Chapter 496 Let Me Show You Something

Hearing that voice, the Elders behind Long Chen were startled. They were targeting them so quickly and not concealing their hostility at all.

Long Chen looked in the direction of the voice and saw the speaker came from the last place seat. It was one of the original experts from the first monastery.

He recognized him as an Elder who had stood behind Sha Qitian back then. He looked to be in his fifties. His eyes were filled with an icy ridicule as he glared straight at Long Chen.

Although he hadn’t said Long Chen’s name, it was obvious to everyone present that he was targeting him.

He had originally been an Elder, but once Sha Qitian had died, he had smoothly succeeded his sect leader position. However, it seemed he wasn’t satisfied with being the 108th monastery’s sect leader.

Originally, the monastery had been split into two camps, one led by Sha Qitian and one led by the second monastery’s Zhao Yongchang. The two camps had fought covertly for countless years.

But of the two camps, it was always Sha Qitian who had suppressed Zhao Yongchang. As for Zhao Yongchang, he had constantly been working to usurp Sha Qitian and gain the position of the first monastery.

Other than those two camps, there were also some neutral monasteries that were ranked near the bottom. Because they were too weak, they weren’t even worth the two camps’ attention. They had all just been useless extras all those years.

But before the two camps’ struggles had reached a conclusion, Long Chen had appeared and Sha Qitian had been killed, flabbergasting everyone.

Although it wasn’t Long Chen who had personally slain him, Sha Qitian had definitely died because of him. That development was out of anyone’s expectations.

However, despite that, the resources the first monastery possessed were too lucrative, and it caused the various sect leaders to turn green-eyed from greed. The glory of the first monastery practically drove them crazy.

The original first monastery had gone from being emperors to being beggars. That kind of drop was almost enough for them to kill themselves from sullenness.

Of their disciples, over half of them had directly left. As for the Elders, they also felt as if the first monastery had declined, and unable to accept the facts, they went to go find a better job.

The current 108th monastery’s sect leader was Sha Tonghai. He was Sha Qitian’s younger cousin. When he had been appointed sect leader, he had furiously clenched his teeth, but he had been helpless about it.

If everyone else hadn’t practically pushed that position onto him, then seeing the 108th monastery’s broken down state, he himself would have packed his things and left.

But he hadn’t given up. Although the first monastery had Long Chen, that didn’t mean there wouldn’t be chances in the future.

Just as they were waiting for such an opportunity, they heard Ling Yunzi had given up his sect leader position and left, and even Cang Ming had left, throwing the mess onto Tu Fang.

As a result, Sha Tonghai and Zhao Yongchang had actually united all the various monasteries’ sect leaders, wanting to erase any of Tu Fang’s prestige, putting so much pressure on the first monastery that they would voluntarily give up their position.

Tu Fang could also count as an old fox, and he had long since seen some clues. He asked himself, could he really scheme better than these sect leaders who seemingly only schemed all day? That really wasn’t the area he specialized in. And so he had had Long Chen go instead. There was an excellent expression for this: wicked people are best handled by wicked people.

“Sect leader Sha’s words are reasonable. After all, sect leaders have to embody the prestige of the monasteries. Not only do they need integrity, talent, and a combat ability that can convince the masses, but they also need rich management experience. For some people, who have only just gotten a bit of fame, to think they can sit on the same level as true sect leaders really makes a person despise them,” sneered the seventh monastery’s sect leader.

“He hasn’t even grown any hair on his chin, yet he dares take the sect leader position. At such a young age, his skin really is thick. I suppose that’s what it means for a calf to not know to fear the tiger.” Another sect leader also tossed in some words.

These people’s words caused the hearts of the Elders behind Long Chen to sink.

Under Sha Tonghai and Zhao Yongchang’s pressure, all the sect leaders were standing together. Although Sha Tonghai wasn’t as powerful as Sha Qitian had been, he was still extremely strong. 

“My hair hasn’t grown out? Makes sense, makes sense. You’ve grown out so much hair, but does that have the slightest use? Could it be that by growing out your hair, you can become a sect leader?

“Then according to your theory, why don’t you go raise some pigs? They have plenty of hair, so I suppose they would be even more suited to be sect leaders than you?” Long Chen disdainfully looked at them. They wanted to play a game of tongues? Then he would play them to death.

As soon as he had arrived here, he had sensed the atmosphere was wrong. All of them were glaring at him, but most of them were people he had never even had any interactions with. If Long Chen couldn’t see through the truth from that, then he wouldn’t be Long Chen.

“Ignorant brat, what I was talking about was having integrity and experience, the experience to manage a sect. Don’t twist my words,” sneered Sha Tonghai.

Long Chen glanced sideways at him. Well, more accurately, he couldn’t see him all the way at the end without looking sideways.

“Experience? Does that kind of plaything have a use? Oh, I see, your experiences tell you to teach your disciples how to use insidious schemes to hurt other people.

