know what had happened but still act like she didn’t, it was no wonder she had an urge to smile.

“This was done by that despicable brat Long Chen!” complained Sha Tonghai, almost crying tears of grief.

“What? But you’re a Xiantian expert, while Long Chen has only just advanced to Bone Forging. That really is hard to believe.” Shui Wuhen looked from Sha Tonghai to Long Chen with an expression of disbelief.

“Monastery head, this is absolutely true! Every sect leader and Elder present can testify that it was Long Chen who struck me!” said Sha Tonghai.

“I can testify it was Long Chen who struck him.” Zhao Yongchang was the first to stand up.

Following Zhao Yongchang, other sect leaders also immediately stood up to testify that it was done by Long Chen.

Long Chen’s gaze swept over those testifiers. He didn’t say a single word, but his gaze caused all of them to shiver.

But they had already stood up, and there was no way they could take their words back. Furthermore, the fact that Long Chen had struck Sha Tonghai was an indisputable fact, so it wasn’t as if they were lying.

However, there were over twenty sect leaders who had stood up but didn’t say anything. They had all originally been roped in by Sha Tonghai. 

But now they didn’t like the way things were developing, and so they decided not to say anything. In any case, there were already enough people testifying. Holding back a little might end up protecting themselves from disaster.

Seeing that many people stood up to testify, Shui Wuhen’s expression sunk and she harshly shouted, “Long Chen, how brazen! You actually dared maliciously injure someone in an important place like the Xuantian Pavilion? Do you accept your crimes?!”

[1] The term for grease here can also mean misappropriated profit.

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