“Did you think that if they spent all day scheming against their own people, then they would be able to become experts?

“Did you think that just because you’re older, you’re wiser? You spend all day caring only about your status, doing inhuman things because of jealousy and for your own profit, all with no sense of shame. But now you still have the face to talk about integrity with me?

“How could the word integrity be used to describe the least part of a piece of shit like you? Did you think that just because you’re sitting here and wearing clothes that you’re better than a dog?” retorted Long Chen. His words made Sha Tonghai tremble with rage.

“You… you’re just spouting obscenities! You’re lacking decorum!” Sha Tonghai pointed furiously at Long Chen, not knowing what to say.

“Just let it go. Do you even know what decorum is? For some profit, you can sell out your conscience, giving up all of your face.

“There are some idiots here who should listen well. Don’t make any plans to target my first monastery. The previous matter can count as settled, so I won’t bicker with you about how you targeted me in secret in the past.

“But from now on, if someone targets my first monastery, if anyone dares try to hold back our progress, the consequences will be grave. What I say, I can do. If any of you wants to become a second Sha Qitian, come and try me at any time.” Long Chen’s icy gaze swept over everyone.

The Elders behind him felt their hearts pound. Long Chen’s words were just too domineering, and even them, old seniors whose hot-blooded times had already passed, felt a battle intent soar within them.

Although they were no longer young, they had once been in the springtime of their youth as well. But they had never seen a youth as domineering as Long Chen. At the early Bone Forging realm, he dared face off against sect leaders and say such ruthless words.

But no one dared doubt his determination, as Long Chen’s past victories were perfect evidence.

Everyone’s expressions changed as his words were too ruthless. He was clearly threatening them, which was an absolute humiliation.

“You… you foul-mouthed brat, when we swept through the world, your grandpa hadn’t even been born!” raged Sha Tonghai.

It had to be known that they were Xiantian experts and had already lived for centuries. Someone like Ling Yunzi, who was only just over a hundred years old, was already one of the youngest of them.

For someone like Long Chen, who wasn’t even twenty years old, to talk to them like this was a vicious slap in their faces.

“Is being old so amazing? That just means you’ll be buried in the ground sooner. Furthermore, with your conduct, how did you sweep through the world? It's not that I want to look down on you, but I really am looking down on you.

“With your kind of character, even with the supermonastery’s protection, all you know how to do is abuse your power and bully the weak.

“If you dared to leave the supermonastery’s protection, then with your ugly-ass face, you definitely wouldn’t survive for half a day in the world before someone beat you to death,” said Long Chen.

“Go to hell! Do you believe me when I say I can crush you like an ant?” raged Sha Tonghai.

Back when he had been in the first monastery, he had been a powerful figure, and no one had dared be impolite to him. Now that Long Chen repeatedly gave him slaps in the face, his killing intent soared.

Seeing Sha Tonghai on the verge of going berserk, Zhao Yongchang smiled faintly.

He hadn’t said anything from the start, because he knew he didn’t need to do anything. Someone else would naturally take the lead, as compared to him, Sha Tonghai hated Long Chen far more.

His prediction ended up being spot on. He hadn’t even had to do anything before Sha Tonghai flew into a rage. That refreshed him greatly, and inside, he sneered at Sha Tonghai for being an idiot. He was far too lacking compared to Sha Qitian.

Hearing what he said, Long Chen stood up. With his hands clasped behind his back, he left his position and slowly walked towards Sha Tonghai.

“You said you can crush me like an ant? I really do doubt those words. I want to give it a try,” he said.

Everyone was silent now. They were all startled by Long Chen’s actions.

Although Long Chen had killed Xiantian experts before, that was because of the Earth Flame and that he had caught them off-guard. In a head-on clash, he would definitely die.

And yet, just like this, he swaggered over to Sha Tonghai, causing everyone to be at a loss. Long Chen was representing the first monastery, and this kind of conduct violated the ‘no fighting except with words’ rule between sect leaders.

Long Chen arrived in front of Sha Tonghai. The two of them were less than three inches from each other. Everyone’s hearts clenched inside. They wouldn’t really fight now, right?

“I, Long Chen, have come. I want to see how you crush me to death.” Long Chen stared straight at Sha Tonghai.

Sha Tonghai wasn’t tall, and he was half a head shorter than Long Chen. Now Long Chen was truly looking down on him.

“Hmph, I’m too lazy to quibble with a brat. That would make others laugh at me,” sneered Sha Tonghai.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to attack, but that he didn’t dare. This was the supermonastery, and the monastery head was overseeing this place. He didn’t dare be unbridled here. After all, Long Chen represented the first monastery.

“Alright then. Then let me show you something. What is this?” Long Chen extended a hand, his five fingers open.

“Hmph, a cat claw,” sneered Sha Tonghai.

“Wrong answer.”


A palm streaked through the air in a beautiful arc, striking Sha Tonghai’s face like lightning.

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